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A/N: So, when they wrote this they were just setting themselves up for fanfiction. They should have known.

Here is a short drabble/oneshot.


Married Liars

"My partner has famously bad taste in men." Bobby said calmly.

"Married liars, that's my special torture." Alex said coolly.

They then walked out of the interrogation room to join Captain Deakins. "Good job guys. It's getting late, why don't you head home." He suggested.

They both started to protest but Deakins was headstrong. "No, you guys have been on this for a while. You need some rest."

They grudgingly went to their desks and got their papers in order. They then got in the elevator and headed down to the garage.

When they reached their level they noticed that they were one of the only cars there.

They had been walking in a comfortable silence but when they sat down in the car Bobby turned to Alex. "Do you really think that I'm married? Maybe I have a wife in Germany and I'm lying to you?" He asked smiling.

Alex laughed at his antics. "You're the one who brought the subject up. I was just trying to play along." She was then silent for a moment. "No, of course I don't think you're lying to me." She then leaned over and gave him a tender kiss on the lips. "I love you." She told him.

"I love you too." He whispered back.


A/N: Short. Cute. Fluffy. Yay. I know I haven't done anything in a while. Marching band has been pwning my life. When the season is over I have a proper chaptered story in mind. Until then, you get the short drabbles. :)