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Daisuke slowly moved towards the seemingly sleeping teen on his bed. He gulped as he stared down at Naoki, he shook his head vigorously, trying to concentrate and not be drawn in by his best friends beautiful face. He blushed and tried to get his mind off the teen but his smooth skin was practically telling him to touch it; his flat belly was just waiting to be kissed….

'Daisuke, stop it! He's your best friend and he's a boy…. I can't possibly like him,' He let out a shaky moan as his thoughts drifted to Naoki.

"Daisuke-kun, is something wrong?" Naoki asked opening his eyes.

"Nothing, Naoki, and why were you sleeping? It's too early for you to fall asleep," He sat down just as the other teen sat up.

"I was just resting my eyes is all," He huffed. Daisuke laughed and the two began to wrestle, the Uchiha finally managed to pin Naoki to the bed and became confused. "Daisuke, I-I think….. I think I might like you," He said shyly. The older teen smiled softly down as his teammate; at least he knew how Naoki felt towards him.

"Naoki-chan, I'm confused about my own feelings, I don't know how I feel." He glanced at the teens pink lips. "Should we…. Should we you know….?"

"Kiss?" Daisuke nodded. "It's only a test kiss right?" Again he nodded. The two boys leaned closer and pressed their lips together. Daisuke pulled away slowly, he'd actually enjoyed their little kiss, did that mean he liked Naoki? "Um……. Could you get off me, Dai-kun?" The Uchiha blushed and crawled off him.

"I'm tired, what about you?" Daisuke asked changing the subject.

"Yeah, I'm gonna get my clothes," Naoki got up and headed out of the room to get some extra clothes from home.

'Daisuke-kun, you should have jumped him on the way out! You Uchiha's are all the same…. Speaking of which I need to talk to your father.' Daisuke paled and made a mad dash down to Sasuke's study.

"Dad, some weird voice is telling me things," Sasuke looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"How long have you heard the voice?" He hissed.

"Since I turned 15, she's been telling me a lot of things, like how you and mom were trapped in that cabin," Sasuke stood and grasped his son's shoulders.

"Don't listen to a word she says, Daisuke, do NOT listen to her! She's evil and plays tricks on you mind!"

"Okay, I won't listen to her," The raven nodded as his son left.

'Resse-chan, I know you're there,' He sat back down.

'What are you so grouchy about, Sasu-kun?' She asked innocently (A/N: Yeah right).

'Why are you bothering Daisuke? He's too young to be exposed to such things.'

'If I remember correctly, you were about his age when I exposed you to the wonders of hot man sex; which resulted in the pregnancy of the fox child. Speaking of pregnant, don't you know how to control yourself? You have two kids!'

'Not my fault Naruto is so damn sexy and fuckable,' The Uchiha smirked.

'There's a thing called a condom you know.'

'I don't think, I just act,' Resse-chan fell silent for a moment.

'I swear, you Uchiha's only ever have sex on your minds,' Sasuke laughed at this. 'Well, I'm off to torture Daisuke now,' She left before Sasuke could protest.


Daisuke awoke with a low groan; his dreams had been plagued by Naoki who lay beside him sound asleep. 'A fresh mind provides me with so many opportunities,' Resse-chan giggled as an image flashed behind his eyes.

'Go away and let me sleep,' The Uchiha slid out of bed and into the bathroom.

'Now why would I want to do that? I practically tortured your father before he finally got together with Naruto.'

'Go bother him then, not me, Resse-chan.'

'Naoki is a cute one isn't he?' Daisuke blushed and leaned against the wall after relieving himself. 'I think little Daisuke has a crush.'

'Do not!'

'Don't deny it, you Uchiha's are all the same, you love boys! Just look at Zale, he's falling head over heels for Ken.'

'We all know that Zale is gay, he's been flirting with the Hyuuga since we were at the Academy,' He rolled his eyes. 'Just leave me alone so I can sleep, Kakashi-sensei is giving us the day off tomorrow.' Resse-chan left as soon as the Uchiha slipped into bed. Daisuke had just closed his eyes when he felt arms wrap around his waist. "Naoki, you awake?" The teen didn't answer, guess he was still asleep. The teen smiled and wrapped his arms around Naoki's waist, pulling him closer.


Sasuke was up early as usual of course, and went to wake the two sleeping teens and his daughter. He opened the door silently, his eyes softened when the light from the hall spilled into the room and fell on the bed. The corner of his mouth twitched as he went to wake Naruto so he could see the scene in Daisuke's room.

"Naru-chan, wake up, there's something I want you to see." The man opened his blue eyes and groaned because of how early it was.

"I was up late, Sasuke, I need some sleep," He complained as the raven led him to the room. "Next time-"

"Shh," he pressed a finger to his lover's lips. "Take a look," Naruto looked into the room lazily but immediately began to smile madly.

"They are so precious," He cooed as Sasuke wrapped a strong arm around his waist. Daisuke lay on his back with one arm flung carelessly at his side, Naoki was resting with his head on Daisuke's chest and their fingers were laced; Naoki's free hand rested on the teen's chest as well.

"What's going on?" Itachi mumbled scratching his head.

"Look for yourself, brother," Sasuke whispered. The elder Uchiha looked into the room and smirked.

"Why is everyone crowded around Daisuke's room?" Kyuubi yawned. Itachi motioned for the kitsune to come look, the fox did so and smiled. "I always knew they would get together, just like Zale and Ken."

"Let's let them sleep," Naruto closed the door softly and the four men went downstairs.

2 hours later

Yui and a girl who looked surprisingly like Shikamaru entered the Uchiha Mansion, "they're upstairs sleeping." Sasuke said. "Do you mind waking them up?" They shook their heads. "Thanks, be sure not to go near Zale's room though."

"Okay, Uncle Sasuke!" Yui chirped. She'd taken up the habit of calling him uncle when she was little. The two teens raced upstairs and crept into Daisuke's room, the black haired teen flipped the lights on and the boys groaned. "You owe me 20 yen, Lily," The girl mumbled to herself and handed Yui the money.

"Lily? Yui? What are you doing in my room?" Daisuke grumbled placing an arm over his eyes.

"Sasuke-san told us to get you two up, it's already 8 in the morning," Lily sighed.

"Now get up, we may have the day off but that doesn't mean you can sleep the day away," Yui said. The two boys sat up, the girls took one look at Naoki's hair and began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" He blinked his teal eyes in confusion.

"You have a bad case of bed head," Daisuke chuckled. The teen blushed and ran to the bathroom to fix his hair.

"We'll be downstairs waiting," Lily giggled as she and Yui left the room. The Uchiha rolled his eyes and counted down in his head.

"AHHHHH! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT'S ZALE!" The two girls shouted. Daisuke shook his head and laughed to himself, apparently they'd gone past his cousin's room just as he opened the door.

"What are they screaming about now?" Zale asked from the doorway.

"I think you scarred their poor innocent minds, Zale, now go put some clothes on." Daisuke snorted. The other Uchiha shrugged and walked back to his room.

"What did I miss?" Naoki yawned sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Zale scarred Yui and Lily's minds for life," The teen giggled softly.

"Let me guess, he left his room nude right?" Daisuke nodded. "Let's get dressed and head downstairs before the girls come looking for us," The two boys took turns changing in the bathroom.

"I am hungry, let's see if Yurie has breakfast for us," The teens raced downstairs to the dining room.

"You boys are a little late for breakfast but I'll see what I can do," Yurie said upon seeing them. A few minutes later the old woman brought them some food which they ate quickly before heading for the front room.

"You two are a couple of slowpokes," Lily muttered.

"You're no better when we're training," Naoki snapped.

"This is such a drag," She sighed.

"You are just like your father, Lily," Sasuke chuckled just as he was about to leave. The young shadow master smiled and they all said good bye to him. After that the group headed out into the village where they met up with some friends.

"Kokoro, over here!" Yui waved to a teen with long silver hair.

"Hi guys, enjoying your day off?" She asked happily.

"Yeah, and what about you? It sucks that most Chunin have duty today," Lily said. Unlike her friends, Lily Nara was a Chunin.

"So far so good, I haven't been called on to lead any missions yet," Yui suddenly growled as a group of teens approached them, Naoki moved closer to Daisuke who grabbed his hand.

"What do you want, Shin?" Yui growled out at the boy. He ignored her and looked at the two boys, smirking when he saw their hands.

"Another gay Uchiha, you guys bring shame to Konohagakure," He spat out. Daisuke glared at him, making him look almost exactly like his father. "And Naoki is a disgrace to both Konohagakure and Sunagakure, the little brat," Naoki got a murderous look in his usually kind eyes.

"The only disgrace I see here is you," A low voice hissed from behind them. Daisuke's group took a step back, it was Satoshi Nakamura, and most of the village was creeped out by him.

"I wasn't talking to you, Satoshi, so butt out!" Shin snarled.

"Shin, Satoshi, knock it off right now," A female voice commanded. Kokoro relaxed as her former team mate Yori Fukijin appeared. "If you want to fight take it elsewhere."

"The freaks just keep coming," Shin sneered. "The Uchiha's were once such a great clan from what my mother has told me but now it's been reduced to a few of you, one female and the rest male, all the male's being gay as hell."

"So what if they're gay?!" A girl with blond hair demanded. "The whole village accepted the fact that their parent's liked each other so why can't you?"

"She's right, my mom accepted that after Naruto got pregnant and she was crazy about Uncle Sasuke," Yui added stepping forward.

"All of you give it a rest," A girl with black hair growled.

"Uh-oh, its Esper-chan," Ryo whispered wide eyed. Satoshi fixed his sunglasses and walked off, not wanting to get into a fight so soon.

"Shin, Ryo, Kei, Guy-sensei is looking for you now go," The three Genin reluctantly left. "If they cause any more trouble just go find Guy, he'll deal with them," The group nodded as the young Jonin left.

"Let's go back to the Mansion shall we?" Daisuke sighed.

"Yeah, I've had enough excitement for one day," Yui breathed. The said good bye to their friends before heading back to the Mansion where they then hid in Itachi's study because of Zale being his usual crazy self.

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