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Chapter 23: Shinji and Asuka


The executioner halted mere millimetres from the knight's head. Everyone turned to the princess.

"This can't happen, that man does not deserve to die he has done nothing wrong. I was the one who chose to lay with him, he being a humble person accepted the blame to keep peace in this land," the princess explained.

"Adelita, I was ready to die, you did not have to save me," the knight said.

"I was not ready to accept your death…" she replied.

"A true knight to the end" said the king "You almost had me execute a knight with more honour than anyone I've known"

"I did not wish for it to happen this way, and he was the one who took the blame upon himself," said the princess.

"Princess you knew what you were doing and what would happen, so why did you sleep with this man?" the king asked.

"Because I love him, no offence to you Your Highness, but I did not want this. I was forced into this arranged marriage," she explained.

"But that is customary" the king replied.

"I implore you Your Majesty I will go ahead with this marriage, but please do not kill that man," she begged.

The king sat there thinking for a while.

"I have grown old in age I doubt I can bear this country an heir. With this in mind and the nobility of this man I think I put my kingdom in safe hands when I say that this man will be my heir. Therefore Princess you will be married to this 'prince' and no war will occur" the king explained happily.

The Princess smiled.

"Thank you O wise and kind king," she said hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.

"Think nothing of it my daughter, it would be a sin to separate two lovers. Release this man!" the king commanded.

The executioner unlocked the headstock and freed the knight. The princess ran over to him and hugged him sobbing on his shoulder.

"There, there Adelita it's all over" the knight said comforting her.

The curtains closed upon this joyous scene and reopened moments later with the entire cast. They bowed as the audience clapped at their performance. Many people in the crowd whistled and cheered as the cast bowed again. Asuka, dressed up as the princess, smiled arrogantly while holding Shinji's hand. The two teens could see Misato in the crowd cheering loudly at them, even going as far as waving her arms at them.

"You did well Asuka" Shinji said to her as they faced the audience.

"You didn't do too badly yourself" she replied.

The cast bowed again followed by the curtain closing again. The children went off to change out of their costumes and the applause slowly died down. The two eva pilots arrived at the changing rooms and stripped off their costumes, finally glad to be out of those clothes. Their feeling was shared as many of the other students sighed in relief as they took off their garments. Today was particularly hot and the costumes didn't help. But it did feel liberating to finally have finished the play.

"Christ am I glad that's over. Come on Shinji let's go already, I don't care about the teacher's stupid praise, Misato's here so we can go leave" Asuka told him.

"Already? But sensei said he really wanted to meet us after the performance" Shinji replied.

"Who cares about some old windbag, let's just go home," she demanded.

"Oh well I guess we can finish up on your promise when we get home since we'll have the time" Shinji said nonchalantly.

"You know sensei really wanted to meet us after the performance, maybe we should stay" Asuka said venomously.

Shinji smiled slightly before he set his face neutral again. The old teacher came in and addressed the students warmly.

"Good job everyone, I was surprised to see everyone had remembered their parts even with all the events transpiring in this city. We only just rebuilt the school a week ago and we were able to get everything done by today. Congratulations!" the teacher said.

"Thank you sensei" the students replied.

"Well there's no real need to keep you any longer, you are dismissed" the teacher announced.

The students rushed out, happy to finally have the play done and off their backs. Asuka took Shinji's hand and pulled him along, eager to leave the school; they got to leave early today because of the play. The two eva pilots made their way back to the stage room to see if Misato was still there. Soon enough they spotted the tall purple-haired woman among the crowd. Asuka dragged Shinji towards the Major, making sure he wouldn't get lost in the crowd. Unfortunately for Shinji, being forcefully pulled through the crowd caused unintentional collisions with other people. The young boy gave several apologies to the people as he was ploughed through them by a certain redhead.

"Just wait a second Asuka" Shinji said after tripping someone over by accident.

"Do you have to be so slow?" Asuka asked irritated.

"You two fighting again already?" Misato said hugging the two eva pilots together.

"I think you're suffocating him Misato" Asuka remarked at seeing Shinji's face turn blue.

At this comment Misato removed Shinji's face, who looked dazed, from her chest and crushed his face into Asuka's chest instead.

"How does that help?" shouted Asuka annoyed, pulling herself out of the embrace.

"I just thought you were jealous," Misato teased.

"You're the one who shoved his face there you tramp. I think it's obvious he far prefers my chest and-"

"Actually Asuka-" Shinji started.

Asuka gave him a terrifying glare, which instantly shut him up. Satisfied with his silence the redhead turned back to Misato, smiling triumphantly.

"There you see, he's obedient to me," Asuka said playfully patting Shinji's head.

"Then that means you're just forcing his opinion" Misato commented.

"No way, I'll even ask him" Asuka said turning to face the boy who had a look of fear on his face. "Whose breasts do you like better, mine or Misato's?" the redhead asked sweetly.

Now Shinji had seen and felt Asuka's bare breasts many times, but he could not boast the same with Misato. He then smiled mischievously.

"I dunno, I've never tested out Misato's chest" Shinji disclosed.

Asuka's face was a little shocked and a playful smile crept upon the Major's lips. "Then I declare you test both our chests now and announce the winner" Misato said a little too cheerfully.

"What are you kidding Misato? You're more than twice his age and we're in public, do you want to be labelled as a paedophile" Asuka said incredulously.

"You're just afraid you'll lose" Misato rebuked.

"Fine whatever, I don't care" Asuka said throwing her arms up in the air.

A few onlookers couldn't help but feel how lucky Shinji was to get to touch the breasts of not one but two beautiful women, and get away without injury. Shinji wouldn't pass up a chance to fondle Asuka's breasts and agreed wholeheartedly to the contest.

"Damn perverted baka" Asuka muttered at Shinji's quick compliance.

"So pick who to try out first," Misato said.

"Asuka" Shinji replied instantly.

The redhead just gave him a glare before turning around. Shinji brought his hands underneath her shirt and moved them up to cup her breasts. Asuka's heart race sped up and she blushed a little at the contact but made no resistance. The young boy continued his actions as he softly kneaded her breasts, making sure to occasionally rub her nipples. The redhead refused to let out a moan and kept her body stoic and unmoving. As always Asuka's breasts felt wonderful, soft and firm and they were a generous size. 'I swear they seem bigger than last time' Shinji thought to himself.

"I think you've 'tested' them enough Shinji" Asuka said menacingly.

Taking the hint Shinji removed his hands and smiled sheepishly at his fiancée. The young boy turned towards Misato and approached her.

"1000 yen says the tall lady wins," said one man.

"No way! I bet 10000 yen the redhead wins," another man said.

"Impossible the older woman definitely has larger breasts" the first man remarked.

"It's not about the size of them but the feel of them" a third man commented.

"I'm inclined to agree," said a fourth man.

"That would make sense," the first man said nodding.

"You are wise in the ways of women's chests" said the second man.

Facing Misato's back, Shinji brought his hands under the Major's shirt and moved them up to her breasts. 'There's no way I'm going to fondle my guardian's chest, this was just an excuse to fondle Asuka's breasts' Shinji thought. The young boy moved his hands, pretending to feel Misato's breasts.

"Oh Shinji" Misato said playfully, infuriating a certain redhead.

"Why is she even letting you touch her?" Asuka asked annoyed.

"Ok I'm done" Shinji stated removing his hands from Misato. He had tested Misato much faster than Asuka.

The two women looked at him expectantly as he put on a mask of concentration, pretending to decide whose breasts were better.

"Hmmm" he said dragging it out as long as he could. Asuka couldn't help her eye twitching.

"How long does it take to work out the obvious?" Asuka said angrily.

"Ok I've decided" Shinji said finally. "It's a very hard decision, both breasts are a nice size, but Misato's are bigger" Shinji started. Asuka gave him a glare but said nothing. "However size isn't the only thing that matters. The softness, shape and firmness also count" he said continuing, trying to make up as much bullshit as he could. "The shape of Asuka's breasts is definitely more favourable and both breasts are soft and firm, so I declare that both breasts win, it's a tie" he finished.

"That boy is an artisan, a master of women's breasts!" the crowd of men shouted.

"You're such a prick Ikari!" shouted Asuka. She stormed off, completely annoyed at her fiancé's behaviour.

"You didn't even touch my chest Shinji, why didn't you just say Asuka's were better? I couldn't care less, I was just joking about that contest to be honest" Misato said to Shinji.

"I just felt like having some fun, I'll always think her breasts are the best no matter what" Shinji admitted.

"Ha! I knew it, you dickhead!" Asuka shouted from behind them.

Both guardian and ward jumped in surprise and turned around to see Asuka smiling smugly at Misato.

"Well I usually don't like to rub it in Misato" Asuka started.

'Yeah right' they both thought.

"But I TOLD YOU SO! It is quite obvious that my chest is superior" she stated matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, yeah you win Asuka. Now let's go already, this place is too crowded" Misato said hating Asuka's arrogant attitude when she was right or thought she was right.

"Mmm I agree" Asuka said wanting to leave as well.

Much of the crowd had cleared from the exit area of the stage room and so the three roommates headed towards there making their way through the crowd of adults once again, this time without Asuka pulling Shinji through, preventing any potential accidents occurring like before.

"So" Misato began, "I thought that play wasn't too bad. The storyline was pretty shoddy, but your student's acting sure made up for it. I mean I found it enjoyable to watch, especially that wonderful kiss scene, did you hear me cheering?" Misato explained.

"You were so loud I'd be surprised if all of Tokyo-3 didn't hear you" Asuka remarked.

"Quiet you" Misato snapped at her. "Now back to what I was saying, I couldn't help but be reminded by the day when I was watching you two practising the play, back when you two were still apart and attempting to do the kiss scene…

Misato spat out her beer. "You two have to kiss?" she asked laughing.

"Don't blow in Misato" said Asuka angrily.

"I will take the day off work just to see you two kiss in that play, man it'll be worth it" Misato said giggling.

"Misato!" Asuka said threateningly.

"Oh don't let me stop you, go ahead and practice it. Or are you afraid of kissing a little boy like Shinji?" Misato said teasingly.

"I'm not afraid of anything!" she said indignantly.

The redhead grabbed Shinji by the neck and pulled him into a deep lip lock. Misato gave Shinji two thumbs up as she grinned cheekily.

"Never had to take the day off work though, thanks to you guys Nerv isn't needed anymore. Hell we already decommissioned the evangelions" finished Misato.

"Yes and now you're behaving even lazier than before" Asuka remarked.

Misato was about to retort when Shinji cut her off "But of course Misato don't forget your roll as well. You saved our lives and took care of the aftermath"

"God even after saving the world I couldn't escape the paperwork" said Misato recalling the horror of countless sleepless nights.

The trio had already made it outside the stage room and was heading back home. The sun was still high up in the sky as it was just after midday.

"Wasn't there any other Nerv staff that could help you?" Shinji asked.

Misato answered, "With your father dead organisation was slow plus sub commander Fuyutsuki declined the commander position, shoving it onto me. As I was the commander, responsibility fell onto me and everyone made up excuses to get out of doing it. Ritsuko said she needed to help with all the casualties involved, Kaji said he needed to investigate the death of Commander Ikari"

Asuka scoffed at hearing that. A couple of cars passed by beeping madly as they walked; did fate even scorn him?

"Yeah I know everyone is glad he died anyway, as if Kaji cares about who killed him" Misato said disdainfully.

"He is still my father and I still had some things I wanted to say him, but it's too late now" Shinji said a little annoyed.

"Yeah yeah I know, but I doubt we'll find out what happened and at this stage it doesn't really matter, Nerv has been dissolved" Misato finished.

"Well now that Unit 01 has been decommissioned I hope my mother's soul was freed so that she will finally be with him, in the end that's all he wanted" Shinji stated.

The two women stayed silent as the three continued their walk to their apartment. As they walked people would greet them or nod at them, acknowledging their efforts in saving the city. It was quite awkward at first but the three had already gotten used to the attention and they were happy that people appreciated what they had done.

After a while Asuka decided to break the silence. "Speaking of Unit 01, I recall in the final battle it took you quite some time to get Unit 01 up to speed, we only just saved Touji too. What exactly happened down there?" she asked.

"It was your fault! When you took out my entry plug to get me inside your eva after defeating the angel, you left it on the ground. You didn't think I had the strength to lift the plug and insert it into my eva myself did you?" Shinji replied.

"No of course not you baka, placing your entry plug back into your eva wasn't really on my mind at the time. So how did you get Unit 01 started?" she asked curiously.

Shinji then began to explain the sequence of events that led to his activation of Unit 01…

"Please!" he pleaded, "you've protected me all those times, when I first came to Nerv, when I fought the first angel and also against the 12th and 14th angels. This time I need your help more than ever. I don't want everyone to die, I want to have happiness" he said tears trickling down his cheeks.

The biomechanical robot was untouched and lay there as motionlessly as before. The male eva pilot slumped to the ground and brought his knees to his chest. He sobbed silently; his only regret was that he wasn't going to live his last moments with Asuka.

Suddenly Shinji heard a gunshot ring out and looked up surprised to see Kaji holding his gun up, aimed at Unit 01. He fired a few more times, the bullets harmlessly bouncing off the thick armour of the evangelion. To say Shinji was surprised was an understatement.

"Get up you stupid hunk of metal! How can you just sit there not caring?" Kaji shouted angrily at the unmoving evangelion.

"Kaji I don't-" Shinji started.

"No! I WILL make this evangelion startup!" Kaji shouted again.

He then turned around aiming his gun at Shinji and fired, the bullets passing by him dangerously close. Shinji fell to the ground in shock; was Kaji going to kill him?

"Yeah are you willing to let your son die you stupid woman?" Kaji shouted again.

Shinji swore he saw the evangelion's eyes flash very faintly but dismissed it as his imagination. Kaji fired a few more bullets at Shinji, one grazing his arm making him cry out from the pain.

"Just typical, women are so selfish and lazy, you can't even be bothered to help your son who is about to be killed by a psychotic spy. Why are women always so indecisive? You slept with that asshole Ikari and gave birth to Shinji. Take some responsibility you stupid fuck!" Kaji screamed. He then pulled his trousers down, revealing something nobody wanted to see, well except maybe Misato.

Shinji had to stop talking and walking as the two females were on the floor crying from laughter. "It wasn't funny at the time, stop laughing already" Shinji said annoyed.

"No wonder Kaji was always quiet about that event" Misato commented.

"Keep in mind he wasn't all himself, he thought you were dead and he couldn't sit by and let everyone else die. Although I was a bit scared he was going to kill me" Shinji explained.

"Just finish the story already" said Asuka growing impatient.

Shinji started walking again and the others followed suit. "Alright then, you might be thinking why I'm telling you about this, well it's because…"

Kaji's rant was short-lived as he was flung across the cavern by a mechanical hand; Unit 01 had activated! Shinji was completely bewildered by Kaji's behaviour but he didn't want him to die now. Running over to where he lay he checked on him. The male eva pilot heard some groaning and smiled happily.

"Are you okay Kaji?" Shinji asked concerned.

"I'm fine kid, just go and finish all of this" Kaji managed to say.

The young boy didn't want to leave him alone here, but he didn't have the time to help him, with Unit 01 activated he had to go and free Asuka's and Rei's evangelions. Reluctantly Shinji moved back to Unit 01.

"Thank you mother, I promise I will do my best to live on for your sake" Shinji said to the activated evangelion.

The young boy then entered the entry plug and closed the hatch. He wasn't in his plugsuit, so his school uniform would have to suffice. Suddenly Shinji could feel the sense of weightlessness as the entry plug was lifted off the ground and inserted into the eva. The eva pilot felt the familiar feeling of the plug being filled with LCL and the synchronisation of himself with the evangelion. Soon he was ready and he stood up; finally glad that he could save the others. Being reminded by his current mission he decided not to waste any time.

Shinji quickly made sure Kaji was ok, picking him up and putting him in the light at least. He then began running off full sprint towards heaven's gate, remembering Ritsuko's words on retrieving the Lance of Longinus. With the size of the eva's bounds the trek was very short and the cavern no longer seemed as ominous as it had. Upon entering the gate he saw the familiar sight of the eva graveyard and the massive form of Lillith crucified on the cross by the Lance of Longinus.

The young boy quickly willed his eva over to the giant white being and began to pull on the enormous lance. The Lance hadn't been moved for a while and as such he found some difficulty pulling out the weapon. However it didn't take long for him to pull it free and as he did, Lilith regenerated its lower body. Having the weapon in hand he turned around and exited the area, making a mad dash towards the eva elevator; as it could not be used by humans and it didn't go to the surface they didn't bother taking it out, a most fortunate outcome for Shinji.

As Unit 01 entered the elevator it started moving up to the eva cages. The eva pilot impatiently tapped his heel as he waited for the elevator to reach the eva cages, creating a loud noise as Unit 01's foot tapped the elevator floor. Finally arriving at his desired level Shinji quickly moved off the elevator and proceeded to smash the solid red Bakelite that was hindering the other two evangelions. He could see Asuka screaming and yelling at him for being so slow and to make sure not to damage her evangelion in any way.

"…and well you know the rest" Shinji said finishing.

"Who woulda thought it only took some insulting to get an eva started?" Asuka said sarcastically.

"Actually Unit 01 had an S2 Engine" Shinji said.

"I think you missed the sarcasm boy" Asuka snapped at him.

"Now, now no need to start fighting again, we're almost home. Shinji can make us something great" Misato said cheerily.

Indeed the explanation for Unit 01's activation had passed the time quite rapidly; in fact the trio had stopped many times along the way as they were so absorbed in the story.

"Oh that reminds me!" Asuka said suddenly. "I remembered something else. I recall Shinji making these extremely wonderful waffles. They were absolutely mouth-watering, so please make them again Shinji I have a craving for them" Asuka said eagerly.

Shinji almost tripped over while Misato sweatdropped recalling the 'ingredients' those waffles were made of. Both Misato and Shinji gave each other a 'no way' look.

"Umm Asuka I don't think it's such a good idea, I'll make something else" Shinji suggested.

"Come off it, they're just waffles. How hard can they be to make?" Asuka replied.

"No really Asuka, I don't have the ingredients to make them again" Shinji said trying to weasel out of making those waffles.

"Asuka, Shinji's right. I really think it's better he doesn't make them" said Misato desperately trying to forget the incident.

"What's the big deal? Just give me money and I'll even buy the ingredients myself!" Asuka said starting to grow annoyed at both of them and their refusal to have the waffles. They had tasted so good, what was the issue?

"Look you can't buy those ingredients, just forget about it" Misato said growing anxious. Her facial expression clearly showed she wanted Asuka to move to another topic.

"What the hell do you mean? What in god's name did you put in them Shinji?" Asuka asked stubbornly, unwilling to stand down.

"IGNORANCE IS BLISS ASUKA, JUST DROP IT!" Misato shouted at the redhead.

"Misato please calm down, you're making it worse" Shinji said sweatdropping.

"Nothing is going to be hidden from me! You will tell me what you put into those waffles right now!" Asuka said furious.

"Ok fine, but Asuka you must promise not to inflict any physical or mental pain on either of us if I tell you" Shinji said adamantly.

"Alright fine" Asuka said rolling her eyes, wondering what could possibly be so bad about waffles.

Shinji noticed they had arrived at their apartment already; their discussion really had passed the time. However there was still much traffic out and about and the sun was really scorching. Stopping outside the building, he decided it was better he told her inside.

"Let's go inside first, then I'll tell you" Shinji replied.

"Yes, yes whatever. Let's just go inside then" Asuka said impatiently.

The trio made their way inside the apartment building and entered the elevator. After pressing their floor number the three of them leant against the elevator wall, keeping an awkward silence between them. The redhead eyed the other two occupants suspiciously while they avoided her gaze. 'And here I thought I had remembered every secret' Asuka thought.

Upon arriving at their level, the elevator doors opened and the three roommates made their way to their door. Shinji silently prayed that something would happen, like him passing out from the heat but alas his prayers went unanswered. Misato took out her key, unlocking the door before opening it and rushing inside.

'Don't leave me alone Misato!' Shinji thought as he saw the purple-haired woman retreat inside.

"Come on, get in already" Asuka said pushing Shinji through the front door.

"I'm going, I'm going, calm down" he replied.

After entering through the front door, Asuka closed the door behind her, locked it and turned to face Shinji. The young boy quickly scanned the room, noticing the Major had escaped to her room. Stepping back the boy found himself being held back forcefully by the redhead. As it impossible to flee, the male eva pilot returned his attention to the increasingly impatient redhead.

"Spit it out already third child, I really don't like to wait" she said glaring at him.

"Geez, I don't know why you're so interested, but trust me you're better off not knowing" Shinji insisted.

"Just tell me!" she said her patience worn.

The male eva pilot found himself opening and closing his mouth trying to think up of a plausible excuse. However with the whole thing being made into a huge deal, it was pretty much impossible to make up a lie that would convince the redhead. Sighing the young boy decided he would disclose half the secret.

"Ok fine, the secret ingredient in those stupid waffles is…is my…my semen" he said finishing quietly.

"Eh? I must've heard you wrong, I swear you said semen" Asuka said.

"Nope, that's what I said. I was playing a prank on you, unfortunate that Misato tried them as well" Shinji explained.

"What the hell? You put your semen into those waffles?" Asuka asked disbelievingly.

"That's what I said. See I knew you wouldn't want to know" Shinji replied timidly.

Asuka grabbed Shinji's collar and stared at him menacingly. "This better not be some sick joke, because it really isn't funny" she said threateningly.

"Asuka remember your promise" Shinji said in fear. Sighing, the redhead let go of him and the young boy recomposed himself. "Why do you think we were so reluctant to tell you?" Shinji continued.

"But how would Misato know?" Asuka asked.

"She wanted me to make them again and nothing would convince her against making them again, so I told her" Shinji answered. 'Go figure how stubborn women can be' he thought to himself.

"That is so disgusting! You've put me off waffles for life you stupid moron! What could have possibly been going through your mind to do something so outrageous?" she asked bewildered.

"I just wanted to get you back in a way that you would never find out. But it's in the past Asuka, I can't change it now. Besides you liked the taste!" Shinji said defending himself.

"It doesn't matter; it's the principal of the point! We are both engaged now and I haven't ever let you cum into my mouth, let alone when we were single!" Asuka shouted at him.

"Maybe that should change!" Shinji countered.

"I am never going to give you a blowjob Ikari!" she refuted.

"And why is that?" he asked.

"Why should I have to put your cock in my mouth?" she replied.

"Where is the problem in putting my cock in your mouth?" he replied back.

"Because it's big, ugly and dirty" she answered.

"But you let it in your vagina?" he asked confused.

"I don't have to see it or taste it there do I?" she countered.

"I have given you oral sex many times Asuka, do you see me having a problem about it?" he asked.

"My vagina is much prettier to look at and as a woman I keep it clean" she replied.

"God you are so ridiculous!"

"You should understand by now, I will NOT submit in bed"

The young boy sighed. "Asuka you should stop being so selfish all the time and do things for me once in a while"

"I've done many things for you! What are you saying?" Asuka said a little offended.

"Yes you have, but only when it has benefited you as well. I'm talking about something just for me" Shinji explained.

The redhead suddenly stayed silent, knowing it was pretty much true. Asuka couldn't really bring up in her head a time where she did something purely for Shinji.

"Anyway I was going to make us something to eat, I'm sure you don't want me to make waffles right?" Shinji said breaking the silence.

"Uhh yeah" she replied feeling a little guilty.

With that the male eva pilot went off to the kitchen to prepare his roommates a meal. The redhead sat down on the couch with a sigh. In all honesty she had tried to behave nicer towards her fiancé, but it was harder for her than she had thought. The young girl was so used to doing what she wanted without question, it had become instinct. 'Why is he making me feel guilty over something so stupid? I should be angry at him for doing something so disgusting to me in the past' she thought.

Noticing the lack of noise Misato walked back into the living room and saw the redhead sitting down on the couch. After making sure she was safe the purple-haired woman sat down next to Asuka.

"So you still want the waffles?" Misato asked jokingly.

"Yep, Shinji's making them right now" Asuka replied.

"WHAT?" Misato exclaimed in horror.

Asuka giggled a bit at Misato's response. "Relax Misato I was joking, though I can't believe he did something so gross" Asuka remarked.

"Yeah I can't eat waffles anymore, so never bring this topic up again please" Misato requested.

"Ditto" Asuka replied.

The warmth from the sun came in through the windows, warming up the apartment. Suddenly feeling thirsty, Misato stretched and got up from the couch.

"You want something to drink Asuka?" the Major asked.

"Sure" the redhead replied.

Going to the kitchen Misato went to the fridge to get a beer and a bottle of water. By now a pleasant smell permeated throughout the apartment as Shinji was cooking a meal. Asuka's stomach grumbled as she smelt the food; clearly she was hungry. The young girl decided to move over to the dining table as she saw the purple-haired woman return from the kitchen with a beer and bottle of water in hand. Following the girl Misato also sat down at the dining table handing Asuka her drink. Having nothing better to do to pass the time the redhead attempted a conversation with her guardian.

"So how are you and Kaji doing?" Asuka asked Misato randomly.

"Oh we're doing fine, we've already arranged our wedding too. It'll be on in about three months. Man it seems so far away and so close at the same time" Misato answered.

"It's about time you stuck with one man" Asuka said smirking.

"Don't even start it Asuka" Misato said warningly.

"But it's good you've got everything settled with him" Asuka said exhaling.

"Is something wrong with you and Shinji?" Misato asked a little quieter, mindful of the subject of discussion being in the kitchen.

"Well not really, it's just that there's something about him. It's like he has a big secret inside him that he won't tell me. Perhaps he feels guilty about something. I've told him I've forgiven him for everything many times already and it doesn't seem to work. He keeps putting it off, getting angry, feeling sorry for himself or calling me selfish and I'm really at a loss for what to do" Asuka explained.

The Major pondered this for a while, trying to think of a possible reason Shinji would be acting this way. 'It couldn't be that Shinji still feels guilty over raping Asuka before? The only way to solve this would be for him to discuss it with Asuka, but this is something that I cannot bring up' Misato thought.

"Well?" Asuka prompted Misato.

"Shinji has always kept things to himself, I suggest you just try to find out what's bugging him. He might discuss it with you eventually if you keep trying. It is obviously something within himself and only you can get it out of him" Misato replied.

"Yeah thanks for the 'great' advice Misato" Asuka said sarcastically.

"You understand him better than I do and it's really not my place to interfere with your relationship anyway" Misato replied.

"Whatever" Asuka said, "Shinji! You done yet?" she called out to him.

"Just about" he replied.

"Good I'm starving!" Asuka replied back.

Soon enough, the male eva pilot entered the dining area and placed the meal he had prepared on the table, earning much confusion from the two females. They both looked at him for an explanation.

"I decided to try something different today. Those are dumplings filled with meat, those are sausages and those are roast potatoes" he said pointing to the different food items.

Asuka chuckled lightly at the meal before her. "You know Shinji, I'm glad for the change in food, but these dishes together is a bit of a strange combination" she said smiling, "but I'm sure it'll taste great anyway"

"I don't really know what this food tastes like, but I'll give it a go. Surely anything made by Shinji will taste great" Misato said sucking up.

And so with that the two girls began to eat the meal before them as Shinji sat down and helped himself as well. All three found the food delicious as they ate, Asuka making sure to eat as much as she could. Soon the redhead finished and she got up, placing her plate in the sink. The other two had eaten much slower than Asuka and as such much of their meal still remained. Satisfied and wanting to relax the young girl left the dining room to go to her bedroom, leaving the other two roommates alone. The purple-haired woman saw this as an opportunity to speak up.

"Shinji umm…" Misato started.

"Yeah?" Shinji replied.

"Something tells me you're still feeling guilty over that incident a long time ago" she said straightforwardly.

"Why do you say that?" Shinji asked.

"Asuka" she simply replied.

The boy just stayed silent. Shinji didn't like talking about this topic, it was one of the things he was most disgusted about himself with.

"It will eat you from the inside Shinji, you have to discuss it with Asuka" Misato continued at the boy's silence.

"Are you crazy? There's no way I could tell her about that" Shinji said finally responding.

"You don't have to tell her you actually did it, just talk about it hypothetically or something. Shinji, really you can't leave this alone or it will bite you back in the future" Misato answered back.

"I wouldn't have a clue how to bring it up" Shinji said truthfully.

"Asuka is worried about you, if you try to talk to her, she'll listen" Misato said with certainty.

"But it's so hard to talk about, plus I don't know how she'll respond" Shinji replied.

"You just gotta trust in yourself and her" Misato said encouragingly.

Shinji stayed silent, contemplating would he should do. The Major knew it was a great difficulty for the boy since he usually kept his problems to himself, but she also knew he needed to move on.

"You don't have to do it right now, you've got time. But don't take too long or it will become harder" Misato said. Having nothing more to say the Major stood up and left the dining room to go to her room, leaving the young boy alone.

After a while of just staring blankly out into space, the young boy shook off his stupor and stood up. Shinji didn't exactly know how to bring up the subject without sounding suspicious, but what he was more worried about was that she might remember the incident; he was sure it was an experience no one would want to remember. But regardless he needed to talk to her now anyway so he moved off to her room.

The male eva pilot arrived at her door and knocked on it quietly. Almost immediately he heard a 'come in baka' from the redhead as a response. Taking that as an invitation, the young boy opened her door and entered her room.

"How did you know it was me?" Shinji asked.

The redhead didn't answer, thinking it was a stupid question. Shinji looked around noticing it was untidy as always and the redhead was lying down on her bed looking up at him questioningly. As Shinji walked forward, his foot caught on something. Looking down he discovered it was a pair of panties, used or unused was unknown to him. With an amused look he bent down to pick it up and stood back up, presenting his find to the young girl.

Asuka just looked at him strangely. "What? They're panties Shinji, you've seen them heaps of times" she said slightly annoyed.

"It's not very ladylike to leave undergarments lying around everywhere" Shinji said in a mocking tone.

"Did you come in here just to comment on my untidiness or what?" she asked.

"No these just remind me of something we haven't done in a while" he said dropping the underwear back onto the floor.

"If you came here for that, turn 180 degrees, walk three metres and close the door behind you as you exit the room" Asuka said exasperated.

"No actually I came here to say sorry-" he started.

"Damn and I thought that habit of yours had died already" she said interrupting him.

He almost said it again but stopped himself. "Um about the discussion we had before, don't worry about it, I just snapped a little" he explained.

"Oh you don't want me to give you oral sex?" Asuka said smirking.

"That's not exactly what I meant" Shinji said sweatdropping.

"Look what you said was kinda true and it's only natural for a guy to want a girl to go down on them, I don't see why you came to apologise" Asuka said.

"Well…um" Shinji said suddenly at a loss for words.

"More importantly Shinji, it seems something's troubling you. If there is something bothering you, just talk to me. There is no need for you to keep secrets from me" Asuka said understandingly.

The young boy looked down at his fiancée; her face betrayed a hint of concern. He noticed her beautiful red hair hung down over her shoulders and her gaze was focused unfalteringly on him. The young girl sat up straighter, expecting the boy to say something, causing her hair to shift, breaking the boy out of his daydream.

Shinji moved towards the redhead, getting onto the bed as he moved his right hand to caress her cheek. The redhead noticed the scar on his hand, remembering the time he had shielded her against the knife. Still his hand felt soft as it made contact with her face and she closed her eyes, enjoying the comfort. The young girl reopened her eyes and reached up to flick Shinji on the forehead.

"Don't distract me Shinji, just tell me what's wrong" Asuka said.

"When I'm with you all my problems disappear," Shinji said placing a hand on her shoulder.

The redhead rolled her eyes. "Please" she remarked brushing off his hand. "I can't stand your corny shit, when I'm with you your problems multiply exponentially so don't make up such crap" she said smiling wickedly.

Shinji couldn't help chuckling a little at that comment, however he moved closer to the young girl closing the distance between them. Cheekily the redhead grabbed her pillow and placed it in between her and Shinji, causing the boy to kiss it instead. The male eva pilot took the pillow and threw it away. He then grabbed the redhead and quickly pulled her towards him, landing his lips on hers. The young boy wrapped his arms around the girl, embracing her tenderly as she did the same. Slowly but surely Shinji pushed Asuka down flat on the bed.

Asuka let her arms fall on the bed and the two teens parted. The redhead raised her eyebrow at the young boy as he looked down at her. Moving down, the young boy began to nuzzle her neck while his hand found its way onto her chest. The young girl moaned as he fondled her breast.

"It has been a while" Asuka commented enjoying the contact. "But I told you to walk out of the room if you came for that" she said sternly, removing his hand.

"But what about your promise?" Shinji asked.

"Not today Shinji" Asuka said with finality.

The young boy sighed in frustration, but moved off the redhead. "Damn it, playing hard to get only makes me more determined" Shinji said anxiously.

"Don't worry baka-shin, Asuka always keeps her word. I never said we had to do it today, besides you should be content with just looking at me" she said sticking her tongue out at him.

"Well you haven't graced me with a good look for a long time either" Shinji countered.

"Oh yea?" Asuka said. "Well I suppose it doesn't hurt," she said lifting up her skirt, smiling mischievously.

Shinji froze with his mouth open and she dropped her skirt back down. The young girl walked past Shinji and whispered in his ear, "I think that was sufficient"

Asuka exited the room while Shinji stood there still wondering when she had become such a tease. But when Shinji thought about it, those panties he had picked up had felt a little warm, why hadn't he realised earlier? 'God damn I love her' Shinji thought.

The young boy followed after the girl and exited the room. Quickly scanning around he saw her about enter the bathroom and moved swiftly towards her. The male eva pilot grabbed his fiancée around the waist and pulled her back.

"Waah?" said Asuka surprised.

"You didn't think you could escape that easily did you?" Shinji said reaching under her skirt.

"I told you, not today!" she said her face turning red.

"Why aren't you wearing any underwear then?" he said, inserting his finger deeply to emphasise his point.

"Ahhh…I can do what I want…let go of me!" Asuka shouted, struggling.

"I'll make you a deal, if you can make me cum I'll let you go, but if you fail we go back to your room and have sex until we fall asleep" Shinji said smirking.

"That's preposterous!" Asuka said completely outraged.

"Well I guess I'll just take you back to your room then" Shinji said turning around.

"No wait! Wait! I accept the deal!" Asuka said quickly.

"Good, you've got five minutes starting now" Shinji said.

At once Asuka turned herself around and went for his pants. However Shinji had caught her arm and she found herself unable to pull his pants down. The young girl rubbed herself against his groin and she felt his erection through his pants. Asuka was hesitant about using her other hand because if he got it trapped, she was done for. The redhead twirled around forcing Shinji to release his grip on her arm.

Asuka then jumped onto the boy and found herself with her legs around his waist and her chest in his face. Shinji grabbed both her arms making her unable to move, but this is exactly what she thought he would do. She moved her legs inside his pants and dropped them to the floor pulling his pants down with them. Now the young girl found herself unable to do anything further as Shinji's grip was too strong.

Asuka tried to position herself over his cock, but Shinji caught onto what she was doing and picked her up flipping her upside down. With her legs around his neck and her arms held by his Asuka found herself completely helpless. His erect cock was right in front of her eyes but she couldn't do anything to get him to cum.

"Only one minute left Asuka" Shinji said, absolutely enjoying the situation.

Asuka was not in the mood to 'have sex until they fall asleep,' and Shinji made things worse by moving his mouth down onto her exposed pussy. With his tongue exploring her depths Asuka found it impossible to concentrate, but she would not accept defeat. Grudgingly Asuka opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it as hard she could, trying her best to get him to cum. Having been taken by surprise and not having cummed for a while, the young boy came right into the young girl's mouth.

As he removed his cock from her mouth, his semen dripped out of her mouth; she hadn't swallowed it, but then again she was upside down.

"Would you let me down?" Asuka asked angrily, glaring at him.

The young boy turned her right way up and let her down. "Damn I totally didn't expect that, I was so close too, but of course Asuka you win again," he said a little disappointed, pulling his pants back up.

The young girl spat out Shinji's cum and wiped the remainder of his fluid off her face. "If that's what made those waffles taste good, I think my tastebuds must have died!" Asuka remarked.

Shinji chuckled at that comment. But his laughter was short-lived as another presence entered the room.

"Why are you two still making such a racket?" Misato said angrily.

Both teens jumped at the voice and turned to see the purple-haired woman standing in the hallway.

"I don't really care what you do, but I'm tired and I wanna sleep for the rest of the day, so stop making so much noise," Misato said turning back around.

After hearing her door close they waited for a few minutes just to be sure and turned to face each other again. "You know it's a good thing she didn't walk in earlier," Shinji said in relief.

"You know it's a good thing I didn't decide to bite your balls off! Next time you pull a stunt like that, I won't be so forgiving," she said menacingly, before entering the bathroom and closing the door.

Shinji just looked at the closed door smiling. He couldn't help feeling happy that he had just received his first blowjob since the memory loss. With Misato in her bedroom and Asuka in the bathroom the residence was pretty quiet. The young boy looked at his watch and saw there was still some time left before they should go to sleep. He decided he would just wait for Asuka to get out and do something with her. It didn't take long to hear a flush, followed by water running and finally the door opening. As the redhead came out, the male eva pilot brought her into a kiss.

"Oww" Shinji yelped as he felt his hair being pulled.

Releasing his hair the young girl averted her eyes. "You know Shinji, I suppose it wasn't that bad. I guess I could…do it for you sometimes, I mean you do the same for me and I'm going to be your wife so it can't hurt" Asuka said blushing a little.

Shinji hugged his fiancée tightly; she always acted so cute when she was embarrassed. "You wanna do something Asuka? I don't feel like going to sleep now" Shinji asked.

"I don't feel like going out now, we could watch television together I suppose," she suggested.

"Good idea we haven't watched something together in a while, I wonder if there's anything worth watching on though" Shinji replied.

"What does it matter? You'll be spending time with me, isn't that enough?" Asuka said smugly.

"Quite right" Shinji said smirking.

With that the young boy picked up the redhead carrying her traditional style to the couch in the living room.

"You know I'm pretty sure I can walk to the couch thank you" Asuka said annoyed. But deep down inside, the redhead secretly revelled in being carried by Shinji.

The male eva pilot set her down on the couch after which he grabbed the T.V remote and sat down next to the girl. Asuka held out her hand expectantly and Shinji reluctantly handed her the remote.

"Thank you Liebling" Asuka said sweetly, taking the remote and switching on the television.

"Liebling?" Shinji asked curious, having never heard Asuka call him that.

"Don't you know some German? I mean you knew what 'Ich Liebe Dich' meant" Asuka said a little surprised. How else would he know how to say 'I love you' in German other than learning German by himself?

"Umm is it 'lover'?" Shinji asked.

Asuka giggled. "Well that's a pretty good guess I suppose. But you can find out for yourself" she answered.

The young boy snuggled up to the redhead as they sat there on the couch. After switching through channels to find a decent program on the television, Asuka put down the remote. The young girl put her arms around the boy snuggled up against her and they shared each other's warmth as they sat there watching together. Shinji couldn't help noticing Asuka's scent as he sat with her; she smelt pleasant. Her magnificent red hair was splayed out over them and he enjoyed the nice tickling sensation she gave him when she shifted position.

Moving his eyes back to the screen, Shinji could see they were watching some movie about a magical ring and massive battles with men and monsters, but honestly he really wasn't paying much attention. Soon the images became blurred as the male eva pilot slowly fell asleep.

Shinji awoke slowly as something next to him shifted position. Momentarily confused as to why he felt so warm, he opened his eyes gradually, taking in the light steadily. Not surprisingly, the young girl he had fallen asleep next to had him completely bound by her legs and arms. Her head was resting on his shoulder and her warm breath could be felt across his neck. The young boy looked down at her sleeping face and smiled; he loved how peaceful she was in her sleep.

Moving his free arm without waking the redhead he stroked her hair. A content smile could be seen plastered on the young girl's face as she felt his comforting hand. Deciding to be a little cheeky he moved his hand down to her skirt. Reaching under her skirt he moved his hand to her most sensitive spot. A little confused at first, he then remembered she hadn't been wearing any underwear when she went to watch with him.

'Oh so she trusts me enough to fall asleep next to me without any panties on?' Shinji thought devilishly.

The young boy very lightly stroked her slit, eliciting a soft 'mmm' from the redhead and making her move a little. The male eva pilot very much enjoyed sexually stimulating her in her sleep because she behaved so much more timid. Increasing the friction a little, the young girl began to moan more erotically, her facial expression becoming a little anxious. Freeing his other hand Shinji gently fondled Asuka's breast, all the while continuing to stimulate her private region.

"No stop…we can't do that ahhh…we're too young Shinji" she let out, still asleep.

The young boy was finding it difficult to hold himself back; she was just so damn cute. Pushing his finger in slightly Asuka clung onto him even tighter, moaning girlishly. The young boy couldn't help chuckling; her reaction was so funny. However he stopped all his actions, picked up the young girl and carried her with him to her room.

"Mmm Shinji, I love you too…" she said tenderly.

At this Shinji kissed Asuka on the lips, finally waking up the sleeping girl. It took her a few moments to realise what was happening and she forcefully parted from Shinji's kiss. The sudden movement as well as Asuka loosening her grip on the boy caused Shinji to drop her with a loud thump. The annoyed redhead looked up at him with a glare.

"What are you doing taking advantage of me while I'm asleep?" Asuka said irritated, rubbing her backside.

"You fell asleep without your underwear on, it was a temptation I couldn't resist" he replied sticking his tongue out.

"That's the last time I trust you dummkopf!" she shouted at him.

"Yeah yeah, we should get ready for school" Shinji said dismissing her comment.

"You better not forget to make breakfast or our lunches" Asuka said standing up.

As the young girl took a step she felt dizzy for a moment, almost causing her to trip over. Immediately Shinji had moved over to her. "Are you alright Asuka?" he asked concerned.

"I'm fine, just get to work Ikari," she said pushing him away and walking off to her room.

The male eva pilot looked after her a little puzzled but shrugged it off. He turned around and went to the kitchen ready to make breakfast, knowing it wasn't a good idea to delay. Taking out the ingredients and materials he required, he soon set to work making the breakfast. As the young boy was preparing the meal, Misato had woken up and made her way to the kitchen. The Major went straight for the fridge and took out a beer. Draining the can in seconds, Misato then screamed out her morning call. It never ceased to amaze Shinji how beer could work like coffee.

Instantly the half-asleep woman had turned into a very energetic one and proceeded over to Shinji. The purple haired woman smiled and brought the young boy into a big hug, squeezing the life out of him.

"Get off him Misato" a certain redhead said irately.

"Why? Are you jealous?" Misato asked teasingly.

"No you're killing him. I want him to finish making breakfast" Asuka replied.

The Major turned to see Shinji's face turning blue and his arms trying to pry Misato's arms off of him. Reluctantly the purple-haired woman let go of the poor boy and he quickly resumed preparing breakfast. Both Misato and Asuka sat down at the dining table, waiting for Shinji to finish making their meal. As he had started quickly it wasn't long till the young boy had finished preparing the food and set down the meals on the table.

Shinji then joined the two girls at the table and began to eat with them. A little bored the young boy smiled cheekily and lightly kicked Asuka under the table while he was eating. The young girl shot her head up and looked at her fiancé suspiciously, before dismissing it as her imagination. After a while Shinji once again moved his leg and gently kicked his fiancée. This time the redhead shot the young boy a glare, as if daring him to do it again. Shinji pretended not to notice as he was 'busy' easting his breakfast.

Unable to hold himself back the male eva pilot brought his leg up kicking the redhead once again. This time Asuka was ready for it and she grabbed his leg with hers, trapping it. Despite this Shinji still continued to look down at his meal, pretending it wasn't him. A little confused, Asuka looked to Misato who was also concentrating on her meal. Smiling cruelly, she devised a plan to work out who it really was. Reaching down she pinched Shinji's leg as hard as she could.

The sudden sharp pain in his leg caused the young boy to jump in his seat giving away his actions. At once the redhead began kicking Shinji back and a furious battle began under the table between their legs. Both of them refused to say anything as they manoeuvred about in their seats trying to avoid each other's kicks while also taking every chance they got to score a hit on the other.

By now the table had began to shake constantly from all their movements and Misato stood up abruptly from her chair extremely annoyed.

"Would you stop behaving like such children? Seriously this is so stupid" Misato shouted at them.

Both of them stopped their actions immediately and turned to face the Major.

"He/She started it!" they both shouted at the same time both pointing at the other.

The purple-haired woman just shook her head in disbelief and walked off to her room mumbling incoherently. Asuka gave Shinji another glare and one last kick before finishing her meal and standing up.

"You better make those lunches soon and no more silly behaviour from you either" Asuka said steadfastly before moving off to her room.

Alone again Shinji proceeded to make both his and Asuka's bentos. The young boy began to think over recent events as he did his work. After the battle with the Mass Production Evas, Asuka's Unit 02 had gone out of power. Somewhere during the battle her umbilical cable had been cut. Shinji's Unit 01, however, had been operating on its S2 Engine and so it hadn't run out of power. As such Shinji had to carry Unit 02 back to Nerv, which wasn't easy as there wasn't much of Nerv left or Tokyo-3 for that matter.

Luckily Rei and Touji had been picked up by Nerv medical teams during the battle with the Mass Production Evas. Shinji had felt guilty for leaving them behind and only making sure Asuka was okay, but then again he didn't know where they were and with all the rubble and debris around, there was a high probability he could accidentally step on their entry plugs. It turned out Asuka was fine, but he had expected so.

The two teens had then made their way back to the command centre, sadly noticing the many bodies of Nerv and JSSDF alike strewn about. It was unfortunate that it had come down to this, but they knew they had prevented many more deaths. Arriving at the command centre the two eva pilots were immediately met with congratulations and applause. Misato herself had gone and hugged them as usual.

Soon the big news had got around that the commander of Nerv, Shinji's father, was dead. This came as a shocking surprise to the two eva pilots, the almighty infallible commander of Nerv was gone. The cause of death was a bullet wound to the head; obviously someone had taken him out. The person responsible was unknown though. With the commander gone and sub commander reclining, responsibility was handed over to Misato.

After all the greetings and warm exchanges the pilots were then escorted down to the medical bay. Ritsuko insisted that she check up on them, she didn't want anything happening to them after they had just saved the world. The two teens wanted nothing more than to just go home and relax, however they reluctantly agreed, slightly annoyed. But then again their apartment was probably destroyed anyway.

After arriving at the medical bay, they were greeted by the sight of both Touji and Rei. Immediately Shinji went over and hugged both of them, glad that nothing had happened to them. Asuka on the other hand awkwardly shook Touji's hand and gave a nod of approval to the blue haired girl. It appeared Touji was absolutely fine; he had received a few bruises and nothing more.

Rei on the other hand had been stabbed by the fake Lance of Longinus and it appeared as though her actual torso had also received some damage. Ritsuko had said that she was in critical condition when they had first found her, however as they brought her to the medical bay she seemed to have improved and even now her wound was healing itself much faster than usual. The doctor was unable to explain it, but Rei was going to survive.

The only person unaccounted for was Kaji and Shinji told Ritsuko that he was still down where Unit 01 was before. Shinji did not want to disclose the story with everyone at the moment for the sake of Kaji.

After all these events had transpired the citizens of Tokyo-3 all returned. It seemed the people were grateful for the evacuation and the effort Nerv put in to defeat Seele. As thanks many volunteered in work to help in rebuilding the grand city. Without having to pay much and with the great enthusiasm of the workers the reconstruction of Tokyo-3 went rather fast. Shinji and Asuka's, or should I say Misato's, apartment was rebuilt in the first week and after having been extremely busy the entire time being debriefed and helping with reparations, the two stayed there that day. As celebration Asuka 'gave him a good time' in the new apartment that night.

Shinji recalled with a blush the intensity of that night together; she had been so wild. But ever since then, she had constantly refused to do it again until recently she promised they would do it again.

Whenever they could they used Shinji to pilot Unit 01, as it required no power, to help in the reconstruction. He mostly just cleared rubble and debris out of the way, but helped with heavy lifting too. The shops, restaurants, cinemas, residences were all rebuilt in no time. The school was also rebuilt and they started to go back to school and were happy to be with their friends again. Hikari was proud of Touji helping the other eva pilots in the final battle and Kensuke was jealous over the jock, wishing he had been chosen to help as well. It had been about a month and a half since the battle with the mass production evas and Shinji was amazed to see how quickly Tokyo-3 had been rebuilt.

The young boy was broken out of his reverie when he felt a sharp jab in his ribs. Surprised Shinji turned around to see Asuka looking at him annoyed.

"Stop spacing out boy" she said a little tense.

"Err…I already finished the lunches" Shinji replied.

"Then dress up already you baka!" Asuka shouted at him, shoving him out of the kitchen.

"Geez so cranky already?" Shinji said in disbelief.

"Who do you think the cause is?" Asuka snapped back at him.

Deciding it was better not to answer the question, the male eva pilot hurriedly went to his room to change into his school uniform. After dressing up he took his bag and looked around the room to check if he forgot anything. Not finding anything he exited his room. Walking back to the kitchen, he packed his bento into his bag, noticing that Asuka's bento was already gone. The young boy then traversed over to the front door and saw the redhead was already there. Noticing Shinji coming towards her, Asuka turned to face him.

"About time you slow poke, your snail's pace is starting to get annoying" she remarked.

"Are you angry with me Asuka? Or you just in a bad mood?" Shinji asked worried about her behaviour.

"Nothing's wrong! Let's just go to school already" she replied, grabbing his hand.

The two eva pilots went through the front door, closing and locking it behind them. The redhead pulled Shinji down the stairs with her and they exited the apartment. The brilliant sun once again shone over the rebuilt city of Tokyo-3 and onto the two teens. It was good to see people up and about, good to see all the activity in this thriving city. It was amazing how everything had come together, how everyone was able to return even after all that had happened.

Shinji and Asuka began their walk towards the school. Despite her earlier behaviour, Asuka wasn't in a rush to get to school and so the two walked calmly down the footpath towards their destination. Occasionally people would smile, wave or nod their head at the eva pilots as they recognised them. It would seem people really were grateful to those who had saved Tokyo-3.

Soon the couple had arrived at the front gates of the school. There were still a few students outside the school building, as classes hadn't started yet. The two eva pilots made their way through the front gates and into the school building. Heading down the corridor they moved towards their classroom, always happy to see the amount of students at the school.

Arriving at their classroom door, the redhead opened it and the two entered the room. Recently every time the two eva pilots entered the room all the students would turn to look at them and give them a nod before returning to their previous activities. Shinji still wasn't used to it, but Asuka loved the attention. It didn't take long for Kensuke and Touji to come over. Hikari was currently busy giving instructions to some other students. Having had time to get used to Shinji's and Asuka's relationship, Touji was able to accept the redhead as Shinji's girlfriend. But he would still throw jokes at her or call her a demon, although most of the time Hikari kept him in line.

Surprisingly it would seem Kensuke sought after the blue haired eva pilot and even managed to hold a conversation with her. With further encouragement from Shinji and the fact that he was Shinji's friend, Rei was able to express herself a little to the spectacled boy. Neither Rei's nor Kensuke's intentions were clear, but it seemed each was at least a little interested in the other.

"Greetings enslaved one" Touji said to Shinji, grinning.

Shinji snickered a little, while Kensuke nudged Touji in the gut. As always Asuka seemed to take offence from the jock's comments.

"You better shut up, or you will be the enslaved one!" Asuka retorted.

"I'd like to see you try" Touji said provokingly.

"It'd be such a waste of my efforts and you wouldn't even make a good slave. I don't think you can do anything right" Asuka replied glaring.

"Hey Asuka come on, no need to get angry" Shinji said trying to calm her down.

"Don't bother Shinji, a demon is always angry," Touji commented.

Asuka went and smacked the boy over the head. "Are you really that stupid to go and piss me off more?" she said annoyed.

"What was that for?" Touji said rubbing his head. "You need to get the sand out of your vagina honestly!" Touji remarked.

Asuka's eyes glared menacingly and Shinji was in fear for his friend's life. The male eva pilot decided to turn the redhead's wrath towards himself.

"Now that you mention it, it was pretty coarse last time" Shinji said jokingly.

Both Touji and Kensuke let out a laugh at his comment. "Shinji you dog, what have you been up to?" Touji said still chuckling.

"Just what the hell do you think you're implying Ikari?" Asuka said slapping the young boy hard.

"Relax Asuka, I was just joking" Shinji replied, rubbing his sore cheek.

"You can just go to hell Ikari!" she said shouting at him, turning around and walking off to Hikari.

Shinji usually wouldn't pay heed to her bad temper, but she looked like she was about to cry. Something was strange about her today; did something happen to upset her? Was this morning's incident the cause? The male eva pilot couldn't really think of what would put her into her current mood and resolved to ask her at the lunchbreak. Touji just patted Shinji on the shoulder as the redhead walked off.

"I don't know how you can stand her" Touji remarked.

"You wouldn't understand. And Touji no more jokes today, I think she's upset about something" Shinji said firmly.

"Fine fine" the jock replied.

"So Kensuke, speaking of girlfriends, me and Touji both have one. How's your luck going with Rei?" Shinji said grinning.

"Who said I was trying to get with Rei?" Kensuke answered.

"Oh, so how come you keep talking to her?" Shinji asked suspiciously.

"Can't I?" Kensuke replied.

"I saw you talking to her alone on the rooftop the other day, just spill the beans already" Touji demanded.

"Fine, I'll tell you how the conversation went…" Kensuke started.

Kensuke approached the blue haired albino a little nervously. Upon noticing him Rei turned to face the young boy.

"Why did you request of me to proceed up here to meet with you?" Rei asked.

"I just wanted to talk to you" Kensuke answered.

"We can converse in various other places, even over the phone if you required privacy. Why here in particular?" Rei replied.

"I wanted to talk in person," Kensuke said growing more nervous.

"Very well, what is it that you wished to speak to me about?" Rei asked.

The young boy found it very difficult to talk with the eva pilot and her seemingly impartial tone.

"Err…you see there's this new movie that's come out and I wanted to see it…" he said pausing.

"How is this relevant to me?" Rei asked, not realising how cold her words sounded.

The military otaku mustered up all his courage and resolve and went for it.

"I would like you to come see the movie with me" Kensuke stated, relieved he finally said it.

"If you wish to see the film with other people, there are much more convenient people" Rei said, clearly not getting the hint.

"No no, I want to see the movie with you specifically" Kensuke replied.

"If you want to have my opinion of this film, I will watch the film when I have time" Rei said simply.

"I want to see a movie with you Rei and no one else, because I want to spend time with you" Kensuke said, getting slightly annoyed. He didn't think she could misunderstand him this time.

"You are spending time with me right now are you not?" Rei asked, completely confused.

The young boy just looked at the blue haired girl in disbelief. Anybody would have praised him for his courage; anybody would have said he tried; yet here this girl missed all the clues. Supposing he had nothing left to lose, Kensuke decided to try one more time.

"Look Rei, I can see you don't understand the purpose of this, but please at least come with me just this once and you might come to understand" Kensuke said, hoping she would agree.

"Very well, I shall think upon this. It is true that I do not understand several things and I trust that you have no ill intentions. I will give my reply when I come to a decision" Rei answered back.

"Thank you, that's fine with me" Kensuke said happily. "That's all I wanted to talk to you about, so see ya" the young boy said waving at her and walking off…

"…So you see, nothing's going on, I just wanted to go see a movie" Kensuke finished.

"You're still gonna say that bullshit after telling us that? Come on how did she reply?" Touji asked.

"She hasn't said anything to me yet" Kensuke said a little disappointed.

"Don't worry about it Kensuke. She said she's going to give you a reply, if she didn't want to go she would have told you already" Shinji said reassuringly.

"I suppose, but even if she agrees, I don't think she'll understand the point and will never do it again" Kensuke said a little downcast.

"Have a little faith man," Touji said putting his arm around the otaku's shoulder.

"But it's so hard to express yourself towards her" Kensuke replied.

"Take an example from Ikari, he got together with Asuka. If that's possible then surely Rei shouldn'- oww" Touji said as he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his ear.

"I heard you were saying nasty things to Asuka, I'm sure I've told you stop saying those things darling" Hikari said a little annoyed.

"But, but…" Touji started.

"No buts" Hikari said interrupting him. Releasing her hold on his ear she looked sternly at him. "I expect you to apologise to her and make sure you do it today" she said before turning around and walking off.

Whatever the jock wanted to say in reply was cut off by their teacher entering the classroom. At once the students all went to their desks followed by Hikari's "Rise! Bow! Sit!"

Shinji quickly began typing a message on his laptop to send to Asuka.

Hey Asuka I need to talk to you, so meet up with me at lunch please,


The young boy waited for a reply from his fiancée, but received none. The male eva pilot was sure he had sent the message and confirmed it by checking his 'sent' folder. Shinji looked up at Asuka to see her looking straight ahead with her laptop closed. Was she purposely not replying? Well he supposed he could just go up to her when the bell rang, hopefully she wouldn't ignore him.

Sighing, the young boy lay his head back down on his desk; it seemed Seele's attack hadn't changed the dullness of his teacher's lecture. After all the information about the real Second Impact got out, it seemed the teacher took it to heart to give a lecture about this new topic. Having nothing better to do, Shinji looked over at Rei. The blue haired girl was occasionally glancing at Kensuke with confused eyes; it was like she couldn't come to a decision within herself. The young boy smiled at her behaviour, finally after years of her emotionless façade, it was starting to break.

Shinji tried his best to pass the time, but he felt so restless; he really wanted to talk to Asuka and find out what was wrong. The young boy found it impossible to pay attention to the teacher and so he began impatiently tapping his pencil under his desk. Soon he found himself tapping a little rhythm. Looking around the room Shinji saw that no one had really noticed yet and the teacher continued on without hesitance. Completely bored the young boy began to tap the rhythm with his pencil a little louder and was glad to hear someone on the other side of the classroom copy him.

Tapping again, another person returned it and soon more people had caught on to the little game. One would tap a rhythm and other people would follow suit tapping the same rhythm, it would travel around the class making it impossible to determine the source. At first not everyone noticed it, but as it continued to progress and more and more people joined in, the tapping became an incessant noise.

The teacher stopped what he was saying and looked around the room unable to figure out who it was. The sound had come from all over the classroom and everyone was tapping their pencil under their desk, so it was almost impossible to see who was doing it. As the teacher started again, the tapping game begun again. This time the teacher slammed a book down on his desk.

"I ask that you refrain from making all that noise and pay attention" the teacher said a little annoyed.

Shinji had had his fun so he decided to stop; besides the class was almost over. Soon the bell rang and the young boy sighed in relief; finally he could talk to Asuka. The male eva pilot wasted no time in getting up and moving over to the redhead. It seemed she didn't want to speak to him as she also got up swiftly and moved to the exit of the classroom. However Shinji was too quick and he caught her arm. The redhead just turned around and faced him with a glare.

The other students piled out of the classroom, leaving Shinji and Asuka alone in the room. As both of them were silent they could hear the faint sound of laughter and chatting coming from outside. Shinji knew he had to speak up first as Asuka wouldn't.

"Didn't you get my message Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"I didn't think it was worth my time to stay and listen to you" Asuka answered.

"Come on Asuka, I can see you're upset, why don't you tell me what's wrong?" Shinji suggested.

"Says you, who can't say what's bothering you" Asuka retorted.

"Well that's a bit different" Shinji replied.

"Always full of bullshit Ikari!" she said angrily.

"Asuka…" he started only to see the girl turn away from him, crossing her arms.

Shinji slowly walked up behind her, putting his arms around the girl, embracing her gently. The young boy felt no resistance from the redhead and so began nuzzling her neck. At this the female eva pilot unfolded her arms and Shinji moved his hands up to cup her breasts, fondling them softly. A gust of wind then came through the window blowing Asuka's hair about.

"Give it a rest Shinji" she said slightly irritated.

In response the young boy moved one of his hands down her body and under her skirt. At this the redhead moved away and turned to face the boy.

"None of that! Apparently my vagina is full of sand" Asuka said sarcastically.

"I was joking Asuka, your vagina is the most wonderful thing I've ever felt" Shinji said earnestly.

"It is a privilege to even just LOOK at my vagina, to insult it, you forfeit any privilege you had" Asuka said resolutely.

"What about your promise?" Shinji asked a little amused at her behaviour.

"You should have thought about that before you opened your mout-" she said getting cut off by Shinji's lips.

The young boy wasted no time in deepening the kiss on the surprised redhead. Moving his hand under her skirt again, he pulled her panties down. Pushing her down onto a desk, he parted with her, reaching down to completely remove her undergarment.

"Stop it Shinji! I said you can't!" she shouted at him angrily.

Normally the male eva pilot would overlook her typical anger, but with her behaviour today his fear of breaking his vow kicked in and he stopped immediately. The young boy moved away from Asuka a little unsteadily and she looked up at him, utterly confused at his sudden change in demeanour. The young girl decided to let go of her frustration and find out what was bothering her fiancé, after all she knew he had been just teasing her.

"You're acting a little strange Shinji…what the hell is up with you?" Asuka asked, a little calmer than before.

The young boy stayed silent for a while wondering what to say. He couldn't really tell her what was bothering him, but Misato's conversation yesterday still rang inside his head. It was true what she had said, just now was proof that this hidden guilt inside him would constantly eat at him.

"Asuka is worried about you, if you try to talk to her, she'll listen"

Shinji sighed and turned to face the young girl. "You know Asuka, there has been something on my mind, but I didn't know how to express it or even if I should" he started.

At his sudden serious tone the redhead sat up to listen attentively; she was sure he was about to confess whatever had been making him act a little odd. "Hurry up baka, I'm listening" Asuka said encouraging him.

The young boy took a few breaths before continuing.

"It's just that many times you tell me to stop…doing things to you. And well I get worried about myself…sometimes I can get really angry. I don't know if I can control myself all the time…" Shinji said trying to express what he felt in words.

"You're not making much sense Shinji" Asuka remarked.

"Sometimes I don't know if I go too far, sometimes I don't know if you're kidding or not. What if I do something bad to you without realising it?" Shinji said trying to make himself clearer.

"I still don't get what point you're trying to make" Asuka said growing frustrated at his explanation.

"What if…because I was angry, angry enough not to be able to stop myself…what if I…I raped you Asuka" Shinji finished quietly.

'So that's it!' Asuka thought. Shinji had made many advances towards her, but she would refuse many of them and he was worried about raping her in frustration or something along those lines. It was a little bit strange that he was thinking about this, or that it would make him behave like he had, but then again Shinji always worried about silly things. The young girl looked straight back at Shinji to give him her reply.

"To think that you were worried about something like that all this time, you really are a baka. I personally think it is preposterous that you would rape me, I would definitely make sure you knew I didn't want it, furthermore I don't think I could make you angry enough to do so either, though you never know" she said smiling a little.

The male eva pilot stayed silent, unable to respond.

"Though I can see you obviously think it's plausible so I'll tell you what I would do. If you were to rape me Shinji for whatever reason, I would kick your ass and forbid you to touch me for a year!" she said smacking him across the head.

"But…" Shinji began a little confused. 'That was it?' he thought.

"What you think I'd let you get away with it?" Asuka asked incredulously.

"No, that's not what I mean, it's just…you would stay with me?" Shinji asked.

"Where would I find another baka like you? Geez Shinji you've already faked your own death and I've forgiven you, a couple will always have ups and downs, albeit rape is a little extreme, but still. I'm not stupid Shinji, I know if you were to rape me it wouldn't be fully intentional and I know that I can sometimes be…'difficult'," she explained.

"But nothing you could do would make you deserve that and it's always my choice" Shinji argued.

"Look Shinji, stop thinking about these crazy extreme situations. Unfortunately we are engaged to be married, you must stay with me regardless of what happens and the same goes for me" the redhead said smiling, "as long as you're mine, it doesn't really matter about the rest. I wouldn't let anyone else have sex with me but you, so if you raped me, then it's not so bad" Asuka said getting a little annoyed at her fiancé's constant questioning.

"It's different when you think about it hypothetically and when you actually experience it. What if we weren't together and I did it, what then?" Shinji asked.

"Mein Gott you stupid baka, what more do you want me to say? I would forgive you, I would stay with you and I would still…love you. Why are you so damn insecure about this anyway? Stop thinking about 'what if this' and 'what if that,' it doesn't matter what could happen, it doesn't matter if you did it while we weren't together, it doesn't change how I feel. I have experienced much worse things in my life, we will deal with whatever happens as it comes along. Now I've given you my reply on this topic so just get over it already" Asuka finished determinedly.

The male eva pilot just stood there stunned, unable to believe what he had heard. To say things which such conviction; Shinji knew her feelings for him were solid. After hearing her words a weight that had burdened him for quite a while was finally lifted. It was true he should stop worrying about it, it was in the past and he couldn't change what he had done. Furthermore he and Asuka were now together and that was all he should think about.

Seeing the tension from her fiancé's face disappear, Asuka softened her face a little. "I can't believe you had so much frustration bottled up inside you Shinji. Next time you have something to discuss, just say it, no matter how stupid it is. You can always count on me to give you an honest answer" Asuka said sticking her tongue out at him.

Unable to hold back, Shinji embraced the young girl as tightly as he could and began sobbing. The redhead just sighed and rubbed his back comfortingly. Asuka was relieved that her fiancé had finally let it all out.

"I'm glad you're moved by my words and all, but I've been sitting on this desk with my panties down the entire time and this room is a little drafty" Asuka said shifting a little.

The young boy moved off of her and wiped his eyes dry, looking at her cheekily. "Hmm I can make it so you won't feel the draftiness at all" he said playfully.

"Already back to your perverted self Ikari?" she teased.

Moving her hands down seductively she completely removed her panties and threw them at the boy's head.

"Well I have a promise to fulfil fortunately for you and as such I will let you engage in the act of consensual sex with me. But make sure to be quick of course, I don't want the class to come in while we're having sex" Asuka said opening her legs.

Shinji took a whiff of his fiancée's panties before taking them off his head, pocketing them and moving in between the redhead's legs. Asuka wrapped her legs around the boy's waist as he moved down to kiss her. Moving quickly he soon found his hand under her skirt, rubbing her private region vigorously. The young girl shivered at the contact and moaned into the kiss.

The young girl parted so that she could speak. "Don't tease me Shinji…you know what gets me wet really fast…just do mmmmm" she let out as he began to rub her clitoris as well.

The redhead couldn't hold back her erotic noises; she hadn't felt this sensation for a while. Shinji made sure to stimulate her thoroughly, using one hand for her breasts making sure her nipples were adequately satisfied while his other hand made sure her cunt also received proper attention.

Deciding she was wet enough, the young boy pushed Asuka down flat on the desk and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down with his boxers. Positioning his erect cock at her entrance, Shinji grabbed onto the redhead's shoulders for support before plunging into her depths without hesitating. The redhead cried out in ecstasy at the penetration, her face set into an expression of pure rapture. The young girl held the boy towards her even tighter with her legs as he continually filled her with his cock.

The desk he was fucking her on began to creak and wobble as he continually thrust into her keen wet pussy.

"This desk…is going…to fucking…break" Asuka said between thrusts.

"You're finally admitting you're heavy Asuka?" Shinji said jokingly.

"I would so…kill you right now…" Asuka said, finding it hard to talk.

The young boy grunted in exertion as he was getting close to cumming and was struggling to hold it in. In a last ditch effort the male eva pilot began to ram his cock up her vagina with all his strength. The redhead cried out even louder; it was a wonder that no one had heard the activity going on inside this classroom.

Unable to stop himself Shinji cummed inside Asuka, his hot sticky semen filling up her insides. No sooner had the boy released his load when the young girl followed suit and orgasmed intensely, screaming out Shinji's name at full volume. Both teens panted heavily as they went down from their climax, the sweat they perspired had been absorbed by their clothes. The young boy moved off Asuka to allow her to sit up.

"Damn that felt good, why have I been putting this off for so long?" Asuka commented.

"You're asking me?" Shinji asked bewildered.

"Quiet you" Asuka snapped. "Give me back my panties already" she ordered.

The male eva pilot pulled his pants and boxers up, covering up his member once again. Shinji then pulled out the redhead's underwear from his pocket, handing it to her. Asuka wasted no time in grabbing her underwear and putting them back on. The young girl flung her hair back before getting off the desk. She stood up, wobbling a bit before she steadied herself and straightened her skirt.

"You know, to tell you the truth, I was feeling shitty today, I suppose I made you worry didn't I?" Asuka said smirking. "But that felt refreshing, it definitely got my blood flowing again and I feel much better now"

"And I thought I had done something again" Shinji said chuckling.

"Oh if you're doing something wrong, I'll be sure to tell you straight away" Asuka said grinning cheekily. The young girl turned to look at the clock. "Hmm there's still a few minutes before the end of lunch, thank god we finished quickly"

"What's the big deal? It would only confirm that you are mine" Shinji said smugly.

"Don't be so conceited Ikari, whereas I don't mind kissing in public, fondling and sex is just too embarrassing" Asuka stated.

"You know I just realised we didn't eat our lunches. There's not enough time now though" Shinji said sighing.

"Whose fault is that baka?" Asuka snapped at him.

Grinning, the male eva pilot moved towards his fiancée, bringing his lips onto hers. Shinji then wrapped his arms around the redhead, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss. The world around them disappeared as the two kissed, momentarily forgetting all their problems and just enjoying the other's affection.

It was almost the end of lunchtime and Kensuke was heading back to the classroom. However the young boy noticed the blue haired albino walking towards him. Stopping in his tracks Kensuke just looked at her surprised. When Rei finally walked up to him she addressed him.

"Aida, I have been thinking about your proposal and have come to a decision" Rei started.

"What's your decision?" Kensuke asked holding his breath.

"I accept your proposal and will accompany you to the cinema" Rei answered.

With that the female eva pilot walked off without saying another word while the young boy allowed a smile to form on his face.

Shinji and Asuka were still kissing passionately when the bell rang. They were so wrapped up in each other they hadn't heard it. It came as a surprise to the students when they saw the two eva pilots smooching each other; it wasn't often they publicly displayed affection. No one said a word, not daring to disturb the redhead.

"Ahem! Class is starting!" Hikari said interrupting the two.

The two jumped, a little shocked. They both blushed as they realised all the students were watching them. The two eva pilots quickly moved off of each other, with Asuka going straight to her desk.

"Sorry didn't hear the bell Hikari" Shinji replied, bowing.

"Just go to your seat Shinji, class is about to begin" Hikari stated.

No sooner had the class representative said this when the teacher walked into the classroom and everyone fell silent. Hikari stood up and said her usual "Rise! Bow! Sit!" followed by the teacher resuming where he left off before the lunch break.

Shinji sat in his chair smiling slightly; he had finally gotten his deep ridden guilt off his chest and had a little fun with Asuka as a bonus, today was definitely looking up. Unfortunately though he still had to endure this wearisome lecture, even if he learnt some things occasionally, it was far too dreary to make up for it. Looking at his laptop, he saw that someone had sent him a message.

What were you doing all lunch with Asuka :D?


Sighing, Shinji didn't even bother replying to his friend's teasing, even though this time he actually had done something. The young boy then looked over at the topic of discussion and noticed the redhead was looking a little unwell; she was holding her forehead and she looked a little pale.

'She was fine just a few moments ago, is she sick?' Shinji thought, thinking back to this morning.

Apparently the teacher had noticed as well as he addressed her. "Miss Langley, are you feeling well?" the teacher asked.

The redhead in question decided she wouldn't pass up a chance to escape from this mind-numbing session and she wasn't feeling that good anyhow. "Not particularly" Asuka answered straightening up a bit.

"Then you may go to the infirmary and choose someone to come with you" the teacher replied.

"Shinji" was all she said as she stood up slowly.

Shinji stood up as well and walked over to Asuka's desk. The two eva pilots then walked over to the classroom door together and a few people whispering to each other could be heard. Opening the door the couple exited the room and closed the door behind them. Shinji turned to walk towards the infirmary, however soon realised Asuka was heading in the opposite direction.

"Where are you going Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"To the toilet, I don't feel like being nursed" Asuka answered.

"But aren't you sick?" Shinji asked concerned.

"I just feel shitty and I wanted to get out of that class, I'll be fine" Asuka replied.

Shinji couldn't say he wanted to stay any longer either and didn't really see a point to argue with her now. "Ok, but tell me if you start feeling bad alright?" Shinji requested.

"Yes yes, let's go" Asuka said pulling him towards the female toilets.

The two teens walked together, hand in hand down the corridor towards their destination. Upon arriving Shinji stood outside the door while Asuka went in to freshen up a little. The young boy insisted that the door stay slightly open just in case something happened as no one else had decided to come to the toilet at this time.

All was silent for a moment as the young boy stood there patiently. Suddenly he heard Asuka running and the sound of a door slamming open. Alarmed the male eva pilot opened the door and entered the bathroom. He soon heard the sound of retching coming from one of the cubicles and headed over to it. Inside the cubicle the sight of Asuka hunched over the toilet came into view. The redhead looked a little shocked; she totally had not been expecting it. Wiping her mouth she stood up unsteadily, supporting herself on the wall; her faced looked even paler than before.

"Are you ok Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"Stupid question of the year" Asuka replied sarcastically.

The young boy smiled a bit, seeing that she still had enough strength to tease him.

"Well what's wrong Asuka? You said you were feeling just a little unwell" Shinji asked worried.

"I don't know, I was feeling sort of dizzy in class and just now I just had the sudden urge to vomit. Gosh I haven't felt this bad for a long time" Asuka answered.

"Well you were a little moody today…did you umm…have your period?" Shinji said quietly.

The young girl wasted no time in slapping Shinji, however in her current state it caused her to fall into the boy and he caught her.

"Are you trying to piss me off you baka? For your information I still haven't had my period yet and besides if I did, there's no way in hell I'd let you fuck me" Asuka shouted at him angrily.

"Well can you think of anything that could be causing this? Did you eat something off?" Shinji asked.

"No I can't think of anything that would make me feel sick" Asuka answered.

"Yeah besides your German stomach can handle anything, except LCL maybe, every time I swallow that by accident it makes me feel really sick" Shinji replied.

Asuka's eyes widened in sudden realisation. "LCL! LCL you fucking stupid moron! I can't believe you did this to me!" the redhead yelled at him, beating her fists against his chest.

"Calm down Asuka! What are you talking about?" Shinji said completely confused.

"How stupid are you? LCL acts as a contraceptive remember? We stopped piloting the Evangelions one week before that night in the apartment!" Asuka said in disbelief.

Only one thought went through Shinji's mind as the news was revealed.

'Holy shit'



"You stupid baka! Why are you always so clumsy?" shouted a clearly irritated redheaded woman.

The atmosphere inside the house had suddenly become tense. The 'baka' in question looked up from his place on the floor smiling sheepishly.

"Come on Asuka, it's not that bad. I promise I'll clean it up" the brown haired man replied timidly.

"I couldn't care less about the mess on the floor! You spilt that coffee on me and one of my favourite dresses!" she shouted even louder as if to make sure her point got across.

Wincing from the pain in his ear, the man got up to confront his wife, but was interrupted by another redheaded girl, only this one was a lot younger.

"Daddy why does mummy always shout at you and call you baka?" the child asked innocently.

The man couldn't help chuckling as he gently patted his daughter on the head. Asuka, however, saw this as an opportunity to 'educate' her child.

"It's because he is one. He is the biggest moron to ever walk this planet," Asuka said smirking.

The young girl turned around to face her mother, her forehead creased in confusion.

"I think daddy's pretty cool and if he's so dumb why did you marry him?" asked the child curious, holding her father's arm.

The father thought it was best not to laugh out loud this time, in case he might feel his wife's hand across his cheek; it didn't stop him from smiling however. Though he could see this question had caught Asuka by surprise. Yet she soon recovered and looked down at her child smiling.

"Beats me. It just seemed like a good idea at the time" she said smiling smugly.

"Asuka!" the father said slightly annoyed.

"What is it Shinji?" she asked innocently.

"Don't lie to your daughter," he said.

"What are you talking about?" she asked pretending to be confused.

Shinji just sighed and let go of his daughter. The young man went over to the cupboard to take out some materials to clean the coffee that he had spilt on the floor. While Shinji was busy, Asuka bent down so that she was eye-level with her child.

"I'll tell you a secret," Asuka whispered to her daughter.

"K" the child replied, holding her hands behind her back.

"I married your father because I loved him and because he loved me, it's as simple as that. Don't worry about me calling him baka, it's my nickname for him. Now go and hug your dad and show him how much you love him," Asuka whispered.

"Sure mum!" the child said happily.

The child eagerly walked over to her father and tugged at his trouser leg. Shinji turned around and looked down at his daughter inquiringly.

"What is it Teri?" he asked.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love you very much," she said proudly, putting her hand on her chest.

Shinji smiled happily and bent down to hug his daughter warmly, kissing her on the forehead affectionately. The young girl giggled and Shinji let her run off around the house again. The young man then turned back around and took out the cleaning utensils he had found. Walking back over to his wife, he placed the equipment on the table and turned to face her.

"So what did you tell her?" asked Shinji curious.

"Nothing" Asuka replied smirking.

"Really?" he said moving closer to her.

"Really" she replied, poking him in the chest.

Shinji closed the distance between them and their lips met. Asuka put her arms around his neck, whilst he held her waist. As the couple deepened their kiss, Shinji's hand slowly began to move up her thigh.

"Ewww mum and dad are kissing again!" shouted a young boy. His hair was brown with streaks of red in it.

Shinji and Asuka instantly parted blushing.

"For that you're not getting any dinner Kyou!" Asuka shouted back at him.

"But that's so unfair!" the boy whined.

"Maybe it'll teach you to respect your parents," she said smiling arrogantly.

Unable to argue with his mother, Kyou walked off grumbling to himself. Shinji looked at his wife slightly amused.

"You don't need to starve our son just for that, besides maybe it was good he stopped us" he said teasing her.

"Please, as if I would let you do that right out in the open" Asuka said rolling her eyes.

"You never used to mind where we did it" he said seductively.

"Yeah but that was before we had three children" she said pushing him off her.

"Three?" he asked confused.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you managed to get me pregnant a second time. Can't believe I have to go through it all over again" the redhead remarked sighing.

"Come on it's not so bad" he said playfully.

"Hah yeah, you're not the one who has to go through the pain of giving birth. It's bad enough that you kept calling me fat you bastard, I even had to push out two on my first pregnancy" she said giving him a glare.

"I didn't mean anything by it Asuka, I was just playing with you" Shinji replied grinning at her. "So when did you find out?" he asked.

"Just yesterday actually" she answered.

"Are you sure? How did you know?" Shinji inquired.

"What's with the twenty questions? You don't like talking about that subject" Asuka retorted.

"What do you mean?" Shinji said confused.

"Remember when you came home and saw me breastfeeding Teri and you fainted?" Asuka reminded.

"Come off it! I had never seen you do something like that in my life. Can't you just tell me?" Shinji said getting annoyed.

"Look I missed my period and so I took a pregnancy test, wala I knew I was pregnant. Now stop asking stupid questions" Asuka said with finality.

A silence formed between the two inside the kitchen. Shinji decided to use this time to clean up his mess while Asuka went and changed her clothes, putting her dirty ones in the wash. When the redhead finished she returned the kitchen to see her husband putting away the cleaning materials in the cupboard.

"Do you know what day it is today?" he asked suddenly serious, turning around to face her.

The expression on Asuka's face changed completely as she frowned slightly. She looked up at her husband with a hint of sorrow.

"Yeah how could I forget, we saved the world today. So when are we going to visit the graves?" she asked him.

"I was thinking straight after Rei arrives to babysit" Shinji suggested.

"You you know it still amazes me to see how motherly Rei is. Kensuke must be loving it" Asuka said smiling slightly.

"Mmm" was his response.

"Are you going to see your father's grave this year too?" she asked with a little spite.

"Yeah" he answered.

"I still can't understand why. That bastard doesn't deserve to have you visit his grave" she spat.

"Well he is my father and he did help us get back together after all" Shinji replied.

"What do you mean 'back' together? We never broke up on account of the fact we were never together before you faked your death and we've been together since" Asuka said perplexed.

"Sorry I meant he helped us get together" he said a little too quickly.

Asuka looked at the man suspiciously, after being his wife for all these years she could now tell when he was lying; his master ability had been beaten by her. As such the redhead could tell he was hiding something.

"Cut the bullshit Ikari, you tell me right now what you meant by that statement," she said threateningly.

"What do you mean?" he asked timidly.

"Don't 'what do you mean' me, you know precisely what I mean. I can't believe that you still had a secret that you 'forgot' to tell me. It's not nice to keep information from someone just because they can't remember it, especially if it's your wife!" Asuka said heatedly.

Shinji really didn't have a way out of this one, he had to say something. Racking his brain the young boy could think of nothing; karma had caught up to him at last.

"Errr, I need to go to the toilet," he said trying his best to sound sincere.

Asuka saw straight through it but decided she would let him anyway.

"Alright but once you finish, you're telling me what happened" she demanded.

"Ok ok" he said as he began walking off to the bathroom door.

His 'lovely' wife followed him on his journey to the toilet, well more like temporary escape from Asuka's wrath. Upon arriving at the bathroom, Shinji opened the door and entered inside, closing the door behind him. The young man looked about frantically wondering what the hell he was going to do. He momentarily considered climbing out the window, but then realised it was far too small for him to fit through. He sat down on the toilet and smiled weakly to himself.

'How do I get out of this one?' he thought.

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