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The femme had recovered, but at some cost.

For one, she had chosen to wear a visor now. Despite her occasional bumping into things, she got along well with it. It improved her sight tenfold, so she wasn't one to complain. However, her now shy demeanor worried both Quakeshot and Shift. The change had been inevitable, but they still hated the fact they hadn't stopped Turret from becoming like them. How was she becoming like them? Well…

Shift caught her in the Shooting range, observing Starscream shoot down holobots like they were nothing. Shift had seen a bold look in her optics as he slashed through one with an energy blade.

"Shift…can you and Quakeshot teach me again?" she had asked her one day. Shift had froze for a moment, then said hesitantly, "Ask Barricade first." Later that same day, Turret had said, "He said ok. How about now?" Quakeshot, who had come by, sighed, and replied, "Sure."

The brown and green femme's personality had changed. Formerly perky and usually happy, she had taken to following Quakeshot to the armory and ammo stores and had learned how every weapon could be used to attack, stun and kill someone. She had proved to be an excellent marksman, and it was apparent Megatron was impressed with the young femme's newfound bloodlust.

She was indeed a Decepticon, bred and born.


Cryos mused over a cube of energon, just like Megatron had done a while back.

It would seem that he was going to get away scot free this time. Last couple of identities had been kind of dicey.

Truth be told, Cryos had had several identities ever since he had joined the Autobots.

When he had joined as a spy, Optimus had ordered him to spy on the Decepticons from the inside. But Starscream had caught him and turned him into Megatron. The Decepticon leader, however, hadn't been angry. Quite the contrary. He'd offered the blue mech a position as a spy for the Decepticons. The awkwardness had been eliminated because he would be feeding the Autobots false info.

But Cryos had been loyal to Optimus. But he was torn with indecision…so he did the only logical thing to do.

He turned into a double agent.

But still, he couldn't help but feel some guilt. Optimus trusted him, but Megatron had more…benefits. He smiled. He'd abandon the Autoslags in a human heartbeat. After all, Optimus was all about SAVING sentient beings. Cryos couldn't care less if the insects on this planet burned in the pit. He'd always have a plan in case anyone figured it out he was a double agent.

Before, he had been Autobots Screech, Undermire, and Flashbolt, and Decepticons Frozen, Noose, and Knot. Good times.

But he couldn't help feeling he was forgetting something…


A celebration was held at the Autobot HQ, resulting in Stelscale going to bed early, due to all the drinking.

Elita was just glad he had returned, safe and sound. But, as it turned out, he wasn't entirely whole.

There was no way he could fight Decepticons anymore. Not the ones he knew. He had gotten attached to them…this wasn't good, naturally.

But then, no one would know about this until his first real battle.

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