Logan was pissed. He roamed around the mansion shirtless, trying to find at least one of his clean shirts. "Where the hell are my clothes," he yelled, a growl escaping, as he slammed the dresser drawer shut.

Sighing heavily, Logan stomped out of his so-called-territory and towards the laundry room, mumbling to himself the whole way.

Finding his shirt lying on top of the basket, which had his name on it, Logan grabbed the first one. He then saw Scott's all time favorite shirt. He smiled to himself and picked the shirt up, holding it out in front of him.

"This is the ugliest shirt," Logan said as he slowly ripped the shirt happily. Before hiding the now shredded shirt back into the basket for him to find later on, Logan saw a black lingerie bra. "Damn Jeannie," he thought to himself as he raised an eyebrow, examining the size of the cup.

Grinning a little, Logan picked the bra up, holding it out in front of him, as he felt the silky material of the bra, admiring the size as well.


"Logan what the hell are you doing to my bra?"

Logan turned his head, only to find the young Katherine Pryde standing in the laundry room doorway.

Logan dropped the bra, his arms still outstretched in front of him, as he blushed uncontrollably. "I thought it was…" he started but only seemed to blush even more that previously.

He walked slowly toward Kitty and touched her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. "Please don't tell anyone," he practically begged.

"Then do something for me," she said while crossing her arms, a grin spreading across her face.


"No homework for two weeks," she said and purposely adjusted the bra strap, which fell from her shoulder, back on her shoulder.

Logan sighed heavily, "Fine," he said and they shook hands. She smiled at him and started to walk away, hearing him sigh in relief.

She stopped suddenly and turned around, her smile still spread across her face. "Hey Log," she called out.

Logan turned around, only to find Kitty's fingers crossed, her mischievous ways getting to him. "I can live with homework," she said and left the room.

"We had a deal," he yelled out and ran after her, opening the door and found her talking to Scott. Growling furiously, Logan slammed the door, walking back to the basket of clothes he found.

"That kid's gonna fuckin' get it!"