It was a good thing the Marauders did stop calling Snape by his school nickname. Once they put aside their school grudges, the tension in the school dropped significantly. Lily was able to breathe easier now that she knew her first friend in the magical world and her husband weren't going to kill each other. Of course, they weren't the best of friends, just acquaintances.

It carried on past the rest of the summer. Because of Remus' cure, which Snape got credit for, Remus went back to teaching due to popular demand. It was more than Remus' cure that made the news. The resurrection of Lily, James, Cedric, Bertha, Elizabeth, and Charles made front page. Right next to the article about Harry defeating Voldemort.

In the first potion class of the year,

"We will be starting the Felix Felicis Potion. Who, besides Miss. Granger, can inform the class of it's purpose?"

Hermione didn't even bother to raise her hand. However, after a summer of being tutored by Lily Evans Potter, Harry did.

"Potter." Snape said reluctantly.

"It causes the drinker to become extremely lucky." Harry answered.

"Correct." Snape said before mumbling something incoherently.

Unknown to everyone, five points went into Gryffindor's hourglass.

Snape then raised his wand and swished it at the blackboard. A list of ingredients appeared.

"There's the list of ingredients. Get to it." Snape instructed.

The students went to the supply cabinet and got the material.

About halfway through the class, Snape went walking around observing the students.

"Get to work Malfoy." Snape said to Malfoy as the blond was getting ready to taunt Harry about parentage. "Potter! Watch where you put your material."

Harry looked and noticed a few ingredients were about to fall into the cauldron. He managed to save them just in time.

"Thanks for the warning." Harry said absentmindedly.

"You would have blown up the class." Snape scolded.

Neville timidly raised his hand.

"What is it Longbottom?" Snape snapped.

"Is - Is this right?" Neville asked.

Snape looked at the potion. He leaned over and sniffed it.

"It's coming along." Snape told the boy. "Get back to work."

Neville turned to Harry with a confused look. Harry merely shrugged.

He didn't think he'd EVER understand the Potions Master.

The End

A/N: Now that I've read the seventh book and know the truth about Snape, I decided I pick on him enough with the Potion Mistake Series. I felt he needed a break. So, he got it in this story.