Shukaku: I'm back and so are our two favorite Ninja.

Sasuke: You are so going to pay for this.

Shukaku: Shut up and go take care of Naruto.

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A medic Nin approached the boys with two clipboards; he was smiling which meant good news.

"Well, you both check out just fine, aside from a few bruises and scratches anyway." Both boys gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, and Naruto's pregnant," The blond went pale and fainted against Sasuke who was too shocked to even speak.

1 month later

Sasuke sighed as he sat down on his bed, even after a month he still couldn't believe that Naruto was pregnant. 'At least I get to revive the clan,' He thought as he fell back against the black silk covers. Naruto now lived with him in the Uchiha Mansion and it was hell, he was so demanding! He felt movement near his fingertips and flipped over onto his belly, smiling as a blond head emerged from under the blanket.

"Sasuke, what time is it?" He mumbled turning onto his side to face him.

"It's about one in the afternoon, Naru-chan," The blond groaned and buried is face in the pillows. "Hn, I'll get you something to eat," Sasuke got up and left the room with a small sigh. He'd been sighing a lot lately.

'Surprise, Sasuke-kun, I'm back!' The raven slapped his forehead and groaned loudly.

'What do you want, Resse-chan?' She'd left him in peace for a month but now she was back to torture him!

'If I were you I'd get Naruto some cheese and pickles.'

'Why should I?' He heard her giggle and grew annoyed. 'Resse-chan, answer me already!'


"SASUKE, I WANT SOME CHEESE AND PICKLES!" Naruto shouted making him fall over in surprise. Sasuke sighed and made his way to the kitchen where he was greeted by a few of the family chefs.

"Get me cheese and pickles," They gave him a weird look. "Naruto wants it not me," They nodded and scrambled to put a plate together for their masters blond lover. They handed him the plate and he made his way back upstairs, he was greeted by Naruto's whining. "Naruto, stop complaining, I got your food."

"Took you long enough," He puffed his cheeks out and crossed his arms over his chest. Sasuke chuckled as he handed him the plate and sat down.

"How do you feel today?"

"Not better than yesterday or the day before," He grumbled eating a pickle.

"It'll get better soon, Naru-chan, I promise." He gave a weak smile.

'He'll get better but he'll also get fatter!' Resse-chan squealed in delight. Sasuke ignored her and looked at his lover.

"Naruto, are you done eating?" The blond didn't answer. "Naruto-"

"Yes, I'm done now shut up!" He shouted. Sasuke groaned loudly, he was having mood swings again. The raven got the plate and set it outside the room before lying down next to the blond.

5 hours later

Sasuke awoke to the sound of someone whispering his name. Annoyed he lifted his head and stared into the darkness, nearly screaming when he saw who it was. Uchiha Itachi stood at his bed side, surprisingly the Sharingan wasn't activated and he wasn't wearing the Akatsuki robe which shocked him.

"Be quiet, brother, and come with me," Itachi turned on heel and began to leave, Sasuke followed silently. Itachi led him to his old study room; it had been untouched since he left.

"What are you doing here, Itachi?!" Sasuke hissed at his brother.

"I got word about the fox child being pregnant and came to see if it was true. I knew you liked him but this is too much, little brother, who knows what will come of this union? Your child could pose a danger to the village-"

"I don't care, I'll do everything I can to keep the child's power in check, maybe even seal his chakra if I have to!" Itachi saw that his brother was serious and sighed.

"You'll need my help, Sasuke; Naruto will be weak after giving birth and won't be of much help to you."

"How can you help? You're a rouge Nin and don't belong to Konoha anymore."

"Lady Tsunade is giving me a second chance, helping you and your lover is just one of my many tasks that I've been assigned to."

"I don't trust you but if Tsunade is giving you a second chance then I have nothing to say about you being here. You know where your room is so leave and don't bother me, I'll tell Naruto you are here so you don't scare him half to death."

"Then good night, brother," Itachi got up and left. Sasuke sighed as he too left; he almost regretted doing so when he heard Naruto.

"SASUKE, I WANT COOKIES, RAMEN, PICKLES AND CHEESE!" The raven groaned as he once again headed to the kitchen. This was going to be a long pregnancy.

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