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"You know House, I'm glad I've managed to show your caring side. I really like it." Cameron smiled and ran her hand along his unshaven cheek.

"How dare you call me caring!?" House pretended to sob into his arm.

Cameron laughed. "You know, most people would like to be called caring. But of course I like your annoying, stubborn, sarcastic, curious side… to an extent…"

"It's my turn to use the weapon."


He kissed her.

"You know, the one that shuts you up?"

"Oh. That one." She breathed, close to his face. "You are taking advantage of that privilege-" He kissed her again.

The sound of two pagers rung out and they reluctantly pulled apart. "Haha, mine beeped first!" House grinned triumphantly.

"You are such a five year old." She said, pulling hers out. "It's Chase. Let's go."

"He can deal with it." He whined.

Cameron grabbed his unwilling hand and dragged him back to the temporary hospital.

"But mommy I don't wanna go to school!" "I'm tired!" "Chase smells bad!" He continued with annoying comments most of the way until Cameron used the "weapon" on him the rest of the way.

"That's really difficult when I'm walking you know." She commented when they got to the building.

"Oh you poor thing." He said sarcastically, waving his cane in her face.

They sped down the hallway and into the office.

"She has a butterfly rash on her face." Chase said when they walked in.

Foreman raised his eyebrows. "Are you two… holding hands?

They dropped hands. Wilson coughed loudly.

"Rash on her face." Chase said, louder this time.

"House wouldn't come. He was too lazy, so I had to drag him here." She glanced over at House. Technically that was sort of mostly kinda true, she thought. Well the dragging part.

More like kiss him here. House thought.

"SHE HAS A RASH ON HER FACE! LIKE A BUTTERFLY!" Chase yelled over the top of everyone. "One of the idiot teachers put stuff on it to get rid of it. It was there all along they just forgot to tell us. And while you two-" He gestured to House and Cameron. "Were off holding hands, we found out that her kidneys have failed."

"Which means her potassium levels were raised due to her acute kidney failure." Foreman added.

"It's lupus then." Cameron said. "Cerebral lupus. We should start her on steroids. 70mg of Prednisolone."

Wilson shook his head. "Doesn't explain the swollen knee, and a little while ago she got sweats and fever.

There was a silence as everyone thought it through.

"The joint aspiration." House said quietly after a moment. "You can't get all bacteria off the skin. Bacteria were introduced into the knee. What reaction do you get when you shove a needle through someone's knee and introduce bugs?"

"Swollen knee for a start, and then later, sweats, fever and rigors." Foreman said.

"It's lupus. Start her on steroids. 70mg of Prednisolone, stat." House murmured and the team rushed down to Hermione.

Wilson stayed behind.

"So," he began, smiling. "You and Cameron then?"

House knew he had been beaten. Wilson would find out some other way anyway. He'd already seen them lying together on the grass. "What does it matter to you?" He said quietly, looking at the ground.

Wilson shook his head. "Why are you so ashamed?"

"For starters, Chase will probably bite my head off. Wombats are really ferocious you know?"

Wilson raised his eyebrows.

House sighed. "He really likes Cameron. He always has, always will."

"But so have you. Haven't you House?"

"Did you know that that blonde nurse in the E.R. has webbed toes?"

Wilson shrugged. Why did he even bother trying to get House to admit his feelings about Cameron? About anything really, apart from the amount of toes someone has and how amazingly revealing Cuddy's top happens to be.

"The really short blonde with the big knockers?" Wilson asked.

"Yeah that one." House replied, satisfied at his change in the subject.

"Well, are you coming to see Hermione? She'll want to thank you."

House rolled his eyes. "If I say no, will you make me go anyway?"

"Probably, yeah."

"Okay then… no. Well, let's go then."


"So, she'll be okay then?" Ron asked excitedly.

"If everything goes well, she'll be back to school in a few weeks." Cameron replied happily.

Harry smiled. "Great. Glad to have you back Hermione."

"Never ever do this to us again Hermione! You scared the living daylights out of me!" Ron exclaimed, squeezing her hand tightly.

"I'll try not to." She grinned back at Ron.

"We'll leave you to it then, shall we?" Chase said and the five doctors began to leave.

Hermione held out her hand. "Wait! I'd like to thank you all so much. Dr Chase, Dr Foreman and Dr Wilson, thankyou so much for all your help. And Dr House, thankyou. If not for you, I might not be here right now. Oh and Ally, thanks for our little chats. I hope it works out with Greg." She winked.

Cameron smiled sheepishly before looking at the floor, not daring to catch all her work mates' expressions. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chase nudge Wilson and Wilson sigh and slip him a green bank note.

"You're welcome Hermione. We're glad to hear you're okay." Foreman said before it got out of hand, giving the rest of them a helpful shove out the door.

Harry, Ron and Hermione could hear teasing voices from the hallway aimed at Cameron and House, mostly from the blonde doctor.

Harry turned to Ron. "So," he began, smiling. "You and Hermione then?"

At the same moment, Hermoine let out a giggle and Ron flushed bright red.

"You told him?" Ron cried.

"You can't keep a secret like that! And anyway, you were so cute when you told me you liked me." She giggled and leant up to peck him on the cheek, making Ron go even brighter red.

"Get a room!" Harry exclaimed, laughing.

By this stage Ron looked like a sunburnt tomato. Hermione and Harry looked at him once before meeting each others eyes and collapsing in hysterics.

"It's not funny!" Ron shouted over Hermione and Harry's roars of laughter, going about three shades brighter.

Neither could speak and had to wait till the laughing subsided.

"No it's not funny. It's hilarious!" Hermione finally burst out between her subsiding giggles.

She took a deep breath. "Sorry Ron. Come here, I'll make it up to you."

And when they thought Ron couldn't go any redder…


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