8.08 The Crash of '29

Previously on the Gilmore Girls...

LORELAI: How is your new job?

RORY: It's going great so far. I really like the people, they are so much fun...but...


RORY: ... there's this guy. I don't get a good vibe from him... (a shot of Nate walking away as Rory tries to engage in some conversation)


PARIS: (Curiously opens one of the folders) Who is Nathan DiLuca?

RORY: One of the editorial columnists at the Courant.

PARIS: What's the story on this guy? Why do you hate him?

RORY: I don't hate him.

PARIS: Sure, you don't. Do you like him?

RORY: I don't even know him.


LUKE: You left for work very early this morning… what's going on with you?

LORELAI: Nothing's going on with me.

LUKE: Are you sure?

LORELAI: (Fakes a chuckle) Yes, I'm sure.


LORELAI: (Wanting desperately to confide in someone — even if it's Emily, she holds back her tears) I think I may be pregnant.

EMILY: (Even more surprised) What?


EMILY: (Swallows a bit before she speaks) Well?

LORELAI: (Cautiously) Déjà vu. Only 23 and a half years later.


LORELAI: I'm pregnant, Luke.

LUKE: (Pulls back a bit) What?

LUKE: I'm going to be a father… again.

LORELAI: Yes. But this time you get to experience it all.


LORELAI: Luke and I are having a baby.

Everyone hears a sudden squeal on the phone, and everyone except Rory pull back a bit. Rory chuckles. Richard is taken by complete surprise and looks at Emily.

APRIL: (Makes a guilty face) Oops. Sorry everyone. This is great news!

RORY: (Extremely happy) Oh my god, mom… Luke! This is great news!


RORY: (Cell phone rings) Oops… it's me… (she pulls her cell phone from her jean pocket and sees an unfamiliar number – then looks up at Richard and Emily) I will take this outside.

RICHARD: (Just as Rory leaves, looks at Emily) I'm curious, Emily. Why aren't you more surprised at the news?

EMILY: (With a mischievous smirk) My daughter and I shared a secret for almost three days.



RORY: (Answers the phone) Hello?

LOGAN: Hello Rory.



Emily, Richard, Rory and Lorelai are at the table having a fine meal. The scene enters in the middle of their conversation.

EMILY: (Sincerely) Rory, once again... we apologize for not being in town on the week of your birthday.

LORELAI: (Quickly looks up at Emily) You're not in town next week?

RICHARD: (Offers) An old friend of ours is going to be in California next week. He has come down from Sorbonne to give a lecture at Berkeley. (Looks at Emily) We haven't seen him in a very long time... what is it, Emily?

EMILY: (Nods) Nine years.

RICHARD: Nine years. (Looks at Rory) I hope you forgive us, Rory.

RORY: Oh, don't worry about it... I'm completely fine with that. Besides, all I'm looking forward to this birthday is work.

LORELAI: (Looks at Emily again) So you're gone all week?

EMILY: (Annoyed) Yes, 'all' week Lorelai... is it such a difficult concept to grasp?

LORELAI: Oh... no no. It's just that we were scheduled to meet twice next week... and you mentioned nothing to me about being away.

EMILY: Well, now you know. Besides... I would've thought you'd be over the moon about it.

LORELAI: (Fakes a sad expression) How could you say that? I'm obviously very torn up about it.

EMILY: (Notices the sarcasm, and raises an eye) Of course you are. (Turns to Rory) Anyway, I hope you really aren't disappointed by this - Rory.

RORY: Grandma, really... I'm positive. Besides we can always have cake and celebrate next Friday.

EMILY: Speaking of which (looks at her wrist watch, then up at her husband) Richard, I believe it's time.

RICHARD: Oh! (Richard suddenly gets up off his chair and leaves the dining room to Rory and Lorelai's surprise)

LORELAI: (Looks at Emily as she gets up as well) What's going on?

RORY: (Emily dims the lights) Grandma?

RICHARD: (Carries a big scrumptious chocolate cake with 23 candles on it) Happy birthday, to you...

Emily joins in - and a smiling Lorelai follows.

Happy birthday, to you! Happy birthday dear Rory! Happy birthday to you!!

Rory blushes in surprise, as Richard places the cake in front of her - the maid quickly follows and sets plates and dessert utensils on the table.

RICHARD: (Smiling) Well, blow out the candles Rory.

RORY: (With her hands clasped) That's a beautiful cake!

LORELAI: (Impatiently, gestures) Blow it out already...

RORY: (Chuckles, and leans forward to blow out the candles. Richard turns on the lights as Rory gets up from her seat to thank her grandparents) Thank you so much! (She hugs Emily, then Richard). This was so nice of you!

LORELAI: (Nods) Yes... yes... very nice. (Impatiently) Can someone please cut that cake?

EMILY: (Raises her eyes at her daughter as Rory begins to cut slices of the cake) Patience Lorelai. (Emily takes a seat - so does Richard)

LORELAI: What do you expect? I'm eating for two.

RORY: (Smiles as she hands a plate each to Emily and Richard) This cake looks amazing.

LORELAI: (As she takes her plate) It does! (Looks at Emily and Richard before she indulges) This was so thoughtful of you guys.

Everyone waits for Rory to get her own plate.


LORELAI: (Thinking) I feel like we should start off with something. Maybe something major that happened on your birthday... something historical... important...

RICHARD: (Offers) Houdini's last performance before his death was on your birthday... I believe 81 years ago.

LORELAI: (Frowns) That's sad.

EMILY: Well that's a depressing topic.

RORY: (Nods) But it's true... he died not long after that.

LORELAI: (Tries to think of something) Come on, there has to something else...

RORY: (Offers) The stock market crash of '29...

RICHARD: (Nods) That's true. You birthday 1929 was "Black Thursday"...

Emily and Lorelai are clearly not uplifted by the two events.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Okay, well... I'm still going to eat the cake.


For you 'die-hard-remember-everything-that-happened-on-Gilmore-no-matter-how-insignificant-it-may-be' fans out there, in Season 1 - it is shown on the invitation that Rory's birthday was on October 8th. Also, in Season 6 - they make it seem like Halloween is a few days away. Considering how many inconsistencies surround this once favorite show, I took the liberty to make my own date (while still in October). Hope you won't mind.

Will update with second segment soon.

Meanwhile, speculations based on the very small Rory and Logan scene from last episode (and the preview of this episode) are welcome.