drabble ichi-ban. These characters are not mine.. obviously... lalala. Enjoy!



"Wait…. Please."

His voice cracked as he whispered his lover's name to the empty air.


He had disappeared without a backwards glance, smoke quickly dissipating from where he had previously stood. Kakashi was dumbfounded. He didn't think Iruka would actually go through with it.

You need to break up with him. You're endangering the village. Leave. We can't allow this anymore. And if they come after one of you, they will look for the other. At least if they come here for him, we'll have time to warn you.

But he did. He vanished without glancing at his lover; he couldn't. If he had, he wouldn't have been able to leave. But Kakashi found him alone in the forest and he started running, first out of fear, then out of sadness. Tears swelling to fall from his eyes, he recklessly snapped branches against his face. Then he had paused until they were within earshot of each other and he heard his last words, begging him to stay.

Then why not send both of us away, Godaime-sama??

Kakashi was confused, simply put. There were no ending words, no admittance of plans. Well… he didn't think his words were serious. They had gone out for dinner, Iruka's treat. Sipping a little too much sake, Iruka allowed himself to be cradled back to Kakashi's apartment and throughly stripped naked to stand before the kneeling man… to cradle his head against him, running his tan fingers against contrasting stark white hair. Kakashi kissed him everywhere, holding his hips gently, as he stood to lift him again to take him to their room. Thay hadn't turned on the lights but the soft moonlight lit up Iruka's soft smiling features beneath him. He loved him so much…and their sex that night was just… beautiful.

But then he started to cry.

Please don't. Iruka? What's wrong?

I love you.

I know that.

He laughed through his tears, nervously giggling a few more words before falling asleep:Godaime wants this over. Can you believe it?

We can't let that happen. She can't do that to us.

Iruka nodded.

If you both leave, then what if they find you together?

We'll die together, Tsunade-sama.

Kakashi fell asleep perfectly contented, gripping Iruka tight to him. He had sworn over and over again that he would never let anything happen to his Iruka, never. They would never be separated unless one of the other died.

But standing now in the chill forest, a breeze tingling at his spine, he realized that this was just like death. It was like Iruka had died. He would never see him again. It was like he had died and Iruka would never see him again. He had kept his promise, then, with that in his thoughts. At least he would be safe now…