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Hello again, my lovely readers, today I bring you the FINAL chapter of Rose: Nani?! A Happy Ending After All! Sorry once again for getting this up so late, but I was extremely dissatisfied with the length of this, so I've must've re-typed it 5 times now…I hope you enjoy it. I want to thank all the amazing readers who've reviewed/stuck by me 'till the end (along with being patient with me!)!

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Sasuke: -smirk widens-


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Kakashi: -smiles- Let's roll the tape, shall we? As Team 7 and Hinata.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata: Yokai (understood)!

Hinata: T-The tape begins a few years later, o-only with a twist!


"It's been awhile, hasn't it?" a raven-haired male asked the grave in front of him softly as he twirled a rose between his thumb and index finger. His hair was slightly longer and spikier than ever, and his obsidian eyes were still cold.

Yet over time, through his subjects' eyes, they seemed to have softened.

"My wife and I have been good-"The man let out a sigh when he felt delicate hands wrap around his chiseled chest. "So this is where you've been. I've been looking for you all day!" The woman protested as she stood on her tip-toes to nuzzle his neck from behind.

"Hn." He answered as he continued to look at the grave. This made the woman frown. "Mou, Sasuke-kun, I'm sure She's looking down on you happily. You always mope when you come here…"

Sasuke turned his head to stare down at his wife. "Uchihas don't mope."

A smile curled at her rosy lips. "Obviously, Uchiha Sasuke does. Especially when you can't focus on your paperwork."

"Whose fault is that?" The male asked curtly. This made her giggle and give him a mischievous smile. "But you know you like it when I do that, Sasuke-kun." The woman countered.

Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at this as he wrapped an arm around her tiny waist and pulled her in front of him. "Hn. Annoying woman."

She giggled and claimed his lips.

"Hey!! Do you guys ever come up for air?!" Naruto complained loudly, appearing behind them.

The woman moved a clump of pink hair (a/n: yes, pink XD. –Inserts ear plugs for readers that shall squeal at this time-) that had fallen into her face and stuffed it behind her ear.

Her face lit up at the appearance as she ran over to the blonde man to embrace him. "Naruto!! I didn't know you were visiting today!"

The blonde had gone to live with Hinata at the Hyuuga mansion. Since she was heiress her father, Hiashi, hadn't allowed her to stay at Uchiha castle. But she refused to go back and resume her duties if Naruto didn't accompany her.

So for the first time, since her mother had died, her father allowed her this. And the two had been a happily married couple ever since.

Kaito had also passed during the three year time period, only this time; it was of old-age. But in his will, he had mentioned how proud he was Sasuke in finding Sakura, because now he would able to rest in peace; knowing the Uchiha would be happy all through his days.

"Che…probably because you were too busy putting your tongue in teme's mouth…" Naruto mumbled under his breath before he felt himself being bopped by the emerald eyed (a/n: ooh I wonder who it is?) woman.

"What was that, Naruto?" she asked in a dangerous tone as he rubbed his head. "IIITAIII (a/n: means ow XD)!! Sakura-chan I was just kidding…jeez you're gonna kill me! If it wasn't for me and pineapple head YOU wouldn't be here…you should be very grateful to Naruto-sama-"

"Naruto-sa…yeah right!" Sakura laughed and hit him again. "Now apologize!"

Though Sasuke would never admit it, Naruto was right.


"She's dying, isn't she?" Sasuke asked quietly. No matter how alright she seemed the Uchiha knew better. Sakura was suffering.

The ponytailed man lowered his head. "I was able to heal her wound since it wasn't too close to her heart. But the poison is already making its way into her bloodstream. Sakura's case is a troublesome one, so judging by how much she's prolonged it on her own…she only has-"

"OI!! SASUKE-TEME!!" Naruto shouted as he ran over to the man. Kiba was beside him. In his hand he held a familiar pot of red, purple and blue spotted flowers.

Sasuke stared at the flowers, which had been put on the floor as the men rested their hands on their knees. Had they been running?

That's when he remembered that the flowers had been won from Ino awhile back. The blonde grinned. "She said something about it being able to cure any poison or something."

Shikamaru shook his head. "I already did everything I could. Any troublesome meddling could kill her-"

"Why can't we try?! It's not too late yet!" Naruto protested. Kiba nodded at this. Both men's eyes sparkled with hope; no one wanted Sakura to die.

After murmuring something about the two being "troublesome", he lowered his head in thought before looking up and giving them a willing smile. "I'll do what I can."

End of Flashback

Sasuke remembered the feeling of hope being restored to him at that moment. After many days of waiting. Shikamaru was beginning to believe that Sakura was a hopeless cause. Until, of course, she proved him and everyone else wrong on the very last day.


"I don't know what else to do. It's troublesome but I think it's safe to say that she's going to-"

But Sakura began to whimper for Sasuke who immediately sat by her side. He moved the pink hair from her face. She opened her emerald eyes, which seemed to sparkle as it did before she had succumbed to the poison eating away at her body and will.

"I…can breathe a little better…" Sakura murmured as she smiled at him.

She was going to live.

End of Flashback

And at that moment, Sasuke couldn't begin to describe the relief and joy screaming inside him.

With it, he could've strangled the poor girl with the grip of his hug. He could've, if he had no dignity, jumped for joy and hugged his blonde best friend and Kiba who came up with the idea…

But of course, he knew better than that.

His thoughts returned to his pink-haired wife and best friend chattering among themselves and Sasuke couldn't help but smile slightly. No matter how much time passed without Naruto in their lives, when he returned, it was as if nothing changed.

Then again, both didn't seem to have changed too much.

Naruto, still being his goofy self, but he had grown a little taller. His jokes became less childish, and his voice had gotten lower. His blonde spiky hair had gotten longer as well.

And Sakura had cut her long pink locks so it was shoulder length and fanned out at the bottom. She had also grown, and at 21 Sakura was known for her mesmerizing beauty. She was also known was "the Uchiha's Flower".

"Oi, teme, do YOU remember why I'm here?" Naruto asked as he narrowed his eyes. This brought Sasuke out of his thoughts. He found his blonde friend in front of him now.

Sasuke looked at him dully. "Hn?"

He watched his friend's eyes widen in horror. "Don't tell me you forgot?!" Naruto asked wildly. The raven-haired man looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Remember what?"

He watched his friend grab his spiky blonde locks in devastation. "TEME!! HOW COULD YOU FORGET!! Is that chicken-ass hair style spiking into your brain?! I came here to tell you guys something really important!!"

"Chicken…ass?" Sasuke repeated with a puzzled expression. Immediately, in his mind, he saw a picture of himself turned to the side. But as he turned around instead of the spiky raven locks he was used to, the back of his head was replaced with a chicken's ass.

By the look on her husband's face, she could tell he was trying to visualize it. This earned a giggle out of the pink-haired woman. "Calm down Naruto," Sakura replied, moving behind him so she could wrap her arms around him. She pecked him on the cheek. "Just tell us what the unexpected visit's about."

Naruto sighed in defeat. "Aah…" but then he grinned. "I wanted to tell you guys that Hinata-chan's pregnant!"

Sakura lunged at the blonde and hugged his neck. "Kami that's great Naruto!! I'm so happy for you! How along is she?"

The cobalt eyed man's eyes lit up with excitement. "4 months."

"And why didn't you tell us sooner?!"

"I-I didn't even know until about a month ago! And Hinata-chan's hasn't been feeling good lately so Hiashi-jii wouldn't let me leave!" Naruto shuddered at the thought of Hinata's father locking the gates so he couldn't leave her side in her time of sickness.

He had also threatened him to hire someone to castrate him so he would never be able to give his first child a little brother or sister if he left.

"Oi Sasuke, have you heard from pineapple head lately?" Naruto added to the raven-haired man staring off into space. The thought of Hinata giving birth to a loud, blonde-headed boy scared him. Konoha would have an annoyance in both kingdoms…

Sakura put her hands on her hips. "He's spent so much time here visiting the gravesite that I wouldn't be surprised if he knew Shikamaru sent him a note a few days ago." She complained, pulling out the note from her yellow flowered kimono sleeve and handed it to Naruto.

Sasuke walked over to Naruto and read silently with him.


Yo. It's been awhile hasn't it? 3 years since I left Konoha to travel with Tsunade-sama. We're in Suna right now (Gaara says hi). Since we've been here 2600 people have been cured. I bet it's troublesome at the castle, now that you and Sakura are happily married (watch what you say. She's a certified doctor). I better not see a hoard of little Sasukes and Sakuras running around when my wife and I visit next month. But then again as…"healthy" as your relationship is I wouldn't be surprised. Tsunade-sama and Shizune, though, are looking forward to see if "Pinkie" bore any sons for the "Stubborn Uchiha".

See you soon, Shikamaru

The three smiled at the note. Shortly after Shikamaru and Naruto cured Sakura, the man began to further research and breed the mysterious plant to create an antidote for the Sickness.

After Sakura was healthy and able to get around on her own, she spent many hours along side the ponytailed man. And at the end of the month the two had created a cure. The missing variable: the stem of a lunar flower.

News had quickly spread that the people of Konoha were being cured. And two weeks before Sasuke's 18th birthday the great Tsunade appeared with her team of medics and researchers…

And surprisingly brought someone (very special to Shikamaru) with her.

The woman who had "stolen his heart and left him"…

Tsunade appeared before Uchiha castle early in the morning. From Sasuke's window (with the amount of people in front of the gates), it appeared to be a small army.

But Sakura seemed to immediately know who it was and rushed down to greet her.

"T-T-Tsunade…sama!! W-What an honor it is to stand before you…what brings you to Uchiha castle?" Sakura stammered as she looked up at the high-heeled, busty blonde woman looking down at her.

She smiled at her. "Hmm…pink-hair, green-eyes…your Haruno's daughter aren't you?"

"Y-You knew my father?!"

Tsunade nodded. "Indeed I did. I was using the Hyuuga's research lab when I found him apprehended by their men for working with Orochimaru. Because of that strain I've been traveling to all around the world to find a cure for It." her smile turned to a smirk. "But I never thought that his daughter would continue what he started."

A woman with curly golden hair tied in three ponytails appeared beside the woman. "Please take me to Nara Shikamaru."




"Tsunade-sama!" Shikamaru found himself murmuring when the woman and her "people" gathered in the infirmary. But his surprised expression turned into complete shock when the woman who introduced herself to Sakura as "Temari" (a/n: sorry ShikaxIno lovers, but in this AU-thanks to the reader who told me the meaning - it's ShikaxTema.) appeared before them.

A small smirked crossed her lips as she walked closer to him. "Yo?" (a/n: I've never written about Temari so she might be OOC…gomen!)

"T-Tema…ri…" Shikamaru murmured. The smirk widened as she placed her hand on one of her curvy hips. "Happy to see me?"

But what she wasn't expecting was him frowning. "Happy? You troublesome woman I want to know why are you and Tsunade-sama here!"

The woman scowled and grabbed his robes. "Troublesome?! YOU'RE the one who's TROUBLESOME! I'm WORKING with Tsunade-sama!!"

Shikamaru expression softened at this. But Temari refused to let go of him. Her grip even seemed to tighten. "…Working with?" he repeated.

"You bet your ass I am! After I left your lab I ran into her. She tested my intelligence and I impressed her. I've been traveling with her ever since. But of course, you wouldn't KNOW that because YOU were too caught-up in your damned research to CARE!"

Sakura stood wide-mouthed at this woman. First, she waltzes in with Tsunade, demands to see Shikamaru, and then verbally lashes out at him!

This was the woman that stole his heart? She was positively scary!

"Well SORRY for trying to find a cure for the world!"


"Temari! We didn't come here to discuss the past. You agreed not to lash out at this man if I brought you along. And you're complying…right?" Tsunade yelled dangerously. Sakura took a few steps away from the blonde woman and her scary expressions.

But Temari merely seemed to sigh at this face before setting him down. "Aah. Sumimasen."

"Now that that's all settled, Nara Shikamaru I would personally like to congratulate you and Haruno Sakura here." The woman replied, clapping her hands. The rest of the people followed suit.

"Despite what you had to do to achieve it, you and Sakura have accomplished something that many, even I, could not. Therefore, I would like you both to accompany me to travel around the world- with your antidote and help cure the world!"

"…T-Travel…with Tsunade-sama…?" Sakura repeated to herself as she stared down at the ground. It had been her dream to travel with the Legendary doctor since she was little When she still harbored hate for her father, she could've easily found him (if he were still alive)especially since she had many connections world-wide.

But of course, Sakura was enjoying life at Uchiha castle and had completely forgotten about her childhood dream…

All because of Sasuke.

But this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

"She's not going." Sasuke replied, appearing through the crowd of people. He stood beside Sakura and stared into the blonde's eyes.

"Oh? You must be the 'Stubborn Uchiha' I've been hearing about. Excuse me for saying this, but I think that pinkie here has a brain of her own. You don't make her decisions."

"P-Pinkie…?!"'SHANNARO!! LEGENDARY OR NOT NO ONE CALLS ME THAT!!' Inner Sakura screamed.

The male narrowed his eyes at her and held up her hand which held a shining engagement ring. Her subordinates 'oohed' and 'ahhed'. "She's my future wife. I have a say in if she leaves or stays."

Tsunade scoffed. "Lord or not you're being a spoiled brat. You aren't her keeper. Sakura may do what she pleases. Don't you see? She could save thousands of people. Perhaps millions."

"T-Tsunade-sama!" Shizune, a dark-haired woman traveling with them whispered. Tsunade was really slipping out of line; talking to the lord of Konoha that way.

"Brat?" Sasuke repeated, his eyes began to flicker red. Sakura held him back gently. "Sasuke-kun, please…" she turned back to Tsunade. "Tsunade-sama, forgive me, but could you give us some time to discuss this?"

"Very well. We'll return tomorrow for your answer. But please, think it through. And let it be a true one, or I won't allow you to go or force you to myself." And with that, they took their leave.

That day Sasuke and Sakura had their first big fight. But in the end, at least from what the servants and guards on the 3rd floor had heard Sakura seemed to win in the end.

"Hn. If you want to leave, then do so." Sasuke replied coldly as he turned his back on her so he could stare at the window.

He had expecting the woman to begin crying and run out of the room, but she did the exact opposite. Sakura spun the man around and viciously slapped him across the face. "Uchiha Sasuke! Did I ONCE say that I wanted to go with Tsunade-sama?!"

Sasuke became quiet as he held his stinging cheek. Sakura went on. "The main reason why I wanted to travel with Tsunade-sama was to find my father and find the answers to all my questions…I came here with that intention and nothing more, but…" she paused to touch the cheek where she had struck. "But I didn't think I would fall in love with you. Nor did I think that my father was actually dead and a good man…"

The raven-haired leaned against the window pane now and stared at her. "So now do you understand? I want…to stay here with you, Sasuke-kun. As your wife." Tears fell down her cheeks as she finished.

He embraced her this time. "I'm sorry, Sakura. For…doubting."

Shikamaru, on the other hand, had a different experience. He had gone on a walk to clear his hand, and found himself watching the clouds in the forest. Only surprisingly he ran into Temari…

"You're so peculiar. Who watches the clouds?" Temari had asked as she sat down next to him. "What're you doing here?" Shikamaru asked her quietly as he closed his eyes.

"I haven't been to Konoha, so I decided to explore the city. I didn't expect to find you here if that's what you're getting at." She scoffed. But he simply chuckled. It made her scowl.

"What's so funny?!"

Shikamaru shook his head. "Nothing. It's just funny how you haven't changed at all."

The two stayed quiet for awhile. Before she murmured, "I thought you were dead."

This was enough for Shikamaru to look at the woman. "Dead?" he asked. Temari nodded stiffly. "A few months after I left I heard some villagers talking about a lab that had been burnt down by a deer forest and no bodies had been found. That lab was yours, wasn't it?"

Shikamaru looked back up at the clouds. "Aah. Things became so troublesome after you left that I became an alcoholic. One day I got too drunk and ended up burning down my lab and life's work. I went into a coma, and after a few days I woke up in Uchiha castle. I've been here ever since."

Temari grabbed her shirt, sat him up and slap him. "You IDIOT!! You could've died!! You never even LIKED drinking!!"

The ponytailed man looked at her in annoyance before he closed his eyes. She ranted on. "How the HELL did you manage to burn it down? It's not like you smoked…unless you did that too?!"

Shikamaru found himself chuckling at this. But it only made her angrier. "I'M BEING SERIOUS!!" Temari shouted at him.

But he only smiled at her. "You only got this mad at me when you were worried. You really were afraid that I died, huh?"

Temari hesitated, but found him fully sitting up and holding her in his arms. "I became an alcoholic…because life was troublesome and meaningless without you, Temari." He replied.

Her eyes widened at this. "Does…this mean?"

Shikamaru grinned this time. "Aah, you troublesome woman. I'm coming with you."

But Shikamaru and Temari weren't the only ones that had reunited. She had also stumbled upon Gaara, her long lost brother. Who had gone missing after being seen with a pale man with monstrous eyes and a creepy smile.

The departure had been heartbreaking, because Nara Shikamaru (though he hadn't planned it) had become very popular at his stay in Uchiha castle. Later the two learned that he had proposed to Temari and returned to Konoha for their wedding.

Tsunade was pleased with the man's decision, but was all the more disappointed when Sakura had decided to stay with Sasuke at Uchiha castle.

"That's too bad. You would've been able to surpass me with the right training." The busty blonde sighed.

Sakura bowed. "Thanks, but I like it here. I think now I finally found my place in life."

"I had high expectations for you, Sakura. Stories about your family too." Tsunade said as she put her hands on her hips. But she smiled at the girl. "I'm glad you chose love over fame. Give the Uchiha my regards. May you both live a long and happy life with many, many children!"

Sakura blushed at the thought but waved it off. She turned her attention to Naruto who looked as if the forest had grown eyes and laughed at him. "Naruto? What is it?"

"Shit! I need to get Hinata-chan's blueberry and cream cheese muffins!! She's gonna kill me…Hinata-chan is scary when she's mad; especially since she's pregnant… Ja!" the blonde replied before sprinting off towards Konoha.

Sakura giggled at the thought of a Hinata eating such a peculiar muffin. 'She's definitely pregnant…' she thought with a smile. "Could you imagine Naruto daddy, Sasuke-kun?" she asked him when he put an arm around her waist.

Sasuke stiffened at the thought. "Can you?"

Sakura hit him lightly. "Yes, I can! I think he'll be a great daddy…he just needs to mature a little. I'm sure Hinata will beat it into him." She paused to stare up at his skeptical expression. "She's pregnant. We have mood swings for no apparent reason."

The two laid down on the grass, watching the clouds illuminate the sky painted with varieties of reds, yellows, and purples.

Sakura crawled her way onto his chest. "Sasuke-kun?" she asked her husband who had his arms behind his head and eyes closed. "Hn?" he asked lazily.

She began fiddling with the emerald necklace he had given her years ago. "…What would you have done…if I Naruto wouldn't have found Ino's flower and gave Shikamaru idea to try it on me 3 years ago?"

Sasuke opened an eye to peer at her. "Why the sudden interest?"

"Well why not? I mean...if I died that night what would you have done?" Sakura asked, unable to look up at him. The male sat up and cupped her chin so she was eye-level with him. "…I couldn't live."

Large emerald eyes stared into solemn obsidian ones. He moved his hand to cup her cheek which leaned into his touch. Her eyes lowered to the grass, which swayed from the breeze. "I'm sure you could, Sasuke-kun! There are so many beautiful women in this world…much prettier than I am. They would've made wonderful wives if I had died-"

"You're wrong. I wouldn't find anyone else in this world." Sasuke interjected firmly and forced her to look into his eyes. His expression softened when he met her green pools. "Because…you're it. You're…my world."

"I'm…your world?" Sakura repeated as gaped at him. She… (Formerly) Haruno Sakura…was Uchiha Sasuke's, Konoha's Hokage, world??

Sasuke looked away as an attempt to hide his blush. "A-Aah-"but his voice trailed off when the woman tackled him to the grass with a happy squeal.

"Sasuke-kun you're so sweet! What happened to the monotone, cold Uchiha I met 3 years ago?" Sakura grinned, straddling him now. The man beneath her side and ran a hand through his hair with a sigh.

He could never get her to be serious when he admitted things like this. She claimed, "it wasn't like him". "Che, annoying woman…" Sasuke mumbled as she sat him up. Her hand didn't leave his robes as she leaned closer, so their lips were barely touching.

"Arigato…Sasuke-kun." She said to him, the smile on her lips never leaving her features. But he didn't seem to understand. "What're you thanking me fo-"but once again, Sakura cut him off and leaned in to kiss him.

"For saving me. If I hadn't met you…not only would I still be chasing after my dead, innocent father and making a living by selling flowers but…I'd still be alone." Sakura explained softly when they broke away.

Sasuke gave her his rare, tiny smile. "Aah, watashi mo."

After a few minutes Sasuke rose and knelt before the grave he had been staring at before Sakura and Naruto's arrival.

"What're you doing?" Sakura asked, rising. 'The last time he had knelt before this grave he fell asleep because he was out here so long!!' she thought with a frown.

But she was surprised to see him set the rose that he had been playing with on the grave marked: Here lies Uchiha Mikoto. Uchiha castle's cherished Lady Hokage. May she rest in peace and watch over us all.

The obsidian eyed male stood, and turned back to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck affectionately as he took in her scent; sweet smelling cherry blossoms. "Giving my regards to her." He replied.

During the time before Sakura had been healed, and even well after, Sasuke visited his mother's (his father and grandfather's as well) grave often and for many hours a day. If the raven-haired male was nowhere to be found, Sakura knew that he would be here. Because before her, Uchiha Mikoto was the only woman he allowed into his life. The woman who mothered him and Naruto unconditionally. The woman who cared for him in ways his father could not. The woman he called his mother; taken away from him at a young age.

And even though it didn't compare to the real thing, Sakura knew he talked to her because, though he would never admit it, inside he was nothing more than a boy who missed his mommy.

Sakura ran her fingers through his hair subconsciously. "I'm sure she appreciates that her son comes to talk to her. It means that not even death could hinder your bond with her!"

Sasuke held her tighter as she continued. "I'm sure Mikoto-sama and your entire family is proud ouf you as well, Sasuke-kun. You lost so much, yet in the end you didn't become depressed and cold. Now you're not known as 'the ice-hearted prince' but 'the Hokage'. A kind one even!"

Sasuke held her tighter. "Aah." 'Because I have you…'

The bonds Sasuke had formed with everyone, Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Gaara, Gai and Lee, Kaito, Hinata, Sakura and all of Konoha never broke. Even when Naruto moved away and Shikamaru went to cure the world and be with the love of his life, they stayed close, perhaps closer than ever.

That's when he realized, that no matter how alone he had felt after he was left as the "last Uchiha", he never was truly alone.

Sakura showed him this.

She truly was an extraordinary woman. A woman…he could call his world and the love of his life. A woman he could call "his and his only".

A mischievous smile curled at her lips after a few minutes of silence. "You know what will make them even happier, Sasuke-kun?" she asked. This made her look at her in puzzlement. "Hn?"

Sakura moved to his ear. "By giving them a grandson!" she whispered, blowing in his ear tauntingly. Sasuke gave her a sadistic smirk. "Is that so, Sa.ku.ra?"

She grinned and nodded childishly. "Uh-huh Kaito-san even said-"but she gave a squeal when he picked her up bridal style. "What're we waiting for then?"

The pink-haired woman gave cheerful laugh before Sasuke carried her away.

Sasuke and Sakura had suffered much heartbreak, tragedy, loneliness, grief, betrayal, adversity, and death, but in the end the two had set aside the pain in exchange for each other's love.

A love undying. Something true and unconditional.

Love was never easy for them. In fact, it was damn hard. Life made them go through things they hoped they would never have to, but in the end, it was worth it in the end…

And from the heavens, both the Uchihas and the Harunos smiled down on them.

Because their pain created something indescribable, unexplainable…

Like the smell of a rose or the rain…

It brought them together; creating a love undying.

Because she was his world, and him, hers.

'Till the Last Rose Dies…End.

(a/n: KAMI THAT TOOK FOREVER TO END!! I couldn't quite end it right, so it definitely took me MUCH longer than expected. I wanted to truly go out with a bang, big or small it didn't really matter, not just a 'poof'. Which would've left you guys like…"That's it…? W…T…F…?! I hope you all enjoyed the happy ending! Now back to the closing of the Final Rose Extra!)

Sakura: -sniff- I can't believe Rose has finally ended…

Sasuke: Well it had to end sometime.

Naruto: Teme's right, Sakura-chan. It's been 45 chapters and 8 months.

Sakura: I know, I know…but I mean…no more Rose Extras…no more airtime!!

Hinata: W-Why don't you just ask xxasukachaxx to write us into her future work like she d-did here?"

Sakura: -grins- That's a great idea, Hinata! Wow, I'm not sure how you can stay so intelligent; living with Naruto and all…

Naruto: -falls over- S-S-Sakura-chan! You're so cruel…

Sasuke: -chuckles quietly- She's right, dobe.

Naruto: Gah! T-Temeeeeeee-

Sakura: –turns to audience- Now then! You're probably wondering what to look for in the future from xxasukachanxx, ne?

Audience: AAH!!

Sasuke: -puts hand in pocket- Hn. Here:

A Different Desire (inspired by akatsuki-shadow-sakura!!):

Summary description: She thinks she can punish me for leaving her by seeing that pale artist guy. But she forgets that I'm an Uchiha, and I ALWAYS get what I want. No matter what. And this time, I want something different. I want Haruno Sakura.

Main pairing: SasuxSaku implied SaixSaku

Estimated Chapters: 1-3?

Hinata: N-Next is:

(No Title Yet, but inspired by Astrocam!!)

They thought they hated each other. "She's going to kill him with kunai" "He's going to kill her with one of his "weird" kung-fu moves." This is what they thought-until she needed a heart transplant. "Who's first on the donor list?" "…Hyuuga Neji."

Main Pairing: NejixTen

Estimated Chapters: One-Shot :D!

Naruto: This one too!

I Can't Take It:

She's a model. He works at a burger place. They tell her not to eat. They tell him he can't do anything right. Finally, they're sick of it. This couple is taking a stand. (Think of the video to Paramore- Pressure)

Main Pair: NaruxHina

Inspiration: Pressure

Song: Check Yes Juliet (maybe…)

Estimated Chapters: One-Shot :D!

Sakura: Don't forget this one!

You're Troublesome, but...:

Summary Description: I have a troublesome wife; loud, irritating, pregnant, short-tempered, demanding-did I mention pregnant? "Shikamaru if she's 'troublesome' divorce her already!" "I can't. I'm in love her."

Main Pairing: ShikaxIno/SasuxSaku

Song: Fall For You

Estimated Chapters: One-Shot :D!

Sasuke: This too:

Run Away With Me, My Blossom:

Summary Description: Every 2 years he comes to visit me, and each time he tells me to run away with him. I refuse, but he always returns to me. Only this time, I think he's serious. "I won't return again Sakura. It's me, or them."

Main Pairing: SasuxSaku

Song: Ocean Avenue

Estimated Chapters: One-Shot :D!

Sakura: xxasukachanxx has decided that her readers have experienced much angst in Rose. So she will be postponing the release of Holding Her Last Breath: Just 3 Days!

Naruto: Che…it's probably 'cause she isn't done editing it yet…

Sasuke: Hn, probably.

Hinata: I-I agree…

Sakura: Y-You guys! You can't say that about the author! She probably watching us from somewhere…plotting to get us back by writing about something terrible…like…a NaruxSasu yaoi!!

Naruto and Sasuke: -chokes-

Hinata: ?!

Sakura: Heh! Just kidding guys! xxasukachanxx told me to say something like that if you insulted her….ah…guys? …Guys?

Naruto: -holds his knees on the floor- …Me…and Sasuke-teme? She wouldn't do that…would she…?

Sasuke: -walks away- …mental pictures…

Hinata: ……………………………….-faints-

Sakura: Well, since my co-hosts are…preoccupied…it appears the Final Rose Extra had come to an end. Minna, Sayonara! I hope to see you all soon!

Rose Final Extra End!