Summary: Companion to Just one of the Guys. Adam's always loved Julie and when she comes back with a new look, and a new attitude towards her place with the team, will he be able to handle it?

Author's Note: Hey all! Took me a while to get this where I wanted it to be, but I think its good. It's basically the same story as Just One of The Guys, but from Adam's POV instead of Julie's, so it starts out a little later too. He is going to come off as kind of a jerk, but hey, he's a guy, so what can you do?

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The Girl That This Guy Always Wanted

Chapter 1: New Year, New Girlfriend

Ok, so, don't freak out. She's still Julie right? I mean, sure she looks different, but I mean she's still the same girl I've known for two years. She couldn't have changed that much. It's just new clothes. Not a big deal.

Except that she looks really hot in them. Like really hot. Absurdly hot. I always thought Julie was pretty, not gonna lie. But like I saw her today when I walked in and it was like, WHAT? But it doesn't change the fact that she's Julie, and she doesn't even know I exist. Well, she knows I exist, I guess, cause you know, we're friends and all, but that's it, we're FRIENDS. To her I'm just Banksie, that really awkward kid on the hockey team. I did manage to tell her she looked nice, so that's something. And this summer wasn't exactly a nothing for me. Stuff happened. Good stuff, I grew up, kind of.

"Hi Adam," Oh no, that voice. It's Bailey. I feel sorta bad about that whole thing.

"Uh, hi," I mutter. "How was the rest of your summer? Was home good?"

"Yeah," she says, "How come you didn't,"

"I got pretty busy," I say quickly. I am aware of how skuzzy what I did was OK? I mean, hooking up with a girl three times and then promising to call her, but when it comes down to it not calling her, it's a very Portman or Luis move, not so much something I would do. "I'm sorry."

"It's OK," she giggles and smiles. She's so cute, I kinda want to kiss her now. "Listen, um, now that school's started, I was thinking," the bell rings. Thank God.

"I'll see you later," I say quickly and run the other way. I know what Bailey was thinking. She wants to go out. I don't exactly blame her, I mean, we spent a lot of time together this summer, and did I mention the making out? Three different times. And I like her, a lot, I mean she's great she's just not, well, Julie. But who am I kidding? Like Julie Gaffney would ever want to go out with me!

"So, how was Bailey?" Charlie asks me as we ride the bus back to my house after school. "She freak because you didn't call her?"

"No," I say, I don't know why, but the guys seem to think that Bailey is some kind of psycho. "She was really nice about it."

"Did you see Julie?" Charlie raised his eyebrows, "What do you think happened there?"

"I saw her," I mumble. Most of the team knows how I feel about Julie. I've sworn them to secrecy, although Connie giggled for about twenty minutes when she found out. Girls are completely weird. "And I'm sort of worried. I mean, Julie was always sort of modest. What do you think happened this summer?"

"She's hot dude," Charlie shrugs, "She always has been. I mean remember at your pool last year?" Do I remember the pool last year? Is he joking? Julie was wearing a bikini, and I couldn't string a sentence together. On a slightly embarrassing note, I had to jump right in the water when she came out, to hide um, something. "You should just ask her out man, what's the worst that could happen?"

"She says no," I say, "And then we're awkward around each other for God only knows how long, and the team suffers."

"As Captain, I give you a dispensation," Charlie shrugs and then looks out the window. "Crap! Gotta go."

"You're still two stops away." I say confused.

"Linda's not," he shakes his head. Ah, right. "She's pissed about something, I think she caught me eating that hamburger." Linda sort of insists that Charlie share her principles. Personally, I don't think its worth it, since Linda's kind of a bitch, but Charlie doesn't seem to mind.

"Hey guys," Guy smugly walks over and sits down with us. We shake our heads. Since he and Connie started having sex Guy's entirely unbearable. Not that he like talks about it or anything, he just has this really smug attitude. Just because, well, I don't really want to have sex with Bailey and Linda says she's waiting until she's sixteen at least, if not for someone who can show he can be serious about something other than a hockey team, he seems to think he has something over us. "So, what's the big decision Banksie, Julie or Bailey? The beautiful and totally cool blonde who you've been crushing on forever and over the summer transformed herself into something of a sex kitten, or the cute but slightly psycho brunette, who over the summer let you touch her boobs?" I sigh.

"Guys leave it alone OK?" I say, "I'm gonna talk to Bailey tonight, and tell her I just want to be friends,"

"And Julie?" Guy asks.

"Sticking to the love her from afar thing," Charlie says shaking his head.

"Dude! Really?" Guy says, shaking his head. "Freaking chicken."

"I missed you," Bailey giggles, when I arrive back at school, I told her I wanted to talk, but so far she's done most of the talking. "So, oh my God! Did I tell you about Julie Gaffney?" Julie? What about Julie? She realized she has really awesome legs, and that it's OK to show them?

"Um, no you didn't," I say, "Why? What happened?"

"Apparently," she giggles, "She's pairing with Ben Forrester for chem this year. She told me at dinner last night." Ben Forrester? Ben Forrester is so the wrong guy for Julie! He's a useless pretty boy, not to mention he's a total dick about girls. I know I shared a locker room with the guy for half a season. All he ever talked about was who he was going to score with that weekend. He was particularly fond of his lab partner, who apparently had a huge chest. "I mean, I know she's your friend, so I figured you'd want to know." Yeah, well, fine, Julie wants to hook up with Ben Forrester that's her problem. "Anyway, you wanted to talk, what's up?" I smile at her, so I guess Julie's out of the picture.

"Yeah, Bails," I mumble, "I was wondering, if you wanted to go out." She looks totally overjoyed.

"Oh Adam!" She throws her arms around my neck and kisses me. So this isn't so bad. "Of course! I can't believe it!" She kisses me again, see this is why we hooked up all those times, she just starts kissing me, and its not like I'm going to stop her, "I was starting to think I'd never have a boyfriend, and after this summer, when you didn't," She kisses me again. Wait? Boyfriend? I do not recall saying anything about being her boyfriend. I said I wanted to go out, as in on a date, like see a movie or something. But I guess, I could do the boyfriend thing. I mean, Bailey's great. "I didn't think that you were going to ask me, because well, I mean," she looked down, "I thought maybe that you didn't like me like that."

"No, Bails," I shake my head. The thing is I really do like her. "I like you like that. Of course I do, come on, do I seem like the kind of guy who would hook up with a girl I don't like like that?" She smiles.

"No you don't," she says and kisses me, "You're so sweet, that's why I like you." I smile. I'm sweet. That's nice. Except I can't get this thought out of my head, even as I'm kissing Bailey. Julie and Ben Forrester, there's just something so wrong about it.

The next day in English class Julie sits down next to me and smiles. I look at her curiously. She looks back at me. I smile.

"So," I nod, "Um, so you and Ben Forrester huh?"

"How did you know?" She looks at me, she's blushing.

"Bailey," I say simply. Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up. "You really like him?" I try to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"Yeah," she says defensively, "I do."

"He's kind of a tool," I point out, "I was on a team with him remember."

"Adam, Ben's really great!" She says, as if she's trying to calm me down. Yeah, I know how great he is.

"Did he ask you out?" I say flatly. I know what kind of guy he is so I know the answer. "Or did you just make out with him?" Her face is bright red. Oh God, now she's pissed.

"That's none of your business!" She says sharply. "I mean, you just asked Bailey out yesterday and you two have hooked up before."

"Yeah, well," Crap! She got me, and its not like I can tell her why I never asked Bailey out before. "That's because, I" whoa, hold on, I was about to tell her. "Look its different OK?"

"Fine whatever," She says, slamming her books on the desk. I'm going to tell her at least part of the truth at least. The bell rings, too bad, I've got the nerve up.

"Look," I whisper, "I just think it's stupid that you're all over this guy who didn't even know you existed until he saw your boobs." There, it's out there.

"At least he noticed at all!" She hisses at me. Hey! I noticed, I definitely noticed.

"Oh yeah, we don't ogle you like a piece of meat so obviously none of us notice you." I roll my eyes, "I told you you look nice and Portman tells you you have a great rack all the time!"

"Because that's the same!" She says, her voice heavy with sarcasm. Well, I guess it isn't. "Why do you even care?" Why do I care? WHY DO I CARE? I dunno, could it be because I've been in love with you since I was twelve?

"I just do OK?" I snap at her. If she's going to be all PMS with me, I'll shoot the attitude right back, I don't care.

"Fine." She says and faces front. Wow, that was horrible.

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