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Dean Matthews leaned back in his chair and looked around the dusty rest-stop with calculating eyes. He had been following his target all across Mexico. He had seen him join three other travellers and then murder one of them only hours later. He was dangerous and it was his assignment to detain him.

His target and his new travelling buddies had stopped here barely half an hour ago. Dean expected them to move on soon, especially with the border being only a few hours drive away. So far they had never stayed in one place for more then an hour. He didn't expect them to change their pattern now.

Dean's eyes fell on his target. He was sitting near the rest-stop's exit along with his two companions. He didn't know much about the two of them, they had found his target lying in the middle of the road, almost dead from dehydration and exhaustion. And like good little Samaritans, they had helped him and taken him along, completely oblivious to what Sylar was.

Dean had seriously considered letting Sylar die on that road, especially after what he did to Candice. He had never liked her, but she didn't deserve to have her head ripped open and brain removed. But he was on strict orders, he had to keep Sylar alive and bring him back to The Company. He was only allowed to kill Sylar on one condition and that was if Sylar's power's returned and he started killing spree again. And even then he had to do everything he could to detain him before he could even attempt to kill him.

He had seen a wanted poster of the two Honduran's while he was stalking Sylar, the twins: Maya and Alejandro Herrera. He had immediately torn that poster down and destroyed it. He couldn't have any of the Mexican Authorities interfering with his assignment. They would arrest Sylar for travelling with the twins. If that happened, Dean would be forced into stopping the arrest, revealing to everyone what he was.

Dean ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair. He would have normally enjoyed a trip down to Mexico, especially because of the chance to get away from those stuck-up snobs at The Company. But he was having no such luck. Ever since he began this assignment, he was being checked up on frequently. Ever since they lost that isotope satellite and the little girl who could find people, The Company was becoming even more paranoid of the specials who worked for them--especially if the special was without a normal partner.

As if in direct response to Dean's thoughts, his cell-phone began to ring in his jeans pocket. Dean pulled out the ringing phone and looked at the caller ID. He groaned when Bob's name appeared on the small screen. He hadn't been contacted since before Sylar had passed out on the road. He had hoped that The Company had finally started to trust him. He at least thought that Bob would understand.

Dean sighed in anticipation and flipped open his cell phone. "What?" He asked, holding the phone to his ear and waiting for his boss to answer.

"How are things in Mexico?" Bob asked in his completely slow, clear voice. This only served to annoy Dean. Bob knew how much Dean hated being interrupted on an assignment.

"Things have changed since you last called to check up on me." Dean replied, his irritation clearly present in his voice. "Sylar has been moving faster now. He was picked up by two Hondurans and this American guy. He killed the American a bit later."

"Why didn't you stop him?" Bob asked.

"He didn't use his powers, so there was no reason to interfere."

"You could have saved a life."

"It would only have hindered the assignment."

Dean could hear Bob sigh through the phone. "I didn't call to talk about your morality." Bob said. "I called to talk about the assignment."

"It's going fine." Dean said quickly. "I'll bring Sylar back to The Company. Hopefully this time you'll actually keep a hold on him."

"That's not what this is about." Bob said.

Dean smiled, if he closed his eyes he could almost see Bob's mask of control crack at his comment. Bob had been furious when he heard that Primatech had let Sylar escape. "Well, what's it about then."

"We're sending a team to finish your assignment." Bob said. "We need you elsewhere."

Dean swung forward in his chair, his look of mere irritation immediately growing into anger. "What? It's my assignment, Bob. I've been following him all across Mexico ever since Candice- Michelle- Whatever her name was died. You can't just expect me to give it over to someone else!"

"I expect you to follow orders." Bob said. "And you're being given another assignment. A personal one."

"So, send that other team to do it!"

'We want you to do it. You're one of our most capable agents."

"I don't care; I'm not going to--!"

"It's Elle." Bob cut in.

Dean paused as sudden understanding filled his body, his anger fading into nothingness. "Oh, great. What'd she do this time?"

"She made a mess in Ireland. I want you there to clean it up."

Dean stood up, walking out from his table. No-one in the bar appeared to have heard his conversation with Bob. He was lucky Sylar hadn't either. It would make things harder for the team coming to take over. The last thing The Company needed was Sylar finding out that he was being followed. "Okay," Dean said, "I'll get there as quickly as I can."

"Good man." Bob replied. "Go to Cork, we'll contact you with further instructions when you get there."

Dean flipped the phone shut and deposited it back inside his pocket. He sighed and made his way through the rest-stop, heading towards the door. He paused when he reached the door, looking back to glare at the back of Sylar's head. All he wanted to do was kill this monster here and now. He knew many people had tried, but like a true parasite Sylar kept squirming out, living to kill again.

The female twin – Maya, he thought her name was – saw the look of hatred on his face straightened in her chair. Dean met her eyes and grinned at her as he walked out the door. When Sylar and Alejandro turned to follow Maya's gaze, Dean was already gone.

He walked towards his car, pulling out his keys from another pocket. He unlocked the car and climbed in. His face was set with determination as he drove away from the dusty, back-water rest-stop and into the falling sun. He didn't know what to expect in Ireland. But one thing was certain. He had work to do.