Sealed With A Kiss


Pairing --- Sasuke -x- Sakura

Rating --- M (DUH)

Approximate Number of Chapters --- 7-10

Location --- Japan

Genre --- Drama/Romance


Author's Note --- HEYYA! Omg! I'm back baby! And hyper than EVER! Ha ha, anyways; onto more important matters :D yes, this IS officially the FIRST chapter to the sequel Kiss and Tell and I am SO excited! I just want to thank everyone once again for their kindness and for making my story a success which i doubted it would be in the beginning :D



Sasuke Uchiha --- 25

Sakura Haruno --- 20

Naruto Uzumaki --- 23

Gaara Sazuku --- 25

Neji Hyuga --- 26

Shikamaru Nara --- 24


Chapter 1 --- No SEX?!


"You want us to WHAT?!" Screeched Sakura.

Naruto laughed sheepishly.

"Give up SEX for a week.." He repeated as if it were just another casual thing to say but then again.. Naruto wasn't casual to begin with.

"Dobe.." Sasuke started calmly but-

"Are you CRAZY?!"

Again, Naruto laughed.

"Yes. Yes I am."

Neji, Gaara and Shikamaru; also known as the office buddies, walked on in; giving everyone in the room a curious look.

"But you have to admit.."

"You guys are like a pair of horny teenagers!"

"What's going-"

"Were talking!!" Sakura screamed, glaring at the Hyuga.

He cowered behind Gaara who huffed in annoyance.


Neji flicked him in the back of the head.

"What the HELL was THAT for you-"

I said! Shut the FUCK up!"

Now, all three men were pressed against one of the office walls; whimpering slightly as they continued to watched the pissed off woman.

"Naruto.." She said sweetly.

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You."

He scurried away as fast as his legs would go; but Sakura sure could run in those damned heels.

"Get back here dobe!"

Naruto cried, "Sasuke-teme! Help me!!"

He shook his head, smirking in the process.

"Sorry but.. it's fun seeing you like this."

He gave the male the finger, "Up yours!"

Sasuke chuckled heartily; "Up yours too dobe. Up yours too.."

Naruto was now in one of the lunch rooms, having scared off EVERYONE who had been inside, the male held his hands out in front of him..

"Sakura-chan.. calm down."

She cracked her knuckles.

"Too late."

He hid behind a table stacked with cups and a pot of nicely brewed coffee. The scent was strong; too strong and all of a sudden Neji was in the room eyeing the dark liquid as if it were a piece of meat and he was a lion..

"Oh brother.." Shikamaru stated from the doorway as Gaara nodded.

He nearly knocked over the large table when Sakura lunged at him with incredible swiftness; instead a few of the contents on the table toppled over and hit the carpet.

"No! Why must the coffee ALWAYS suffer?!"

Yes, the pot filled with fresh coffee spilled all over the red-carpeted floor, glass everywhere; what ever was left attached to the handle of the coffee-pot was now gripped tightly in Sakura's right hand, stepping closer to Naruto.

"Your DEAD!"

Naruto dodged. Reluctantly..

"Why do you want to kill me again?!"

All four men in the doorway laughed and said simultaneously, "It's fun."

Naruto glared, "Again.. up yours!"

Sasuke stopped laughing, slightly noticing that Sakura seemed intent on actually killing Naruto.. Gripping her shoulders while pulling her flush against his chest rippling with lean muscle..

"Okay.. I think Naruto's had enough for one day."

Naruto thanked the Uchiha.

"Anyways.. Naruto WHY do you want us to give up sex again?"

He scratched the back of his head.

"No real reason really.."

Sasuke sighed, letting go of Sakura as she placed the broken pot back on the table and rubbed her aching temples.

Naruto scratched his chin thoughtfully before-

"How about we ALL give something up for an ENTIRE week!?"

Sasuke and everyone else within the room almost laughed at that.


"Cause it'd be fun to see ALL you guys lose miserably.."

Sakura cracked her knuckles, "Who said ANYTHING about US losing?!"

Sakura linked arms with the laughing Uchiha and glared at Naruto, "Well-"

She cut in, "We can beat your ass ANYDAY!"

She looked up at Sasuke, "Right?!"

He nodded his head, half-scared about what she would do to him afterwards if he hadn't done or said anything.

"Well then.."

Naruto looked up. "It's a challenge!"

He was silent while the female spoke, "Here's what EVERYONE has to give up."

Neji, Shikamaru and Gaara looked at her funny; "What if we DON'T want to do this?"

She punched the palm of her hand with her left fist. "Too bad."

They groaned, "Fine."

She smiled sweetly, "Good. Now.."

She looked over at Neji, he shifted nervously under her death glare; he had become slightly scared of her lately..

"Neji-kun will give up.."

She thought hard and then remembered what had happened a few minutes ago..

"No! Why must the coffee ALWAYS suffer?!"

She laughed manically before clasping her hands together and smiling a little too creepily for Neji's liking..

"You.. you're going to give up your precious coffee for a week."

He was about to protest but she spoke first-

"Shut it Hyuga!"

He closed his mouth, stepping out of the way so that Gaara came into plain view for Sakura's deadly glare..

"Gaara-kun.. Hmmm-"

He looked at his watch, "I think I have an appointment I'm supposed to-"

"It's canceled now."

He inwardly groaned while rolling his eyes.


"Roll those eyes again and I JUST may cut them out!"

He gulped hard.

"Let's see.. You Gaara-kun WILL give up Mr. Snuggles."

Gaara nearly fell to his knees.

"No. I'm putting my foot down!"

Sakura stuck her hand out and inclined for him to hand the bear over. Gaara sighed and rushed over to his office where he pulled open a drawer and out came Mr. Snuggles.

He patted the bear's head, "Be strong buddy."


"For YOU Shikamaru-kun.."

He froze when he heard this name being spoken in THAT tone.

"C'mon Sakura.. I don't EVEN want to do this."

She tsked while shaking her finger.

"Too bad."

He slouched slightly, dropping his shoulders while awaiting Sakura's challenge he had to carry out..

"You can't hit or make fun of Naruto.."

Behind he jumped and said, "Damn straight!!"

Sakura turned on her heel, "Shut up baka!"

He quieted down but at the same time was mentally jumping for joy and having a party in his head.

Shikamaru let out a breath, "But.. it's fun to hurt Naruto and bring him down."

She shrugged her shoulders.

"What the hell am I supposed to do for fun now?!"

Again, Sakura shrugged.

"Frankly, I don't care."

When she turned to look over at Naruto, Shikamaru stuck out his tongue..

"Do that again and I'll rip it right out!"

He took a few steps back while Sasuke laughed silently, they really WERE afraid of her; well.. he was too. A little...

"And for you, baka-"

"That's mean!!"

"Shut it."

He piped down, shaking his leg as he prayed to God that she wouldn't make him give up ramen for the entire week.

"You, baka, have to give up being loud-"

"How am I supposed to do that?!"


"And.. irritating others which include barging in and doing stupid things.."

Naruto stomped his foot.

"Wait! Why do I get two things I have to give up?!"

She glared.

"Because.. your annoying as fuck."

Naruto sighed, "Well.. you guys HAVE to give up sex."

Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other for a moment; nodding their heads languidly while Naruto smiled.

"Officially the challenge starts.."

He watched as the clock struck twelve-noon.


Sakura whirled around, "Gaara! Bear. Now!!"

He came at her quickly, handing her the bear while standing next to a snickering Shikamaru Nara..

"Dude.. your pathetic."

Naruto lifted a finger in the air, closing his eyes and remembering to whisper..

"Okay.. we're all going camping today so get ready."

Everyone frowned.

"We left no notice to the other associates."

Naruto smirked, "Yes. But Sasuke-teme IS the boss."

Said male shrugged at that, "He's right. For once.."

Sakura tapped her foot impatiently against the carpeted floor, hand placed on her hip while she growled.

"Fine. Let's start packing."

Naruto smiled, "I know a perfect spot."

Everyone dispersed, leaving the building to pack for the week-long camping trip they were about to endure..

Sasuke had only been camping a few times and he knew with Naruto coming along; it sure as hell would be a handful or.. about five handfuls.


"Everyone ready?!" Sakura shouted.

She stepped inside the truck, seating herself in the passenger side seat while she watched the dominant Uchiha seat himself in the driver's side..

The jet-black hummer they had JUST recently purchased, was filled with many people all of which were chatting excitedly.

Sakura turned the grey knob, which manipulated the volume. The speakers were practically vibrating as music filled the vehicle.

Though, no one really seemed to mind at all..

And thus their journey began.


Naruto whispered something into Neji's ear while he nodded many, many times before yelling from the top of his lungs; trying to speak over the music.

"Naruto says to make a left hand turn at the next fork in the road!"

Sasuke did as he was instructed and turned left, the road was bumpy which caused Sakura to groan and rub her aching temples for the umpteenth time today.

"Okay.. now continue straight and make another left hand turn."

Making a sharp turn, Sakura growled in annoyance as Sasuke laughed at her sudden irritation.


Sasuke slammed on the breaks.

Everyone turned to look at the two males.

"Naruto has to go pee."

All in the hummer sweat-dropped as they watched the spiky haired male scramble to remove himself from within the crowded vehicle.

Sakura laughed slightly..

"Man.. Naruto's an idiot.."

"BUT!" she put in quickly.

"Our lives wouldn't be the same without his dobeness.."

He came back, giving the male the thumbs up sign before the hummer jerked forwards and picked up speed.

"Naruto says there should be a clearing-"

"Found it!" Sakura alerted them.

Naruto huffed, crossing his arms over his chest while puffing it out.

"Fine.. be that way." He mumbled.

Once everyone was out of the vehicle, Sakura and Sasuke grabbed for their tent and walked around the clearing within the forest.

"It's nice." She mused out loud, everyone agreed though.

Naruto smiled, "I did good."

She nodded, "Yeah.. Baka, you did good."

he stuck his tongue out playfully at the woman, she laughed but frowned and felt a vein pop in her forehead when out of nowhere it began to rain heavily.. She cracked her knuckles again, turning to face Naruto while dropping everything she had in her hands.

"Fucking idiot!"

He opened his mouth to scream, but remembered the challenge so.. instead he just opened his mouth and flailed his arms above his head; all the while running around for dear sweet freedom.

"Great.." Sasuke murmured.

"They're at it again..."


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