Title: The One Where Kate is Hitting on Nick, Instead of the Other Way Around, or The Stakeout
Series: Hint: Kate is Blonde, but that's all I'm giving you.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just, not mine.
Summary: Looking back now, (knowing what he did) on how odd Kate was acting, Nick wondered if she were wearing a sign proclaiming 'something's wrong with me, I'm acting like a libidinous seven year old' he would have noticed.
Note: I've had this idea for about a year, wrote the first few pages of this in my english notebook last October and then promptly forgot about it until May. I then typed up about five pages, printed them out, and then my computer died. This is the first chapter of a story that has been typed/written about four times (the last being a badly needed face lift). If I didn't love this story I would have given up long ago. Enjoy my hard work. (PS, Flashback and character's thoughts equals italics)

Chapter One.

My butt is sore, Kate thought. And then promptly burst into a fit of giggles, her blonde hair creating an almost halo effect as she tossed her hair about.

Nick O'Malley, partner and best friend, didn't even look her way. He did, however, release a strand of her hair that had fallen on his lip. Which was pretty odd, if you think about it. To not even glance at the person sitting next to you as they laughed contagiously about nothing. But if you knew the night Nick had been having, that was still continuing on, the act seems more justifiable.

Stakeouts were, to put it nicely, a bitch. A real painful boring tiring, sometimes helpful (but usually not) ordeal. AND that was just alone. So when Nick got Kate as a partner, he expected the event to be a (bitch)2 . The odd thing was, however, that he enjoyed himself more.

Under the cover of night, darkness, secrets were shared, jokes (almost entirely with taste) were told, until it was Nick who found the lost puppy (not got it lost in the first place) and countless take-out (Nick! I cannot believe you just ordered pizza to come to this car during a sting operation) eaten.

SO when the captain told the pair they'd be watching an old abandoned warehouse for link activity Nick was secretly happy. Even if he did have to cancel that date with the Russian model. Nick was very careful to hide this truth however, and discovered he'd done such a thorough job, that the moment Kate had to check over the perimeter, she took it.

Which was the whole reason for this current predicament, that he would admit fault. NOPE, if Kate had followed protocol, if she had radioed in the moment there was trouble, they wouldn't be in this mess. When does Kate not follow protocol? the little voice in his head muttered, one he'd been trying to shut up since they left the station, and a little before it. The only reason she didn't radio any activity is because of you. Because of the way-

"Hey Nicky, you have very nice ears." Kate's voice cut through his internal monologue, of which he was supremely grateful. Still, his smile had nothing to do with her timing.

"Thank you Kate. They work perfectly fine too, so you don't have to speak directly into them." Kate's giggle, her breath hot against his ear and neck, made something tighten in his chest that hadn't been constricted in some time.

"But I like being this close to you. You smell good. You always smell good." The last sentence was added on as if an afterthought.

"Why Kate, do you smell me often?" Nick knew he shouldn't be speaking like this, not when Kate was in this state, but it was such a change from her normal demeanor that Nick couldn't help himself.

"When you're close enough." That tightening feeling was definitely expanding downward, and in a desperate need to think of other things than his partner, his platonic partner's hot breath against his skin, what it would feel like against other parts of his body, Nick thought back to earlier this evening, when Kate was in danger.


Already gone past the allotted time it took to check out a premise and then some, Nick decided to make first contact.

"So I was thinking, after you get back we should grab some Chinese. My treat." Silence reined the conversation and Nick believed Kate was angrier at him then he'd anticipated. "I promise not to order it to car." no response. "It could be a sit down restaurant." Impatience turned to worry as Kate didn't respond. "Benson, is everything alright?" Even his poorly managed attempts at reconciliation couldn't end this badly.

"…Nick?" A cough more than a name, it was followed by silence. Then, "I can't …"

"Where are you?" Said in such a rush, a lesser man would have made it one word,

"Warehouse, first floor, in the kitchen." The sentence seemed to exhaust her and Kate could only mumble out a "Please hurry-" before Nick grabbed his gun and was tearing into the building. So intent on catching Kate before anything else happened, he didn't notice the grayish figure running in his opposite direction.

Those frightening moments before he heard Kate's voice and then afterwards still chilled him, although Kate's hands were doing a great job warming him up.

"Whoa." An involuntary gasp of air that claimed his vocal cords as Nick moved Kate's hand from its current position. "Do you want me to put your own handcuffs on you?"

"Now Nick, why would you want to do that?" Spoken as the paradigm of innocence, the only undermining of this character trait was its delivery; directly into Nick's ear as her fingers slowly worked their hair into his hair, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"Because you'd do the same thing to me if I were acting like you are." And he slapped her hand away from the back of his neck, his body screaming in protest.

In a huff, Kate moved back to her designed seat, and Nick was surprised to see her still buckled up. Were he capable, he would have chuckled. Even when Kate was drugged out of her mind, she had safety first.

"I was just checking your pulse." She said nonchalantly, as if he'd just asked her what she'd had for breakfast. "You were quiet for a long time." Sidestepping the joke that popped into his head, Nick couldn't resist,

"On my leg?" Kate was going to kill him when she regained her faculties.

"A large artery is located on the upper thigh." Nick let that go. More because he was afraid he'd let Kate put her hand back on his thigh (Bad Nick!) and less because he believed that her hand was on his femoral artery.

Argument averted, Nick couldn't help but think of when he'd found Kate.


Her prone body lying on the musty floor, hair disheveled and head at an awkward angle, with cooking appliances strung around them (Kate had fought back) his heart stopped. Or rather, he felt as if it had. His gun as far away from her as possible (it would be comical if it weren't so terrible), he spent a heart wrenching moment checking her pulse. Feeling more than the steady heart beat reawakened Nick to the fact that his heart was beating as well. And much too quickly for comfort.

"Benson." His voice was tense with worry. No response. Leaning down, he shook her. Again, no response. "Benson, wake up for me. K-?" Her response to his voice was so quick Nick could only barely see what was going on. One moment he was looking down at Kate as she opened her eyes, the next he was looking up at them.

"Hiya Nick."

"Hiya Benson. You ok?" What Nick wanted to ask was why Kate had flipped him over and was currently straddling him, but figured she had faked not being able to wake up and thought him the thing that had attacked her.

He was wrong.

And then, seeing him, and being so relieved that she was safe, she had simply stayed on top of him, because she was so relieved.

Very, very wrong.

"Ok? I'm fine, I'm great, I'm wonderful, I'm.. oh wow, I feel dizzy." Kate rubbed her face with her hand, moving her body off of Nick's. Nick used this opportunity to not feel awkward and surveyed the room. If the bed in the middle of this room was any indication, there was definitely link activity going on in here.

"Did you bump your head?" Nick asked as he helped Kate to her feet. Kate, in response, said,

"No. At least, I don't think, Is the link gone?" Nick admitted that he didn't know, and Kate, in her infinite wisdom, wanted to search for him.

"Benson, you know me, I'd love to go chasing after this link-"

"Safety off." A smile,

"But right now the better idea is having you checked out by-" Kate had already taken off, rounding around the corner.

With a long drawn out sign, Nick followed her. And quickly tripped on an old pot, making a significantly louder noise than was strictly necessary and landing hands first into some sort of, well-

"Ew." Trying to shake off the goo his hand had not only landed in but seemed to mold to his flesh, Nick tried very hard to not think about all the things the substance could be.

"Nick, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Nick's contempt at touching this thing- was magnifying.

"We need to collect a sample of that!" Kate grabbed an evidence bag from her pocket and tried to catch Nick's wrist. After several attempts of failing to catch some of the goop (scientific term) on Nick's flailing hand, she shot him one of her patented Do-As-I-Say looks. With a sigh, he thrust his hand in her face and gave a posture of defeat. With a smile, Kate quickly deposited a sample into the bag.

"Hey Benson- where the hell are the antiseptic wipes?"

"In the car."

"You're kidding me." Trying to use the counter to wipe the guck off his hand Nick didn't notice Kate lick the small amount of slime that had fallen on her hand.

"Hold on, I might have one in my boot."



"Benson, why do you carry around an antiseptic wipe in your boot?"

"Why do you carry around a comic of Pearls before Swine in your wallet?" Nick told himself he couldn't respond to this comeback because it took all his brainpower to open the antiseptic wipe with only one hand.

Kate watched him for a few moments in barely contained humor before grabbing the packet out of his hand and ripping it easily. Then, to Nick's amusement, she unfolded the napkin and began wiping the rest of the slime away.

Before Nick could really appreciate how it felt to be touching Kate The Macarena cut in. This was probably the only time Nick was dismayed to hear his ringtone. "Hello?"

"Nick? Hey, It's me…. Jonathon."

"Yes. I know who you are."

"Oh, right." An awkward silence, "Well, anyway, the Caption wants you back here. Carl has some informative information on the new Link." Nick wondered briefly if there was any other kind of information before plowing along,

"Right. By the way, we found something in an old abandoned warehouse." Nick wasn't exactly sure why he didn't mention Kate's brush with the link. Later, he told himself.

"What kind of stuff?" Against Nick's better judgment, he thought about what was on his hand.

" It's blue-ish, kind of gelatinous, sorta reminds me of my fifth grade science fair project."

"Did you inhale it?" Jonathon's voice rose from nerdish excitement to apprehensive excitement. Nick felt a certain kind of achievement to be able to distinguish the two. Kate would have said he had to much time on his hands, so he didn't mention any of this to Kate.

"No. it's gelatinous, remember?" Nick heard the deep intake of breath that meant Jonathon was about to go into a long complicated explanation when Kate let out a girlish scream. Nick swung his head in her direction but didn't see anyone, anything beside her hunched over frame.

"Uh, Jonathon, I gotta go. See you back at the station."

"Did Kate inhale it?? Because the repercus-" Hanging up his phone, Nick advanced on Kate.

"Benson? Are you ok? What's wrong?"

"It's.. IT'S A.." Apparently incapable of any other speech, Kate just stared in horror at a

"A spider? You're freaking out over a spider?"

"Do you have any idea how dangerous the brown recluse spider is?" Kate screeched, suddenly able to speak.

"That wasn't the brown recluse spider."

"How do you know?" Kate asked in a quick breath, moving from her crouched position to tug on his shirt.

"Because it's back didn't look like a violin."

"What?" Kate could not have been more surprised by what Nick'd said than if he'd told her he loved her.

"C'mon, let's get down to the station. Jonathon has information." Kate's hands tightened on his shirt.

"Are you sure that's not the brown recluse?" Her voice took on a hopeful edge, and she edged closer to him.

"Positive." Nick wondered if Kate was always this afraid of spiders and simply had been able to control herself better before now.

Looking back now, (knowing what he did) on how odd Kate was acting, Nick wondered if she were wearing a sign proclaiming 'something's wrong with me, I'm acting like a libidinous seven year old' he would have noticed.

"Are we there yet?" Kate voice, sweet and seductive a moment before, now sounded child-like.

"Five more minutes."

"How 'bout now?"

"The same time it was twelve seconds ago."

"Oh. What about now?"


"What? I'm soo bored." Progressing to the awkward teenage years, Kate now attained the amazing ability to magically elongate the word 'so' so that it wound up sounding longer then all the other words combined.

"Maybe you wouldn't be so bored if you were asleep." A futile attempt, but..

"I'm not really in the mood to sleep." She made the end of the sentence pop. An audible gulp from Nick followed.


"Nicky?" A quick look at her face,

"Never mind."

"Okey Dokey." A brief moment of silence interrupted the exhausting (it's amazing how tiring it is to second guess your reasoning for the night and refuting Kate's advances) car ride, in which Nick didn't use to think about the past evening. "Hey, how come we're at your apartment?"

"Remember when Jonathon, The Captain and I decided that you needed a place to come down from?"


"You don't?" So much hope..

"Wait, was that before or after we made out?" A long, drawn out sigh,


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