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The Cat Came Back

Chapter 1: How Much is That Tiger in the Cage?

"You sure you don't need my help on this mission?" Shego asked from the Kimmunicator's screen for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Yes, I'm sure," Kim said, sounding a little annoyed. "It's not like this is the most difficult mission I've ever had."

"Yeah I know but still the more people out in the field, the faster it'll get done."

"Now you're starting to sound like Dr. Director."

Shego's form on the screen shuddered. "Alright, alright no need to insult me."

"Didn't mean it as one," Kim smiled a bit. "But honestly you need to ask yourself, do you really want your first mission back to be helping to find a missing tiger?"

She seemed to think about it for a second. "Yeah you're right. But next time..."

"Next time I promise you'll get to come along. For now just enjoy being able to relax at home with our daughter."

"Yeah I've been enjoying that long enough," Shego scoffed.

"No need to get snippy."

"Sorry it's just..." she stopped and shook her head. "Maybe I should just let you go. Got some things I need to get done around here anyway."

"That sounds good. I'll try to be home soon but if I'm late give Shin a kiss goodnight for me, alright?"

"You got it. I'll see you tonight then. Love you."

"Love you too," Kim returned with a smiled before shutting off the Kimmunicator and placing it back in her pocket.

"Trouble with the misses?" Ron asked, walking alongside her.

"Nothing serious I just think Shego's got a little cabin fever is all," the redhead replied with a dismissive wave.

"Guess I can understand that. She had been homebound for a long time. Hey, maybe if something comes up, say, Friday she could take my place as sidekick or partner or whatever you want to call her."

Kim quirked an eyebrow at him. "Is this you way of telling me that you and Bonnie have a date planned?"

"No, no, a thousand times no," Ron responded shaking his head. "Well yes."

"You know even if Shego did come along Bonnie would probably have to stay at the house to watch Shin."

Ron's expression fell at that revelation.

"Oh come on!" he cried out, throwing his hands up in the air. "Between her work at Smarty-Mart, my classes and saving the world with you, we've hardly had time for date in, like, two weeks. TWO WEEKS Kim!"

"Alright, alright," Kim said, waving her hands in a "calm down" motion. "If something comes up I'll drop Shin off at my parents so you two can go out on your date."

"Thank you."

"But you'll owe me."

"I'll add it the countless list of sodas I still owe you."

Kim chuckled at that remark as they walked through the zoo. She glad that their friendship had finally returned to a place where there was no awkwardness between them. It seemed his relationship with Bonnie was doing both of them some good. It made her more compassionate and it made him more confident in himself, something that even Kim herself couldn't have done. Though she admitted that she didn't try that hard while they're going out and instead of trying to help him with his bad habits she either ignored them or admonished him for them. If only she had taken the time to help him change like Bonnie had then maybe they would still be together.

Kim shook her head to clear those thoughts. The times for "what ifs" and "maybes" had long since passed. They're both in stable relationships with other people now and things were good between them again, that's all that mattered.

Well, that and the current mission they're on. The one that had brought them to the Bronx Zoo in New York after a rather frantic message was left on their website about one of their animals having gone missing. They had arrived shortly before the zoo closed and waited until everyone was gone before going to meet their contact. It had taken a bit of searching but they finally stumbled upon an African-American man dressed in a safari outfit and thick rimmed glasses standing by one of the habitats and waving to them.

"Hi, I'm Kim Possible and this is Ron Stoppable," she greeted as they walked up to him.

"I'm Brian Fellows!" the man greeted enthusiastically.

"Uh...alright," she said, a taken aback a bit by his excitement. "So Mr. Fellows, what's the sitch?"

"The what?"

"The situation. What's wrong?"

"Oh. That," he said gesturing to the habitat. "One of our animals is missing. Some kind of tiger I think. Bingally or something."

Kim quirked an eyebrow then peaked over to the plague displayed promptly in front of the habitat that named one of the animals inside.

"You mean Bengal tiger?" she asked.

"Yeah that's it."

"Alright. So do you have any idea what happened?"

"No. The tiger was here this morning and then when I came back it was gone."

"Are any of the other animals missing?"

"No just that one."

"Where are the other animals?"

"Oh they moved them somewhere else in the zoo. Like in Asia World or something."

Kim nodded politely while wondering how someone like that could be picked to work for a zoo. She stepped into the habitat with Ron following trepidly behind her, looking as if he was going to be mauled by some wild animal at a moment's notice. As they walked through the faux jungle environment, Rufus climbed out of Ron's pocket and up to his shoulder to see if he could help spot anything out of the ordinary.

"What is that thing?!" Brian cried out when he spotted Rufus.

"That's Rufus. He's a naked mole rat," Ron explained, feeling a bit weird that he had to explain it to someone who worked at the zoo.

"It's creepy!"

"Dude, don't you have a whole house full of them here?"

"I don't go in there, it's dark and scary. No telling what those animals could be plotting."

"Uh huh," the blonde boy remarked, casting an odd look over towards Kim.

Kim merely shrugged before looking out over the expansive habitat again.

"Okay this is going to take forever doing it the old fashion way," she muttered as she pulled out the Kimmunicator. "Wade, can you run a scan over this area and find something that doesn't belong?"

"Sure. Just hold it out towards the area you want me to scan," Wade replied helpfully.

She did as instructed and held the Kimmunicator screen out towards the field in front of her. A wide beam then shot out from it and scanned over everything it could. She did a full 180 degree turn to make sure they got as much of the area as possible then held it back towards her when the beam retracted. She waited patiently for a minute or two as Wade looked over the information.

"So?" she asked.

"So far nothing looks out of place but...wait I think I got something," he said, looking up at one of the many screens in his room.

"What is it?"

"It's by a hedge about a hundred feet to your right. It's kinda small though."

"Rufus?" Kim asked, looking over at the naked mole rat perched on Ron's shoulder.

"Gotcha!" he squeaked before leaping down and running towards the hedge.

As Kim and Ron watched him search through the underbrush, they failed to noticed that Brain had a spaced out look on his face and saw the whole thing very differently. In his mind, Rufus pulled back from the hedge and glared menacingly at him.

"We're coming to get you, Brian Fellows. Me and all my friends in the House of Darkness," the mole rat warned in a deep, ominous voice.

"No! Stay way from me you creepy pink thing!" Brian screamed out loud, causing both Kim and Ron to give him confused looks.

They were about to say something when Rufus came running back towards them with something hanging out of his mouth. He ran up to Ron's shoulder and spit out, making a few disgusted noises as he did so. Ron looked at the object in confused fascination before handing it over to Kim. She held it between her thumb and index finger as she examined it. It wasn't very big, about an inch wide or so, and was a light brown color and very dry. Her eyes widened in horror when she thought she figured out what it was.

"Oh! Don't tell me this is-" she started to scream.

"It's kibble," Wade's voice broke in, calming her down.

"Kibble?" she asked, looking at it again.

"Yep. Specifically dog kibble."

"You feed your tigers dog kibble?" Ron asked Brian.

"No we feed them steaks or midgets or something," the supposed "professional" replied with a dismissive wave of his hands.

"So then this must have come from our thief," Kim mused, cutting off any remark Ron would have made to Brian. "Any ideas on what kind of kibble it is?"

"From the scan it looks like it matches a brand called 'Mighty Mutt' kibble," Wade informed.

"'Mighty Mutt'?" Ron asked, stroking his chin. "Now I profess to not being much of a dog person but I don't think I've even seen an ad for that kind of kibble on TV. And I do watch a lot of TV. A lot!"

"I know," Kim said with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Doesn't matter how much you'd watch Ron, you wouldn't seen an ad for this kibble," Wade spoke up. "The company that made it has been out of business for a few years now."

"So we're looking for someone with a big stockpile of it?" Kim asked.

"Not necessarily. Out of all the plants that made that brand of kibble, there's still one that's drawing power. And it just so happens to be located in New York."

"Convenient!" Ron quipped.

"So how far away is it from here?" Kim asked.

"Just a few blocks actually."

"Within walking distance?"

Wade looked at his screen closely before answering. "If you don't mind a bit of a hike."

"Well I've got no problem with it. Ron, you up for it?"

"If I said 'no' would it really matter?" he asked, a bit downtrodden.

"Not really. But think of it this way, it's good exercise that'll help you burn off those extra naco platters you had the other day. I'm sure Bonnie would appreciate that."

He thought about that for a moment. "Yeah you got a point there. Plus it'd make room for even more nacos!"

"Nacos!" Rufus cheered.

Kim shook her head with an amused smile then turned back to less than informative contact.

"Don't worry Mr. Fellows, we'll get your tiger back for you in no time," she assured him.

"You just keep that pink thing away from me and we'll be fine," he remarked, pointing at Rufus.

"Riiiight. Well come on Ron, we better get going."

With that, the two teen heroes made their way to the staff exit of the habitat and back through the rest of the zoo. When they were halfway there, Ron looked back at the now tiny looking tiger habitat with a weirded out expression on his face.

"Okay I know this is rude but wasn't that guy just a little..." he rolled is hand as he tried to think of the right word.

"Insane?" Kim guessed.

"Yeah that works."

"No kidding. I just...how did he ever get a job like this?!"

"Yeah that'd be like me trying to work in a zoo!"

Kim shuddered at that thought. "Don't even joke about that."


Elsewhere in the city, a mysterious figure leapt its way over the rooftops. If anyone in the New York had bothered to look up or if those living in the taller buildings looked out their windows, they might have noticed that the figure looked an a giant cat against the starry night. In reality, the figure was the city's own superhero Catgirl, who had recently joined the newly from Justice Squad headed by Global Justice. But she wasn't here on a GJ assignment. No, her prowling of the city's rooftops had to do with some unfinished business she had before joining the Justice Squad. No one else in the Squad or GJ knew of this mission. She knew it might get her in trouble, but she didn't care. This was something she felt she had to finish alone. It was her business, not the Squad's.

She went into a rather cat-like crouch as she landed on the ledge of the last building between her and her target. Unfortunately, as she surveyed the area she realized that the Might Mutt Kibble factory was a bit too far from her current location for her to simply jump to. Thankfully, that problem was easily solved. She held up her left hand and carefully aimed it at one of ledge of the other building. A quick flick of the rest later and a small grappling line shot out of the metal gauntlet on her arm and impaled itself into the concrete.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, Catgirl stood up then leapt off the building. She jerked her arm back slightly to activate the wenching mechanism that stopped her fall and safely pulled her upwards to the other building. After climbing over the edge she made a beeline for the curved vent opening sticking up out of the roof. She placed her hands on either side of the grated vent cover and pulled with all her might. A few strong tugs later, the cover came over with a loud rattling sound. She tossed it aside then crawled into the vent to find that it went forward for about three feet before taking a drastic turn straight down so far that she couldn't even see that bottom.

"Of course it does that," she muttered as she stared into the black abyss. "God forbid things go too easy, right?"

Sighing in resignation, she scooted back out of the vent then held onto the top of the opening before sliding herself back inside, this time going feet first. She shimmied her way to the edge again then sat up and stared down the shaft once more. She looked a bit uneasily at her gloves hands for a second before she popped the small claws hidden in the finger tips and placed them on either side of the vent's walls.

"Here goes nothing I guess," she whispered. "Hope this works."

With that she pushed herself off the edge and coasted down the ventilation shaft with her claws digging into the sides to hopefully slow her decent enough so she would land safely. She kept her head down so as not to get buried by the sparks flying off her claws. In almost no time at all she reached the bottom with a dull, metallic "thud" that echoed in her ears. She took a moment to both let her heart stop racing and to let the ringing in her ears subside before taking a look at her new surroundings. Thankfully, enough light pipped in from the various grants placed throughout the ventilation system that it allowed her to just make out where she was going. Before she started to move, though, she held out her hands towards the light so she could carefully examine the tips of her claws.

"Huh. Not even a little dull. Score one for GJ upgrades," she mused before retracting her claws and slowly crawling forward.

She tried to move as stealthily as the animal she took her name from, but it was rather difficult with the metal making loud popping sounds as it warped around her weight as she moved. Just as she was thinking of trying an alternative route of sneaking around the building, a grate gave out beneath her and almost sent her plummeting to the metal floor several feet below her. She was saved by her quick reflexes alone that enabled her to reach out and grab the edge of the opening just in the nick of time. She shuddered when the banging noise the cover made as it hit the floor below her seemed to fill the entire room. She knew that was definitely going to draw someone's attention.

Thinking fast, she fired her grappling line at a nearby catwalk that surrounded an "Exit" door. She swung over to it and just as she was about to climb onto the catwalk, the door swung open and two large and well dressed men stepped onto it. They looked from side-to-side as they tried to find the source of disturbance at least one of them heard.

"I'm tellin' ya I heard something in here," one of the insisted, looking around suspiciously.

"And I'm telling you, you're getting paranoid," the other scoffed. "No one's coming for us cause no one would even think too look here."

"Oh really? Then what's that about smart guy?" the first one remarked, pointing to the missing vent cover.

"It probably fell off. Not like this place is in the best of shape."

"And all those noises I was hearing?"

"Probably the building settling. Like I said, this is the last place anyone would think to look for our operation. Probably why the boss chose it."

"I thought it was cause he was some kind of dog freak."

The second goon laughed as they both turned and walked back through the door. Had they searched a little more thoroughly they might have noticed Catgirl using the claws in her gloves and boots to cling to the bottom of the metal platform. She waited until she heard the door close and the sound of footsteps fade before letting out a relieved breath.

"Score two for GJ upgrades," she remarked then climbed onto the catwalk.

She pressed herself against the wall and peaked through the slim, rectangular window in the door to see if either the two men where still there or if anyone else was walking by. Seeing no one, she pulled the door open then darted inside and hid behind one of the sunken doorways. She peaked around the corner to see if anyone was coming and to get a better look at her surroundings. Judging from the dust coated tile floors, the chipped white paint on the walls, and the doors placed throughout the hallway, this use to be the administrative part of the factory. Dim light was provided by weak and/or flickering flourescent bulbs that were no doubt meant to use the least amount of energy possible to keep from people noticing this place was still drawing power. Of course that didn't do them a whole lot of good as her sources were able to find out about this place.

When she saw that the coast was clear, she darted for another door way and hid behind it for a few seconds before running towards yet another. She continued to bounce her way back and fourth throughout the hallway until coming on a turn that lead down another hall. She pressed herself up against the wall as flat as she could and was about to peak out around the corner when she heard a set of voices approaching. She tensed a bit and silently cursed her luck before she popped her claws and readied herself to attack. She waited for the voices to grow a little closer before springing forward and tackling one of the voices' owner. She had prepared herself for a long drawn out struggled with whoever she had tackled, so it was quite a surprise when the person rolled with the attack and sent her flying down the hallway. She was able to twist herself so she landed on her feet and slip down clawed hand over the tile to slow herself. Once stopped she was able to charge her opponent again but stopped when she finally got a good look at the other person.

"Kim Possible?!" she cried out in surprised.

"Catgirl?!" both Kim and Ron exclaimed, equally as surprised.

"What are you doing here?" Catgirl and Kim asked at the same time.

"I'm on a mission," again in unison. "Stop that!"

Kim held her hands up in the "Time Out" sign to stop them from talking together. Catgirl nodded and sheathed her claws as she walked up to her.

"Good," Kim nodded. "And by the way, jinx you owe me a soda!"

"What?!" Catgirl asked, taken by surprise.

"Yeah she does that," Ron explained.

"So what are you doing here?" the masked girl asked again.

"Like I said, Ron and I are on a mission," Kim repeated herself.

"And like I said, so am I."

"Are the rest of the Justice Squad with you?"

"Actually..." she paused, looking a bit guilty, "they don't know about this."

"So you're doing this alone?" Ron asked.

"Well yeah," Catgirl replied before giving him a slight smirk. "Why? You worried about me cutie?"

"I...uh...well...I mean..." Ron stammered, feeling a bit flush.

"I think what Ron means is, wouldn't it have been better for you to work with the Squad? So that you'll have someone to watch your back," Kim spoke up.

"Look I was doing this long before I joined the Squad. In fact this was the last case I was working before joining then and...well I just hate leaving loose ends, you know?"

"Actually yeah," the redhead agreed. "But since we're all here now why don't we just work together. They way Ron and I can help watch your back."

"Well I wouldn't mind having him watch my back. Or backside."

Ron continued to stammer nervously as his cheeks turned bright red. Kim noticed this and started to clear her throat rather loudly to try and get his attention. After a few seconds of this he finally seemed to notice as he looked at her in concern.

"You know KP you should really get the cough looked at," he advised her.

"Don't you think there's something you should tell her?" Kim asked, gesturing to Catgirl. "Something important? Something personal?"

Ron stared blankly at her for a moment before the hidden meaning of her words finally clicked.

"Oh. Oh! Right, yeah I guess I should tell her that," he mused.

"Tell me what?" Catgirl asked, feeling like she was missing something important.

"Well..it's just...I'm already in a relationship."

"You are?!"


Catgirl groaned and hung her head. "Well that's the story of my life. First really cute guy I meet in awhile and he's taken." She suddenly snapped her head up and started to look between Kim and Ron. "It isn't..."

"Isn't what?" Ron asked.

"Well I know when you two broke up Kim started dating a girl so I was wondering if..."

Again Ron's face went blank as he tried to figure out what the cat suited girl was talking about. He thought about Kim's situation and how that could possibly in anyway relate to him. Unless, of course she was trying to say...

"Oh! No! NO!" he screamed when he finally figured it out.

Unfortunately, such a strong, and seemingly offended, reaction turned him a hard glare from Kim.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!" he quickly clarified. "It's just that I have a girlfriend. Girlfriend."

"Oh. Well that still sucks for me, but I guess that's a good thing for you," Catgirl remarked.

"Okay, now that we have all that worked out, why don't we get back to the business at hand," Kim suggested in a mildly annoyed tone.

"Right," Catgirl nodded.

"Good idea," Ron agreed.

"So I'm guess since you came down that way there's nothing down there?" Kim asked Catgirl, pointing to the way the masked hero had just come from.

"Only the door leading to the factory floor," she confirmed.

"And we just came down that way," the redhead said, pointing to a corner on their left, "without seeing much. So I guess the only option that leaves us is..."

All eyes turned to the other end of the hallway where another corner turned to the right and lead down a third hall.

"That way," Kim and Catgirl said in unison.

"Jinx you owe me a soda!" Catgirl quickly said, just barely beating Kim to the punch.

"Ooh, niiice. Not many people can get KP on that one," Ron complimented her.


"Can we just go please?" Kim asked, pushing her way to the front of the group.

"Kind of a sore loser, isn't she?" Catgirl whispered to Ron.

"You have no idea," he whispered back.

The newly formed trio stealthily made their way down the third hallway and were surprised to see it as a empty as the other ones they had come through. This whole thing was beginning to feel a bit too easy and if they didn't know better they could swear they're being led into a trap. Still with no where else to go for now they continued onward but resolved to keep their guard up. After a bit the dead calm started to get to them, though, and against her better judgement Kim started up a conversation by asking something she needed to know.

"So Catgirl, what kind of mission are you on here anyway?" she enquired.

"I'm sure you guys have heard of dog fighting tournaments, right?" Catgirl asked back.

Both Kim and Ron nodded.

"Well apparently someone got the brilliant idea to do that to cats as well."

"You mean like little house cats? Cause that'd actually be kinda funny," Ron said with a chuckle.

Any humor he found in the idea was quickly forgotten when Catgirl suddenly spun towards him with an extremely angry glare on her face.

"No. It's. Not," she poked him in the chest with each word. "It's horribly inhumane, degrading, and most of all dangerous to these cats! They're starved, tortured, given animal steroids all for the sake of some perverted amusement for a bunch of sadistic freaks!"

"OK, OK, I'm sorry! Didn't mean to laugh!" Ron apologized as he frantically waved his hands.

Catgirl sighed and shook her head a bit. "No it's not your fault. As you can imagine I can take it pretty personally when someone mistreats cats."

"You don't say," Kim said off handedly.

"You making fun of me?" she asked, glaring at the redhead.

"No I didn't...alright maybe that came out sounding harsher than I meant it to. Sorry," Kim apologized as she ran her hand through her hair then muttered, "Maybe Shego is rubbing off on me."

"Interesting way to put it," Catgirl said with a smirk as she placed her hands on her hips.

Kim's cheeks turned red with embarrassment as she looked horrified by her remark's unintentional double meaning. She was about to say something in protest but decided against it with a shake of her head.

"How about we get back to the matter at hand?" she suggested. "You said that these people are using cats for some kind...underground fight club thing?"

"Yes," Catgirl nodded, growing serious again.

"Would they happen to be in the habit of stealing Bengal tigers for this thing?"

"Who do you think makes up their 'heavyweight division'?"

Ron and Kim looked at each other with shocked expressions.

"Then you mean...?" she started.

The masked girl nodded again. "Yep. Lions, tigers, panthers."

"Oh my!" Ron blurted out, drawing odd looks from the girls. "What? I couldn't help it."

"Anyway," Kim spoke up. "If you what you say is true then we definitely need to rescue those cats before they get hurt even more or they hurt someone else."

"Personally I figure if one of these jackasses gets hurt they deserve it," Catgirl muttered then sighed at the other girl's cross look. "But I guess we gotta do the hero thing, right?"

"Right," she said, determination evident in her voice. "So then let's get back to it."

The decision made, the trio again made their way through the twisting hallways of the office space. They continued to face no resistence to their intrusion and it was beginning to make them nervous. Kim and Catgirl kept their attention focused on the front while Ron was suppose to be looking out for the rear but was far too busy checking out Catgirl's own rear to notice anything around him. It was a mistake that cost him dearly as he failed to notice one of the doors behind him creep open and a pair of black gloved hands snake out. They wrapped around his mouth so that he couldn't call out to the girls as he was pulled back into the darkness.

The only reason they noticed he was gone at all was the sound of the door slamming shut causing them to jump a bit. They spun around in unison and stared down the now empty hallway behind.

"Ron?!" Kim called out in concern.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be the signal for several dozen well dressed henchmen to pile out of the doors and fill the hallway. Kim and Catgirl immediately went into defensive stances as they evaluated their situation.

"Not much room to maneuver in there," Kim whispered to her.

"Guess that means we'll just have to be more direct," Catgirl whispered back as she unsheathed her claws.

"Don't go hurting people unnecessarily!"

"I think this is going to be necessary."

Kim was about to offer a rebuttal when one of the large men came at her and swung a brass knuckled fist as her. She easily back flipped away from the clumsy attack then launched herself forward and landed a punch of her own to his jaw, knocking him down. She then did a double spin kick that took down two more just before leap frogging over one that tried to tackle her. Taking out so many of them so quickly was actually working against her as the unconscious bodies started to pile up and litter the already crowded space. Eventually she found she couldn't preform her usual strike and move pattern and so had to try to use the henchmen's own force against them. As she struggled against one of the larger of the group, she failed to notice another one coming up behind her with a tazer until it was too late. She let out a quick scream as the electric current went through her body then slumped unconsciously into her opponent's hands.

Catgirl, meanwhile, had opened up with a slash across one of the goon's chest that cut his tie into ribbons as well as shred part of his shirt. He was surprised to see she even drew a little blood, but didn't have much time to think about it as her foot slammed into his face. She then leapt over two other henchmen who were charging towards her and quickly grabbed the back of their heads to smash their faces together. She kicked of their shoulders to send them crashing to the floor and back flipped to land on the ground in a crouch. Her leg right leg shot out in a sweep that tripped one of her attacks and she planted an elbow into the stomach of yet another. Her stride was broken, though, when she heard Kim cry out in pain.

"Kim!" she yelled, turning towards the redhead just in time to see her fall into the arms of the large goon.

This momentary distraction proved to be long enough for one of the remaining men attacking her to grab the tail of her costume and yank it as hard as he could. True to the reinforced kevlar lining Global Justice had sewn into her costume, the tail didn't rip off as it had in previous fights. Unfortunately, that meant Catgirl took the full force of the pull and it was enough to send her smack dab into a nearby wall, her head bouncing off of it with a slight "thud". As she started to lose consciousness the last thing she remembered seeing was a brown, black, and red blob walking towards her.


Kim woke with a start as she felt the lingering pain from the tazer attack. Now she remembered why she didn't use such devices herself. As the tingling sensations started to pass she took a good look around at her new surroundings. It appeared as if she and the others had been brought to an office somewhere in the factory. There wasn't much to look at just a large faded and splintered wooden desk in front of them and bare walls with chipped painted and indented outlines were pictures use to hang. To the left of the desk was a large picture window that actually looked fairly new and from what she could tell looked out over part of the old factory. Behind the desk and off to the right was an inner door that led who-knew-where.

When Kim turned her attention to herself and Ron and Catgirl, she saw they were all tied to three heavy metal chairs. Even Rufus had been taken out of Ron's pocket and tied down before being placed on the blonde boy's leg. Both their belts and Catgirl's gauntlets had been taken as well, no doubt for good measure on the villain's part. Still she struggled against her ropes to at least test them to see how strong they were. The answer turned out to be pretty strong.

"I wouldn't do that my dear. You'll just end up hurting yourself, and we wouldn't want that. Yet," a voice called from the darkness of the other room.

Usually the statement would have been one of menace, but the impossibly high tone it was delivered in made it more comical than anything else. It also told Kim right away who was behind all this.

"Falsetto Jones," she growled right as the other two woke up.

They all watched as a rather short African-American man with slicked back black hair and pencil then mustache walked into the office from the small conference room on the other side of the inner door. He had on his usual purple suit jacket with a lower case "f" and an upper case "J" embroiled in gold letters on the right breast as well as neatly pressed grey slacks and well polished shoes. It would have been an odd fashion choice for everyday life but as far as villains went it was actually a rather toned down look. He smirked as his captives as he sat behind the desk and placed his hands in front of him to rest his head on his fingers.

"So it seems we meet once again Kim Possible," he said in his trademark high pitched voice.

Any further villainous remarks he had were cut short but a loud, amused snort from Catgirl which quickly turned into all out laughter. Falsetto growled, which sounded like someone running their fingers over a balloon, having experienced this kind of reaction before when people first heard his voice. It annoyed him to no end but it seemed there was little he could do about it.

"Stop that!" he demanded, only to have the masked hero laugh even harder.

"Dude seriously what is up with that voice?!" she called out between her laughs.

"Freak helium accident," Kim informed.

"And I'll thank you not make fun of it," Falsetto Jones remarked.

Unfortunately for him, Catgirl continued to laugh.

"Stop it! You're killing me!" she pleaded.

"Now there's a good idea," a new voice called out from the conference room.

Whoever the new voice belonged to it was enough to turn Catgirl's jovial mood into a sour one in a split second. She stopped laughing immediately and an angry expression crossed her face as she starred at the person walking into the room. Kim and Ron focused their attention on them as well to see who would evoke such a strong reaction from the young superhero and were shocked at who they found.

They instantly recongized the leopard themed outfit, but for different reasons. Kim recongized it from the embarrassing time she had to wear it for when they snuck into the Villain's Annual Trade Show and Convention and Ron recongized it from how good she looked in it. Of course at the time they were still just friends but even so he wasn't blind. She looked good in that form fitting suit and the new girl in front of them looked just as good, only a lot more evil.

The suit itself remained basically the same, being a brown color with darker brown spots place all around it, elbow length black gloves and knee high black boots and of course a tail. She still had the matching skull cap with cat ears that covered most of her face but still showed of her forest green eyes and shoulder length crimson hair. The biggest difference between this girl's costume and Kim's was that the collar to the new girl's outfit dipped down a little lower to show off the top bit of cleavage from her moderately sized chest. She smirked at the captured heroes as she paused and leaned against the desk.

"Wait, wait, wait," Kim spoke up before anyone else could. "You mean to tell me there actually is a Sheela of the Leopard People?"

"Yep, that'd be me," the new girl replied.

"Oh she stole that from a comic book," Catgirl scoffed.

"Okay, that makes sense," Kim remarked.

"Oh come on! I'm a thief, it's what I do!" Sheela defended herself. "Besides do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a good villainous identity these days? Most of the good ones are already taken."

"Actually she does have a point there," Ron nodded.

"Thank you."

"Ron! What have I told you about complimenting the villains?!" Kim snapped.

"Oh right. Sorry KP."

"So what are you doing here anyway?" Catgirl snarled at Sheela.

"I take it you two have a bit of history?" Ron asked, breaking into the other redhead's answer.

"Oh yeah, we got history. We started about the same time in the hero/villain business and she was the first super villain I ran into."

"Imagine my surprise when I found another girl using the whole cat motif. And a hero at that!" Sheela remarked, shaking her head a bit.

"Better than a two bit thief."

"'Two bit'?!"

"You heard me," Catgirl said then smirked a bit. "Or should I tell them how the first time I caught you was when you're trying to rob a convenience store? And doing a lousy job of it, too."

"Shut up!" Sheela demanded as she moved forward and slapped the hero's face with the back of her hand.

Catgirl's head snapped back with the blow and when she recovered from it she slowly turned her head back to the other cat themed girl with a satisfied smirk.

"Touched a nerve, did I?" she teased.

Sheela raised her hand to strike her old foe again when Falsetto Jones spoke up and stopped her.

"Sheela! Get back over here and leave them alone!" he demanded.

She looked at him for a second then back to Catgirl and paused in a moment of indecision. Finally she lowered her hand with a dismissive scoff before she walked back over to the desk and sat on the edge with her legs crossed.

"Oh finally found someone to house break you, huh?" Catgirl prodded.

Sheela looked like she was about to attack again but held herself back.

"If you must know he's teaching me how to become a better thief," she informed him.

"Yes, I decided to take her on as my apprentice. Teach her a few of my techniques to help her improve her own," Falsetto Jones confirmed.

"And here I always thought you're more of a dog person than a cat person," Kim remarked.

"Oh I can't stand those mangy beasts."

"Mangy?!" Catgirl cried out in offensive. "I think you're confusing them with dogs pal! Those are usually the ones considered mangy. As in 'mangy mutt'."

"Hardly, my dogs are well groomed, perfectly behaved animals. Much more preferable to those loveless, disgusting creatures."

"Okay, first of all, they're not creatures, they're animals too. Smart ones. But I guess that's the problem, isn't it? Cats are too smart for you. Can't handle something that doesn't come to your beck and call like a mindless dog, huh? And what you call loveless is really just an independent streak. Cat's don't actually need people the way dogs do, they can survive perfectly well on their own. Dogs on the other hand need someone to tell them where and when to poop."

"At least dogs go outside instead of in a box in the corner."

"At least cats have the decency to bury their messes."

"Okay, not that this isn't the most fascinating conversation I've ever heard," Kim butted in, "but can you tell us exactly why you're doing this?"

"Well aside from just spite against all cats," Falsetto remarked, glaring at Catgirl for a second, "it also happens to bring in the big bucks."

"Really?" Ron asked, sounding unconvinced.

"Think about it. In those barbaric dog fights there's usually only a few breeds of large dogs fighting each other. But with cats you can do into much larger and varied breeds. Plus being able to watch a mountain lion fight a panther seems to be a big thrill for the audience. So I just give the people what they want."

"Yeah the sick and perverted people," Catgirl growled and looked over at Sheela. "I can't believe you're helping with this. And you call yourself a cat lover."

"Hey I like cats as much as the next gal, but I like money a whole lot more," she replied with a grin.

"So now that you've told us your big plan I guess this is the part where you place us in an over elaborate deathtrap, right?" Ron surmised.

"Not quite," Falsetto said, a sadistic smile slowly crossing his face.

"I don't like that look."

"Neither do I," Kim said nervously.

"You see I learned from our last encounter that the whole deathtrap thing is just too unreliable. Plus I think we can make an even bigger draw if we add you to the show."

"You mean...?" Ron asked, swallowing nervously.

"Yes. Just like the Romans of old, I'm going to feed you all to my lions and my tigers and my panthers."


Kim and Catgirl glared at Ron.


"Yeah, that I agree with," Kim remarked.

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes: Well folks after a quick detour to start up another KP universe, I'm finally back to the one that got me here, the "MI" universe. Probably not the grand return some of you were expecting as this will be a quick two chapter story that's meant to be just fun. You can think of it as a "filler" story if you like. Just wanted to do something light hearted before getting back into the large, angst filled stories that usually populate this universe.

And what better way to have some fun than a couple of cute girls in skintight cat suits, right? Hopefully some of you will remember Catgirl from her brief appearance alongside the Justice Squad in the opening scene to "The Pathetic Tale of Bonnie Rockwaller". Well here she gets to be a featured player along side Kim and Ron. Hope you enjoy her.

Now as for Sheela...well I suppose that deserves some explanation, huh? Now I know we all loved the scene in "Bad Boy" where Kim was wearing the leopard lady outfit and I'll admit that's where I drew a BIG part of the inspiration from. But as I was thinking about it I realized it could really be anyone in that costume and so...I made it someone else. Once I made her a cat theme thief, however, her being an old enemy of Catgirl just seemed natural. Yes I know there's a joke that can be made there and it will be made in the next chapter. Trust me on that one. Now the red hair and green eyes were to homage Kim's time in wearing the suit. Plus redheads are hooooot. You know I'm right.

So then, what will happen to our heroes now? Will they escape from the deadly cat or end up as Meow Mix? Will they bring down Falsetto Jones and Sheela? Why am I talking like this? Find out most of these answers in the next chapter.

Til then, see ya!