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The moon was high in the sky as the dimness shadowed everything. The citadel lay quiet with all the inhabitants dead or gone to other worlds. Only the sound of soldiers walking with their amour clanking ever so slightly made the appearance of the citadel even more solemn. A street lamp showed the symbol on their amour reflecting a blue mouse head. The soldiers were walking to the only inhabited house in the citadel.

Inside this house were nine children. They sat within the darkness with only a single candle giving warmth and light to them. They were each wearing a knee-length cloak with their hood on with the same colored amour on them. The cloaks however had different colors.

Three had cloaks of the brightest white.

Three had cloaks of the deepest black.

And the last three had cloaks of black and white.

The door opened to reveal the soldiers. Each had nine shackles in their hands for the nine children. The lead soldier motioned for a child to be shackled and one of the mixed colors, a female, came forward from the back.

Without warning, the child summoned a blade in the shape of a key and brought the soldier down. The other eight summoned a blade much like the first as the soldiers brought out their weapons. The soldiers thought their weapons were more effective and their knowledge on battle was an advantage.

How wrong they were.

The last soldier lay dead on the stone ground. The children stood there trying to comfort the younger ones as to why they were doing this. A young boy in a dark robe looked up to the female.

"Why are they doing this?"

The girl turned away. "It's because they don't understand."

Another boy, but in the same robes as the girl, came forward. "We have to leave." The nine nodded and headed toward the wastelands of the world.

Their shadows moved rapidly through the darkness as they each tried to stay together. Arrows from other soldiers rained down on the nine. One in white tripped and fell down, cowering in fear. An older one in dark grabbed her hand and caught up with the group.

They weren't going to leave one of their own to die.

For a crime they didn't commit.

They slowed their pace at a small crevice with crystals embedded in the blue stone. They each took a breather trying to calm their nerves and lessen some of their tears. They walked out of the crevice on to a cliff panicking on their situation. They were trapped.

All that lay below was a dark and icy lake that held things they didn't want to see. They were about to turn around and head for the citadel only to stop. In their way was a tall sorcerer in a dark blue robe, a large wizard hat the same color decorated in stars and moons, and a long grey beard. His eyes held an anger not seen in quite some time.

"Guilty ones do not flee or your punishment will be even more severe." He said.

The younger children started tearing up as the elders shielded them from the man. The sorcerer walked slowly forward making the nine back up to the edge of the cliff. They female stood firm as her gaze held hatred like the rest of the nine.

"Jump." She whispered to everyone.


"You heard her! Jump!"

The elder children grabbed a younger one and they jumped off the cliff. They fell toward the darkness knowing that this fate was better than being captured. They didn't even scream when they fell into the icy water.

The wizard looked down and assumed that a search was not in order. They must be dead. No one could survive that jump. He disappeared in a flash of light and the world was silent once more.

The moon soon disappeared over the horizon as the sun did the opposite. The leader of a kingdom who sent those soldiers looked over a cliff far away from the citadel. Down at the bank of the river were the same nine children all alive with their wounds minor. The king looked down solemnly at the nine as they climbed onto the bank.

The female pounded her fists onto the ground trying to calm her anger. Tears were cascading down all their faces, some more than others, but their pain was just the same. She looked up along with others to see their observer.

"Why? We did nothing! We're innocent!" she yelled.



Her cries only made the king sadder. He shook his head slowly and reluctantly turned away. He walked away still hearing their pleas of innocence from the cold river bank.

"I wish that was true...I truly do..."

Within Traverse Town, the lights flickered on and off within the square. Only a few travelers walked in and out of bars and shops before going on their way. A few soldiers from Disney Castle were celebrating in the café.

"After five years we've finally caught one." One said.

"Yep, but eight more are still out there."

"Yeah, well, be glad we got one of the strong ones."

"True. Of the nine she was able to control fire much like the Organization's number VIII." He took a sip of coffee. "They each control an elemental power; but some can even control two."

From above the café lurked another figure, listening intently on the conversation.

"Well, let's take that kid and get back to Disney Castle." The figure slowly got up. "Right behind, yah."

They quickly came to their gummi ship and the pilot quickly got on the ship. His friends were stopped by the figure's voice from the shadows. "Where are you going?"

The soldiers turned around. "To Disney Castle. We're carrying a prisoner."

"A prisoner? I didn't think the Disney kingdom would be active in crimes on their world." It was obvious that the voice was female. "Much less other worlds."

"Well, this fella is a danger to everyone." The female chuckled in the shadows frightening the other soldiers.

"Tell me, does this 'fella' have long blue hair?" They twitched as the figure stepped forward.

"Does this 'fella' have burning fire in her eyes?" They twitched again.

"Does this 'fella' possess two keyblades? If so..." The figure came completely out of the shadows.

"Then that fella is my friend and you are not taking her." She said.

The girl was fifteen at 5' 7" with long dark brown hair covering her right eye with golden green eyes. She had a dark blue, baggy shirt with a gold collar. Her legs were covered by black tripp pants that had gold or red stripes above the zippers. On the back of the lower oant leg, yellow material glowed with a star on it with her black tennis shoes under them. Two red suspenders hung from her studded belt. To finish it off, a black short sleaved coat that reached her knees, cut in the back from the hip down with gold lining and two gold stripes on the sleeves with a hood and collar. A star with a crown and six wings were all in gold on the back.

What surprised the soldiers was an emblem on her left and right bracers. It had a golden heart with a crack going from the top to the middle of the heart and crimson streaks coming from the crack like blood.


"One of them!"

The girl walked forward. "Are you going to surrender my friend or not?"

One of the soldiers brought out a sword and got ready. "Not while King Mickey rules the castle."

The girl frowned. "Fine. Have it your way." She held out both hands and in her left hand held the dark keyblade Sora used on his heart and in her other hand held another.

It was an elegant sort of keyblade. The holding part was sea green with black on the end with the handle golden and shaped like Kingdom Key. Only this was pointed toward the blade at the top and curved. The hilt had a yellow and silver heart with golden swirls reaching up along and away to the right side of the silver blade. The silver blade had the inscription Deep Dive on it. The teeth were a silver golden outlined heart with three spikes on top like a crown also in gold. Two gold spikes were on the sides and a sea-green gem was in the middle of the heart. Two silver teeth were below the main teeth and the keychain had a golden heart with a silver heart in the center.

She twirled them around and crossed them. "Once you're all out of juice, we'll take you to the castle along with your friend, fugitive."

The keyblader then grew angry. "I'm not a fugitive!" she lunged forward and slashed at his side. She spun around quickly while his guard was down and kicked his side. The soldier was sent across the stone ground as he struggled to get up.

"You knights are even weaker than you were five years ago." She said slamming her keyblade into his back. He cried out in pain as he grabbed his sword. With one final effort, he thrust it toward her only for it to bounce off. He looked to his fellow knights in pain.

"G-go!" The rest of the soldiers started up the gummi ship and took off. They grieved for their friend who now lay dead. The girl watched the ship disappear with anger in her eyes.

"Damn, they got her anyway." She looked down at the corpse where her keyblade still was lodged in his back. She pulled it out with a frown on her face.

"How disgusting." She wiped the blood off of her blade. "There's only one option left…"

She looked up to the stars. "For five years we've been on the run but now it looks like we must rise again."

"A second coming...our advent."

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