(Morgan's POV)

"No." Hotch said in a firm tight voice – his arms tightly around his chest. His chin jerked out as he glared into Emily's brown eyes.

"Why the hell not." Emily said in a soft professional voice. No emotion whatsoever.

"I said no, Emily, and that's final." Hotch barked back.

"I'm the only one who can …." Hotch quickly cut her off.

"You are off the case, Agent Prentiss. Return to your desk immediately." Hotch turned around.

I smirked. I knew Emily well. I knew she wouldn't leave this one alone. Not by a long shot. I looked at Hotch's profile and hid a grin – Aaron Hotchner you don't know what you just got yourself into man.

"With much ado and a lot of respect, sir, but I can't obey you. I'm the only choice. The only logical choice for that matter." Emily said in a steady voice. "Where is the panic button, sir?"

Hotch swung quickly around, "Agent Prentiss you are hereby fired." Holding out his hand, "Turn in your gun and badge, and leave this office. You are no longer or needed here."

"Aaron." Gideon said in a calm and steady voice.

"Stay out of this, Jason, I'm the team leader, my word is final." Hotch said not taking his eyes off of Emily.

(JJ's POV)

I was standing behind Spence's chair – as always. Looking wide eyed and thankfully unnoticed from everyone else. I looked uncompensated at the scene as it was unfolding in front of my eyes. I just couldn't believe that it has gotten to this point between Hotch and Emily.

I whole heartedly agreed with Hotch on this one …. Emily shouldn't be risking her life here – not now – not ever. There was someone else who fit the bill of goods, a decoy who was actually trained to be a decoy. Emily didn't need to put herself on the line for us to catch the unsub.

I could tell that Emily wasn't going to back down – no matter what. She was going to be the decoy; even if it meant her job. Hell, she was stubborn enough to be the decoy even if she had to turn in her badge and gun.

"I'll turn in my badge and gun, sir, but I'll be the decoy no matter what." A thin line was Emily's lips as she said what I knew she was going to say. Very slowly she undid the hostler from her hip, pulled out her badge from her pocket, and unclipped her name tag. She held all three items out and they just barely touched Hotch's outstretched fingers.

Hotch's fingers moved but they didn't wrap around Emily's things. "Why are you being so God damn stubborn Emily." He sighed as he remained still.

Emily remained silent. Her hand still outreached. It was a show down between two stubborn people – neither want to give quarter – neither wants to receive quarter.

(Gideon's POV)

I agreed with Hotch here – don't get me wrong. I knew that Hotch was right for denying Emily the decoy job, up to this point – Emily had never gone solo for the team. She hadn't been a decoy (per say) yet, and I knew that Hotch was thinking of Elle when he denied Emily's request. Elle's face flashed through my own mind and I knew that Emily just wasn't prepared or ready to play decoy.

But than things started to snowball, quickly. Emily wasn't going to take no for an answer here. I knew she was prepared to fight for what she wanted – and what she wanted was to prove that she was strong enough too put herself in the line of fire. For the team.

I stood to my feet and stepped in between the two heated teammates. I managed to gently grab hold of Emily's out stretched hand and lowered it to the side, taking her holster from her tight hand. Looking down I slipped the clip firmly in place at her side. I looked up into her eyes – boy they were still stormy. I let my hand go back to hers and took her badge and name badge from her. I gently put her badge back into her pocket. Lifting my hands I clipped her name badge back on her right breast pocket (of course making sure I didn't touch her).

(Reid's POV)

I didn't miss notice Hotch's look as Gideon stepped in between him and Emily. It was very curious how much more angry he got when Gideon touched Emily's hand. Hotch's eyes glinted as Gideon took her gun and put it back on her waist. His hands clenched at his sides as Gideon went to put her badge back in her pocket – if looks could kill than Gideon would be dead; once Gideon put Emily's tag back on her breast pocket.

Hotch managed to go back to his impassive head of the team face before Gideon and Emily looked back at him. I had too keep a sharp eye on this situation. Because from where I sat, it looked like Aaron Hotchner was jealous of the attention that Jason Gideon paid to Emily Prentiss. Hotch was very much married to even think of another woman, (but I knew that Hotch wasn't too happy in his marriage at the moment). But if he even thought that an affair with Emily would keep his bed warm – than he has another thing coming. I won't have Emily hurt and I know that Hotch would hurt her (not meaning too, but he would hurt her in the end.)

But Gideon on the other hand was free as a bell. I could really see a perfect match between him and Emily. My father figure should be happy finally. Dreams of Gideon and Emily living happily ever after danced in my head.

(Emily's POV)

I looked into Hotch's eyes and knew that I could win this fight, I had too. "Sir, I won't be alone out there." Turning to JJ, "If I may borrow Sherlock for an afternoon? We'll get the unsub and than Sherlock will be safe."

She tighten up and moved her hand to rest on top of Reid's shoulders. I saw Reid twitch in surprise, and slight pain. His hand reached up and placed on top of hers. JJ relaxed visibly. "All right." She said in a shaky but firm voice.

I smiled gently and nod. I turned back to Hotch. "I'm the only one who can do the job, sir. Just let me do the job that I got hired for."

"You were not hired to be decoy." Hotch said in a steel voice.

"Actually sir, I was." I said tucking down my suit jacket and lifting my head.

Hotch sighed deeply. "Fine." He hissed.

I smiled thinning and sat back down. "So what is the plan."

(Hotch's POV)

I hate losing. Losing to Emily was the worst. How could I truly allow her to put herself in danger just for the team. Just for me. I won't have it. I just won't have it. But I knew that I lost. Big time. Well this will never happen again – I will protect Emily even if it costs me my damn job.

I sat down at the head of the table.

"You and Sherlock will walk in the park. Perhaps even play fetch the ball for a bit." Morgan was saying playing with his blue ball pen. "I'll be close by – as will be Gideon and Hotch." He continued in a calm steady voice.

I listened very closely without taking my eyes off of Emily's face as she listened and watched Morgan intently. There was no way I was going to allow any danger or harm too come too Emily Prentiss – if and when the unsub makes one move against Emily – than I will step in and make sure he will pay dearly for the action.


Author's Note: Hotch is still married to Hayley …. they are having major problems in their marriage but divorce hasn't come up yet. Hotch is just being very protective of Emily because of what happened to Elle. He doesn't want Emily damaged beyond prepare …. so he's just over protective as a boss should be (at least that's what he keeps telling himself at this point. But as I'm a major H/P fan that will of course change later on in their lives. Perhaps in this story or perhaps not).

I'm also thinking of some Gideon/Emily romance for this story. I don't know if I will go in that direction or not. But oh how I love to play with Hotch's emotions this way.

If you guys want a Gideon & Emily romance in this story than just leave a review … and if you don't than leave a review for that. I'm not promising anything here …. it's all depend on what my muse wants and all.