A/N: Hey everybody. Here's the prologue for the sequel of The Denarian Renegade. As you'll be able to tell straight away from this prologue, it features a lot more of the White Council and in up and coming chapters, the Red Court Vampires. I've also started a Forum on my profile to answer any questions about this story and the last, so feel free to query me, because you can all help me avoid falling into plot holes. That said, I'll only answer you if it won't give away too much about the plot

Readers and fans, welcome to the first chapter of "The Denarian Knight"

Deep within the very heart of Scotland stood a majestic school, its spires soaring out into the night sky and straining to touch the thousands of bright stars. The large lake rippled as a soft wind blew through the valley and the dark, foreboding trees of the Forbidden Forest turned and twisted. Thousands of twinkling lights sparkled from the castle's windows and the castle's appearance seemed to reflect the atmosphere of the students within. Inside the Great Hall sat hundreds of laughing and chatting students, beaming smiles on their face as they reached for the scrumptious food that lined the tables.

Despite recent tensions, the mood in the hall was relaxed and cheerful. Up at the staff table, the Headmaster watched the proceedings with twinkling eyes, one gnarled hand stroking his long beard. The prim and proper Transfiguration professor was chatting to a very upbeat Charms Professor. The new Defence Professor was watching the hall with a sweet smile and cold eyes, her mind carefully analysing every suspicious movement and noting in the back of her head for later use. The entire scene was disturbed went the Great Hall doors creaked open and a figure slipped in.

At first the intruder remained unnoticed by most of the occupants of the Great Hall. However, Dumbledore immediately swivelled his gaze up, not looking surprised at all as a benign smile crossed his face. Dumbledore's action caused the students to swivel their heads and a loud buzz of whispers burst from all over the hall as the intruder took a step forward, wary green eyes seeing all.

"Welcome back to Hogwarts, Harry Potter," Dumbledore greeted.

Harry didn't say a word as he limped his way up the hall. His face was blank but his eyes were furious and stormy and his hands remained hidden under his long, black coat. Suddenly, Dumbledore frowned and for a split-second his eyes flickered up as a grey blur shot from the door towards Harry. Harry tried to whirl around but the blur slammed into him, tacking him to the ground.

The blur of grey revealed itself to be a large Germanic man with grey hair pulled back in a ponytail and a craggy, sour face. The man, dressed in a dark grey cloak, gave a low growl as he wove a hand through Harry's hair and yanked the boy's head upwards. An instant, there was a flash of silver and the blade of a broadsword was pressed against Harry's throat, making Harry hiss with rage as he yanked his head back as far as he could. Harry's hands slipped out of his coat, revealing an elaborate pair of bindings slapped across them.

Harry came not as a guest but as a prisoner.

"Hey, Dumbledore?" Harry said slowly, licking his lips nervously as he knelt in the middle of the Great Hall. Students closest to the grey-cloaked man gave startled yells and screams and scrambled back as Dumbledore stiffened, his light blue eyes eying the cloaked-man with recognition. "Remember how I helped you with that thing not too long ago? Well, I'm going to need you to repay the favour..."

"Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts," The grey-cloaked man intoned loudly, his voice carrying out through the hall. "By order of the White Council, the one known as Harry Potter has been scheduled for execution. Only you can spare his life now…"

"Fucking git," Harry mumbled.