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Summary: To be able to be with her friend Hotaru, Mikan go to Alice Academy and be reunited with her best friend. But seems Fate has another plan for she is now face in trouble for she came back to Alice Academy and to her best friend as a blind Mikan Sakura. She's blind! how will she handle it? Will she regain her sight?

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Perfect Seems Impossible

Chapter 1: Nullification Alice

Everything that night was so wonderful; silence, calmness and peace surrounded the prestigious Alice Academy. Wind blew softly as stars amidst around the skies. That was the perfect night to sleep and rest. But for someone it was the perfect night to reflect of what might happen the next day. There was a certain brunette sitting under the Sakura tree of the Academy, alone and bothered.

'I'll be schooling officially in a classroom tomorrow,' Mikan Sakura, the brunette with chocolate orbs, thought to herself, 'I Wonder what will happen and….Hotaru,' she sighed at the thought of her best friend that she didn't see and communicate for almost a year.

She closed her eyes when she remembered how things ended like this…


After Hotaru left her two years ago to school at the so-called Alice Academy, the school for 'geniuses', Mikan decided to follow her best friend to be with her. She had no idea what kind of place her best friend was schooling at, but the determination to go and see Hotaru leads her to trouble..

"Is this the Alice Academy, that my best friend schools?" she asked to herself, with the look of amazement on her innocent face. 'What a big school!' she baffled, glancing at those big gate to the big brick walls before her eyes. She seemed place-struck, you know.

She's not yet done day dreaming about the said school, when someone interrupted her. A strange man with black hair, boots, accessories and seemed the mask that covering his eyes and nose bridge were the only white there on his body. The man suddenly spoke..

"You're Mikan Sakura aged 13 years old, lives only with her grandfather. And have the Alice of Nullification and St—" he started but cut by confusing Mikan.

"Hey! What are you talking about? Who are you?" Complete confusion shown on her innocent face. " How did you know my name and my grandfather? And Alice? What is that?" she added.

'Don't talk to strangers, Mikan' she remembered her grandfather warned.

But the truth was, she always trusted people easily when her heart told her to trust the person but…she looked at the man…for the strange man that appears nowhere to her, she somehow felt a dangerous aura in this person and thinking that this might be a crazy man.

The strange man smirked while looking intensely at the brunette. He folded his arm into his chest. "I'm Persona, Miss Sakura. Don't bother to ask why I know you, because I had my sources. The Academy is waiting and eying you for a long time and preparing to get you here in this Academy. But it seems it happened earlier than we expected." he paused looking at the brunette who was still absorbing of what he was saying. "..besides, you are here for your friend Imai Hotaru, right?" he smirked again.

Saying Hotaru's name made the eyes of our brunette gleamed. "Hey! You know Hotaru-chan too? How come that?" 'How come he knew me and Hotaru? Is he a friend?' she asked herself looking to the eyes of the strange man in front of her.

"As you can see this school is not an ordinary school like the school you came from, this is the school for 'Alices'.." Geez. he can't believe himself explaining a boring explanation to the girl that the Academy long to have. He smirked at the thought of that

'This man is crazy! He keeps on smirking..' Mikan suddenly thought. "Demo..what is 'alice'?" she asked nonchalantly, and first priority to think was where will she find Hotaru. "And where is Hotaru? You know I came far way to see my best friend and I don't want to listen to your hard to understand explanation. I just want to see Hotaru." She said, evident in her voice that she's starting to become impatient.

The strange man looked at her more intensely. "You really want to see your friend, right?" he questioned. Obviously she nodded. "Then follow me." As he said those words he proceeded to get inside the Academy.

'What? He will actually lead me to Hotaru? What a nice Person he is. Maybe I'm wrong with my first impression to him,' she thought happily as she followed the man.

Not far away distance from one of the branches of a tall tree, a 13 year old raven haired guy stood there, one hand on one of his pants pocket and the other hand was leaning on the trunk of the tree, while looking at Persona, his hated teacher in his dangerous Ability class where he belonged, and to the girl that the same age of his that have brunette hair that were wore in pigtails. 'So that's the business he said earlier. Huh! Persona got his new victim,' he thought.

The girl must be very important to the academy. He thought, 'Persona personally welcomed her.'

He is Natsume Hyuuga, a 13 year old guy having the dangerous Alice of fire. He already had many experiences at his young age. He already killed people in his early age as one of the 'asset' of the academy. That's the reason why he was aloof and thinking that he was different to the other students in this damn Academy. He hates the academy.

Only his childhood friend Ruka Nogi, having an Animal Pheromone Alice, was close to him and no other else in this academy.

The wind blow slowly as his raven hairsswinging softly, he raked his hair and jump out of the tree. 'I'll know the new student in the class, afterall, I thinks she belong to Dangerous Ability Class'..

Meantime, Mikan Sakura was sitting on the couch of a luxurious room. She wondered where the strange man went.

Persona just escorted her in this room and said that he needed to go somewhere then left her behind.

Mikan got something in her backpack. It was a photo album of her and Hotaru. She scanned it up to the picture of her and Hotaru smiling.

"I miss Hotaru-chan so much. I wonder what she is doing right now. She must be happy and surprise if she see me now," She giggle as she picture the face of Hotaru having tears of joy on seeing her

Then the door open and came a man, that not so old but not so young either. The man had a Black hair and dark eyes; he was wearing an Americana suit at the moment. The man made a smile at her. Mikan smiled too.

"You're Mikan Sakura, right?" He asked.

Mikan nodded, "Yes. I'm Mikan Sakura."

"I'm Mr. Karaki. I'm the assistant of the Headmaster of this school." He introduced. "I learned that you are here for your friend." He smile again as he said that.

The word 'friend' made Mikan's eye gleamed. "Yeah. I'm here to visit and see my friend Hotaru Imai, sir. Can I see her now?" she pleaded, hoping for a positive answer.

The man sitted on the single sofa in front of her. "I'm afraid you can't see her Miss Sakura." He said in a tone that's a bit sad.

"Nani?? Why I can't see her? I came from a far way place to see her then now I can't?" she said disappointedly as she stood up.

The man's hand landed on his chin in a thinking manner. "You really want to see her badly, aren't you?" he stood up and walked to her.

Mikan looked at him. " Yes." She respond simply.

"You know, the Headmaster prohibits you to see your friend now, but…." he hung his words

"But what?"

"You can see her and even be with her in one condition, Miss Sakura." He continued, looking straight in her auburn eyes.

Thinking of be with Hotaru makes her really happy. "What condition? You mean I can school here, too, and no one will ever separate us again?" she said happily, daydreaming about being with Hotaru everyday. They will laugh and play everyday.

The man smile at her childish tactics. "You'll work for the Academy."

After hearing that, Mikan blinked and…. "Whaaaatttt? You'll work me in this big Academy? What do you think of me? A maid? I'm just 13 years old! That is corrupting minor!" What did she just said? Corrupting minor?

The man suppressed to chuckle at her reaction. "No." he shook his head, "We're not hiring you to be a janitress or what. You'll work for the Academy and go to a training to train your Alice better." He clarified.

She looked at the man confusingly, though, a bit relaxed. "You'll not make me scrub and wash the floor everyday?" she said cutely, when something strike her mind. " ..Ano, mister..I heard that Alice thing before in Persona guy. I wonder what that is."

The man smiled at the brunette, then answered her. "Alice is something powerful like this…." As he said that, the man slowly disappeared on her sight.

Shock was seen on Mikan's face. She couldn't believe what she just witnessed. "Where is Mr. Karaki?" she asked, looking everywhere in the room, but she found no one. When someone tapped her shoulder, she jumped out of surprise, then stepped backwards. Ready to scream when Mr. Karaki appears right in front of her.

"That was Alice is." He said to the shock girl.

'Unbelievable.' Mikan swore. "You mean Mr. Karaki, I have the ability to be invisible just like what you did?" she amazingly told.

"Hmmm..sort of, for you have the…" He said, again looking intensely at the girl, 'Stealing Alice' he continued in his mind but not said verbally. Before he could further said something to the girl, he heard a familiar ring on his right ear. It's a signal. " I need to go now, miss Sakura. Nice meeting you." He said then went out of the room.

"Hey, Mr. Karaki. You haven't told me yet if I can be invisible too." She pouted when Mr. Karaki is nowhere. "Hmp!" she crossed her arms when something crossed her mind…

"Wait. If this is an Alice School and all student were here and have an Alice thing, then my Hotaru can be invisible too! Wow—" she stated silly but suddenly cut off when she noticed the surrounding changed and now she's in A forest!

"H-how can this be happen?" she asked, particularly to no one and looked around her. Then she saw not far away distance….her….her…..her….

"…Hotaru." She whispered, then show a longing smile after as she run as fast as she could to go to Hotaru who was standing with her bangs were covering her purple eyes.

"Hotaru!" She called out loudly, but Hotaru seemed didn't hear a thing..

Then suddenly many men went out and surrounded her and Hotaru.

"What the--" she was stopped on her track when she notice that each guy's hand, or other parts of the body turn to something unusual, like other men show ice in a form of knife and many other things that can harm. She was confused of how they did those things. But she was terrified when men synchronizing attacked Hotaru! Not her and just Hotaru as if she was not there.

The next thing she found out Hotaru was there and….dead. Her eyes widen in shock as tears start to flow from her chocolate orbs, looking at Hotaru's bathing in blood.

She bowed her head, covering her eyes by her bangs. She felt hollow at the moment. Only Anger was leading emotion in her heart. She wanted to kill all those men right at the moment.

She walked slowly to Hotaru's body and knelt down to touch her face.

"Why…why..y-you killed her?" she asked dangerously, glaring at those laughing devilishly men.

But the laugh ended when our brunette stood up on her feet with the dangerous aura she's sending. Then the men again attack. This time it's toward her with all their different weapons. They were now near and ready to kill her.

But as expected, all powers that every men there possess vanished in their hands as the brunette loudly scream sending shivers to all men..

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" then their weapons backfired to them.

In the blink of an eye, they were all dead, leaving Mikan Sakura in tears and her dangerous aura.

Mikan was kept on crying that she hadn't noticed the surrounding changed once more. She was back in her senses when she heard many clapping of hands.

She looked for those who clapped and readied to do what she did to the men, when she noticed she's back in the luxurious room.

She found there Mr. Karaki (smiling brightly at her), clapping his hands, Persona leaning on the wall (smirking at her), and another five persons, looking amazingly at her.

She then looked at her side if the body of dead Hotaru was there but she saw none. It means the ruckus was just..

She covered her eyes with her bangs, "What's the meaning of this?" she asked coldly.

Everyone there silence, then someone from them walked and stood in front of her, held her chin up to meet her gaze, then smile.

"You're thinking of Alice right? That's your Alice." He told her.

" My alice?" she asked in confusion.

"Yeah. Extraordinary powers that all men possessed a while ago are called Alice. But your Alice is more powerful than anyone of them…" He said with intense in looking her auburn eyes. "…For you possess the…" something caught her eyes in the man in front of her.

"…Alice of Nullification." He ended……..

End of flashback

Mikan Sakura snapped her eyes open as she remembered that, then heaved a sigh.

"Yeah. Nullification Alice."

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