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Annabeth Chase walked into the field.

"Hey, what have we got?" She asked Ray

"A jock was murdered." Ray said leading Annabeth to the body

"Do we have an I.D?"

"Daryl Lawrence, A senior at Adam's high." Ed said

"Adam's high?" Annabeth asked

"Do you know it?" Ed asked

"Haley is a student there."

"Do you want to know how he died?" Ray asked


"Stab wound to his leg and he was smacked around the head three times with this little beauty." Ed held up a tire iron

"Any witnesses?"

"His cheerleading tutor." Ray said pointing

Annabeth turned to find a cheerleader being interviewed by a police officer

"A jock being tutored?" She asked confused

"Probably not school work, look at her." Ray said

"O.K, let's go talk to her."

They walked over.

"Hi I'm Annabeth Chase, Prosecuting attorney for the DA's office, you are?"

"Lizze Jenkins, I know who killed Daryl!"

"You do and who is that?" Ed asked

"Adam Forester."

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Interview Room

Annabeth and Maureen sat across from Doug Hellman and Adam Forester.

"Don't speak." Doug warned

"Why? I have nothing to hide. I don't like the guy because he's an ass but that doesn't mean I will kill him." Adam said

"A witness places you at the scene of the crime." Maureen said

"I went to see Daryl and told him I wanted my money and to stay out of my life."

"Money?" Annabeth asked

"He owes me money."

"Why?" Asked Maureen

"Because, he didn't want his friends to find out." Adam spoke softly

"Find out what?" Asked Annabeth

"Don't answer that." Warned Doug

"His father slept with my mother. Daryl Lawrence is my half-brother."

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