'Till the Last Rose Dies

I've finally worked up the courage to read this story over and do some much needed editing. I'm probably going to commit mental suicide, but I don't believe I can go on WITHOUT ending this.

Full Description- Meet Haruno Sakura, (the poor yet beautiful co-flower shop owner living with her best friend Ino) Uchiha Sasuke, the drop-dead-gorgeous young lord of Konoha. She wants to become a doctor and has nothing at all, while he has it all but just wants to be free. But most of all, she despises the rich, sleazy, and greedy- especially Sasuke. But when she accidentally saves him from the town's women, he slowly falls for her. Can he show her he's not what he appears or was it not meant to be? Watch these two from completely different worlds face love, heartbreak, drama, war, and even...death?

(You'll find out why it's called 'Till the last rose dies' later)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters, but if I did, the places I would go…

Chapter 1: The beginning

"Come on, Saku-baby don't be a tease." Grinned a sleazy man as he reached out to touch the pink-haired woman behind the counter of a tiny flower shop.

'DON'T "BABY" ME YOU SLEEZY SON OF A-' but for the sake of her job, she held her tongue. And with a deep sigh, she resisted the urge to punch the guy into next week as she smiled with her mouth, but not her eyes. "Please, sir, just pay for your peonies and be on your way. I'm very busy-"

"A pretty girl like you deserves to be swept off her feet. If you give me the time, I could really keep you busy." He grinned once more as he cupped her chin in one of his hands. She resisted the urge to bite him.

"I'm warning you, sir. Pay the money or I'll make you pay." She replied as she wrapped her fingers around his wrist. Amused, he laughed. "Really? I just might want to take you up on that offer-EYYAAAAAAOUCH!!!!!" he howled with pain as she tightened her grip on his wrist.

The more he pulled on it, the more it threatened to break. Finally he gave in, gave one last howl, slammed his money onto the counter and left unsatisfied.

Ino, who had been watching the scene, shook her head as she leaned against the doorway of the storeroom also behind the counter. "Sakura, you're never going to get any action in this town with that attitude."

"What attitude? Ino, he was just another sleazy, rich bastard and you know it-"

"He seemed nice to me. I'm sure he could've provided some kind of pleasure for you." Ino countered as she crossed her arms.

"Nice? He was married, Ino! Didn't you see the ring on his finger??" Sakura protested as she turned to face her friend, not believing what she was hearing. Her friend shrugged and flipped her hair. "Well that definitely says something about his wife if he has to go around hitting on pretty flower shop girls."

Sakura ignored the wink her friend gave her and returned to counter. "I'd never be caught dead with a man like that."

"Sakura, from what I've seen you're against men completely-"

"I am not! I just can't stand men like that…"

Ino sighed. "Well whatever Sakura. If he's handsome and has money then I can deal with a little 'sleaziness'."

Sakura spun around to face her friend. Outrage outlined the corner of her mouth and her eyes. "Even if he ends up leaving you sick and heartbroken on your deathbed?!!"

"Whoa, I never said that, Sakura. Calm down."

"I'll never forgive that bastard for what he did to my mother…they're all the same." Sakura mumbled through gritted teeth. Ino walked up to her friend and put a hand on her shoulder. "Honestly Sakura, not every guy is like your dad. I bet if you look hard enough you'd find some good guys out there"

"Che. Name one."

"Okay, so maybe we haven't found one yet—but he's definitely out there! We're beautiful young girls. I'm sure that if we look in the right places, the guys will be falling left and right!"

"Let me know when that happens. We aren't exactly rich, Ino."

"Well we don't have to be rich to have a guy fall for us. Honestly, you got some stuff to flaunt, Saku-"

"Ino, even Ms. Takamine got a husband and she's a house! Her husband married her for her money. I'm not surprised that there's been a rumor going around that he's been cheating on her with the woman next door..."

"Sakura, what's wrong with you- you're usually the smart one! Did that guy smack you around a couple times before you nearly ripped his arm off?!" Ino asked spinning the pink-haired woman around so her jade eyes could meet her blue ones.

Sakura turned back around without a word. Suddenly, a wonderful idea came to Ino. "I know what you need. Some fresh air. Maybe you'll even spot Uchiha-sama-"

She snorted and spun around to meet her friends blue eyes again. "Uchiha? That pig? He's nothing more than a selfish, cold-hearted fiend who doesn't care about who he steps on."

Ino gaped at her. "How could you say that about our Lord like that?!"

"What, it's not like he could hear us. And even if he did I wouldn't care if he did. I'm not going to bow down to him just because he's good looking. I don't have any respect for him because as far as I'm concerned, he hasn't done anything to earn it."

"B-But…" Ino sputtered before Sakura held up a hand. "I don't bow down to anyone, Ino. Not even Uchiha Sasuke." And she disappeared into the backroom.

Ino sighed. "Well…if you insist, Sakura but I seriously think the ONLY coldhearted one is you."

Of course she would never ever tell her that. Sakura had a right- in a sense- to despise men like that- even if it meant jeopardizing her chances of ever getting married.

Her pink-headed friend was in need of fresh air. That's when a clever plan popped into her head. "Sakura…can- you do me one teeny tiny favor?" she called as sweetly as she could before skipping after her friend.

"B-But Uchiha-sama!" stammered a man with wispy silver hair and spectacles as he ran after the young Lord.

He was at least down a level of the large castle before he finally listened to the pleas of the old man and came to a complete halt. The old man ran into him and quickly apologized.

"Kaito, what have I told you about bringing women to this castle?" the man asked with an edgy tone to his voice. Uchiha Sasuke was royally pissed.

"B-But Milord…you are young- and in need of a wife-"

This irked him even more. Sasuke turned around to face him, his obsidian eyes glared down at him as he cowered for he knew him all too well- he could even say that when Sasuke was angry, you could see his eyes tinted with red.

"I'm perfectly fit without a woman running my life."

"My apologies Milord, but as your personal advisor I think you need a little…guidance in your life-"

This seemed to nearly push him over the edge as he stared down at him even more menacingly. "Come again?"

"W-W-What I'm trying to say Milord is...the most powerful Lords of Konoha were strengthened by their significant other—in this case, a woman. Besides, we are not in good terms with the neighboring countries. If we were to go to war and you were to fall—which is highly unlikely for you Milord—if you had a wife who bore you a son your legacy would live on!"

Sasuke calmed himself a little but still peered at him with small slits as eyes. "I have no intentions to marry anyone. bring another bride to my door I shall strip you of your status and throw you in the dungeons to rot. Do I make myself clear?" he asked making the man shudder with horror.

The man bowed humbly. "My most humble apologies Milord. I understand completely." And he scurried off down a corridor.

Once the elder was out of sight, Sasuke gave a deep sigh and ran a hand through his messy raven hair. This was becoming extremely troublesome. There had been a total of 20 brides coming to his door non-stop for the past month, and this week there had been a line outside his door.

"I don't understand you at all, teme!" complained a noisy blonde who emerged from behind a corner. Sasuke didn't jump; he was used to his friend emerging from peculiar places.

"Hn." He answered as he walked past him. The blonde ran up to catch up to him and explain. "I mean, women practically LINE UP at your door for you and you won't give even them a chance!"

"Hn." Sasuke answered once more. The blonde sighed. "You aren't gay…are you?"

This made Sasuke stop completely to glare at him. "Naruto…" he growled which made Naruto grin. "At least I know that you aren't going mute on me. The evil eye's a 'no' right?"

Without a word Sasuke started to walk away, but Naruto followed him innocently. "You aren't telling me the real reason why you don't want a bride, Sasuke. Come on, don't be a teme!" he whined seemingly more like a small blonde child than his 17 year old friend.

"I'm already imprisoned in this castle. I don't need a woman adding to the situation." He answered flatly without looking at him. "I see…you don't want to end up 'whipped'-"

"I want to be free." Sasuke snapped glaring at his friend with another death glare. "I was only teasing, teme." Naruto mumbled, softening his expression. Then his face lit up once more and he put an arm around his friend's shoulder.

"I know what you need, Sasuke!! Some fresh air!"

"Che. If you haven't noticed already I'm not allowed to leave." Sasuke retorted with a snort. Naruto's grin widened. "Exact. Come on before that old geezer notices you're gone." With a yank of his friends arm they sprinted (or rather Sasuke was dragged) down the long staircase, down a hall to the outside air.

As Sakura grumbled through the town she reminisced about the previous events.

'Puuuullleeeeeeezeeeeeeeeee Sakuuuurraaaaaa' begged Ino, practically on her hands and knees now.

'No!!! For the thousandth time!! If you want to know so bad get it your damn self!!" Sakura shot back angrily. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

'But what are friends for?? You're supposed to help me in time of need, and I NEEEEDDD you!!'

'It's degrading Ino. I refuse to go out there and buy…THAT for you.'

'But I can't buy it myself…it's degrading! You already pointed that out. Besides, I've already gotten it myself once and I got lucky because no one recognized me- and you never really go out anymore anyways!'

'…I still have dignity Ino! People will think I'm as sleazy as the men in this town!'

'Then- disguise yourself and GO quickly! Pleeeaaaseee Sakura this is the LAST favor I'll ask of you this month.'

So here she was, disguised in dark shades, hiding her jade orbs, a hat hiding her unique, yet strange pink hair, a scarf and an outfit of Ino's (claimed that it was never worn before),

No matter how hard she tried, people always stared. Even if she was dressing up or not. That was one of the reasons why she liked to keep to herself. The menacing stares of passerbys made her feel uncomfortable.

It also reminded her of her childhood. When she was walking down the streets of this cursed town with her mother- yet she was too ignorant to understand then.

The passersbys would glare and whisper to each other at them. One day, she overheard two women talking.

'Is that- her child?'

'Such a strange child'

'With her mother's hair, and that monster's eyes.'

'She'd be beautiful if she wasn't an illegitimate child- and the daughter of that man'

'Why did she even bother to keep her?'

'I guess he rubbed off on her.'

'Just what this town needs. A bastard child.'

A bastard child, a monster was what she was called. All because of one man, and a woman desperately searching for love but instead found a nightmare. Yet, what Sakura never understood was why her mother kept her instead of getting an abortion. Her life would've been much easier without her. Because of her birth, her mother was known as "the common slut" or "nothing more than a whore.", or even "the victim of that monster"

But what brought her out of her thoughts was the pain surging through her palms. When she looked down crimson smeared on a plastic bag holding what Ino wanted: a pregnancy test.

Remembering that bitter memory always made her feel as if she were bursting with rage. She was glad no one could see her eyes filled with such murderous intent, or they might've arrested her.

Because she swore if she ever saw her father again, for all the pain he caused her mother and putting her through heartbreak great enough for her to succumb to a terminal illness and an eternity of loneliness…

She'd kill him.

But as she reminisced, she heard shrieks and the ground shaking a few blocks away. 'An earthquake? No…it's too small to be one.' Curious to see what was going on, Sakura walked down the street only to find a large crowd of women huddled around someone or something.

As she made her way through the crowd, she found a raven-haired boy about her age having his arms pulled from either side of him. Half the crowd was on his left, the other was on his right.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked a brunette murmuring squeamishly to another. "What does it look like? We're trying to claim him!"

"'Claim him'?" Sakura repeated, puzzled by the matter. The friend of the brunette rolled her eyes. "You must be foreign. Every woman in Konoha wants to get her hands on this guy."

"Konoha's pretty much broken up into two halfs. There's us, and there's them." Added the brunette. "The shopping district is on the left, and the regular townspeople and most of the homes are on the surround the shopping district."

"I see. Who is this guy?" Sakura yelled over the crowd as it seemed to get louder. She heard the women's mouths moving, but couldn't hear the answer by a loud blonde shrieking something obsurd.

That's when, from out of nowhere, a blonde boy pushed his way through the crowd, pushed the raven haired out of the girl's grasp, and ran him out of the crowd.

"LET'S GO!!" he shouted as the girls gave chase.

'Poor guy. Wonder what he did.' She thought for she didn't see his face, only his poor body being yanked back and forth.

Sakura was about to go home when her conscious stopped her. What if this guy needed help?

You gotta save the poor guy.

It doesn't concern me. I practically don't count when it comes to things like this.

But if it were you wouldn't you want someone to save you?

But that blonde boy…

Well a hoard of women are chasing after them. If they trip or stop to catch their breath they're going to get trampled or even torn apart!

Damn. Sakura thought. Why did she have to have such a nagging conscious?

She looked around, trying to find a way to catch up to the stampede. That's when she saw it. An alleyway leading to the other side of the shopping district, where the two boys and the women probably were.

'It's worth a shot.' Sakura though and hurried down it, hoping her prediction was right.

It was going to be a long day.

End of chapter.

So there weren't as many mistakes as I thought there was going to be. But I still have another 44 chapters to go…

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