My absolutely, perfect normal life… ARE YOU CRAZY? NOT!

Chapter 30


Oh gosh…

Where are they!? I don't see them anywhere!? All I see is Chinese people! Ugh, the plane service is bad and we didn't even leave yet. Kai… Tyson… Uh… what's that other guy's name? Oh yeah, Ray! Please… come…

"The plane is about to take flight, please settle down and buckle your seat belts" the announcer said.

I began to sweat. God! Someone, anyone! I need a sign that one of them is coming-


I froze.

Oh my freaking lord… That freaking came out of no where! But… that really sounded like Kai… I bet he's mad…

"Uh… hurry up plane, don't want to keep the country waiting" I nervously smiled.

What!? Yeah, I know, Kai and the rest of the gang are so going to kick my ass… but, for the last freaking time, am I on the right plane!?

"ARIES, YOUR ON THE WRONG PLANE!!" this time Tyson's loud mouth that was talking.

I blink and place a finger under my chin. Wrong plane? Hm… wrong plane… wrong plane? I don't think I'm on the wro – OH MY GOD I AM ON THE WRONG FREAKING PLANE!!

"SAVE ME GUYS!" I screamed. I don't even know where they are. I'm beside a good looking Chinese guy and… well I'm sort of liking it. But… their are still my friends and-


I whirled around from my seat. I smiled as bright as I could.

"Kai!" I shouted.

"DON'T SMILE AT ME!!" he yelled. I squinted, geez… what an asshole.

The door was close where the plane was, so all I see was Kai's head on the other side of the door. Then there's Tyson panting like mad, and… Yay! Ray!

I can see that Kai was struggling with the door, trying to open it. Oh great now Tyson's making a sarcastic remark, Kai's getting mad and now there fighting! I bit my finger nails… c'mon you damn boys!

Suddenly… oh dear lord the angels are defiantly punishing me. A slight shift of the plane just move. NO IT CAN'T BE MOVING NOW! KAI AND THE OTHERS STILL HAVE TO GET IN! DAMN STUPID PLANE!!

Meanwhile… on the other side of the plane…

"KAI! CAN'T YOU OPEN THIS THING A LITTLE FASTER!?" Tyson yelled. Kai kept on budging the plane door but it wouldn't open.

"Damn you're weak…" he muttered.

"THEN WHY DON'T YOU TRY IT!?" Kai yelled. Tyson flinch at his quick reaction.

"Uh… nah, I just ate. The food right about now digesting" Tyson explained with a nervous laugh. Kai rolled his eyes.

Just then, the ground started shaking. The engines started to shift its gears causing the plane to move. They all panic.

"Here, let me try opening it!" Ray yelled.

The plane was moving very slowly, Ray tried opening the plane door, sadly it wouldn't even budge. Kai was slowly growling in irritation.

"Uh… Ray, I think you should back off now…" Tyson whimpered.

Ray raises an eyebrow and turned around. He flinches.

"Out. Of. My. Way" Kai glared. Ray immediately steps aside.

Kai took hold of the door while Tyson, Ray and himself started running to where the direction of the plane was going. Kai was about to turn until he look inside.

Kai's eyes widen.

'Aries…' he thought. From where he was starring, he saw Aries inside the plane, crying. Aries was also starring back at him… reaching out her hand to him.

Kai growled even more. With all his power and his strength, he forces the door open, causing it to rip out. Kai jump into the plane. He turned around quickly and extends his arm forward.

Back with me…

I drop my hotdog! It just flew towards the end… uwahhhh!! Damn plane! Wait… is that? MY HOTDOG!? I MUST REACH OUT TO IT!! WAIT…


I smiled to myself. Kai! He made it! I'm so glad he's on the plane… Yes! He just picks up Tyson! Now Tyson's on the plane!

"ARIES!!" Tyson screamed. Wow… to loud.

"TYSON!!" I shouted back.

Tyson push the hot Chinese guy (Which he fell and started to swear in Chinese) and pulled me into a huge bear hug. I hug him back.

"We are united once again my friend!" Tyson dramatically said. I grin.

"Damn straight!" I laugh. I turned around and saw Kai leaning casually against the broken plane door while the plane was moving. I raise an eyebrow.

"Kai? What the hell are you doing? It's dangerous for you to be leaning against that broken plane door like that, I mean the plane is moving for goodness sakes" I explained.

Kai smirk. "Oh I'll be there in a minute…" I heard him mutter.

I became curious… Oh yeah, where's Ray?

"DAMN YOU KAI! PICK ME UP ALREADY! THE PLANE IS MOVING FASTER YOU KNOW!!" Ray shouted. Kai smirk, Ray was running as fast as he could as the plane started to speed up. Kai just chuckled at this so called 'Delightful sight'

"Hn, sorry. Can't hear you over the plane engine Kon" Kai shouted. Ray pops a vein.

"I am so going to kick your ass!" he yelled.

Like finally, Kai extended his arm. Ray quickly grabs it and Kai pulled him over. Both Kai and Ray sigh as the maids quickly escort them to their seats.

I hope no one falls… there's a freaking open hole in the plane!

"Kai! Ray!" I exclaimed. I jump over to Kai without thinking and hug him. I could hear Kai gasp, and later he slowly embraces me. Ah! The warm sensation once again…


Kai and I both turn around and blush. I almost forgot Ray was there…

"Oh hey Ray! I didn't notice you" I smiled.


"Ray?" I ask in concern. Man, must be air sickness.

"Ma'am and boys, you shouldn't be standing here. Please take a seat as soon as possible. Were more than one thousand meters high, and if one of you gets hurt… well… JUST TAKE A SEAT!" one of the flight attendant said.

She scooted us over to some empty seats. Oh yeah I got the window seat! And beside me was non other than Kai. But you know… somehow were getting to close for my comfort… but its fine (Smiles). Anyways, right in front of us was Ray and Tyson… I wish Tala was here. He would have gotten the window seat… to bad Ray got it. Oh well, Ray seems like a really hot cute guy… I MEAN NICE! A NICE GUY! I don't have any feelings for him… I don't have any feelings for any boy… except one…

"Hey Kai… how are we going to get to Florida now?" I ask. Kai just kept starring at the T.V right in front of us. He sighs.

"I don't know…I guess we can take another flight to-"

"Wait" I suddenly said. Kai raises an eyebrow.


I grin. "Why don't we change this flight around?"

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