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Hikaru and Kaoru were in their room, one watching as the other made invisible lines on the carpeted floor. When they had gotten home, they were planning on dragging Haruhi to their mother's private workroom where she keeps all her latest designs, but she had managed to slip away with the excuse of homework.

"Kaoru, I'm bored." Hikaru stated. His brother looked at him for a second before returning his eyes to the floor.

"And what do you expect me to do?" Kaoru responded in a monotonous voice.

"Find me some entertainment." The elder brother answered. A small smirk formed over Kaoru's face as he moved into a sitting position. Leaning his body against the bed, he leaned in closer to his brother.

"Well, I know a pretty little brunette who always seems to entertain you." Hikaru whipped his head around to his brother hearing this.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked, seeming a little angry and confused at the same time. Kaoru couldn't help but smile at the blush on his face.

"Nothing really." Kaoru answered nonchalantly, looking his brother over. He knew that Hikaru was either in denial or was too slow to realize his own feelings, even if they were little, for the girl only a few hallways over. Hikaru had never been good at recognizing his emotions and expressing himself. "Hey, Hikaru, I have an idea."

Hikaru looked at him again, interest in his eyes. "Why don't we ask Haruhi to be our date to the ball?" Kaoru gave off a small snicker at the blush on Hikaru's face.

"Well, I don't-" Hikaru was cut off by their door opening and a maid entering.

"Excuse me, young sirs, dinner is ready. I've already informed Mrs. Hitachiin, and Miss Fujioka." Giving a small bow she hurriedly exited the room. Not wasting any time Kaoru jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

"Kaoru, wait!" Hikaru yelled, untangling himself from the sheets and running after him. Kaoru was already a good distance ahead of him, and Haruhi had just turned the corner, coming out right in front of the younger Hitachiin.

"Haruhi, me and Hikaru would like to ask you to be our date to the ball." He gave her his most innocent and yet seductive smile, leaning against the wall in attempts to block her sight from seeing his brother, who was only a few doors down.

Haruhi looked in thought for a moment before answering. "No. If I go with you two, you'll most likely make me do something stupid and pointless and it'd be a waste of my time."

"Come on Harhiii. Pleeeaaaase?" He changed his face into a cute pout and tilted his head in her direction. She seemed unfazed as she just stared at him with a passive expression. "If you go I promise not to let Tono touch you for a week."

A hopeful smile came back to his face as she seemed to think this over. Just as she was about to answer, Hikaru caught up to them and tackled Kaoru to the ground. "Hikaru! Get off!" "No, not unless you promise not to-" But Hikaru was cut off again as Haruhi spoke.

"Ok, I'll go." She gave them a small, cute smile. "I'll go to the ball with the both of you." Hikaru stayed on the ground, shocked, as Kaoru stood up and ushered the oblivious girl to the dining room.

Dinner was half way over and Hikaru had returned to his normal state, which consisted of him and Kaoru draping themselves over Haruhi. She seemed relatively ok with it.

"I am so happy you three are going to the ball together! You are just too adorable." Mrs. Hitachiin cooed, gazing at them with a happy smile stitched on her face.

The only conversation that night had been about the ball and what they should all wear. Shoes, makeup, ties, jackets, and jewelry had all been covered. But, being true to themselves, the twins had changed their minds about Haruhi's dress at least ten times and still hadn't decided. At the moment, Kaoru and his mother were in a heated discussion about her hair.

"Hikaru." She addressed the boy whose arm was wrapped comfortably around her small waist. "I'm going to go to my room now."

"But Ha-ru-hi. I wanted to play dress up with my toy." He whined, pulling her closer and wrapping the other arm around her.

"No." Was her only reply. He gave a cute pout at this and looked away for a second before a smirk grew on his handsome face.

"Hey, Kaoru." The younger sibling looked over at hearing his name. "Doesn't Haruhi still have to pay the penalty for tricking us?"

A matching smirk took over his face at hearing this. "That's right. She does."

"A penalty? What are you talking abo-" Haruhi started as Hikaru released her and gave his brother a sad and hurt look.

"Making us believe she didn't speak Japanese. That wasn't a very nice thing of Haruhi to do." A small tear glistened in his eye.

"We studied all night so we could remember enough English to talk to her. She's such a cruel person." Kaoru's form leaned heavily against the table, making him look distraught with grief.

"And now, after all we've done to make her feel welcome, she won't even try on a few dresses to make the night perfect." Hikaru finished. Mrs. Hitachiin was holding back a laugh at her children's behavior while Haruhi looked unconvinced.

"That misunderstanding was your fault, and I don't like dresses. They're a pain to put on." She monotoned, giving them a blank look.

"Well, you know," Kaoru started, putting an arm over her shoulder.

"We could always put it on for you." Hikaru chimed in.

Giving off a small sigh, she looked at both their faces before replying. "Fine. But I'm putting them on myself." Smiling victoriously the two boys headed down a long hallway, dragging behind them a reluctant girl, and followed by their laughing mother.

Haruhi stepped out from behind the curtain to be greeted by three approving smiles. Finally, after hours of trying on dress after dress, they had found the perfect one. Conversation moved on to hair and makeup while Haruhi looked herself over in the mirror.

She liked the lavender dress. It was much more comfortable than the other, more fancy, dresses she had tried on earlier. A sigh of contempt escaped her lips as she turned back to her friends with tired eyes. Maybe now, she could get some much needed rest.

Excited voices and squeals could be heard through the door to the host club. It was the night of the ball and all the members and Haruhi were sitting in the room. Tamaki was being restrained from tackling the, as he put it his 'ray of sunshine in the Caribbean' by Kaoru who was trying to keep his end of the deal. Hunny was running excitedly in circles around the room while Mori watched, Kyouya was typing in his computer, and Hikaru was sitting beside Haruhi on the couch.

Kyouya clicked his laptop closed and stood, walking to the doors. "It's time to start."

The grand ball room was amazing. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling and gold trimmed tiles lay on the smooth floor. Guests stood on the dance floor, talking amongst themselves. No one had noticed the host club at the top of the stairs, readying to make their entrance.

"Haruhi, I'll need you to stand at the bottom of the steps while we start the dance." Kyouya informed her. Hikaru quickly cut in, grabbing her in a tight hug.

"But, Haruhi is our date. We want her stand with us." He whined, nudging her head with his. The impassive girl only looked to all the people in the room below before speaking.

"I'll just wait down there." Removing herself from his grasp she walked down the stairs where she waited.

The hosts filed out, successfully grabbing the attention of all the occupants of the lower floor. They all looked amazing. The way the spot light hit them was perfect. Tamaki even sounded elegant as he announced the official beginning of the ball.

The dance was going as she had thought it to. Girls dance with the hosts, giggling lightly and chatting with them as they did. Hikaru and Kaoru were busy most of the time so they had very little time to pester her.

And while the other girls swooned over the handsome hosts or fancy decorations, Haruhi hovered around the food table, eager to try some rich delicacies. She had little to no interest in the fact that the center pieces matched the drapes or how the chandeliers were shipped in from Germany. Her focus for the moment, was on the platter of freshly made food that was being brought to the table by a server.

Hikaru had been dancing with different girls all night and he was sick of it. He had barely even talked to Haruhi. Only Kaoru had managed one dance with the girl. He could see her over by the food, happily stuffing her face. He slightly wondered how she managed to keep a figure like hers with an appetite like that.

"Oi, Hikaru. It's almost time. Why don't you go ask her to dance?" Kaoru asked as he whisked past with another customer. Falling into the same dance pattern as his brother Hikaru managed to get close enough to talk.

"Care to join me? We haven't been able to play with her all night." Smirking, both finished off their dances and quickly made their way to the table on the side of the dance hall.

The food was so good. She was happy that she had agreed to come. Missing this would have been devastating.

"Ha-ru-hi-chan." Chorused her two identical friends. Arms slipped around her waist and neck, clinging to her thin form. The sudden movement caused her to drop her food. "Dance with us." They sang out.

"No." She answered shortly, picking up another food item.

"Why?" Whined both boys, giving her a pouting face.

"Because you made me drop my food." She stated, shoving another piece between her glossed lips. "And I don't know how to dance." She admitted.

"Don't worry, we'll lead." Hikaru assured, tightening his hold on her waist. She glanced at him and then his brother before sighing in defeat.

"Fine. One dance and then I'm done." Both boys jumped in happiness and hugged her tighter. Hearing the music starting they dragged her to the dance floor.

Her mind, still focused on the food she had been dragged away from, missed the announcement made by Tamaki stating that the annual dance contest was beginning and the prize was a kiss from the host king himself.

Haruhi almost hated to admit it, but she was having fun. The twins were so coordinated with each other that she could dance with both, making smooth transitions between the two. Their style of dancing took up a lot of room and had drawn a lot of attention, but she didn't notice. Everything was just a blur to her anyways. The only things she ever really saw were the seemingly identical faces of her two dance partners.

They had dance for three songs in a row and she was getting tired. The music came to end and she let her head drop on Hikaru's shoulder, earning a blush from the boy.

"H-Haruhi?" He asked hesitantly. Kaoru came up to them looking a little worried.

"My feet hurt." She said, giving him a serious look. Smirking he picked her up off the ground, carrying her bridal style. "Hikaru, put me down." She said, sounding surprised.

"But Haruhi," He brought his face a little closer to hers before burying his face in her neck. "I just wanted to play with you." She could feel him smirk. She didn't even have to see it. Rolling her eyes she jumped out of his arms, accidentally jumping onto his foot.

Clutching his foot in pain, Hikaru fell over, gaining the attention of the people around them. Kaoru was at his side in a second.

"Hikaru. Are you ok?" He asked, running a hand over his brother's face.

"I'm ok. I was more worried about you. Where have you been?" He asked, taking his dominate roll. Haruhi sighed seeing them up to their usual antics. Turning away, she stepped off the dance floor and walked through a doorway, coming into an empty hallway.

The noise from the party died down as she walked further away. Turning a corner she caught sight of a familiar figure standing before a door. He appeared to be contemplating whether or not to go in.

"Suzushima-san. What are you doing here?" She asked. He jumped a little hearing her. Obviously he wasn't expecting anyone to be here.

"Oh. Fujioka-san, it's just you." He visually relaxed recognizing her. Then, seeing her staring at him expectantly, a blush crept onto his face. "Well, actually, I'm supposed to be meeting someone, but I'm not sure I want to." He admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.

He handed her a pink paper that smelled rather strongly of some French perfume. Reading it over her eye twitched at the very Tamaki-like phrases. "Oh." Was all she could say to that.

"I was just going to tell her that I already had someone in my heart. But I've been standing here for the last ten minutes. I'm just no good when it comes to rejecting women. When I see them cry I just freeze up." He let out a sigh as she handed him back the note.

"Well, you can't just leave her in there all night. That's even worse." She stated. He flinched a little hearing this.

"You always know just what to say, don't you Fujioka-san?" He mused.

"I do?" She asked, obviously not catching on to the sarcasm in his voice.

"You look nice tonight." He complimented, trying to change the subject.

"It was too much work to look this nice." She replied coolly, still looking into his eyes.

"Your shoes are pretty." He tried again.

"They're hard to walk in." She countered.

"Your makeup looks very well done." He mentioned.

"I feel like a clown." Still, no luck for him. He didn't want to try again. She would probably just find some way to make his compliment, not so complimenting.

"I should probably go in now. She's been waiting for a while." He turned to open the door when Haruhi's small hand caught his arm, stopping him.

"You've got some food on your face." She pointed to his cheek. A slight blush came over him again as he moved to wipe it off.

"Thank you."

"Wait. It's still there. Hold on, I'll get it." She stepped a little closer to see in the dim light and brought a hand to his face. Just as she made contact with his skin, steps could be heard rounding the corner and coming to an abrupt halt.

Turning slightly, her hand still on the boy's cheek, she saw Kanada at the end of the hall, her eyes wide in shock, and an equally surprised Tamaki behind her. Kanda's head lowered as her shoulders shook.

"I see." Her voice was small but heard clearly in the empty hall. "I'm sorry for interrupting." Turning she took off down the hall. Only for a fleeting second could Haruhi see a stream of tears running down the other girl's cheek.

"Kanada-san, wait it's not-" But she was cut off by Tohru calling after her as he ran down the hall. Haruhi wondered for a second if maybe he hadn't seen her tears. He hadn't frozen, not even for a second. But maybe, she realized, he was tired of standing still.

She started to run after them both, but was stopped by a hand on her arm. Tamaki gently shook his head, a small smile adorning his face. She understood what he meant and obeyed him as he beckoned her back to the ball room.

Hikaru and Kaoru immediately jumped at her when she walked back in. They kept asking her where she had gone and why she had come back with Tono, but she just stood there, giving them a small glare for bothering her.

No more music played as Tamaki stepped up the carpeted stairs. The host club followed his lead and walked in the direction of the stairs. Hikaru and Kaoru dragged Haruhi along, and came to a stop at the base.

"Now I would like to announce the winner of our dance competition." He swept his arms out, giving a charming smile to everyone present. "Kyouya, the results." The mentioned boy handed the blonde an envelope that was quickly opened.

"The winner is," Tamaki was cut off as Hunny jumped on his head, looking down at the card.

"Haru-chan won. Hear that Takashi? Haru-chan won!" He beamed, happy with his discovery. Mori only nodded while removing the senior from the boys head. Regaining his composure, Tamaki read over the card.

"Fujioka Haruhi. Now it is time to claim your prize." He stated, a happy smile on his lips. He began to descend the stairs toward her.

Haruhi only looked at him curiously. She wasn't sure what he was talking about, but he had mentioned a prize. Maybe it would be food.

Kaoru watched with wide eyes as Tamaki came closer and closer to Haruhi. He noticed Hikaru stiffen beside him with each of the blonde's steps. Hikaru was standing closest to Haruhi, only a few steps above her, clearly observing what was taking place. Tamaki was only a step away when a thought occurred to the younger of the Hitachiin's. A small smirk took over his face as he thought to himself. Well…he did have a promise to keep after all.

Not even pausing to think, Kaoru put both hands behind his brother and shoved him hard, hoping to hit his target. The room went silent as Tamaki was pushed aside by the falling Hitachiin. Small gasps filled the air and eyes widened at the sight before them.

Hikaru and Haruhi both stood at the base of the stairs. Hikaru's hands were grasping Haruhi's arms in an attempt to balance himself. Her eyes were wide with shock but she didn't move. And both of their lips were pressed against the other, locked in the traditional host and designator kiss.

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