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Rory has just arrived at work, and is setting her messenger bag on the counter when her phone rings.

RORY: (Still standing) Hello?

It's Lorelai.

Scenes cuts between the porch stairs of the crap shack and Rory's cubicle.


RORY: (Smiles but has to move her ear away for a second to recover) Thanks.

LORELAI: Wow, 23 years old.

RORY: (Sits in her chair) Can you believe it?

LORELAI: (Exaggerates) Oh my god, you're old.

RORY: Which would also mean that you're ancient.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head as she states) I'm not ancient, I'm pregnant. Ancient people don't get pregnant.

RORY: (Teases) A sixty-year-old did get pregnant.


RORY: So what's going on?

LORELAI: (Starts to walk down the stairs and towards the garage) Not much… I just came over to check on things at the house… Luke wanted to talk to you as well… (as she makes her way closer to the slightly opened garage door) he should be in the garage… Lucas!?

As Lorelai peaks in, Luke hears her voice and hurries to cover something with a tarp. Lorelai enters the garage and is surprised to see Luke's sudden reaction.


LUKE: (Quickly) Close your eyes!

LORELAI: (Abides, unsure of what she's doing) Okay!

RORY: (Confused) Ugh, what's going on?

LORELAI: (Into the phone) I don't know, but my eyes are closed.

RORY: Huh?

LUKE: (After making sure that the tarp covered it all, he walks over to Lorelai – takes her shoulders and guides her out of the garage - then turns her around so that she won't be able peak in) There.

LORELAI: (Eyes still closed) Why am I closing my eyes?

LUKE: I will tell you later (looks at the phone) is that Rory?

LORELAI: (Slowly opens her eyes and nods) Yup… (holds the cell phone to Luke's ear)

LUKE: Happy birthday, Rory!

RORY: (Smiles) Thank you, Luke.

LORELAI: (Into the phone) Luke's making something and he won't show me what it is.

RORY: Oh… intrigue!

LORELAI: Indeed.

RORY: (Occupied in the conversation) Wonder what it is.

We see Nate come up to her cubicle with a folder in his hand. He sees Rory on the phone – and not wanting to disturb her, he leaves. Rory only notices him as he walks away.

LORELAI: I don't know what it is… (looking directly at Luke as he stands in front of her) but I hope I find out soon… After all, I'm not known to be a patient person…

RORY & LUKE: Agreed. (Lorelai raises her eyes at how in sync they were – then frowns).

RORY: (Suddenly whispers) Mom, I need to get back to work.

LORELAI: Oh sure… sure… don't forget about tonight… 7pm sharp!

RORY: (Nods) I won't forget… I promise. See you tonight.

Rory hangs up and sighs at how fast the past year had flown by. Then she turns in her seat to see if Nate's in his office – he isn't. She turns back around and tries to focus on her own work. But the phone rings again…

RORY: (Picks up) This is Rory.

It's Logan.

Scene cuts between Logan in his San Francisco apartment and Rory's cubicle.

LOGAN: (With his signature smile) Happy birthday, Ace.

RORY: (With a similar smile) Hey Logan… and thank you.

We see Nate, once again, arrive at her cubicle. This time Rory is completely oblivious. Nate sees that she's on the phone again – so he sighs and stands there looking at the paperwork in his hands - hoping it's a quick phone call.

LOGAN: (As he pours himself some coffee) What are you doing at work?

RORY: It may be my birthday, Logan… but I do have a lot of work to do. (Hearing these words, Nate looks up suddenly).

LOGAN: Oh, then I mustn't keep you on the phone. (Nate thinks for a bit… then disappears again)

RORY: Oh no no… I have a few minutes…


Nate enters the Lobby area where he sees the managing editor's secretary, Maggie.

MAGGIE: (Sees Nate as well and speaks up) Nate! I have a lot of mail for you today…

NATE: (Walks over to her) Oh yeah?

MAGGIE: It's tough to track you down even when you're in the building.

NATE: (Thinks) Hmm. I'm all over the place aren't I?

MAGGIE: (Nods) A little bit… yes.

NATE: (Takes the stack of mail, and starts to walk away) Thank you, Mags. (Then he remembers and takes a step back towards her) By the way, did you know today's Gilmore's birthday?

MAGGIE: (Surprised, she looks in the direction of all the offices) It is?!

NATE: (Nods) Just heard her on the phone. (Then he holds up the stack of mail) Thanks again.

Nate leaves the scene.


Lorelai is seen once again walking down the stairs towards the garage. In her hands are two mugs – presumably for herself and Luke.

LORELAI: (Stops outside the garage not wanting to peak in on what Luke's up to) Luke! I'm about to enter the garage. (Silence) Luke? Hmm. (Sighs)

STAGE DIRECTION: Lorelai tilts her head to quickly see if Luke's in there – he isn't. Not wanting to see what he doesn't want her to – she pulls back. But it's too late. She had caught a glimpse of something that attracted her attention. So, peaking once more was her only option… She takes a step into the garage gasping silently as she sees what's in front of her. Forcing herself to look away, she finds a table next to her to place the two mugs. Then she moves closer to the object, by which time the audience sees the object as well. An unfinished wooden highchair. Lorelai, completely mesmerized by the object, kneels next to it in wonder.

Luke enters the garage with some tools and sees Lorelai examining what he didn't want her to see… yet.

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes) Ah, geez!

LORELAI: (Quickly turns and stands up. Then looks at him as if he's the best thing in the whole world) Luke.

LUKE: (Walks closer and sets the tools on the side) I didn't want you to see it until it was finished.

LORELAI: (Keeps looking at him) I was bringing some tea and announced my entrance… but you weren't here. (Sighs) Luke.

LUKE: What?

LORELAI: (Adoringly) You made a highchair for our baby.

LUKE: (Occupied with the chair) Well, it's not finished yet. I saw the picture in a book (Lorelai smiles at how many times he's made things for her with a picture he had seen)… Anyway, I realize it's not the first thing he's going to need… (Lorelai is still staring at his face) but I will make a crib and maybe a rocking chair… or a horse or something later.

LORELAI: You know, it could be a girl.

LUKE: (Stops what he's doing, and looks at his fiancée – then smiles) Could be.

LORELAI: (Sighs, and steps closer and places her hands on his chest) You are amazing, Luke Danes.

LUKE: (Blushes – but places his arms around her) Yeah?

LORELAI: (Momentarily looks at his mouth – then directly into his eyes) You're going to be a great father…

LUKE: (Sighs, then looks at the object) Let's see how the highchair turns out.

LORELAI: (Chuckles at how he manages to take a completely romantic moment and turn it into self deprecation) Focus, mister. (Luke looks at her face) You and I have been so busy with the wedding, the house and everything else… that I wish we could just go away somewhere together… get away from all of this.

LUKE: (Amused) Isn't that what the honeymoon is for?

LORELAI: (Remembers) Oh… speaking of which…

LUKE: (Repeats) Speaking of which?

LORELAI: Kirk is counting the votes as we speak.

LUKE: (Confused and completely oblivious to Lorelai's town meeting shenanigans) Huh?

LORELAI: (Smiles) Never mind. (Looks at his mouth again, and pulls him towards her to kiss his lips)

LUKE: (As he slightly pulls away) What was that for?

LORELAI: (Mumbles) No reason… (then pulls him again and begins to kiss him further).

Scene Fades.


Rory is getting things together as she is about to leave work. As she places the messenger bag around her shoulder, Ken arrives at her cubicle.

KEN: Hey, Ror…

RORY: (Amused) "Ror"?

KEN: Yeah, you know… like "Roar" – I've decided that it's going to be your nickname.

RORY: (Still amused) Okay.

KEN: I hope you don't mind.

RORY: No one's ever called me "Ror" before… but I could get used to it.

KEN: Good. (Sees that she's ready to leave) Do you have a minute?

RORY: (Hesitantly) Actually I was going to leave for the day…

KEN: Yeah… yeah… it won't take long. I promise.

RORY: (Sighs) Okay (As Ken walks away, Rory places her bag back on the counter then follows him)

As Rory walks closer towards the lunch room – she begins to see a couple of balloons… and a spread of treats on the table. A few people (minus Nate) are gathered around the table.

EVERYONE: (As they see the birthday girl, they begin to sing – some off-tune) Forrrrr she's a jolly good fellow…. For she's a jolly good fellow…. For she's a jolly good fellowwwwwww…. Which nobody can deny!!!!!!

RORY: (Completely surprised, she gasps) Oh my… Wow! Guys?!

KEN: (Chuckles) Happy birthday, Ror!

RORY: Oh my god… thank you so much. Look at all that food… (Rob walks over to her)

ROB: Happy birthday, Rory.

RORY: Thank you Rob. I didn't expect this at all…

ROB: I'm surprised you didn't tell us it was your birthday.

RORY: (Smiling, she shakes her head) It was the last thing on my mind… really. Besides, it seems someone already knew.

ROB: (Gets distracted by another employee) Oh hey Ben… just the man I was hoping to run into… (looks at Rory) Excuse me, Rory.

RORY: (Nods, then walks over to Ken and joins him in filling up plates of goodies) This looks so good. How did you guys do it?

MAGGIE: (Enters the room with bottles of soda) Happy birthday, Rory!

RORY: Maggie… thank you!

MAGGIE: (Realizes) Oh no!

RORY: What?

MAGGIE: I forgot the cake!

RORY: (Chuckles) It's okay… this is all so very nice of you guys.

MAGGIE: I can't believe I forgot the cake?! It should've been the first thing I…

RORY: (Cuts in to calm down the 40-something woman) Really… Maggie… this is great. Thank you so much for all of this… (they get distracted by a grumbling employee) Don… are you okay?

DON: (As he fills up his plate with a few items) Oh yeah… no worries… happy birthday, Rory. (Begins to leave)

RORY: ...aren't you going to stay?

DON: (Looks at the spread on the table) I wish I could… but I have to pull an all night-er tonight. Scatter-brain just gave me the piece on Burmyanmar… and he wants it by tomorrow… can you believe it? Anyway… hope you have a great birthday. (He nods and leaves as Rory looks on disgusted)…

KEN: (Shows up behind her) Hey… so how's your birthday going so far?

RORY: (Not completely attentive – she turns to face him) What? I'm sorry I didn't hear you…

KEN: You okay?

RORY: Yeah… yeah… (Sighs) It's just that… I really wanted that piece…

KEN: What piece?

RORY: (Takes a moment to process) The piece on Burma…

KEN: (Realizes what it's about) Oh.

RORY: (Vents softly – away from the rest of the employees) I can't believe he gave it to Don. He doesn't even like his work…

KEN: Ror… come on…

RORY: He said he'd like to work on it with me… but then he turned around and gave it to Don…

KEN: I'm sure there's a good reason.

RORY: (Completely frustrated) He's a jerk… that's the only reason (Ken sighs – then clears his throat not wanting Rory to carry on)… Nathan DiLuca is a jerk… I can't believe he… (sees Ken looking behind her – she quickly turns to find Nate standing a couple of steps behind her – her face suddenly falls at the sight of the man)…

NATE: (Not wanting to create a scene, he looks at the spread of food on the table) Must be someone's birthday (looks up at Rory – who is frozen at his presence) Happy birthday, Gilmore.

RORY: (Swallows a bit) Thanks.

NATE: (Grabs a roll and begins to walk back to his office – he looks at Ken) Ken Chen… are we still on for tonight?

KEN: (Sympathizing with the situation, he subtly nods at his friend – then he looks at Rory and continues softly) Playing some hoops tonight.

RORY: (Unable to process, she nods – then she looks away) Wow.

KEN: (Sympathetically) That was awkward.

RORY: Why do I have this strange urge to go apologize to him?

KEN: (Shakes his head) I don't know why you have such a warped opinion about him, Rory. It's very surprising to me… Maybe it's justified… but…

They are once again interrupted by Maggie.

MAGGIE: Would you like something to drink? We've got all types of soda over there…

RORY: (Kindly) Thanks Maggie… this is all so nice of you…

MAGGIE: (Leans in to reveal) I'm just glad Nate overheard you on the phone… or else, we would never have known it was your birthday. (She then moves away and starts to mingle with the others).

Rory, surprised at what Maggie had just revealed, she looks at an amused Ken.

RORY: (Sighs, then places her plate on the table) I think I have some apologizing to do. I'll be back.

Ken smiles.

As Rory makes her way to Nate's office… she rubs her palms together to calm her nerves. Then she pauses a step away from the office… and takes a deep breath.

RORY: (With more confidence, she takes a couple of steps into Nate's office) Hey, Nate? Can we talk?

NATE: (On the phone, he holds up his hand to suggest that he's on the phone and cannot be disturbed) Yeah… definitely… No, I completely understand. (He looks up at her and raises his eyes as he listens to the person on the phone. Rory shakes her head at him to suggest that it was nothing).

Rory, realizing that she cannot undo what she had previously done (at least not tonight)… she turns around and walks away.


Rory (now changed into casual clothes) walks into a diner full of townies (at least some of them) and decorations. It's not a surprise party… but it's one that was arranged for her. Exhaustion is seen on her face as she is greeted by everyone wishing her a happy day.

LORELAI: (With two glasses – one of which looks like champagne and the other orange juice – walks over to her daughter) Rory!

RORY: (Smiles) Mom…

LORELAI: (Hands her the glass of champagne – then gives her a huge) Happy birthday, babe!

BABETTE: (Standing next to Lorelai) Yeah sugar. How old are you now? 21?

LORELAI: (Looks at Rory) Yeah… go with 21… it would make me two years younger.

RORY: (Smiles) It's 23, Babette.

LORELAI: (Frowns) Traitor. (Grins) Come on… you have to see the cake Sookie made for you!

The townies follow her to the counter. The lights go out… and everyone starts singing the Happy Birthday song. Sookie, with the help of Luke – brings out the large cake.

THE TOWN: … happy birthday, dear Rory!!! Happy birthday to you!!! (Everyone starts clapping).

RORY: (Sees that the cake is decorated as a newspaper with the headline reading "Rory turns 23!!!" – she can't help but smile at the extremely generous town) Aw, this is just amazing!

Scene cuts to a few minutes later.

The town is mingling – inside and outside the diner. Everyone is loud and chatty. Rory, Lorelai, Luke and Sookie are seated at the counter (Lorelai and Luke on one side – and the other two across from them) chatting away as well.

SOOKIE: … so after seeing Michel with a mascara brush… I managed to get him off my back by threatening to tell everyone about it. (The girls chuckles as Luke rolls his eyes).

JOE: (Interrupts) Hey Sookie… we're out of pumpkin rolls!

SOOKIE: (Rolls her eyes at her friends) I'll be back.

LORELAI: (Turns to Rory) What about you birthday girl? You've been quiet all evening. Long day at work?

RORY: (A bit shy at the spotlight, she nods) Long day at work… (looks down a bit) and I ran into something I may not be able to get out of…

LORELAI: (Concerned) What do you mean?

RORY: I called Nate a jerk … and didn't realize he was standing behind me.

LORELAI: (Sympathetically) Aw, honey.

LUKE: (Protectively) Was he a jerk to you?

RORY: (Sighs) Well, not really… which I later found out…

LORELAI: (Taps her arm) Okay, start from the beginning.

RORY: Well, there was this piece I wanted to work on with him…

LORELAI: Ooh, the Myanmar piece?

RORY: (Nods) Yes. As it turns out – during the surprise celebration, I find out that Don got the piece… and he was complaining about how it was due the next day… and… (sighs)


RORY: I complained to Ken about what a jerk Nate was… (shakes her head)…

LORELAI: Oh no… and he was behind you.

RORY: (Nods) He was behind me.

LORELAI: Was there a huge blowout?

RORY: No… he just wished me and left. Then I find out that he was the reason for the celebration.

LORELAI: (Makes a face) Oy...

RORY: Then I realized that when he came over to me earlier when I was on the phone… he probably wanted to talk about the piece… then overheard my conversation about it being my birthday and all… so he gave the piece to Don… by which time he had also talked to Maggie about my birthday.

LORELAI: (Sympathetically tries to revive the evening) At least we know if the journalism thing doesn't work out… you could always be the next Shylock.

LUKE: (Understanding Rory, he lowers his head and states) Rory, you will figure it all out. (Then he smiles and steps away to attend to the others).

RORY: It's just that we made progress, mom.

LORELAI: Babe, people have misunderstandings and quarrels at work all the time. You have to realize that it's nothing personal. It happens when people are stuck in a working environment for most of their day. You just have to move on and hope the next day is going to be better… which it will. It's all a part of being an adult.

RORY: (Smiles to hide her apparent discontent over the whole matter) You're right. I just need to get over it. (Looks around) I should go mingle or something.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Okay.

As Rory leaves the counter, we see her subtly pulling out her cell phone from her jean pocket. Kirk arrives at the counter and situates himself in front of Lorelai.

KIRK: Lorelai, I have finished counting the votes. (Luke hears this and walks over)

LORELAI: (Sits up) You have?! How does it look?

LUKE: (Confused yet again) What are these votes people are talking about?

KIRK: (Presents Lorelai with an envelope) In this envelope you will find the destination that received the most votes.

LORELAI: (As she takes the envelope, Lorelai makes a face ) It's sealed and everything. Kirk, you could've just told us … you know… verbally.

KIRK: (Steps back) If you would kindly excuse me, I think I saw a few more pieces of cake over there.

Kirk leaves.

LORELAI: (Looks over at Luke) He's so…

LUKE: (Offers) Weird?

LORELAI: …professional.

LUKE: (Points at her hands) Are you going to open that or what?

LORELAI: (Giddy, she sits up) Are you ready?

LUKE: I don't know if I want to see this…

LORELAI: (Slowly opens the envelope, reads the content along with Luke – then they look at each other) Sedona?

LUKE: As in Arizona?

LORELAI: (Confused) Yeah. That's odd… it wasn't even on the list.

Scene cuts to the exterior of the diner.

We see Rory exiting the diner as she starts to dial a familiar number. She moves away from the crowd outside as well. The chill makes her place one hand in her jean pocket.

RORY: (Holds the phone up to her ear and forces a smile) Hey.

It's Logan… in what seems to be the exterior of an upscale restaurant – dressed for the night.

LOGAN: (Speaks over the crowd next to him) Rory?

RORY: Oh, you sound busy…

LOGAN: (Looks around and the camera pans to his date) No, no… (chuckles) actually I'm sort of out right now. Is there anything wrong?

RORY: (Reads between the lines) Oh no… no… nothing's wrong. I just called… you know… to check in. Go back to what you were doing…

LOGAN: (Concerned) Are you sure?

RORY: (She smoothes her hair behind the ears) Yeah… yeah.

LOGAN: (As he takes his date's hand) Okay, I will call you later… okay?

RORY: (With a faint smile) Goodnight, Logan.

Camera fades as Rory stands on the sidewalk all alone.

Scene Fades.

Next week on the Gilmore girls

VOICEOVER: As one friendship blossoms…

LOGAN: (Smiling into the phone) Hey Ace.

RORY: (Smiles) Logan.

VOICEOVER: … the potential of another evaporates.

RORY: Ken told me everything… and I wanted you to know how amazing I think it is…

NATE: What? Now I get your approval? Funny thing is, Gilmore… I wasn't looking for it.

Camera on Rory as she looks on at Nate walking away.

VOICEOVER: However, on the brighter side…

RICHARD: (At the doorstep of the diner, he smiles) A very good morning to you, Luke!

LUKE: Uh, Richard?


LUKE: (Fakes a smile at Richard, who is at the counter – then walks over to Lorelai and speaks in urgency) What's your father doing here?!

LORELAI: Oh, I forgot to mention to you last night… he wants to spend the day with you.

LUKE: What?! (Richard raises an eye at Luke)


LORELAI: (To Luke) Is that Kirk sleeping on the sidewalk? (Luke looks out the window as well)


KIRK: (With a tear rolling down his cheek - and messy hair) My mother threw me out of the house and Lulu has left me.


A shot of Richard hovering over him as Luke attends to customers.

LUKE: (Annoyed he looks at Lorelai) I can't deal with this right now! I have Kirk and Lulu attend to!

VOICEOVER: Hilarity ensues as Richard Gilmore shadows his future son-in-law. Stay tuned for an all new Gilmore Girls next week.


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