Alice's POV

"I think this would look great, Bella. Try it on." I commanded. She looked hesitant.

"Now." I ordered.

She walked to the dressing room as if she was walking to her death. I sighed. When Bella was turned, how was I going to make her come shopping with me? She'd be strong.

Maybe I'd coerce her into going lingerie shopping.

Although, with the amount of sex my dear 107 year old virgin brother and new 18 year old sister would be having, the lingerie might survive approximately 5 seconds before Edward ripped them off.

And I literally meant ripped. As in destroyed. Rosalie was in a different store, a herbal-ish store actually.You know, with massage oils, and heating stuff and toys. . . She and Emmett had used up their stock.

In a few days. Unsurprisingly.

Rosalie and I had decided to take this time to explain some things to Bella. About sex. Undoubtedly our only chance, because Edward was undergoing the same torture with Carlisle now.

I looked into the future.

Actually, the talk was over, and he'd apparently fled to the meadow, where no one's unclean thoughts could bother him. God. My brother was such a prude. Our discussion with Bella wouldn't be uncomfortable, I saw. Just like 18 year olds talking about sex with their boyfriends.

It was only when you brought parents into the equation that it got awkward. Hmm. I'd never had a sex talk. From what I'd seen, I actually felt sorry for Edward.

Just a little.

Bella came out just as I was musing to myself. I smiled in delight.

"You look absolutely gorgeous!" I exclaimed, and went over to her. She was in a baby blue halter dress, where the neckline dipped down nearly to her navel. Hmm. I wondered vaguely if I could get her to pierce it.

I doubted it.

Any way, it stopped at midthigh, and was a really clingy material. She even had cleavage.

"Okay, take it off. We're not done shopping." I told her. She sighed and went back into the dressing room. And we really weren't. We still had loads to buy.

Bras, jeans, underwear, tops, Bella wasn't going to like it, but once she tried on a few things, I'd be able to gauge her body type. She wouldn't have to try on anything for me to go psycho shopping spree on her.


Bella's POV.

I was, once again, coerced into playing Guanie Pig Barbie with Alice. Actually, coerced wasn't the right word. Kidnapped was more like it. Edward told me to go, that it would be fun.

He had to be up to something.

Whether it was a terrifying surprise, or a dreamdate, Edward always came up with something for a Friday night, though I was always satisfied to simply be in his arms. The worst, or best, depending on how you looked at it, was last summer, before he. . . . before everything.

It was the best summer of my mortal life. Not because of all the money Alice and Edward spent, or the amount my scanty wardrobe grew, but because I was with him for almost the entire time. I got my first taste of heaven that summer, and could never return to my previous life, in Phoenix. It seemed dim, almost dismal in comparison.

I didn't need the Sun; with it, I couldn't see the shooting stars.

Currently however, Alice was making me try on dress after dress, then tops, and bottoms, skirts and shorts, anything and everything that she liked. True, Alice did have fashion sense to put Blair Waldorf to shame, but I was perfectly fine with my appearance. Of course, I wanted Edward and I to look like we matched, but that would happen in time.

"God Alice, how many things has she tried on?" I heard Rosalie's lilting voice through the dressing room door.

I could practically feel Alice's smile on the other side. "Never you mind, Rose. Have you gotten all your . . . supplies?"

I flushed lightly. I could reckon what Rosalie's supplies were. She did all of her shopping in Europe, so it was definitely not clothes; and what else did a vampire need? She seldom used make-up, and was all-round gorgeous. Also, they didn't need human food, so it could only be the only thing Rosalie and Emmett ever really ran out of: supplies from 'Kinkie's'.

The comical thing about this store, I thought, was that it was two letters different from the New York 'Kinko's', and supplied radically different things. Some of which included rubbing oils, all the KY'S, condoms (of varied flavours), and toys.

"Bella?" Alice called.

"Hmm?" Crap, I'd changed back to my clothes more than three minutes ago. It must've seemed even longer to them.

"Are you done in there?" She asked me.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be out in two seconds," I replied, grabbing my purse off the hook; not that I'd be needing it. Against my requests, Alice continued to shop for me. She saw no reason why she couldn't give her 'new sister' things, especially when my wardrobe was so 'scarce and nondescript'.

I'd almost given up trying to reason with her. It was useless.

"We'll be at the front. Meet us there." By the cashier. Dear Alice. She thought I had no idea that she was going to buy all of this. I did. And I was totally powerless to stop it.

I met Alice and Rosalie in the front, with approximately 15 bags in their hands, not including Rosalie items from 'Kinkie's'.

"Are you hungry, Bella?" Rosalie asked.

I checked my watch. I should've been hungry, but wasn't. They'd both throw a fit if I said 'no', and Edward would rip both of their throats out if I didn't eat, so I answered, "Sure."

We looked around to find a place to sit in the Food Court, sat, and plunked all of the bags down. Alice and Rose looked . . . . like something was on their minds.

They waited until I was finished eating to say anything. I'd looked for the shortest line, chosen the first thing I'd seen, and gobbled it down quickly.

"Bella. We know that you've elected to sleep with Edward before turning, and we wanted to update you on some facts."

I looked up, at each of their flawless porcelain faces. They were serious. Oh my God. I was in for a sex talk. I attempted to backtrack immediately.

"You know guys, I've already had this talk with my mom, quite a few years ago, and it still rings loud and clear in my head. I know, really. So thanks for-"

"We know you've taken Sex Ed, Bella." Alice cut me off.

"We know you know the mechanics, the cycle, how women get pregnant. All the theory. But-"Rosalie stopped, and looked at Alice.

Alice met Rose's gaze, then continued, "But, seeing that Edward has been . . . . inactive for upwards of a century, we feel that his, and your, first experience with sex, should be the greatest introduction ever."

Alice released a breath she'd been holding, nervous habit, I supposed. Her tiny body visibly relaxed, as she seemed to settle into the topic. Rosalie was at ease from the start; this topic was definitely in her comfort zone.

"Now, Bella, would you like to know what Edward has been doing all morning?" Alice's famous pixie smirk returned.

My brow furrowed slightly. I hoped it was nothing embarrassing . . . . "What?"

"I should probably say 'subjected to' instead. He really wasn't able to get out of it; Carlisle had been planning it for days. And he hadn't thought about it, so, naturally, Edward was oblivious. Edward was made to listen to, and participate in, mind you, though minimally, a sex talk." Alice told me.

My jaw dropped. A sex talk? Edward? The person who'd been to medical school three times? Who could read people's minds? What could possibly convince Carlisle that Edward needed a sex talk?

"Carlisle thought that, although Edward was an expert on the theory, like yourself, he didn't have the experience to guide him on the right path. He nearly considered having Emmett and I talk to him. I wish I'd been there afterwards." Rosalie told me, looking positively impish.

By now, Alice and Rosalie were freely giggling over the shopping bags. I was still in a little too much shock for such actions.

"Carlisle went so far as to describe to him, in excruciating detail, what would happen when he 'enters you'." Rosalie could not hold her giggles in anymore. She laughed loudly, and scandalously, but the sound was still exquisite.

This time, I felt heat pool to my face. "Me?" I squeaked. "They were actually talking about me?"

"Yes, silly. Seeing as you're Edward's mate. Who else would they be talking about?" Alice asked, in between bursts of laughter.

"A crash test dummy or something?" I muttered, still slightly red faced.

This sent them into fresh peals of laughter.

"Oh God, could you imagine?" Alice asked Rose, clutching her stomach.

"Okay, now this is practice so you don't break her Edward. Use it wisely!" Rosalie said, in a perfect imitation of Carlisle's voice. A mile wide grin spread across my face. I couldn't help it. Giggles exploded from me, sounding much less beautiful then my friends' bell-like chimes.