Be Mine, Valentine

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Chapter 1

"Hmm…another day, another dream," Spike sighed as he allowed one eyelid to flutter open upon the resounding of his alarm clock. With a brief yawn he sat upright on his bed and proceeded to rise and perform his morning ritual of two hours of Jeet Kune Do practice before breakfast.

The immense pulsing of his muscles and the sweat raining down his back signaled the end of his training as well as the start of a well deserved shower. With towel draped over his shoulders he opened the door to the bathroom and was met with a most welcoming sight.

She stood there, watching herself in the mirror whilst lazily brushing her teeth, body arched over the sink for leverage. Her sleepwear- if you can call it that- consisted of a white silk tank top with complimentary boyshorts. Sometimes Spike swore her clothes never saw a sewing machine. Nonetheless there were moments he would appreciate the eye-candy on board, no matter how incensed he is about actually allowing a woman aboard the Bebop; these were one of them.

Her voluptuous self was more than any man could want, but he knew all to well she was the devil's candy and would bring any man nothing but trouble. Her short-temper and audacious attitude was almost always the cause of their continual arguments, especially when it came to her financial 'earnings'; no wonder she earned the name Poker Alice! But despite her seemingly rough interior, she was pure sex goddess on the outside, with her busty upper region and a torso that curved in nicely down towards a glorious ass which seemed to frame legs that were endless…yeah, if he didn't despise the fit of piques so rightly associated with the opposite sex…

Unraveling himself free from his primal urges Spike returned his thoughts to his task ahead and realized that Faye's bathroom break was long overdo. Simply recommencing with his daily regimen, which included irritating the daylights out of Faye, he decided to inform her of such.

"You missed a spot," he teased nonchalantly as he watched her expression shift from boredom and fatigue to annoyance.

She took a cup of water from the counter and rinsed her mouth before she retorted "Screw you lunkhead."

As she gathered some more water into her hands to wash her face, Spike took her state of self-involvement as prime opportunity to return her offer of thanks.

"Anytime babe," he replied as he rolled his towel into a coil and with a flick of the wrist, he whipped the small end of flesh left exposed by her boyshorts as she bent over to wash her face. With a burst of laughter at her dumbfounded expression Spike high-tailed it out of the bathroom and as though nothing happened, began to stroll the hallways in search of Jet and breakfast. He didn't get very far though as within seconds Faye dashed out fuming, her bottom slightly sore at the sharp touch of the damp towel.

"You son of a bitch!" she screamed as she jumped atop his back, sending them both plummeting to the hard cold ground. Arms wound around his neck Faye tried her utmost to choke every molecule of oxygen out of his system, but to no avail as before she could tightly secure her arms around, he gripped them and reversing their positions, he pinned those delicate weapons of war above her head with his own and pressed his weight onto her entrapping her neatly under him.

"Thanks for the compliment," he smirked as he watched the figure beneath him try to wiggle and fidget her way from his grasp. His strength surpassed her expectations by far; he may not look it, but hidden under his small frame lies a lethal weapon of skill and brut physical force, and a closer look at the biceps that held her confirmed it. He was winning this fight, his cocky grin said it all, and Faye would have nothing of the sorts. If she could only free her leg, she may just be able to knee him from the side and if her hit is hard enough, he may loosen his grip and she'll be free to repay his actions.

She'd try to move her leg from under him. He'd press down harder and stop her. This dance continued for a while with Spike enjoying every minute of Faye's torture until she somehow managed to slip her right leg free, but with the shift of weight Spike came down on her and he was no longer pinning down her leg, but what lay between it. At first she didn't realize the consequences of her actions, but the abrupt change on Spike's face brought her back to reality. The smug grin he held was wiped clean as horror and confusion replaced it. It was when his member made itself known with hers did her eyes too fill with trauma of what was happening.

Spike Spiegel was lying between her legs, and he was slowly getting aroused by the second.

He should have moved, why hadn't he done this as yet? He kept his gaze fixed on her, though it was clear his mind was very distant. As he had taken advantage of a situation, so would she as she took that free leg and executed her initial plan of 'taking down Spike'. The more she moved her leg though, the more she allowed them to rub against each other, so she had to make her move swift. A small smile crept onto her face before Spike could register what she was about to do.

"Ugh, damn you…shit," he screeched grinding his teeth with each word as she crawled from under him and placed another kick to his abdomen.

"Remember that next time you plan on messing with me," she scoffed before heading to the kitchen when Jet greeted her first.

"I thought you were never coming out," the cyborg asked his femme fatale.

"Oh good morning to you to Jet, how are you, good? Me, I'm having a splendid morning myself thanks for asking. Hmmm…is that breakfast in your hand there? Let me guess, fried beef with green peppers, right?" she said in an unusually cheerful tone it started to scare Jet just a bit.

"Uh, yeah," he replied uneasily. As he glimpsed down and saw his comrade grimacing in pain by his feet, he was in the process of asking Faye what happened, but considering the amount of swearing Spike was doing, the situation was believed to be self-explanatory.

These two, will they ever stop fighting?

"Alright, playtime's over I know she couldn't have hit you that hard so get your sorry ass up before breakfast gets cold," Jet mildly scolded as he turned on his heel and headed in the direction of the breakfast setting. True she didn't hit that hard, but it didn't mean that it didn't hurt like a bitch. But it wasn't the assault that kept him down, but what happened prior to it all.

It felt good to have the warmth of a woman under him again, and memories of his last coupling painted a bitter-sweet picture for Spike, for that was one shared with Julia before their suicide mission. No wonder he'd given up on women, it just wasn't meant to be.


A week passed and neither had said a word to the other about what happened that morning. Then again, nothing was to be said. They were off again on another bounty hunting mission that went terribly wrong. Today just wasn't Spike's day, and Faye was surely going to let him know when they landed.

"Oh Christ," Jet sighed from behind the monitor of his computer as he watched via vid-cam the wrecked vehicles making their way to the hanger. He had his work cut out for him, no need in rushing things, and from the looks of it Faye had some steam to blow off with Spike, why get tangled in the crossfire?

"Look what you did to my ship you jackass!" The scream of the enraged woman traveled for all aboard the Bebop to hear.

Yep, I think it's safer to lounge in here for a while…

"Don't blame your poor flying skills on me Faye darling," Spike exhaled as he jumped off his beloved prize in no more better shape than the Redtail. "And don't even think about blaming me for losing that bounty." He fidgeted in his pocket for his lighter, God he could do with a smoke right about now. Where was the damn lighter?

"Oh please Spike, I had him right where I wanted him. You just had to take glory for this one, huh? You just had to ram into my craft to slow him down!"

"Would you rather I slam into your crapheap or let you get taken out by his missile?" He rarely got angry, but Faye was pushing his buttons now. He tried to save her, and this was her form of gratitude. Bitch.

Next time she's rotting in hell lest I save her sorry ass.

"I'm more that capable of handling myself, I don't need you to save me. And the money for the repairs of my 'crapheap' is coming out of your wallet," she spat out as she turned to examine the damage done once again. Damn if she isn't gonna make him pay for this.

"It looks no different than when it took off, kind of like its owner," he lashed back. Their insult game had officially begun.

She turned slowly and walked up to him, challenging him head on with emerald eyes blazing like a green balls of fury. Any minute now Spike was sure that gaze was gonna cast him into stone.

"You selfish egotistical asshole, how dare you wreck my property and not take responsibility for it!"

"Better an egotistical asshole than a tight-assed uncouth Roma who looks more like she should be working in the red-light district," was his silky reply. The anger in her boiled tenfold with that response and he knew it, smirking just a bit as the corners of her lips tightened in preparedness for some swearing.

"At least I'll be getting paid. Besides, I'd rather my sexual appeal to that of an unkempt Lupin III wannabe cabbage-patched doll any day," and she ruffled some green locks between her fingers. Her devilish smile was aggravatingly sexy, and Spike wanted so desperately to wipe it off her face.

"At a loss of words or- " Before another smug remark could escaper her lips Spike had ravaged them with his own, gently shoving her back to rest against the nearest wall for support.

What the hell is he doing?

But her mind didn't want to think at that point, just act and live in the moment, the heat, and passion that belonged to Spike Spiegel.

Without faltering she returned his affection as she wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her, wanting more of his touch. Since that morning a week ago her nights had been filled with haunting dreams, dreams of her legs snaked around his waist whilst he drove them to a maddening ecstasy. Dreams where she'd wake up in his loving embrace and drown once again in the warmth that was his until he'd pull her in for another full Monte.

Dreams…that's all they'll ever be.

But here she was now, living out a fragment of it. She'd grown to appreciate his company when she first joined the crew. After all, he drank, smoked and swore just like her, the perfect bar buddy. And as the days turned into weeks, which turned into months, that appreciation grew into affection, no matter how much of a jackass she still classified him as, however true it was. And the year finally came when he'd left. He'd left not only the crew, he'd left her. She couldn't blame him for seeking out his lost love, but why did it have to be to his detriment? Didn't she mean anything to him; wasn't it enough that she'd held her Glock to him to make him stay?

No. Julia is far more important. Faye Valentine has no part to play in his life. Yet here he is exploring her sweet cavern of a mouth, drugging her with his scent and touch. That's all it'll ever be, this is all they'll ever have, and for now she'll live with that contentment.

The kissed deepened each time they broke for air, his hands uncontrolled as he roamed over the rear he had admired from afar for too long. He reached down firm and grabbed it, rocking their hips together wanting her to feel his needs as well. When did the woman start looking so damn hott when she got mad? Their arguing had been routine, why was this happening now?

Something had stirred in him that morning, an inner desire fueled by curiosity. It was the first time they'd been so proximate, and in the process he'd felt the God given gift that made her woman. Maybe 'cause it had been a while since he'd felt the flesh of a woman, yeah, that had to be the reason his primal urges were going ballistic and this very moment he had the vixen melting like putty in his arms. Whatever it was, it felt damn good.

He continued his ministrations down her neck and soaked in the faint aroma of jasmine. God she smelt as good as she felt under him, and his body ached to feel and explore more of this Faye Valentine. Her breaths came in gasps now and she pulled him closer, loving the wetness of his tongue on her neck, dipping lower each time she sucked in a mouthful of air.


She'd moan his name inwardly, afraid to give him the satisfaction of his pleasing her so intensely, a fulfillment that was rightfully earned. His hands moved upward now, grazing her thigh gently, sensing the gooseflesh rise up at his touch. At last he reached the target, her beloved breasts. He'd never admit it but they'd tempt him every time she stretched her hands upward and her top would rise an inch higher, teasing him, testing his self-control. Now his possibilities were limitless to the pleasure he could give them. But first, the button. That single barrier that prevented him from satisfying her needed to be removed. His fingers carefully released it from the hole as his hands dipped in to grab hold of her bosom. He teased one nipple, stringing and plucking it between his fingers like a musician. Then again, to him sex was an art form and should be treated as such. Her soft cry at the pleasure that shot up to her chest was the beginning of the symphony he would orchestrate. Oh yes, they were most definitely going to make music in the hanger!

Her mind was racing, but at the sound of boots clicking metal all logical thoughts seeped back and Faye for the first time opened her eyes since the kiss. It was Jet, most likely coming to inspect the damage done to their respective vehicles. He couldn't see them like this, he'd never let her live past it! She did the one thing that came to mind then.

I'm sorry Spike.

She'd released her hold on him and shoved him a good distance away before delivering a left hook to an already sore jaw. Kissing is a lot of hard work after all.

"Damn lunkhead of a jackass, you're paying," she barked at him before storming off. "I'm gonna take a shower."

"You do that," Jet said as he walked in on the abuse of his comrade once again. "Oh, by the way Faye, you're, um, button?"

Confused a bit, she looked down to see that her infamous yellow top was clinging for dear life onto her breast before they would show themselves to the world.

"Thanks," she said indifferently as she buttoned it back, a deep red blush fighting its way onto her porcelain skin. "See you for dinner," and she waved them off before partaking in a cold bath to cool down her flooded system.

Jet glimpsed at the bushy haired boy next to him precariously rubbing his throbbing jaw. Pointing in the direction of the Redtail he said, "I'm guessing you're helping me pay for that?"

"To hell with that piece of shit," Spike shrugged off as he went to the kitchen, suddenly craving the tasteless green peppers sans beef Jet favours as a meal. Silently he'd thank her for hitting him, for if she hadn't heard Jet coming they'd be caught in a pretty compromising situation, and Spike wasn't much of a negotiator. Nonetheless this was the second time she'd abuse him when they were caught in a moment. Yes my friends, it was about her time to pay for her actions.


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