Once Naruto and Hinata had arrived back at the hotel, he walked her up to their room, still cradling her in his arms, not wanting to let her down or go until they were in the room, he opened the front door with one free hand and pushed it open and carried her in. Hinata was looking up at him from where she was and leaned up and kissed him under his chin, touching his cheek as she did, causing him to blush slightly. He walked over to the bed and sat down on it. But when he dried to let her down she didn't budge, and simply stroked his cheek with her soft hand, he nuzzled his cheek into her hand, to him her skin was soft and warm, her skin felt as beautiful as she truly was, and he loved it very much. Her soft pale hand caressed his cheek so softly; she slowly sat up a little and trailed her soft lips up his chin meeting his lips kissing him softly and lovingly. Naruto kissed her right back with passion and love, the feeling of her lips kissing his was one thing that caused waves of warmth to pass through his body like crazy, every time she did it. Not a word was spoken, there was nothing to say, they both just let go of themselves and stopped talking for the time being, letting what happen, happen. Naruto slowly wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a deeper, closer kiss, with which Hinata pressed her body up to his, placing her hands against his chest, taking in the feeling of his muscles with her hands. She kissed him back just as deeply as he kissed her, stroking her hands up and down his chest slowly. Naruto slowly lay back against the large bed, letting her fall on him they did not break the kiss, holding it like the last kiss they would ever have, when really it wasn't. Hinata ran her fingers up his chest, until he hands came across the zipper of his jacket; she slowly pulled down the zipper and peeled his jacket off of him, leaving on his black undershirt. Naruto did the same back to her removing her jacket and tossing it to the floor.

In the window stood Darien he shook his head and smiled "Bed him well Hinata, bed your mate well." he said as he leaped off the window, to continue his search for the other man, he was going to ask for Naruto's assistance, but obviously that wasn't happening.

Hinata in her heat, had almost forgotten the gift she was given by the others, she slowly broke the kiss and looked at Naruto with her lavender eyes "I'll be right back Naruto-Kun I have a surprise for you, and I think its time I used it, make yourself comfortable my love." she said, not knowing yet what it was herself, she pecked his lips and stood up off him walking into the bathroom, teasing him by swaying her hips sensually. Naruto watched her like she was all he ever wanted, and in her absence he removed his shirt and pants as well, and took off his shoes and relaxed on the bed. Hinata opened her package finally and a deep red blush lit her face when she saw what it was, they were undergarments, but not just any, lavender, violet colored, lacy panties and a lacy matching bra, she slipped out of her clothing still blushing a deep shade of red and glanced at herself in the mirror "Oh my…" she said looking herself over "they match me very well…I think Naruto-Kun will like these…" she said walking toward the door and slowly opening it "Are you ready?" She asked.

He answered "Yes Hinata, come on out." he said looking at the cracked door. Hinata took a breath and stepped out, poking her fingers together nervously, blushing "What do you think?" she asked him.

He blushed madly looking her over and all he could spit out was "W-wow…you l-look a-amazing." he was practically speechless, he didn't know who got this for her, but he really liked it, and it showed. Hinata glanced at his boxers and could see that clearly and it only made her blush more as she slowly walked over to him, He stood up and when she was close he reached out and embarrassed her in his arms and brushed a few strands of hair from her face. She wrapped her arms around his neck and played with the hair on the back of his head looking at his bright, silvery blue eyes, she could look at those eyes all day and night and never get tired of looking at them. He looked right back into her lavender eyes, pools of beauty they were to him, he could be lost in them forever and not care to ever be found, he rolled one hand over her soft skin on her cheek and leaned down and kissed her lips deeply, slowly moving his arms around her and pulling her warm soft body up to his. She blushed slightly and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his kissing him deeply, and as they kissed Naruto walked backwards slowly and turned right before they reached the bed and slowly fell on top of her, they both gently fell to the bed kissing, Naruto on top of Hinata. Hinata blushed a light shade of red, this all felt just like her first time all over again with him, all the heat, all the passion, everything felt so similar, but yet it wasn't, it felt like more then her first time ever had, it felt like far more. Naruto was feeling the exact same thing, he remembered the first time they made love, how magical and beautiful it was, he felt that same feeling right now, at this moment, his blood even felt as heated as it was that night, but it felt like there was more happening her, a lot more and he liked it very much. Naruto closed his eyes as he kissed her and gently ran his tongue across her lips. Hinata, feeling his tongue on her lips gently parted her lips allowing him access into her mouth, and when she opened, he entered with his tongue and gently began to explore her mouth and wrapped his tongue around hers. Hinata let out a soft moan of pleasure and arched her back slightly, running her hands down his chest, her eyes fluttered closed. Naruto moaned softly in her mouth as well, and kissed her more vigorously and explored ever inch of her mouth like it was a dream that was coming true. He ran his hands slowly down her body, gently over her breasts covered by her bra, barely touching them, causing her to arch her back and press her breasts into his hands. She moaned out once again in his mouth, running her hands down his chest and taking in his bare pecks, and squeezing them in her soft hands. The best part about these undergarments were they weren't made to be worn like normal ones, the underwear were tied with light ties, and the bra was the same way, loose and easy to remove with strings. Naruto slowly broke the kiss and touched his lips lightly down her skin upon her neck, causing her to rise a little in a light moan. She ran her hands around to his back and gently ran her nails down his back. He began running his tongue up and down her neck and nibbled gently on it, and then gently moved down to her collar bone and sucked on her collar bone softly. She raised up higher this time pressing her chest to his moaning a little louder "Naruto-Kun." she said in the moan.

He glanced up at her with his blue eyes, and eyed her skin tasting it in his mouth loving how her skin tasted, more then just him and her were at work here. When Hinata and Naruto got together and made love, so did Kyuubi and Kyuuni at the very same time. Naruto kissed down her chest softly, causing Hinata to blush a shade of red as his teeth sank into her bra and pulled back gently, causing the bra to come undone because of its loose ties. He pulled it all the way off her body, it was hanging in his teeth, and when he looked down at Hinata, he looked at her face which had a dark blush on it, and in her eyes he could see she had lust building inside her. He dropped the bra on the side of the bed and let his eyes trail down to her soft, firm breasts which lay softly on her body, he leaned his head down and kissed in between them. Hinata felt his lips between her breasts and let out another moan lifting her chest closer to his mouth slightly and she rose higher and moaned louder when she felt his lips pass up her right breast and on her nipple. He smirked playfully, he knew Hinata's body was very sensitive which made it easier for him to please her and pleasure her; he wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked on it softly, licking it inside his mouth at the same time. Hinata moaned out his name and closed her eyes pushing her breast into his mouth "Naruto!" She chanted in heat. She racked her nails down his back a little harder and then ran her fingers up his back and into his hair grasping it in pleasure, she wanted more from him much, much more, and she knew he was the only one to give it. Tonight they were going to make true, honest love, long and very passionate. Naruto gently moved his lips to the opposite breast and she pushed it into his mouth just like the other one, loving the feeling it was giving her like it was a drug, a drug she couldn't get enough of. Then she felt the pleasure on her breast cease for some reason, she panted lightly, feeling her lower entrance getting moist and wet from the pleasure, and in that very area she felt something grip her panties, when she peaked her eyes open the sight she saw was one she would remember forever…Naruto had her underwear gripped in his teeth and at the same time, his mouth had gripped the part of the underwear that was closest to her vagina, and he could smell the sweet smell of her wetness and just like a drug for him he loved that scent, and wanted it. She closed her eyes blushing and biting her lip as he gently pulled down her panties with his teeth, and then dropped them on the floor, they were stained a little with Hinata's vaginal wetness. When Naruto removed her underwear he looked down at her newly exposed vagina, and blushed lightly, he wanted it very bad and now it was all his to have, he knew she would let him do what ever he wanted to her tonight, just as he would for her, he leaned down and gently opened her legs and licked her vagina's outside taking in the taste that was out there. She immediately gave out a sharp gasp and then let it out as a very pleased sigh, it felt really good, she gently slid her hands down her body and into Naruto's hair, going through it and rocking her hips gently giving off small moans of pleasure. He smiled and gently ran his tongue over her, and then slid his tongue all the way inside her and began to make small circular motions with it, taking in the amazing taste as he did. Hinata lifted her hips into his mouth and moaned out loudly when she felt his tongue slid inside of her; she was very wet right now. He smirked and started to suck gently on her vagina sucking out the juices and sucking on her just to cause more pleasure; he continued to circle his tongue around inside her. She blushed and gripped his hair tightly and moaned, or more like screamed out in pleasure "Naruto, more!!" She called out in heat, it was too much for her, and she could already feel her climax coming fast. Naruto still had his smirk as he began pumping warm soothing chakra from his tongue inside her, it was Kyuubi's chakra and it had a big reaction inside her, her muscles tightened and she heaved her hips into his mouth enjoying it so very much. She screamed out again, as she wrapped her legs around his head, taking it all in. He continued what he was doing and maintained it for a good 3 minutes, until finally his persistence paid off, his tongue was clamped down by her vagina and he felt an explosion of warm wet, sweet and sour liquid enter his mouth and at the same time he heard the pleasure scream of Hinata. She screamed out in pleasure as she climaxed in his mouth "Naruto!! YES!!"

Naruto slowly lifted his lips from her. She released his head and let her legs fall limp around him as her chest heaved and pounded, her heart raced and she panted so very heavily, her eyes closed and slowly they fluttered open and she saw Naruto's face and blushed and looked away from the sight. He had shiny wet liquid dripping from his lips and down his chin, even around his mouth she could see where she had cum. But now the tables were about to turn, Hinata loved what he did to her, but now it was time for her to return the favor to her mate, once she recovered she flipped him over, a look in her eyes that Naruto would never forget, it was the look of lust. She ran her hands down his chest and kissed all the way down his chest and licked his skin as she did, and placed her hands on his boxers and gently slid them off revealing his erection. She teased him by laying on his body and running her vagina against his dick, rubbing it against her wet vagina, letting him moan and want to enter her, but she didn't want that quit yet "Not so fast, my mate." she purred out to him, and removed herself from his dick and slid down his body. He blushed slightly from her use of words "What are you doing?" He asked, when his question was suddenly answered, he felt her soft hand grasp around his cock. She smirked. "Pleasing my mate." she said as she moved her hand up and down softly, putting a little twist into her hand at the same time. He moaned softly in pleasure when she worked his dick, he starved for more. She knew he wanted more and moved her hand up and down a little faster, brushing her thumb over his tip, and soon, she decided to give him the same pleasure he gave her and lowered her head down toward his erection, and dragged her tongue up and down it. When she did this he moaned loudly and lay back and held the sheets closing his eyes. She licked up and down for a minute longer and then, gently took his cock into her mouth, swallowing him all the way in and moved her head up and down on his cock, bobbing her head slightly. He moaned or shouted a little as his hand went down and went over her head helping her. She took him all the way in her mouth sucking on his cock now; she sucked hard and made suction noises at the same time. He felt his climax approaching quickly and fast "God yes Hinata!!" He called out to her as she bobbed faster and sucked on him harder and harder. She kept sucking on him, wanting to take in that heavy cum load and taste him next, he wasn't like her, she couldn't enjoy his taste as she pleased him, she had to work for her prize and she did, she worked him until she heard him call out loudly and kept her mouth over his cock and sucked hard and felt a warm, tasty liquid enter her mouth and she sucked it all in and slowly pulled her mouth off his cock and looked at him. He panted and sweated, and looked at her and she did the same back to him and let a little bit of his cum drool out of her mouth as she swallowed the rest.

Hinata didn't give him much time to recover, before she mounted him like a horse, laying her vagina on top of his cock, laying it on his waist rubbing it gently with her vagina moaning softly as she did positioning her hands on his chest.

Normally she was the one being fucked and she would sit there and take it like a good girl, and oh did she love that, but this night, she wanted to ride him and let him sit back and enjoy her, she knew all she had to do was lay there and let him have her, but not this time, it was his turn to lay back and enjoy what was coming. "Are you ready my master?" she purred down to him in a slight moan. He moaned softly "Yes my minx." he called up to her and placed his hands on her sides. She raised her hips into the air and moved one hand below her and positioned his long cock right under her, she slowly cam down and felt his cock slid deep inside her, and she let out a long, strong moan. He moaned as well, loving how warm and wet she felt. She began to rise and fall on top of him, gently sliding his cock in and out of her, she was very wet so every time she came up and down she made a audible wet, sliding noise that was very pleasing to the ear and even more pleasing to Hinata. She began sliding her hips and up and down on his member a little faster the noises got a little louder and both of them called out in heat and pleasure all the louder as his cock slid in and out of her so very deeply. It felt so good to her that it made her drool by accident a small stream of drool fell from her mouth as she closed her eyes and moaned out loudly "Your so big Naruto, oh God your so big!" she called out to him as she pounded her hips up and down faster and harder, making that wet noise even louder. He loved this feeling, being inside her felt amazing on his cock and she was tight, not virgin tight, but still very tight. "So tight and wet Hinata, ride me harder!" He called up to her and helped her ride him. She obeyed her master and rode him harder and faster, even on occasion coming down and digging her pussy into his cock deeply, when she did that they both shouted and screamed in pleasure. Naruto was holding back his climax that was ready to explode inside her, and it was very hard, like prolonging the greatest feeling in the world, he had to let her cum first so their sexual cum's could mix together as one. She pounded up and down on him harder and harder, digging faster, and then almost in an instant of time, she closed her eyes tightly and cam down hard on him and didn't go back up. He felt that same feeling her felt on his tongue, her pussy was tightening on his cock, and at that signal he released his cum load and shouted out in pleasure "HINATA!!" she screamed out at the exact same time "NARUTO!!" and felt his warm cum mixing with hers as they both climaxed together as one. When they cam and were done, she slowly slid off his cock, and when she did, what he saw he would remember forever. He saw his cum and her wet cum slowly drool out of her vagina and onto his waist. She lay down next to him panting heavily and feeling in between her legs she could feel all the cum and rubbed it around loving it "Mmm." He looked at her he wasn't done, they weren't done this wasn't going to be like all the other times they made love, they were going to have sex all through the night, this feeling wasn't going to stop until they passed out from exhaustion. And they did, all night long they made love, changing positions, and ways to have sex, until around 5a.m. they stopped and fell asleep laying in the others arms sleeping in the others arms, they made love from 9p.m. to 5a.m. in the morning, what a night they had…

-The End

Writers Comments:

Wow that was one long chap, and boy was it fun to right, I had written lemons before but this time, I wrote it was greater detail then I ever did, and I'm sure you all noticed it ^_~ hope you enjoyed my story Change in the Seal, the long story of Hinata and Naruto's true love and how it grew and blossomed into what it truly is going to be and shall become, and if your wondering if she got pregnant Hinata did, she had a beautiful baby boy and daughter, one having Naruto's blue eyes and the other having hyuga like eyes, but they both had Hinata's beautiful hair…Naruto later became the Hokage of the village and he couldn't be happier with his family and beautiful wife Hinata Uzumaki.