Ok, it's late. I know.

And this story isn't really funny…but, uh, I'm trying something different? Yeah…

Megatron was musing over some energon. He was thinking…hard.

Those brats of his brother…Why did he feel nostalgia whenever he saw them?

Now, he wasn't envious of Prime having a sparkmate, despite the common barrack room gossip. No, no, Optimus could keep his femme. He didn't trust any of them. Surely the feeling would be mutual, considering he tried to kill them all. Nope, he was good single. Besides, Starscream might give her wrong ideas if she was one of those meek, spineless femmes that bended too easily.

He smirked. That would be a sight.

Now, back to the real subject. Those sparklings.

There was something poetic about those three. Starscream had spied on them for a few orns and he'd told him everything.

Steelscale, red and blue like his creator in miniature, was obviously a leader. Whether he was good or bad, that was a different story. The black one, Glyph, was constantly bullied and the femme, Techa, was a peacekeeper between the two. He smile widened.

Sounded exactly like Optimus and himself when they were younger.


Flashback time!

"Give it back!" Megatron was playing keep away with his brother, holding his favorite toy right out of his reach.

"Take it, you wuss!" Megatron had sneered.

Optimus tried everything to get it back, but unfortunately, he failed. Megatron sauntered off with his prize, and an orn later he returned it to Optimus.

Broken in half, of course.

Flashback over. Stop complaining.


Ah, memories.

But at this, he frowned. History had a tendency to repeat itself…so why shouldn't it now? Standing up, grabbing his energon, and stalking outside, he took a gulp as he watched the setting sun. Already a plan was forming in his mind…

He needed to see these sparklings himself. A one on one encounter, as he put it. But how?

Well, he'd need ALL the Autobots out of the base…He should have no trouble with that. His soldiers would love to split up to cause random and mindless destruction. But he knew Optimus too well. He never leave the base unguarded.

That's where Cryos and Chainmail came it.

The pair was a classic 'smart mech and stupid mech' combo. Cryos was the smart one, constantly plotting under Megatron's orders, while Chainmail, woefully dumb and border lining 'retarded', was almost as strong as Megatron himself. Indeed, they would have no trouble clearing the path so he might waltz right on in an examine them.

Also, Cryos had a fall back plan. He was one of Megatron's numerous undercover agents. He went by a different Autobot name…what was it again?

Oh yes. Chargepulse.


With an air of smugness, he returned inside to plot the whole thing out properly.

Hoo, boy. What's Megs up too?