This fanfic is brought to you by the letter C. It happens to be my fourth story where the title starts with that letter.

He didn't want to go for the dozen roses, chocolates, fancy dinner, and dressing up thing like every other man in the country had done. Instead, he asked her "the question" as they cuddled on the couch watching their favorite movie.

"Ziva, will you marry me?" he said sweetly.

Ziva took a deep breath, rested her head on his shoulder and looked him in the face, "no," she answered.

He stared at her stupefied for a moment. Ziva continued to watch the movie.

"Do you love me?" he asked.


"Haven't we been together for six months?"


"Do you want to break up with me?"


"Then why won't you marry me?"

"Shhh, this is my favorite scene," she said changing the subject.

Tony turned off the television.

"Hey," she protested.

"Is it because I'm not Jewish?"


"Is it because of rule 12?"


"Then why?"

"It's complicated Tony."

"Try me," that was a challenge, Ziva couldn't resist them.

"Change the name, but not the letter, is to change for the worse, and not for the better."

Tony squinted at her until he realized she would be going from David to DiNozzo.

Tony dug deep in his pockets and produced a ring. He gently slipped it over Ziva's finger.

"DiNozzo is too hard to spell anyway. How would you like to be the future Mrs. Anthony Magnum?"

He and Ziva kissed, but in his mind he vowed to kill McGee for teaching Ziva Victorian superstitions.

A/N: My grandma taught me this one. She went from Hensley to Hook, but she turned out pretty good.