A Change in Events

This is a story of Naruto Uzumaki and what would happen if one thing changed. What would be the effect and would it really be that drastic? YOU Better believe it.


Kyuubi Thoughts


What's Happening or What Someone is Doing


Our story takes place after all the rookie nine made the decision to compete in the chunnin exam (This will be the only time I do this it is just to set the story up TY).

Naruto is sitting inside his room trying to think about what Kakashi just told them. "Wow I get to try and become a chunnin I will be that much closer to becoming Hokage". Naruto puts on his fox like grin.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my favorite little brat".

"What the hell do you want you stupid fox" Naruto glares at Kyuubi

"Shut up kit I'm not here to mess around with you. I need to warn you about something… something very important".

"Oh ya what is that. Let me guess you want to ask me to release you! Naruto glares at Kyuubi and was about to keep speaking before he was cut off.

"I said shut up no I don't want to ask that although that would nice. But that is not it… You know when you fought that Haku kid and you tapped into my power?''

"YAA So what."

"Well as it turns out when you did that something happened… something that was not supposed to happen for at least another 3-4 years..." Kyuubi was cut off by Naruto.

"What are you talking about you dam fox I didn't do anything… all I did was tap into you to stop Haku!"

"Yes… You did but you were not supposed to be able to… and now the process has already begun and now that it has begun it cannot be reversed. Kit what I'm about to tell you may shock you or in your case provoke you more than shock…" Kyuubi went Silent.

"What are you talking about…" Naruto looked at Kyuubi with fear on his face never before has the demon lord ever told Naruto anything let alone warn him this had to be bad.

"You activated the seal!!! Now that it is fully active it shall fuse us together into one whole thing Naruto that is what I have been trying to tell you Appearance wise you shall remain the same MostlyThe seal was supposed to do thisbut later in your life so as not to…KILL YOU AND ME… I will try to hold back most of my chakra when we fuse but… I cannot unfortunately hold back the PAIN or All the CHAKRA.

Naruto stood there stunned until finally. "So… your telling me that… ME…AND…YOU… and PAIN"

"Yes Naruto we are going to join together. You shall become stronger, faster, smarter much smarter, More powerful then you could ever imagine. No body will ever able to defeat us, well in about 2 years maybe but still even now right as we speak your chakra and mine are fusingThat is all I shall say. But before you leave I have to warn you this process is going to be the most painful thing you have ever and probably ever going to experience so…for our sake try not to die in this exam. Like he could now anyway."

Suddenly Naruto was back in the his room and thought it was all a dream and went on his way to his favorite ramen shop when suddenly. "AHHHH What is going on my…BODY.AHHHHH!!!" Naruto fell to ground in front of the shop and was screaming at the top of his lungs in agony. It just so happened that his team and team 8 were there.

They could all only look in shock as there knuckle head was on the ground screaming like he was being killed. Hinata immediately activated her Byakugan . She could only gasp in shock at the sight of her Naruto-kun on the ground as she saw his body going nuts as red chakra passed through his coils.

"Naruto-kun is in trouble we have to get him to the hospital NOW"! They all jumped from there chairs and grabbed Naruto.

When they finally reached the hospital entrance Naruto let out another ear splitting scream of pain.

"AHHH I cant take this any longer!!!"

Suddenly when they got him on the bed they all heard a very loud crack that echoed through the halls of the hospital and they could all only gasp and whence when Hinata said that it was his bones… all of them. They did not even have time to see there friend for he was quickly rushed to the emergency room

The Doctors could only stand and stare in sure fear as the boy's body began to grow in strength. "What the hell is going on here his muscles and tendons there getting bigger and his bones are becoming stronger, (One doctor was a Hyuga). H-His chakara coils t-they are getting bigger and his chakra it's massive I can hardly bare to look". With one last snap form Naruto's bones, he then fell unconscious.

His friends waited very nervously out side the room until the operation light was off but could only stare in fear and shock as each doctor came out with a face of fear.

"Can we go see Naruto" Sakura said.

"Umm…of course".

They all walked in the room to see a unconscious Naruto on the bed. And could only gape at what had happened he was buffer not ripped but he definitely much better toned. Hinata suddenly gasped after deactivating her blood-limit. She then began to explain what she had seen. "N-Naruto-kun's chakra coils have grown double in size and his chakra has nearly…d-doubled in size, and his bones are almost as dense and hard as rock".

They could all only look in shock as there friend slowly began to awaken.

"Huh what am I doing here and why is everybody looking at me like that". Naruto grinned shyly. Then the silence was broken by Kiba "Naruto are you ok"?

"Umm well ya I guess what h-happened I feel like I could go a round with Kakashi and yet I'm in the hospital"?

They than began to explain exactly what had happened that day not even bothering to ask why his body did what it did I mean how could they ask him.

The next day Naruto got up to meet his friends at the chunnin exam building. "Hey guys". His friends still a little stirred up from yesterday only responded with a grin and a simple hello.

Suddenly they were in front of the testing room 301. "Hey let us in". "YA". Shouted some other ninja. Then Naruto said something that shocked his friends even more "That's not room 301 it's room 201 and you two are impostors". "Naruto how could you have known that" Sakura said. How in the world did Naruto notice that before me? "It was obvious that we only climbed up to the second floor" Naruto said.

"Well, well, well one of them actually has a brain to bad we are going to have to punch it out of you!"

The impostor flung a fist at Naruto which Naruto dodged with speed that was almost inhuman. "H-How did y-you dodge me"

"You were so slow that I saw it coming and moved duh what are ya stupid" Naruto said putting on a foxy grin. Sasuke suddenly said "Well if this isn't the entrance to the testing room then we should hurry up and get there… come on l-loser". Sasuke was almost couldn't say the last part after Naruto's performance. "Fine Sasuke I'm coming"

After Kakashi's speech they entered to join the rest of the rookie nine. Only to be glared at by ever person in the room.

"Hey guys what's up" Naruto said while rubbing the back of his head. Suddenly Hinata walked up to him with a blush on her face. "H-Hi N-Naruto-kun good to see that y-your doing o-ok". " Glad that you're here today to". Hinata blushed and tapped her fingers together. Naruto only stared at her "Why is she blushing did I do something wrong or say something and why is she tapping her fingers together, she does that all the time around me hmm come to think of it she is always doing things like that around me hmmI'm going to have look into this some more". "Why is he looking at me like that… is there something on me… does he hate me…". "N-Naruto-kun Why are you looking at me like that for". "Huh oh sorry Hinata-Chan I was just thinking about something".

Hinata blushed a beet red at the form of address. "CHAN he called me CHAN normally he only calls Sakura Chan but he called me it… this so amazing". "AH HA I knew that she would do that if I said Chan but why… does she think I look funny…Does she want something… Or does she like me hmm I think it's number three… and she is pretty cute and really nice now that I think about it hmm maybe I should try and ask her out instead of Sakura all the time maybe after we get out of hereya I will I would love to take Hinata out on a date.

"Hey Sakura what do think Hinata is doing talking to Naruto" Ino Said with a flirty voice"Hopefully making her move". "Ya if only".

"Hey you know you guys should try not to draw to much attention to your selves" Kabuto Said. "Ya and who are you to tell us that" Sasuke said. "Oh nobody just a person who knows that drawing attention to your selves is dangerous and your Sasuke Uchiha right". "Ya so what if I am". "Oh no reason hey do you guess have any questions one the other genin that are here"? Kabuto said while wiping out a blank deck of cards. "Why do you ask"? "Well these are my special cards I have info on every ninja in the room in these". "No I don't have any questions". "Ok" (Before I continue I just want to say that because of what naruto did the other day and because of what he did at the door of room 201 Sasuke never met Gaara or Rock Lee. Just clearing that up).

Suddenly the sound genin rushed in the direction of Kabuto. But before they could land a blow naruto had already knock all three of them on the ground. "Save it for the competition… unless you want to fight me". Naruto said to the shocked sound ninjas who did not even respond.


"Take your seats ingrates the first part of the exam is about to begin"!

Everybody quickly rushed to their assigned seats not even hesitating

Hinata could only stare in shock naruto of all people was sitting next to her but then her thoughts were interrupted. "Hey Hinata-Chan". "O-oh H-hello N-Naruto-kun". "Can't believe that we were placed right by each other can you". Hinata blushed and turned her head to avoid looking into Naruto's eyes. "Y-Yes Naruto-kun this is a v-very nice coincidences". "Hey Hinata…" "Y-yes N-Naruto-kun" "Can you wait up after the test is over I need to ask you something". "S-sure". "I wonder what he wants to ask me… MAYBE HE WANT'S TO ASK ME OUT…NO! That would never happen but still".

"Hello class my name is Ibiki YOUR PROCTER for the written part of the exam". He chuckled slightly

"What your our proctor"! As said by a grass genin

"YES have a problem then leave"! "Ok class here is the rules". (I am going to skip the whole explanation because it's long and I don't want to waste a chapter so I'm just going to skip to the test)

"Hmm this test is almost easy but why?"

"This test is so hard no way Naruto-kun can answer these question's I can hardly do it". Hinata turns her eyes to naruto and whispers almost invisible to him "N-Naruto-kun you can copy me if you want". "No Thanks Hinata-Chan I got this in the bag bedside's I don't want you to get into trouble with thoughts scary looking chunnin guys or Ibiki for that matter… but thank you anyway". "He can handle this H-How I mean naruto-kun was never a good test taker…he really does care about me… no he just being modest".

"Pencils DOWN the test is over"! There was little more than half the class left.

"Now for the tenth question but before I give it I only have to say this…you have a choice to ether take the question or leave and do it again next time…now if you choose to take it then IF you get if wrong then you shall fail regardless of the other answers and YOU CAN NEVER BECOME A CHUNNIN AND SHALL REMAIN A GENIN FOR EVER"! Ibiki smiled at the whole classes shock. "But if you choose to leave then you can try again next year bit if leave then so do your team mates". "So if you want to leave then raise your hands and we shall take your numbers and you and your team can go". After about 1 minute about another fourth of the class left.

"That is not fair and even if you do have the authority to do something like that I will still become Hokage only I will be the first genin to be Hokage so stick that up your ass"! The whole class could only stare in shock at Naruto's out burst. Ibiki only stared at him then continued.

"Now then for the final Question…last chance to save your self". "Hmm looks like that kids out burst put some back bone in them oh well".


"WHAT!!!" was all that came from the class.

"Yes you all pass for the purpose of the test was to test your ability to gather information on a mission and the tenth question just used to find out who is willing to risk everything on a mission for that is what it is about to be a shinobi and the one's unable to do so are not fit to become chunnin"

"HELL YA WRITEN PART IS DONE"!!! Naruto shouted while jumping from his seat

"Well he definitely has confidence I will give him that".