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Perfect Seems Impossible

Chapter 18: Love is not Blind

۞Part Two۞

A lady stood in front of the glamorous gate of the Alice Academy. She's wearing a white with a sakura print dress and she look undoubtedly beautiful. She's wearing a lady European hat and a pair of flat sandal.

The lady shown a smile as she slightly put down her hat to cover her eyes. She started to walk towards the big gate.

The security guard of the Academy looked at the new arrived lady suspiciously.

The lady smiled at him sweetly, "Ohayou." She greeted first.

The guard still looked at her suspiciously, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" he asked bluntly.

Her smile remained, as she answered politely his question, "I'm an Alice and the higher ups are expecting me."

The guard nodded as he looked at her from head to foot, checking if she really an Alice, "What's your name?"

Her smile widen, "I'm--"

"Let her in." a manly voice interrupted.

They both look at the intruder.

"Persona-sensei." The guard gave way immediately to Persona, as if he was some sort of a God then he opened the gate quickly to let the lady in, as what Persona ordered.

"Arigatou." The lady said as she stepped in to Alice Academy and gave Persona a smile.

"Y-you're welcome." The guard responded nervously. Being near with Persona surely give you a creep. He sighed after, as the two started to walk. He look at the new arrived lady. 'She's powerful.' He just notice that thing.

"I'm assigned to escort you." Persona started saying.

"As I guess." She said, "You won't escort me if the Academy didn't told you so." She shrugged as she look at the surrounding. The Academy surely a big school.

Persona just smirked, "You are really special in this Academy." He said it as if it had other meaning.

The lady's smile faded and seriousness took over, "I hope you kept your promise from me."

Persona looked at his black accessories in his hands or known as controlling devices,"Huh. I didn't break it. Your friends are safe."

She smiled again, "Good to hear." She saw different balloons flying in the sky and heard noises from afar, "What's the celebration coming, Persona?" she asked.

Persona looked at the sky then smirked, "Just the boring Festival is about to end and the stupid Last Dance is approaching tonight." he answered.

She smiled, when did Persona learn to answer a question? She expected him to be silent and ignore her question.'s looks like Persona learn manners. She looked at the different balloons dreamily, 'Alice Festival.' she thought.

Persona looked at her and he could guess that the brunette was spacing out, probably thinking of memories. "I already escorted you, you could go to your room. Meet the Headmaster after." He said as he fixed properly his mask and prepare to leave, " Oh, one more thing.."

Her gaze averted at him.

Persona smirked, "I'm glad you can see again, Shiro Neko." He then vanished.

Mikan shown a smile after hearing it from him then looked again at the sky.

"I'm back."




Hotaru was in her room and just stare outside the window. She's been like this for awhile after what had happen earlier of what the fans told them. 'She'll come back. I know she will.' Hotaru thought defiantly. She looked at the busy students preparing for the Last Dance. For a reason, the inventor show a smile as she remembered Ruka. He will be her Last Dance. She didn't care about what the meaning of Last Dance about this eternal love forever or so-so but she like the idea that he will be her partner adding the fact he will pay her. She grinned at the thought.

The knock on her window woke her up from her slumber thought. She saw a bird carrying a red rose and she knew it belonged to Ruka. She opened the window and let the bird in. It automatically landed on her hand and place the red rose on her palm then it left. She recognized the red rose as the symbol of becoming a Last Dance for someone who gave it. It's like an invitation to be a partner for the Last Dance. The previous years, she receive lots of red roses as an invitation of Last Dance but she just throw it and ended having no Last Dance but this case it's different. She smell the red rose and noticed a note within the flower. She get it and read the note.

Dear Hotaru,

Thanks for being my partner.


She grinned, after. She could imagine Ruka blushing while writing the note. She smiled, 'I hope I could share this moment with Mikan.' She thought suddenly but her smile faded again as she remembered her best friend. Probably this will be the last Alice Festival and Last Dance they will be participating and it's so sad that she didn't able to share the event with Mikan. They will be graduating sooner and she wanted to celebrate it together with her.

She sighed, and silently pray for her safeness.




Mikan now was standing infront of her old special star room. She smiled and get the key out of her pocket. She slowly fit it inside the hole and unlock the door. The moment she opened the door, her fragrance that remain in the room welcome her. Her things were still in their proper places but she noticed that her room was clean like there was someone maintaining it for her.

She left her baggage in the doorway and went to her bed. She lie there and stare at the ceiling. She's planning of what to do for the rest of the day. She shifted on the bed and saw something on her bedside table. She seated properly and reach the thing above it. She place it on her lap and stared at it.

"Roses?" she asked to no one. There were three roses to be exact. 'Who would leave something here?' she smell the rose and somehow she felt something different inside her. These roses were different from ordinary roses. There was an Alice mix in it, she noticed. She smell again the rose and something fell from it inside.

"Huh?" she get the note that fell and opened it.

Last Dance

The first note read, her brows furrowed. She flipped the back to find the name of the sender or even initials but there's no any. She noticed, also, that the other roses have also white note in it. She read the other notes.

Please Come Back. Be my Last Dance.

"Who would leave something like this here?" She asked again then she lie on the bed as she held the rose near her heart 'Weird.' she thought. She chose to close her eyes instead. She feel tired all of a sudden, sleeping on your beloved bed after a long time could really make you sleepy. 'I'll just take a nap and visit my friends after.' The last thing she thought before she fell asleep.

Little did she know, there's a note that she missed to read. It fell on the carpet that's why she didn't notice it.

Oi, polka dots. Come Back.





Hotaru was walking in the corridor and she didn't forget to pass on Mikan's door each time. This became a habit to her naturally, maybe for the reason that she was still passing here was she's hoping that the door will creaked open and reveal her cheery best friend. It's already dark and the Last event for Alice Festival was about to start. She's already dressed up and prepared to go to the Last Dance location. Ruka offered to escort her to the place but she declined it. She just glance at Mikan's door then passed through it, but seconds later, her tracks stop. She glanced once again at Mikan's door then walked towards it.

When she's now in front of Mikan's door, she stared at the doorknob. There's something change on it. She sense an aura inside the room. Her heart started to pump irregularly as she slowly place her hand to the doorknob and open it. The door was not locked. It means, there was really someone inside. Her heart beats fast and she ready herself of what she will see behind the door.

Inside the room was dark but she could see a figure lying on the bed. She swallowed hard and find for the switch of the light then turn it on. The light spread across the room and the shock and surprise were obviously struck Hotaru. The inventor was dumbfounded staring on the person above the bed. She's shaking and tears were about to fall down, 'It's been two years. It's been two years..' her mind repeatedly said.

"M-mikan…" she called out.

Mikan felt another presence in her room, she slowly opened her eyes only to close it again because of the light. She moaned and place the pillow above her face. Who dared to disturb her deep slumber?

"Mikan…" she heard someone, very familiar to her, called.

She yawned as she tiredly sit on the bed. She slowly opened her eyes and a figure of someone wearing a fairy costume met her eyes. She looked at her face and like someone has been thrown by a cold water on their face to be fully awake, she immediately sit properly and stared at her surprised. She just forgot that she's still sleepy.

"H-Hotaru…" she whispered. They stared at each other for seconds. Just merely looking at her bestfriend made her remembered how badly she misses her. She stood up quickly and dramatically run towards the inventor, "Hotaru!!" she raised her arms wide open to gave her a big embrace with a teary eyes when—

Baka! Baka! Baka!

..she was hit with Hotaru's trademark invention.

"Don't dare to get near me when you still have a drool in your mouth, baka." Hotaru said coldly but that was only a façade as smile start to shown in her stoic face. Tears were about to fall too. She's really a sadist.

Mikan quickly wipe the 'drool' like what Hotaru said and smile again as usual then run towards her. This time the big hug happened. Mikan hug Hotaru tightly like there's no tomorrow as Hotaru did too.

The best of friends had been reunited again.




Ruka glanced again at his watch. He's been like this for awhile. He seemed tense as he looked at the surrounding to search a certain inventor.

Natsume and Youichi just sit on the chair and shook their head because of Ruka's tenseness.

"Stop it Ruka-nii, Hotaru-neechan surely will come." The Spirit Manipulator tried to at ease the Pheromone Prince.

Ruka looked at Youichi, and then patted his head, "Thanks Youichi." He said, "I just want to be with her during the starting ceremony." He sighed after. The starting ceremony will start soon and he wish Hotaru will make it.

Natsume just remained silent in the corner as he stared at the thing on the center of the ground where the Starting Ceremony signal to start. It's like a torch that needed to be fired and the couples will dance around it. Before, when he still had his Alice of Fire he was always the representative in firing the big torch. He wondered who could do it now.

Youichi saw Hotaru coming with a company. His stare fixed at the girl beside Hotaru. He saw the girl wave at his direction, his brow furrowed. He was sure she wave at him, he looked again at her and noticed that the lady went in another path when Hotaru was now near at them. He could see the gleam of happiness in the inventor's eyes. She's no longer an Ice Princess right at the moment.

He looked at Ruka, and he was looking at the opposite direction, he tug his sleeve and point the coming Hotaru. He shook his head when Ruka blush madly after Hotaru became clear in azure his eyes. Surely Hotaru was beautiful in her Fairy dress. It surely fitted perfectly the icy inventor.

He searched the crowd to find the girl that Hotaru with, but didn't find it. He approach Hotaru then, "Hotaru-nee who's the girl with you?" he asked directly.

Hotaru shown a mischievous smile, "Se-cret." She said as she tug Ruka on the Food outlet there.

Youichi could tell that there was something important that Hotaru was hiding. He promise to find the reason soon. He looked at his Natsume-nii that was staring on the torch. He smile while approaching him.

"Natsume-nii." He called out. Natsume looked at him, " Lots of hags are looking at you." He informed, distracting him from his own world.

The handsome raven guy looked at his surrounding. Yeah, right. Natsume only notice now that lots of girls were giving him loving stares. He smirked, "Let them." He just said as he stood up and prepare to leave but stopped when the host already spoken to start the event.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentleman. We are gather here to celebrate the last event of Alice Festival, "The Last Dance"…" the host said lots of things like enjoy the event and some graduates were here to have a participation in the event and many more "…and to start the Last Dance event we are calling our representative for firing the torch of love." As the host said it a lady dresses in an exemplary different fairy dress walked on the stage with a half mask in her face. All gave her an awe look. She sent a different aura that makes her to get extra attention from the crowd.

Natsume just stared at the girl, "Long brown hair.." he whispered unconsciously.

Youichi who was standing beside him hear what he whispered. He looked at Natsume then to the girl on the stage. He recognized her, the girl Hotaru with.

The brunette lady whispered something on the host that made him nodded.

He spoke again at the microphone, "Our representative requested someone to be with her in lighting the torch. She specially requested Youichi Hijiri." The host said excitedly as he searched a certain Spirit Manipulator among the crowd.

The crowd becomes noisy again as whines of the girls were abundant, probably from Youichi's fans.

Youichi didn't even move an inch, he just stared at the girl with I'm-not-interested-to-do it look.

"You go Youichi." Natsume suddenly said at him. He looked at his Natsume-nii, then sighed after a long moment.

He started to walk towards the stage coolly as hands on the pockets. He really hated attention. When he was now on the stage and standing beside the girl, he could hear snickers and giggling from the crowd, 'Tch.' he looked at the girl's smiling face. She hand him an arrow and she placed herself behind him, then she held his hand to place the arrow on the arch. Youichi looked at her immediately the moment their hands touched. He know this touch very well. He stared at her in disbelief.

The girl just smile as her eyes focused on the torch, "Look at the target, You-chan." she whispered on his ear.

His hand for reason shake and couldn't point the torch. He just remained looking dumb at her.

The girl pouted, "You are really stubborn just like before, You-chan." She whispered again as she grasped his hand and point again the arrow on the torch. This time Youichi calmed himself and forced to concentrate on the torch, he will ask questions later.

The point of the arrow was in flame which makes the crowd surprised. The girl had the Alice of Fire, they thought. There's another person aside from Natsume to have such an Alice.

The girl and Youichi release the arrow together and the crowd clap when the torch light beautifully. All eyes were staring on it beautifully.

Mikan stared at it amazingly. This was her first Alice Festival, and became a representative in lighting a torch was a pleasure to her. Her gaze averted to the young man beside her when she felt him tug her dress. Mikan automatically smile at him as she held his wrist and dragged him down the stage. She hug him tightly, after.

"I miss you, You-chan." She said whole heartedly. She felt that the Spirit Manipulator hands wrapped around her too. She smiled.

" Finally you came back, hag." He said coolly.

Mikan releaseg her hug as vein popped, 'H-hag?' she forced to smile, "Yeah, I came back, finally." She said smiling.

Youichi placed his hands in his pocket as he stepped backward, "I don't know what happen to you all these years but you should go to Natsume-nii. He is waiting to you." He said as he started to walk. A small smile shown. You could tell that he was happy seeing Mikan but didn't show it obviously at her.

Mikan placed her hands on her hips as she shook her head. Youichi was still the same. She wondered if Natsume was still the same, too. The thought of Natsume made her heart beat faster. He bring unknown feelings in her and she felt guilty everytime she remembered the day she stole his Alice as the same time she blushed in remembering the way of how she did it. She just wish that Natsume was not angry to her for doing that. She had a very valid reason in stealing his Alice and she will explain it to him sooner or later.

But the main question floating in her mind was, Does Natsume still remember her? It's been two years you know, and there's a possibility that he didn't remember her anymore. 'Oh Lord, let him remember me.' She prayed.

She sighed. It's about time to face him.




A pink haired lady was chatting with a former friend when she noticed that her boy company seemed spacing out. She excuses herself to her former friend then approach the handsome raven guy. She tug his sleeve.

The raven guy looked at her, "Yes Misaki?" he asked sweetly as his sympathetic childish smile plaster.

Misaki placed her hand on her hips, " Is there any problem? You are spacing out, Tsubasa." She said.

Tsubasa smiled and encircle his hands on his girlfriend waist, "I just notice that Natsume seem very silent since the last time I saw that kiddo."

Misaki looked at the direction of Natsume who was currently looking at his favorite kohai Youichi on the stage together with this stunning mask-lady. It seemed the two on the stage were having a conversation. She noticed that Natsume stood up and get himself out on the crowd before the torch could light. She shook her head, " But Hyuuga is always like that. Silent and aloof." She shrugged after saying. She couldn't differentiate the Black Cat before and the Black Cat at the present.

Tsubasa release his grip on Misaki's waist and intertwined their hands instead. He look at the brunette girl and Youichi on the stage who were readying on firing the torch, "No." he told her, "He was different. His tough look is not anymore present. Whew! I can't believe the guy who is burning my hair is a nice man now." He commented.

Misaki put her other hand on her chin, "Probably because he fell in love." She followed it by a smile. Surely love could reach miles of impossibilities. The news of Natsume being close to a girl, a blind girl specifically, reach the Academy graduates. This girl surely changed Natsume, she thought.

Tsubasa nodded, "Yeah, you're right." He agreed.




Natsume was sitting under the shade of the Sakura Tree and he was just staring at the starry night. The view from there was breathtakingly beautiful. He became tired watching people wearing silly smile on the Last Dance and he decided to be alone. He didn't worry about Youichi 'coz he knew that Youichi knows where to find him. How much more to Ruka who seemed really happy being with the freaky inventor.

Every thing surrounded him was silent and solemn. Just the breeze of the wind, the brushing of the Sakura leaves and the night animals were his company. He closed his eyes and count the days that their batch will be free from the Academy's wall. He plan now of what he'll do after schooling at the Alice Academy. Weird may it sounds, but he was now preparing his future. He smirk to the thought, 'Whatever.'

But his serene moment was ruined when he felt someone's presence near him. He quickly opened his eyes and search at the someone's presence. Maybe he had no Alice anymore but the keen senses of a cat were still on him. He will not be called Black Cat for nothing.

"Who's there?" he asked calmly. The aura didn't belong to Youichi nor Ruka.

He heard a giggle above him. He looked up immediately but he didn't able to see the person's face, for, it jump quickly behind him, and then covered his eyes. As a reflex he held the hand and flipped it back but the person dodge his attack without moving the hand. He hold the wrist and he already guess it was a hand of a woman. He smirked as a thought struck his mind. He flipped again the hand and the person jump, falling into his trap. He immediately grabbed her skirt and cut it into halves.

A shriek of a girl echoed in the place, as it jump away from him.

A triumphant smile shown in Natsume's face. He slowly open his eyes from the hand of the woman then look at he—

"Natsume no Hentai!!" a very familiar voice screamed in a pester tone.

He look, no, stare at the girl dumbfounded, shock and surprised. He was frozen staring at her. He couldn't find the right word he could say or describe at the moment. All he could do that time was to stare.

Mikan covered her exposed leg as she cursed him under her breath. "Look what you've done, Natsume." She pouted as she get the piece of cloth on the ground. "You really didn't change. You are still pervert." Finally she look at him as her hands on her hips. She shook her head. "Are you feeling sorry for what you've done now, huh Natsume?" she asked, when she didn't receive any respond from the Black Cat, she show a smile suddenly. She approach him and bend down to level her face to the stiffened and sitting on the grass raven-haired guy, "You are surprised seeing me now, ne?" she show him her cheery smile. When she didn't receive any respond again, she pouted childishly then sighed. It seemed Natsume was not happy to see her or maybe Natsume didn't remember her anymore. 'Oh God.' She thought.

She seated beside him and take his silence as a cold trait to her, she looked down to the ground guiltily, "Look, I'm sorry for surprising you now in my arrival. I hope you still remember me." She looked down while saying it, "I'm sorry for not sending you any news about me during these years. I'm sorry for just returning now. I'm sorry for s-stealing y-your Alice." She sighed " I'm sorry fo--"

She was cut from her apologizing speech when Natsume pushed her down on the grass. She blinked at him. She didn't able to see his eyes as he covered it by his raven bangs. She feel a little shaken at the sight, "Please don't be mad at me, Natsume." She whispered. She was under him and anything could happen with this man.

He finally look at her auburn eyes and she automatically show him a half-smile which he found silly. He shook his head as he pushed her harder on the grass, "Finally you came back." Natsume said. She couldn't guess if he was happy of her arrival or what.

Mikan smiled indulgently, "That's the same thing Youichi told me earlier." She informed.

Natsume frowned at the thought, "Who else knew that you are here before you shown up to me?" he asked seriously.

Mikan placed her finger on her chin and think, "The Higher ups, Persona, Hotaru, You-chan and probably Ruka-pyon, I bet Hotaru already told him. The others will know it tomorrow."

Natsume release his grip on her as he seated properly. Mikan pouted as she sit properly, too. "You don't need to pushed me like that to ask those questions." She said while massaging her shoulder.

Natsume just gave her a glance, " When did you arrive, polka dots?" he asked casually.

Mikan's vein popped up hearing the annoying name, "Do you need to call me 'polka-dots', huh Natsume?" She grimaced. This man surely annoys her easily.

Natsume just smirked, "You haven't change." He commented in a low tone.

Hearing it from him, Mikan childishly approach him forgetting her moods before that, "You think so?" her eyes were sparkling in amusement. "Hotaru told me the same thing too."

Natsume shook his head. No doubt Mikan is here, the girl sitting beside him was Mikan. He ouldn't help but smile. She's back and happy.

Mikan stared at him, "Natsume you smile!" she voice out the words loudly. Her smile widen as she held his hand, "You smile.."

Natsume's elegant brow raised. Was he smiling really a shocking thing? "Hn."

"I'm glad you are smiling, Natsume." She said after a moment but her smile slowly faded as she remembered something, "Do you know that the two years had passed I'm worried to you?" she heaved a sigh after, " You live without your Alice and I always thought it would be hard for you." She looked at the stars, "I'm glad you still smile, Natsume." She looked at his crimson eyes and smiled.

Natsume lift his hand to tap her head, " Whatever." He leaned his hands on the grass as he look at the stars too, "Two years without my Alice is so new to me but the Academy decide to let me stay." He look at her suspiciously after, "You did something, right?"

Mikan's smile widen as she stood up and lean on the Sakura tree. Oh, how she misses this tree, " I told them to let you stay." he listen tentatively. So he was right, Mikan did something of his staying. " I thought that if you don't have your Alice the Academy and Persona won't sent you to missions." Mikan formed a ball of fire in her palm all of a sudden. Probably because she start to feel cold or she just want to show it to Natsume.

Natsume stared at the fire in her hand. He felt something easiness upon staring it. That was his fire, he was sure of it.

Mikan smile staring at the fire, "Do you know that your fire is exactly like you, Natsume?" she averted her gaze at him, "It was stubborn and powerful too." She frowned upon saying it, "It sometimes won't listen to me. This is the first Alice I have stolen that is hard to control." At first she couldn't believe that she couldn't control the Alice of Fire but she's used to it later on. "But do you know the very special characteristic of your fire that resembles you, Natsume?" she shown him her sweet smile, "It doesn't failed to protect me."

Natsume was not anymore looking at the fire instead she was looking straight at Mikan. In her fairy costume and to her brunette hair that has been blown softly by the wind, she looked exactly like a goddess standing under the Sakura Tree. Merely looking at her tantalizing auburn eyes, he admit his feeling of how much he missed her wholly.

"It doesn't failed to protect me, Natsume"

Like a magic surrounded them both, Natsume felt himself move towards Mikan's direction. She's like a magnet that he couldn't help to get close to. Thousands of questions were floating in his mind to ask in her and he knows it can wait but there was something inside him that couldn't wait longer anymore.

Mikan's smile remained in her lovely face, "I guess your fire miss you. So, I shall return it to you." A shade of pink was visible in her cheeks for no specific reason, it could be because of the serenity she'd been feeling or Natsume being closed to her.

Natsume smirked as he now infront of her, " My fire miss me. But does the stealer miss me too?" it seemed very natural asking Mikan the question.

Mikan blushed as her heart start to pump fast but she still manage to smile at him, "Of course. I miss everyone here."

Natsume's smirk looks seductive all of a sudden, "You miss everyone because…?" Natsume hung the words intentionally as he draw closer to her.

Mikan as if thinking made a questioning look, "I miss everyone because they are my friends." She answered as she place her hand on his chest. She didn't know what happened to her, to him, to them but she felt something telling her that it must go on.

Natsume nodded as he place his right hand beside Mikan's head. Their faces now were inches away, "They are your friends." He agreed, "What am I to you, polka-dots?" he frankly asked.

Surprisingly, she was not annoyed when he call her that name which was unusual but instead she just lock her auburn eyes to his crimson ones, "Y-you are my f-friend, Natsume." Oh, God, she seemed hypnotized by his crimson eyes.

Natsume this time didn't smirk but smiled, "Uh-huh?" he asked as if he was unsure of what he just heard "And as my friend, would you mind kiss me to return my Alice? As I remember that was exactly what you did two years ago." He requested hoarsely.

Mikan blush madly to the thought. She fetl uncomfortable now. Natsume seemed has matured now. Maybe Natsume had lots of experience to girls for making this far to the point requesting her to kiss him. But come to think of it, this will not be the first time they will kiss so there's no big deal about it if they do it again. But somehow she has a strong feeling that something will change after they'll kiss. Something that gonna change their relationship. Is Natsume really a friend to her?

"I'm waiting of an answer." Natsume sounded impatient.

Mikan closed her eyes for seconds and when she opened her eyes, you could see that she's already decided. "No." she answered staring in his crimson eyes, "No, I won't mind kissing you, Natsume." After saying it, she slowly looped her arms around his nape then tiptoe to reach the space of their lips.

They kiss then.




Ruka and Hotaru were dancing in a sweet music and mostly students there were focused on the pair. They could feel the intensity between the two. No one dared to interrupt the partner. They find the shy and stoic couple cute with each other.

Anna and Nonoko look at the two enviously.

Anna clap happily. She was really happy that Hotaru and Ruka end up together "They are so perfect together." Her smiles show what it wants to tell.

Nonoko's eye are gleaming in happiness too "Yeah. I really hope Mikan could see it. She will definitely be happy." She said with a half-smile.

The geeky sister both fell silent as they think of their friend Mikan and where she could be right now. Without Mikan around, it feels empty and incomplete. She became their friends and they really miss her a lot.

Kokoroyome, the mind reading Alice, read the thoughts of the two. He shook his head then he approach Iinchou and tag him along to the geeky sister. At first Iinshou hesitated but when he voice out the reason that they are lonely right now, he automatically offered a help. As what you expected in a class president. They approach the geeky sister and start a conversation to make the two girls be happy.

Koko glance at the Ruka-Hotaru couple and accidentally he read Ruka's thoughts and was shock after finding out what Ruka was thinking right at the moment.

The other three look at him confusedly.

"Ne, Koko. Daijoubo?" Yuu ask with concern.

"Yeah, Koko. Are you okay? You look shocked." Anna followed as Nonoko nodded.

Koko shook his head then smile after. ' Mikan is here!' it was confirmed since it was Ruka's thoughts. But he doesn't plan to tell it to others yet since Mikan was planning to tell them tomorrow. He just smile at them "There's gonna be a surprise tomorrow." He chirped.

The three look at each other questioningly. Koko surely a weird one, they thought the same thing.

"Hey, I'm not weird!" Koko yelled out but still smiling as he leave the three happily to get a drink.

The three just shook their head and smile after. Well, that's Koko for sure.

Hotaru stare at Ruka's azure eyes. She just appreciates only now that the bashful Pheromone Prince had these beautiful pair of eyes. Maybe that's the reason why he is popular and has his own fans club.

"What are you thinking Hotaru?" Ruka interrupted "Are you thinking of Mikan?" he ask.

Hotaru smile "No. I'm not thinking of her since she's with Natsume now." She shrugged as her hold on Ruka tightens "I'm thinking of how beautiful your eyes, Ruka." She said nonchalantly.

Ruka immediately blush more times than before. He didn't expect Hotaru would compliment him now. This was unexpected.

Hotaru smirk " I just thought that I could benefit those eyes, Ruka." She was thinking of rabbits.

Ruka sweat dropped. Geez.. That's Hotaru for sure. In every action there is always a reaction.




"Why we are here, Tsubasa?" Misaki asked as she wander her eyes on the beautiful surrounding. They are alone on the grounds of the Academy and the breeze of the wind is starting to give chill on her bare shoulder.

Tsubasa probably notice it immediately wrap his arm around her shoulder and pushed her closer. " I just want to see the view from here. We used to go here when we are still schooling in the Academy."

Misaki smile and nodded " I didn't know that you're this sentimental person, Tsubasa." She kid.

Tsubasa scratch his hair "You are ruining the moment, Misaki." He pouted cutely at her.

Misaki laugh at the sight. "My God Tsubasa stop doing that, it doesn't suit you." She said between her laughs.

Tsubasa smile as he pouted again cutely making Misaki laugh hard again. She was now hitting his arm. She was shaking her head to say that he don't look cute at all. But Tsubasa is keeping on doing it.

Misaki look at the other side to avoid looking at the pouting Tsubasa when she remember something. "Oh." She look at him.

"What?" he ask.

Misaki stood up and brush her skirt to prepare to leave "I'll just get my video camera to record this moment. Just stay here." She now started to walk.

"Make sure to make it fast, Misaki." He reminded. Misaki nod and gave him an Okay sign. He smile then stare at the starry skies. Moment of silent passed when he notice from a far two figure under the Sakura Tree that are close to each other. He doesn't need to guess what they are doing. Rude may it look, but he watch at the two figure interestingly since it intrigued him the fire on the palm of the guy. The shining of the left earring of the guy could already make him guess who it could be. He smile when he heard him laugh. The two seem didn't notice that there are other people around them. Maybe they only think of their existence right at the moment.

'She's probably the blind nullifier that everybody is talking about. The only girl who can reach Natsume.' He smile. For a reason he want to know the girl soon.

"Ne, Tsubasa."

Tsubasa look immediately to the source of the voice. It was Misaki carrying her video camera. He pouted once again "You left me." He said childishly.

Misaki playfully hit his arm as she sit beside him. "So you are looking at them both too." She said as she look at where Tsubasa is looking.

Tsubasa smile "I just can't help it. They are too sweet not to notice." He grinned as he look at her.

"I don't like that look." Misaki play like a nervous teenager but deep inside she's excited of what her boyfriend could do.

Tsubasa near his face on her and told her "If you ask one question to me now, Misaki. What could it be?" he suddenly ask out of nothing.

Misaki's brow raised in suspicion "Hmm…one question?" She acted like she was thinking. When she's done, she look at his eyes " Define Love." She shrugged then smile. Probably they look likes an idiot now from a far but who cares?

Tsubasa smirk as he reach the distance of their lips. When it's a millimeter apart now, he told her his answer "I guess Love is not blind." Then he kissed her.




Natsume was laughing as Mikan told him stories about her stay with the UAO.

"…Yeah, mom ask Shiki to shop some female necessities because we are having an important training. When he arrived he was blushing madly.." she laugh as she remember the face of Shiki way back then. "..Oh, God, Natsume. You won't believe how many shade of pink on his face then.." she laugh again as she lay on the grass.

Natsume smile just looking at her happy face. He lay beside her too. "You surely enjoy your stay there." He said "I'm glad to hear that." He form a fire at the tip of his forefinger then spell out a name MIKAN on the air. Yeah, he already have his Alice back and he really miss his fire.

Mikan pouted looking at her name "Your fire surely obey your orders." She commented.

Natsume smirk "Of course they will. They are my fire in the first place." He said as he spell other name using his fire. He was smirking after spelling out the name.

Mikan read the name slowly and when realization hit, she close her eyes in annoyance as she raise a clenched fist at Natsume's face. She was ready to punch him any moment now "Polka-dots, huh?" she gritted her teeth. This man is impossible. He can be a nice man then seconds after he's annoying.

Natsume laugh again then look at her. He was staring unto her auburn eyes deeply. His mood changed again. Mikan suddenly felt stunned at his stares. His stares now are different than the usual stares he gave at her.

She smile at him to ease her nervousness as she intertwined their hands " Do you think this is the right time for us to go back there, Natsume?" She referred the Last Dance event.

" No." Natsume rejected stubbornly as he close his eyes and tighten his hold in her hand.

Mikan tug his sleeves "And why?" she ask blearily "This will be the first and last time I'll be participating in this event so I want to be there, please Natsume let's go back." She pleased while tugging his sleeves.

Natsume open his crimson eyes then glance at her for a moment. She was doing her puppy look eyes at him. He smirk as he stand up then pulled Mikan suddenly, making her to out-balance.

"Hey! Are you--" she was cut when she feel herself lifted. She's now in Natsume's arm "Hey, put me down. Are we going there with you carrying me?"

"No. We are heading to your room." He answered simply.

"What!?" Mikan struggle in his arms " I don't want to sleep yet!" she protested.

Natsume now jump from tree to tree towards the girl's dormitory "Silly." He said making Mikan frown "You can't go there with that tiny piece of cloth, polka-dots." He tighten his hold in her when they reach now her room's balcony. They landed there carefully.

The moment he release her, she hit him in his arm lightly then cocked one hand on her hip in a deliberately taunting posture "Hey! It's your fault from the start for ruining my dress!" Mikan reminded him then walk infront the balcony but stopped again "I can go to the event with this clothes besides I don't have my key—Hey! When did you have a spare key in my room?" she said furiously when Natsume open her room easily with a key from his pocket.

"Shut it, polka and just change to your decent clothes." He ordered her like a servant "Besides your legs are for my eyes only." He nodded at her one-sided then smirk when she's red now in anger.

She glare at him. How dare him to say that "Natsume Hyuuga." she open her closet and get some clothes before she went to the change room with a frown.

Natsume smile when he is left alone now. He sit on Mikan's bed and touch the mattress. He wandered his eyes throughout the room. He was thinking that this room will no longer be empty since the owner had arrived. His eyes focus on the red roses and notes above the bedside table. He blush out of something as he open the notes, did Mikan already read it? He wonder.

The door of the change room open and reveal the brunette in a new fairy dress. Lucky for her to have other fairy dress in her closet. She turn around to show Natsume her dress "Am I beautiful Natsume?" she ask cutely.

"Hn." He said as he headed first to the balcony and motioned Mikan that they'll leave now.

Mikan pouted when she didn't hear any compliments from him, she's now ready to leave the room when she notice the roses not in their proper places. Probably Natsume saw and read it. She shook her head and place the roses and notes on the bedside table when she saw a note on the carpet, she picked it. She recognize that this note is different from the others, she read the content. She looked at Natsume's direction after then a mischievous smile appeared.

"Hey polka, are you done?" Natsume peek from the glass window.

Mikan return the note quickly then nodded at him "Yup!" she prodded as she encircle her hand on Natsume's arm "I'm done now, my Last Dance."

Natsume automatically send her a questioning look.

Mikan laughed "You are really an unpredictable person Natsume." She teased and near her face to him "You are the one who sent the roses and notes, aren't you?" she whispered.

Having Mikan very near at him makes Natsume straddle. When her words finally drift in his mind he automatically avoid her gaze and hide his blush then just hold her hand for them to prepare to jump. "Whatever."

Mikan giggle "Wait, Natsume."

Natsume stop then look at her through his shoulder "What's now, polka?" he ask 'pissed-off'.

Mikan suppressed to laugh "You really acted like this when you are shy of something. You haven't change Natsume. How cute." She teased him again.

Natsume face her properly "I thought you want to go to the Last Dance now?"

Mikan nodded profusely "Yeah, yeah. I want to go there but I want to ask a favor from you first." She tousled some of her hairs strand behind her ear.

Natsume find her gesture sexy and stunning that he didn't able to respond. He just waited her to continue. What's the girl now planning to do?

Mikan smiled. She haven't told Natsume about this yet. Her hold on his hand tighten "Would you mind seeing the sunrise with me tomorrow, Natsume?" she ask gleefully then place her feet on the balcony's grills to prepare to jump. She glanced at the stunned flame caster. She show him a cheery smile. "What you think?" she offered a hand.

Natsume just stare at her offered hand then slid up to her pair of auburn eyes. Her eyes are sparkling. Natsume show a sly smile as he shook his head "Why you didn't tell this to me earlier, polka?"

Mikan put her finger on her cheek cutely "I just wanted to..surprise you?" She smile at him again.

Natsume shook his head at her answer then suddenly pulled Mikan closer to him. He made his way through her ear "Silly." He whispered.


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