Author's Notes: I wrote a Shaman King lemon oneshot and told myself I would not write another story till it received at least one review. So here I am now writing my first chapter of "Shinji and Asuka", this is probably going to be long story, and I'll try to update when I can.

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Some notes:

Baka: idiot

Mein Gott: My God

"" Speech quotations

'' thought quotations

An important note, this story has one change in the storyline and that is the fact that Touji did not lose any limbs when his infected evangelion was defeated by Shinji.

A note to say this is the rewritten chapter 1.


*WARNING!* This chapter may contain material that is offensive to many readers. If you do not wish to read this entire chapter, go to the 'skip end' when you see the 'skip'. I will provide a chapter summary of this chapter at the bottom for those who don't want to read this chapter at all. This will be the only time I do this, as this is the only chapter some people might not be able to read.


Chapter 1: Shinji's decision

It was a quiet afternoon at the Katsuragi residence. Currently there were only two occupants inside the dwelling. They both had no idea about the event that was about to transpire, that would change both their lives forever. The young girl knocked the boy over the head with her fist, annoyed at his incompetence.

"Shinji you baka, you haven't made me dinner yet and I'm hungry. I highly recommend you don't keep me waiting," shouted the clearly aggravated redhead called Asuka.

"Alright, alright gimme a sec," he squeaked in reply, "jeez can't she leave me alone for one day?" muttered the brown haired boy named Shinji as she turned away.

"What did you say?" she demanded, refocusing her attention on him.

"Nothing!" he replied instantly.

"I heard you say something you spineless wimp," she said snarling at him.

"I'm sorry" he replied on impulse.

"BAKA! Just shut up!" she said smacking him on the forehead before turning around and storming off.

Shinji sighed and went to the kitchen to start making dinner. The young boy was finding it more and more difficult to deal with his roommate. It had all started back after he defeated the 14th angel and returned from being absorbed by Unit 01. She had treated him coldly when he returned and had since made sure to put him down and make him suffer at every given moment. He couldn't understand what he had done to make her behave this way towards him. Even after asking Misato about it, she just told him to wait till Asuka settled down, she was only angry because she had lost to the angel and her sync ratio was very low.

But Shinji thought it was extremely unfair that he should have to deal with her abusive behaviour just because she was a little unhappy. Where did his feelings come into account? But of course Misato was too busy to do anything about it, she didn't even know how bad it was, she just thought Asuka was behaving like her usual self. Shinji could stand her usual behaviour, in fact he didn't mind it, it brought some fun into his life, but with her current constant smacking, yelling and insulting he was really being worn down.

She had on many occasions refused to eat his cooking, even going as far as to throw it in his face. The redhead would 'accidentally' step on his toes whenever she was walking next to him. The amount of times he had been called stupid in one day was easily over 200, she would even use it to address him when she wanted his attention. With the sheer amount of physical abuse she gave him, be it a smack or a slap, it was a wonder he still had brain cells left. But Shinji just said sorry and placed the blame on himself like he always did.

Remembering that he was supposed to be making dinner, he quickly scrounged the fridge for some ingredients and found barely anything. 'What am I going to do? No matter how I look at it, whatever I make with only this is going to piss Asuka off' he thought with dismay. The young boy decided to just make some ramen; it was the safest out of all the choices available. At once he began preparing the meal in the kitchen, temporarily taking his mind off Asuka.

After a while, the smell of food had brought the redhead rushing in and she decided to sit down at the table as she waited for Shinji to finish. The male eva pilot brought the finished meal to the table and set it down in front of Asuka. She just looked at her meal distastefully.

"Why do you always have to make the same stinking Japanese food? Don't you have any taste at all?" she asked annoyed.

"I'm sorry Asuka there was nothing in the fridge, it was all I could make" he replied timidly.

"Stop saying sorry you baka" she snapped.

"I'm sor-"

"I will seriously rip your tongue out if you finish that word!" she roared.

"Ummm, enjoy your meal Asuka" he said lamely.

She snorted at this but didn't say anything. Nevertheless, the young girl started eating the meal and finished it quite swiftly. Without saying a word she stood up and deposited her dish into the sink. On her way back to her room, she made sure to bump into Shinji's chair making him spill his food all over himself. The redhead continued on to her room as if nothing had happened, leaving the male eva pilot utterly confused.

The young boy just ate his meal slowly in silence, without the presence of another person in the room his face showed his irritation. Today he was having a particularly bad day; he had gotten low grades at school, was singled out by the teacher for messaging Touji in class and had forgotten to bring his lunch to school leaving him starving for half the day. Added to this, Asuka was behaving much worse than usual towards him. Shinji knew Asuka was selfish and didn't care much about him, but did she have to go out of her way to make sure he suffered?

'I wish someone would stand up to her, at least once. She really needs to be thrown off her pedestal' he thought. After finishing his meal, the young boy put his plate in the sink and proceeded to wash the dishes. He tried to relax as he washed the dishes, the warm water only improving his mood slightly. However it would seem he wasn't off the hook yet. Just as he had finished cleaning the dishes, Asuka came back into the room and gave Shinji a punch on the shoulder.

"I'm bored," she stated.

'Uh-oh not that word' Shinji thought remembering the last time she had said it.

"Well ummm…are you sure you want to…?" he said blushing.

"Jeez you perverted hentai, as if I would EVER do anything like that with you again. No you loser, I was just wondering if you were doing anything or had any ideas on what to do"

Shinji's forehead creased. Was she just making fun of him to pass the time? Deciding he better reply the young boy turned his attention to the redhead.

"No I don't have anything to do at the moment, the house is cleaned, the dishes are washed and the laundry done, perhaps we could-"

"Such a boring little boy…" she remarked, interrupting him.

Shinji's hand clenched. She had been the one who asked him if he was free, what was her damn problem?

"What the hell do you want Asuka?" he asked raising his voice a little.

"Oh are you getting angry? I thought good little Shinji was such a kind and forgiving person, where's your sorry?" she said goading him.

His neck tightened. "Seriously Asuka, could you just-" he started.

"Go to hell! Stop with the act already! You are just like your damn father, manipulating everyone else, especially Misato. You make her give you special treatment just by trying to be a good little boy all the time. I'm sick of everyone praising you and your high sync ratio, you are just a piece of trash!" Asuka shouted angrily.

Something inside Shinji just snapped, he hated his father and she hit low comparing him to that despicable creature. He smashed the plate that he had just cleaned on the bench top. The redhead jumped in surprise at the loud noise and looked up at the boy hesitantly.

"Alright Asuka fine, I'll drop my 'act,' just like you want me to" he said looking at her detestably.

The redhead didn't respond a little shocked at his behaviour.

"I am just a perverted hentai right? Just a stupid perverted baka, yeah? Well Asuka, allow me to show you how I should be behaving" he said as he started to move towards her.

Asuka was definitely a little scared, though she didn't show it. She had never seen Shinji act this way and started to back away. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't noticed where she was heading. Shinji pressed onwards until the redhead was backed up against the wall, almost causing Asuka to lose her calm.

"Are you scared Asuka? Scared of good little Shinji?" he said sarcastically.

"Don't you dare come near me!" she warned.

"Or what? You're gonna hit me?" he said smirking slightly.

Asuka raised her hand to strike the boy only to have her arm caught. Using the opportunity Shinji ripped off her shirt, tearing the fabric and revealing Asuka's bra.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she screamed trying to fend him off with her other arm, only to get it trapped as well.


The young girl resisted him, kicking him and trying her best to escape his grip, but he was too strong and had her pinned to the wall, making her powerless. Her legs were trapped between the wall and his body as he forced all his weight onto her.

"Let me go, you sick bastard" she demanded.

"No I don't think I will, I rather like it like this" he replied.

Moving her arms above her head, he held them both with one hand, freeing the other. The young boy then placed his free hand over her bra, roughly fondling her breast through the material. The redhead struggled against him even more, wiggling and squirming under his hold. 'How can this be happening to me?' she thought.

"If you don't stop this, you'll regret it," Asuka said venomously.

"I thought you wanted me to stop pretending? I thought you wanted me to have a backbone? Don't all perverted bakas act like this? Besides what are you gonna do about it?" he said mockingly.

She started to panic; he really wasn't going to stop. Shinji saw the look of panic on Asuka's face and smiled slightly, glad that she was finally understanding what it felt like to have someone treat you like shit. Shinji wasted no time and quickly unhooked her bra from the back, letting it fall to the ground, exposing her luscious breasts and making Asuka gasp.

"Shinji, think about this, you don't know what you're doing," she said desperately.

He just laughed. "Oh I know exactly what I'm doing, I'm standing up to you Asuka. I just couldn't stand your bullshit anymore" Shinji replied.

"Baka! There are other ways to stand up to me, you can't do this!" she replied frantically.

"I don't think anything else would work on you Asuka" he retorted.

"I swear to god you won't get away with this!" she shouted at him.

"Just shut up and let me continue," he said growing tired of her antics.

The redhead opened her mouth to say something, but let out a squeal instead as Shinji pinched her exposed nipple. She blushed embarrassed as Shinji just laughed.

"Oh I will enjoy this…" he said eagerly.

"No stop, please…" she pleaded.

"Oh now you're acting nice? It's too late Asuka," he said with finality.

With that, Shinji started fondling her breast with one hand and sucking her other nipple with his mouth. Surprised at the contact Asuka let out a moan, but quickly suppressed it. The male eva pilot was driving her mad, sucking her nipple and then sliding his tongue around it in circles. The young girl couldn't believe she was being defiled like this in her own residence, by her roommate and there was no one there to help her. No matter how much she struggled he just continued on without hesitance.

"Stop violating me you freak!" Asuka shouted, disgusted at being able to feel his saliva all over one of her most prized assets.

In reply Shinji rubbed her nipple in between his thumb and index finger, silencing her protests once again. What annoyed Asuka the most was that it felt good; she could even feel herself getting wet with Shinji's actions. But there was no way she would give in to him, there was no way she would admit this felt pleasurable. The young girl bit down on her tongue so she could only feel the pain and keep herself from moaning.

However the young boy started to move his hand down her body, replacing it with his mouth as he moved it onto her other nipple, which was all erect and just screaming for attention. Asuka could not help letting out a gasp as his mouth engulfed her other sensitive bud.

"Hmmmm you're enjoying this…" he remarked.

"The hell I am!" she refuted.

"Well I'll just see for myself" he replied smirking.

"What are you talking about…?" she asked confused.

The young boy slipped his roaming hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

"Gahh what are you doing?" she gasped.

"What does it look like?"

The redhead couldn't take it; this boy was freely touching her most private region. Asuka squirmed and struggled even more as he continued the forbidden contact and managed to free her leg. However this proved to be a wrong move on her part as Shinji grabbed her leg and forced it to stay up with his hip. In effect the redhead had just given him easier access to her vagina. Shinji wasted no time in rubbing her moist panties once again, causing Asuka to squirm again in anguish.

"Thanks Asuka, I didn't think you would participate, but you've definitely made it a lot easier for me" Shinji said mockingly.

"Stop this! I want you to get your filthy hands off of me!" she shrieked.

"Your wet panties suggest otherwise Asuka" he replied.

"Get fucked you mmphh-" she said, getting cut off by Shinji's mouth.

The young boy had gotten irritated with her constant bickering and had decided to just silence her with a kiss. The redhead looked at him shocked, but soon found herself fighting against him once more. The young girl made a displeased grunt as he pushed his lips onto hers roughly and she tried to pull away. At this Shinji just deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Outraged at the intruder in her mouth, she brought down her teeth on the offending muscle, causing Shinji to quickly pull away.

"How dare you! Don't ever do that again!" Asuka yelled, spitting on him.

"Damn it you bitch, you almost bit my tongue off," he said angrily.

"Serves you right, you asshole!" she shouted at him.

"But I was just bored Asuka" he replied cruelly.

"Get lost you prick!"

Shinji was getting tired of her insults and just kissed her again. The young girl struggled yet again as he forced his lips onto hers, going as far as trying to head butt the young boy. Shinji continued his ministrations down below, much to Asuka's dismay. Growing tired of teasing her, he slipped his finger into her panties and started to caress her outer folds. He felt her whole body shake with the contact. The young boy could hear her muffled cries of anguish as his finger stroked her private region. Deciding to let her breathe he parted from her lips.

"Stop it! You are never meant to touch me there!" Asuka shouted, finding it hard to concentrate.

Shinji just smiled and pushed his finger into her wet pussy, making her cry out. Her erotic moan sent a shiver down the young boy's spine, just making him more determined.

"No…No! Remove your finger…Oh God…" she said struggling to move away, but to no avail, she was trapped between him and the wall and he had easy access to her lower region.

The male eva pilot started moving his finger in and out of her, causing the redhead to let out little erotic noises as she tried her best to halt his finger's movement. Much to her distress Shinji added a second finger and began thrusting a little harder into her nether region.

"Fucking hell! S-Stop it Shinji…please!" she managed to say.

"Your cunt is leaking non-stop, obviously it wants me to continue" Shinji replied smirking.

"Fuck off you disgusting pervert!" she shouted with effort.

'Wow she doesn't give up, I guess I'll just have to break her,' Shinji thought.

Shinji used his thumb to rub her clitoris vigorously while he thrust into her with his fingers. The redhead cried out in pleasure unable to hold it back. She tried closing her legs or shaking her arms free, as she was unable to take it.

"Nnnnn…No! Stop!" she barely managed to say.

"I don't think I will" Shinji replied.

Asuka was growing weaker and weaker as he continued to attack her vagina relentlessly. The young girl was also on the verge of climaxing and Shinji knew it. The young boy rubbed her clitoris as hard as he could and Asuka screamed as she orgasmed for the first time in her life. Her pussy drenched Shinji's hand in her cum and she started panting heavily, exhausted from the struggle and the orgasm. Sweat covered both teens' bodies.

"That was one hell of a scream there Asuka" Shinji commented.

"Just shut up and leave me alone…you've already defiled me" she replied out of breath.

"Leave you alone? No I was only just beginning…" he replied back.

She groaned. "Why me?"

Shinji then moved off her, letting her leg back down. The young boy then proceeded to remove her soaked panties, finding it slightly difficult, as the redhead had not given up yet. The male eva pilot still had both her arms trapped, but she could move her legs freely and she began kicking and wiggling around, trying to free herself. Throwing her onto the floor, he then used the opportunity to completely remove them and quickly got on top of her in case she decided to get away. Still having one hand free he unbuckled his pants and slipped them off together with his boxers, freeing his erection. Asuka just stared in revulsion.

"Mein Gott! You can't do that to me, you just can't. Oh God I don't deserve this" she said panicking.

"You don't deserve this? Ha, well you sure think highly of yourself. All you do in life is make those around you suffer, period. I'll show you what it feels like" he replied angrily.

"No…" she pleaded.

"It's too late for that now, I already told you"

With that he moved to position his huge, stiff rod. Asuka looked away, unable to watch as she struggled feebly to get away. It was futile really, all his weight was on her and he had her arms pinned. Shinji positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and she gasped as she felt his cock make contact with her sensitive skin. The young boy paused and looked at Asuka momentarily, noticing how she was still resisting him. He considered stopping this, but another part of him wanted to finish what he started.

'I heard it hurts for a woman the first time, I'll be gentle at least, after all she did at least plead with me' he thought. Shinji then gently pressed forward into her eliciting a surprised grunt from her.

"W-wait! Wait!" she said panicking

Shinji ignored her and pushed in, going a little deeper.

"Ahhh" she let out, his cock was hurting her. He slowed down a bit, pulling out and pushing back in a little more each time, allowing her to get used to his cock.

"You're taking my virginity you dickhead…" Asuka said croakily.

"You're taking mine too" he replied half-smiling.

The redhead just spat on him with disgust and the young boy continued on. By now Shinji had slipped his whole cock inside her, painfully stretching her open. He looked at Asuka, her face contorted with pain.

"God stop it hurts, you're too god damn big" she exclaimed.

"I thought it was better if it was bigger" he replied smugly.

Shinji then started to push in and out of her, slowly at first, but then he started to increase speed. Asuka's reaction was more struggling, but she could not close her legs as his cock sank into her. The young boy felt thrilled, as his cock was in heaven. Her vagina was so tight as well as hot and wet.

"Ahhhh…Ahhh" she cried out in pain. The redhead found herself unable to suppress any noises anymore as his cock repeatedly thrust into her pussy.

Though Shinji could see that slowly, Asuka was getting used to his cock and instead of crying out in pain began to cry out in pleasure.

"Oh God…Oh God…mmmmm…God"

Every time Asuka moaned it made Shinji twitch. It deeply aroused him that he was making her feel good. The young boy started to pick up his speed and her moans grew louder. The male eva pilot could feel he was close already.

"Fuck you Shinji…fuck…you! I'm gonna fucken cum…you fucking asshole!" Asuka shouted in helplessness.

Shinji just renewed his efforts, using his free hand to fondle her breasts and grunting in exertion as he fucked her. Asuka came first, letting out a loud scream. Her inner walls closed around the young boy's cock and she dug her nails into his back as she orgasmed. The young boy wondered when he had released her arms, but shrugged it off. With all this Shinji burst inside her, releasing his warm sticky semen, after which he collapsed on top of her panting. Heavy perspiration covered both teens.

"Whoa…" said Shinji, his head still spinning from the experience.

"I can't believe you Shinji, you deflowered me, I'll never be a virgin again" Asuka spat angrily.

"You deserved it you bitch, so stop complaining" Shinji replied.

"You damn psycho, don't ever come near me again," Asuka said shoving him off of her.

The young boy wanted nothing more than to jump onto her and fuck her all over again. However she winced in pain as she moved to get up and Shinji realised she must be extremely sore. His anger dissipated and his resolve diminished, he decided to leave her alone for now.

Shinji got up, unable to believe what had just happened. Did he really do that to her? Since when did he ever do something so unlike him? Even now, despite him seeing Asuka laying on the floor, her cunt wide open and his cock covered in her secretions, it still felt so unreal. The young boy's eyes moved down to her vagina once again and he noticed how red her pussy was; it seemed he really went rough on her at the end. Then Shinji noticed blood on her thighs and his eyes widened in concern.

"Hey Asuka, are you ok? There's blood on your legs, how did that happen?" he asked a little worried.

The redhead just looked up at him with contempt. "Are you making fun of me? Do you want me to say 'you raped me' so badly?" Asuka replied.

"No I'm serious, there's blood and-" Shinji started.

"Of course there's blood, I was a virgin or did you forget?" Asuka said scornfully.

The young boy stayed silent, the impact of his actions was slowly starting to hit him. The young girl stood up unsteadily and pulled her panties back up, not wanting to show him her defiled vagina anymore. Shinji picked up her bra and handed it to Asuka, who grabbed it off him. The young girl then put her bra back on, a little glad that she wasn't exposed anymore. Shinji realised he still had his pants down and pulled them back up, covering up his member once again. The young boy looked back at Asuka who was just glaring at him with loathing.

"Are you happy now Shinji? Are you glad you made me suffer? Did it make you feel better?" Asuka said angrily.

Truth be told, Shinji had felt great satisfaction at first, but now that it was over, he felt absolutely terrible. It made him think that maybe Asuka wasn't really getting enjoyment out of making him suffer either.

"I was just…I…" he closed his mouth unable to say anything. He knew nothing he said could justify what he did anyway.

The young girl turned her head away, unable to look at the boy anymore. Shinji couldn't help noticing Asuka's current state. When he looked at her he could see she was still red and sweating from the passion before and her skirt and panties were absolutely dripping wet. Asuka's beautiful red hair was all frizzled and her shirt lay ripped on the floor. The young boy went down and picked up the torn fabric.

"I think it would be a good idea for you to clean yourself up Asuka" Shinji suggested.

"Why? Want to hide the evidence?" she snapped at him.

"No, just look at yourself" he said timidly.

[skip end]

Asuka looked at herself and saw she did look disastrous, she was shocked to see how soaked her clothing was. She let out a string of German curses at the boy, before turning around and walking off to her room. After a couple minutes of rustling she came back out with new clothes, went to the shower and slammed the door. The sound resonated throughout the suddenly quiet apartment. Shinji looked at his hands, still unable to come to terms with what he had done. He had used these hands to hold her down and violate her. How could he possibly get so angry to go that far?

The young boy snapped out of his daze and looked at himself, noticing that he too was in need of a shower. The male eva pilot deposited the torn shirt into the wastebasket before going to his room, getting some clean clothes ready and laying down on his bed waiting for Asuka to finish.

'Damn it! How could this happen?' the redhead thought.

Asuka had entered the bathroom, stripping out of her dirty clothes with disgust and proceeded to have a shower immediately. She felt a little better as she felt the hot water run over her body, cleaning her of the taint Shinji had left on her. The young girl made sure to wash herself thoroughly, not wanting anything of the incident to remain.

'How could he? How could he do this to me? How pathetic I must be to not have been able to stop him…why do the bad things always happen to me?' Asuka thought angrily.

The young girl beat her fists against the shower panel, unable to believe what she had just endured.

'He damn took one of my most valuable assets without hesitation…since when did the Invincible Shinji become my enemy instead of my saviour…?"

The young girl shook the last thought out of her head, not wanting to think about it anymore. Asuka wanted to make him pay, but she felt so weak now. She couldn't tell Misato about this; it was far too embarrassing and her pride had suffered enough. What annoyed her the most though was, that at the end her body had finally given in to him. The redhead made an annoyed noise before turning off the water and exiting the shower. Asuka then proceeded to dry herself before changing into her new clothes and then exiting the bathroom.

After about half an hour of waiting, Asuka finally came out of the bathroom. Shinji picked up his clothes and exited his room, just noticing Asuka walking into her room and slamming the door shut. The young boy sighed, having had time to think to himself made him feel worse. Shinji knew what he had done was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself at the time. After the deed, he had hoped that he had at least broken her barrier, but he was mistaken; if anything it was stronger.

The young boy entered the bathroom and took a shower. He noticed all the hot water was gone, but he didn't mind having a cold shower at the moment. After the shower he dried himself up and put on his new clothes. The male eva pilot then exited the bathroom and looked at the clock, noticing it was getting late. 'How much time passed? Did it really go by that fast?' he thought.

The young boy decided to make supper and went into the kitchen to start. Shinji briefly wondered when Misato would get home before he started making the meal. Preparing the food momentarily took his mind off the current situation and put him slightly more at ease. He really didn't know how to deal with what had happened or what Asuka would do.

As he was making supper the front door opened and in entered Misato. The Major was completely unaware of what had just happened in this household as she walked towards the living room.

"I'm home," Misato cried out.

"Welcome home Misato" Shinji replied.

The purple haired woman went to the kitchen and poked her head inside to see Shinji working on their supper.

"Mmmm what smells so nice?" Misato asked, a blissful smile on her face. She had been looking forward to Shinji's home cooked meal all day.

"I'm making supper," Shinji answered. The young boy was a little nervous with her presence, he was afraid of what would happen when Misato found out what had taken place.

The Major turned her head around and found the other roommate nowhere in sight. "Where's Asuka?" she asked turning to face Shinji again.

"She's in her room," he said hesitantly.

"Oh?" Misato said curiously.

"Don't worry about her Misato, supper's almost ready anyways" Shinji said quickly. The young boy had no idea what state Asuka was in and didn't think she wanted to be disturbed.

"Well I'm sure food will cheer her up! I'll tell her supper's ready for you" Misato said happily.

"There's really no need-" Shinji started.

"Asuka! Supper's ready!" she shouted.

It only took a moment for the redhead to reply. "Leave me alone!" Asuka shouted in return.

"There you see, Misato let's just-" Shinji began.

"Come on Asuka. Are you sure you're not hungry?" Misato shouted back at the redhead, cutting off Shinji.

"Oh fine whatever, if it'll make you shut up I'll eat" Asuka answered angrily.

They could hear the young girl cursing and mumbling as her door opened. The female eva pilot came into the dining room and sat down, ignoring both of them. As she had just taken a shower, she looked completely clean, her red hair shimmering in the light; there was no way their guardian could tell what had happened. Misato went and sat down next to the redhead as she waited for supper to be finished. The young girl made an annoyed noise but didn't move or say anything. The Major could see that Asuka was definitely in a bad mood.

Before she could say anything, Shinji came into the dining room with their meal and set it down on the table. He quickly moved to the opposite side of the table and sat down.

"Let's eat" Shinji said weakly.

"Stop acting so timidly you two-faced son of a bitch!" Asuka shouted angrily.

"Whoa calm down Asuka" Misato said, surprised at her outburst.

Shinji on the other hand just avoided the redhead's gaze and began to eat. The young girl noticed his actions and just grew more infuriated. She stood up from her chair abruptly and picked up her meal, ready to throw it at him. The purple haired woman moved in to stop her.

"What's wrong Asuka?" Misato asked a little concerned with her behaviour.

Asuka turned to face Misato. "Shinji's a sick bastard who won't leave this house!" she answered.

Misato sighed. Asuka was just in another one of her moods, being angry with Shinji like she always was. She supposed being in the same house would grow annoying after a while and decided she would just let it blow over. The Major wondered if they would ever behave nice to each other.

"Asuka, I know you don't like Shinji, but I don't wanna deal with this now. Just eat ok?" Misato said tiredly.

Asuka sat back down without another word and began eating her meal. Misato watched the two teens as they both avoided each other's gaze. The silence was unnerving as no one said a word. Deciding she wanted to find out what had happened between the two, Misato broke the unfriendly silence.

"So umm…what did you guys do today?" she asked tentatively.

"Nothing" they both replied in unison, remnant of their sync training.

Both teens returned to their meal in silence. It was obvious to Misato she would get nothing from them today. Shinji was slightly relieved that Asuka was not going to announce what had happened.

When Asuka finished her meal, she went straight to her room, not even bothering to put her dirty dish in the sink. Misato finished next, standing up and depositing her and Asuka's plate into the sink. The Major went for the fridge, took out a beer and gulped it down. As it was pretty late Misato decided she would go to sleep, leaving the young boy alone in the dining room. Soon Shinji had finished his meal and he went back into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Suddenly the house seemed extremely quiet. As Misato had switched off all the lights except for the kitchen and dining room when she went to sleep, it seemed Shinji was surrounded by darkness. The hot water from the tap did little to relax him as he washed the dishes. Finishing up, the boy then proceeded to switch off the lights and go to his room. As the house was plunged into darkness, the boy felt a little uneasy as he made his way to his bedroom.

Entering his room he went straight to his bed, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep and forget what had happened. As much as he tried, the young boy could not fall asleep. Shinji felt guilty, the real impact of what he had just done had finally settled in; he really had gone too far. He couldn't help constantly tossing and turning in his bed; he felt so restless. Deciding he wouldn't get to sleep for a while, the young boy got out of bed.

The only thing that could put him at ease would be paying Asuka a visit and as such he crept out of his room, so as not to wake Misato, and sneaked to her door. Shinji didn't dare knock as he slipped open her door and went inside. Closing the door behind him, he looked at Asuka's bed. Shinji could see she was awake, but she hadn't noticed him come in. He walked across the room and sat down on the edge of her bed. At this she looked up and saw him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she hissed.

"I came to say sor-" he started.

"What? You are so unbelievable! What does saying sorry do now? Nothing can fix what you've done!" Asuka said her voice rising a little.

"But…" Shinji said frantically.

"Will you just shut up and get out of here! I would have preferred you coming in here to rape me again than to listen to this!" she blurted out.

"But Asuka, I just got so angry, I really didn't mean to do it, I just lost control" Shinji said tears threatening to run down his cheek.

"I can't believe how pathetic you are! Take responsibility for your actions!" she said turning away from him.

Asuka noticed he had reverted to his old self again. She thought that maybe her rape would have at least given him a spine or some confidence, but it benefited neither side. It pissed her off that he was trying to make it seem like it wasn't his fault. But what annoyed her even more was that during the ordeal, he was in power, wasn't stumbling over words or saying sorry and now he was behaving like a crybaby.

Shinji himself didn't know what to think or do. He noticed a slight disappointment on her face before she covered it with her mask again. It was like she couldn't believe he was behaving like this after doing what he did. 'She's right' he thought 'I need to take responsibility for my actions, I can't just say sorry for this. No matter what she did it was my fault'

Deciding on a course of action the male eva pilot grabbed the redhead and pressed her flat on her back. Surprised, the young girl looked up at him quizzically. Though she didn't really notice it, she was getting a little excited. The young boy could smell the soap and shampoo on Asuka and her scent intoxicated him. Shinji went and reached under her skirt, pulling her panties down.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. "I wasn't being entirely serious before"

"I'm just taking responsibility for my actions," he said simply.

Asuka didn't know why but she felt like smiling, however she forced herself not to, keeping a scowl on her face. Shinji brought his mouth down onto her lower lips and started licking up and down her slit; after Asuka's shower her vagina was cleaned of all previous actions. After being raped the redhead couldn't understand why her body didn't flinch or resist Shinji's actions.

The young girl moaned as he continued his actions; it felt surprisingly pleasant. The redhead didn't really see a point in suppressing her noises, technically she had sorta asked for this. The young boy took this as a sign to continue and begun playfully circling his tongue around her vagina lips, eliciting more moans from the redhead. Shinji could see she was getting very wet and decided to slip his tongue inside.

"God" she cried.

"Shhhhh, Misato's asleep" he whispered.

Asuka just looked up at him with a glare. Ignoring it the young boy continued, darting his tongue in and out of her, exploring her insides and licking her sensitive areas. The young girl was getting closer and closer to the edge quite fast. Noticing this he stopped, giving himself a break. Asuka looked down at him questioningly, wondering why he had stopped. After waiting for a few minutes till she relaxed, he started again and Asuka just shrugged it off.

However just before she was about to cum, he stopped again, waited and started again. Now the redhead was growing irritated; he was doing it on purpose.

"Shinji" she said in frustration.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"You know precisely what," she warned.

"No I really don't" he replied cheekily.

There was no way Asuka was going to beg him to make her cum and so she remained silent. The young boy continued denying her the orgasm and could see her growing more and more frustrated. Deciding he would stop torturing her, he moved his mouth over her swollen clit, attacking it relentlessly. The young girl cried out in pleasure as he sucked and licked her sensitive bud, driving her mad.

The redhead finally screamed in orgasm, which she muffled with her pillow. The young boy quickly drank her juices as she cummed into his face. Her cum tasted nice and sweet and so he made sure to lick up as much of it as he could. Asuka came down from her climax, sweating and panting. She couldn't believe that it had felt so good. As the young boy moved to start again, the redhead kicked him away.

"No more" she said sternly.

"Mmmm you sure taste nice Asuka" Shinji commented.

She just remained silent, why would she care?

"Wanna taste me Asuka?" he asked smugly.

"Why the fuck would I? You're being too bold Shinji" she said irritated.

However Shinji had already slipped his pants and boxers off, bringing his cock to her face.

"No way! That's something I will never do!" she replied stubbornly, moving her hands in front of her face.

"Come on Asuka, I gave you oral sex, shouldn't you do the same favour for me?" Shinji asked.

"No I shouldn't! Besides I didn't tell you to give me oral sex now did I?" she replied.

"Come on Asuka, please open your mouth," he pleaded.

"I will not!" she said with finality.

The young boy sighed. He knew he should probably just go back to his room now, but he really wanted to know what it felt like. What he was doing now was probably only compounding the problem, but after doing it once it wasn't as hard now. Deciding he might as well try, Shinji reached his hands under her shirt and started tickling her ribs.

"Damn it! You can't do that," Asuka said threatening to laugh.

"Oh yes I can" Shinji said grinning slightly.

The young girl tried to fend off his hands as he tickled her, however inevitably she let out a laugh from the tickling and he shoved his cock into her mouth while it was open. The redhead just glared at him, wanting nothing more than to sink her teeth into him. Shinji wasted no time and started to move his cock in and out of her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as her warm mouth enclosed his cock.

"Asuka please, can you not just sit there and do nothing, at least suck it or use your tongue" Shinji said insistently.

The redhead replied, saying something muffled by his cock he couldn't decipher.

"My cock stays in your mouth till morning if you don't" he advised.

Asuka didn't think he could keep his cock erect till morning, but didn't really see a point in resisting anymore. He had already done so many things to her it just didn't matter anymore. Relenting, the young girl began sucking his cock and sliding her tongue along the underside. At this the young boy groaned in pleasure again.

"Good girl" he said while patting her head.

Shinji could feel a burning sensation and was surprised that he was already so close to cumming. "I'm very close Asuka, get ready," he announced.

The redhead looked up at him and glared as acknowledgement. Unable to hold it in any longer, Shinji released his seed inside her. Asuka gagged, a bit surprised at the amount. Knowing she would choke, she forced herself to swallow his semen. The young boy then removed his cock from her mouth.

"That felt real good Asuka, how did I taste?" he asked.

"Revolting!" she answered instantly.

At this he smirked a little and got off of her. "Well goodnight Asuka" he whispered.

"Goodnight!" she hissed back.

The male eva pilot stood up from her bed and pulled his pants back up. After that he walked out of her room and snuck back into his own room. Shinji was a little bewildered at how events had transpired, but he felt a lot better now and got to sleep with much less difficulty.

Back in Asuka's room, a war waged inside the young girl's head. It seemed Shinji had lost his spineless wimpy attitude again and she couldn't say she disliked it. It was good that he had stopped whining, but still he didn't deserve to have her. However he had relieved much of her sexual frustration and besides it was only Shinji and no one would find out.

The redhead supposed she could use him a little bit; after all she couldn't change what had happened so she might as well use it to her advantage. Although she didn't really like the fact that he had taken her virginity and forced her to suck his cock, it felt better than listening to his constant babble and watching his good boy act. Almost all of her was screaming at her to make Shinji pay, but she supposed using him would serve as good enough retribution. Asuka silenced the war in her head and went to sleep.

End notes: Sorry for the first chapter being so dark, I needed this to happen for the rest of the story to progress. I assure you this will be the only rape scene. All of you put off by this chapter please at least read the next one and see how far you get. Nothing like this happens again.

Chapter Summary: After Shinji snaps at Asuka, he proceeds to rape her. After taking her virginity he feels deep regret for what he had done and Asuka is extremely furious at him. Misato arrives back home, but both Shinji and Asuka had already had a shower and so Misato doesn't know what happened. During supper Misato tries to find out what happened as she notices their behaviour but is unsuccessful. As Asuka and Misato leave Shinji is left alone. Shinji cannot get to sleep because he feels guilty and so goes and visits Asuka. There he gives Asuka oral sex and she returns it, after which Asuka plans to use the situation to her advantage.