"It's good to finally meet you, Ms. Possible. We here at Orange Sunshine have heard a lot about you. All positive I can assure you. Oh, the name's Bernstein by the way. Albert Bernstein." A tall, thin man in a white lab coat, completely bald and wearing thick-rimmed glasses, was shaking Kim's hand.

"Well me and Ron try to help out in our spare time. No big."

"Right, which is why you're here. We have a problem."

"Wade told me as much, Mr. Bernstein." Kim responded. "Something about a break-in?"

Bernstein nodded. "Just a few hours ago. Twenty or so barrels of highly toxic chemicals are missing from our storage depot."

"KP!" Ron came running over to his girlfriend. "I just finished talking to the guards."

"What did you find out?"

"The skinny one told me this woman laughed when she saw his nightstick."

"Uh… Ron? "

"Oh yeah, and she had green skin and glowing hands. And the other guard thinks he saw this blue guy. He's a Steel Toe fan so he's cool." Ron turned and gave a groggy looking Mac a thumbs up.

"Drakken and Shego." Kim turned Bernstein again, sporting a nervous grin. "Don't worry Mr. Bernstein. We're totally professionals."

"Yeah." her boyfriend added. "There's nothing Kimster and the Ron-Man can't handle." He barely finished his sentence before pointing to the floor. "Is… Was that a spider? Do you think it'll see me if I stand still?"

"Ron…" Kim sighed, but it was too late.


Drakken grinned to himself as he watched the last of the chemicals he'd stolen run its course through the glass tubing, retorts, flasks and beakers, before dripping into a conical flask at the end of the process.

"HAHA!" he expressed triumphantly, grabbing the flask from his workbench and holding it high in the air.

Shego yawned and opened an eye. She was sitting on at the opposite end of the room, her feet on the small table and her arms folded across her chest. "Huh?" she asked groggily. "What? What time is it?"

"Behold, Shego! World domination in a bottle!" Drakken gloated, noticing she was awake but being too busy listening to himself speak to answer her question.

His sidekick pulled down the glove on her left arm and glanced at her black wristwatch. "Six? In the mornin'?"

"I call it Instant Nutrient Nullifier!" the mad scientist continued.

"I'm stiff as a board…" Shego stretched as she got up. "Have you even slept since we got back from the heist?"

"Sleep?" Drakken groaned? "Now? When I'm so close to accomplishing…"

"Yeah, yeah," the henchwoman interrupted. "I'm gonna hit the hay for a couple more hours. Sleep in an actual bed. You can fill me in over breakfast."

"But I'm in the zone here. The moment will have passed by then!"

"The moment's already passed."

"Yes… Well… I wasn't done!"

"You are now."

"I… You… Nghnnn… Ugh!"

"Later, Doc," Shego said before going to her room, closing the door behind her.

The villainess' eyes fluttered open as she sighed deeply. There was someone at her door, knocking loudly.


Oh what now? She spun around in the small cot while throwing the blanket over her head, not wanting to get up.


"Yeah, yeah! Don't get your boxers in a twist," she groaned, mostly to herself, as she sat up and reached for her robe. "I'm coming."


"What?!" Shego barked as she pulled the door ajar.

Drakken folded his arms, looking impatient. "Get dressed. We're going out to get breakfast."

Shego looked down at her wristwatch again, her eyes struggling a little to stay open. Sure enough, it had been three hours since she went to bed. Didn't really feel that way though. The cot wasn't exactly the most comfortable bed she'd ever slept on. Three hours was better than nothing though. After slamming the door shut in Drakken's face she spent a few minutes getting ready, brushing her hair and putting on her jumpsuit.

"Let's go," she said, dragging her boss to the hovercar after reemerging from her room. She jumped in, starting up the vehicle. "There are better ways to wake me up you know."

"I'm hungry," he complained, rubbing his stomach a little. "You know I have a high metabolism, and that I get cranky when…"

She was shooting him a look that told him she wasn't amused.

"I'm… sorry," Drakken sighed sincerely. "Move over."

"Why?" Shego responded, eyeing him.

"I'm driving." he answered as he started climbing in. "That way you get to relax while I look for a suitable diner."

She wasn't really sure how to respond to the somewhat sweet gesture, but scooted over, allowing him to get at the controls.

Shego spent the first few minutes after they'd left the ground lazily eyeing her boyfriend's profile. It reminded her a little of that of a bird of prey. His nose was hooked like the beak of a raptor. His brow was furrowed, giving him the same focused appearance. His big eyes had the same look of sinister intelligence in them. Even the fauxhawk on the top of his head sort of resembled the crests she'd seen on some eagles.

He was busy scouting for a place to eat, not noticing she was looking at him. "How hard is it finding a decent diner around here?"

He did notice when she leaned her head against his upper arm though. "What are you…"

Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open as she took slow, deep breaths.

"Right." Drakken nodded to himself before turning his attention back to the task at hand. He'd already spotted several diners since they left the lair. He could actually see several from their current location. Finding a suitable one however… Well that was an entire different story. Most of them looked small and cheap. Substandard. Not somewhere one could enjoy a nice, hearty breakfast. One was a truck stop.

No doubt filled with vulgar truckers and simpletons listening to country music while arm wrestling.

The last one however, was pretty much perfect. It was big and stylish, with large windows and flowerbeds right up against each of the four walls. The only downside was that it was located close to a retirement home, which, to Drakken, was an unpleasant reminder of the last time he and Shego had been in Florida.

He maneuvered the hovercar closer to the big sign. "Olde Home Buffet? Well, it'll do."

After gracefully flying down and landing, taking up two parking spots, he whispered to the woman resting against him. "Shego? Dumpling?"

She shifted a little in response, sighing softly. He placed his hand on her shoulder, gently rubbing it. "I found a place."

"What?" Her brow scrunched up a little as she tried to concentrate on what he was telling her. She'd been so comfortable she'd just about fallen back to sleep. His arm felt warm, and the labcoat had a nice softness to it.

After failing to suppress a yawn she stretched and unbuckled the seatbelt. He'd already jumped out, and was now moving to her side of the saucer-like vehicle. She didn't really know how to feel when he gave her his hand, offering to help her get out. On one hand she didn't like the implication that she was some fragile porcelain doll that needed looking after. On the other, she knew it wasn't his intention. And it was a sweet gesture. Not many of her past boyfriends had been what would be considered gentlemanly. Drakken, for all his inexperience and awkwardness with women and dating , knew how to make her feel, well, special.

Shego silently groaned at herself. Great, he's turning me into a sap.

It felt nice though, being treated like not only a lady, but an equal as well. Drakken wasn't the kind of 'gentleman', who would order for the both of them when eating out. Who'd expected her to just sit there, look pretty and agree with everything he said. Oh yeah, she'd dealt with a few guys like that in her time. Those evenings had ended pretty abruptly. Drakken was the kind that would hold out the chair for her, but let her be her own person.

He held the door to the diner open for her as well when they reached it. He did all sorts of little things to make her feel appreciated and respected at the same time. It was a very sweet, and somewhat shy side of him she hadn't seen much of. She was more used to the impatient, grumpy and demanding side.

Shego looked around the diner, then turned to her employer. "Are you kidding me?"


"We're having breakfast in geezerville?"

"Would you rather eat at a truck stop?"

"Hey I'd rather arm wrestle with a big, sweaty guy named Lou than having to worry about the people at the next table ruining my meal by croaking."

"Don't be difficult. We're here now. Try to enjoy it."

Shego rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine."

Drakken found a nearby table and pulled a chair out for her, which she took. "You do realize how old fashioned you appear by doing that?"

He shrugged. "I can stop doing it if you don't like it."

"I didn't say that."

The evil genius took the seat opposite to her and picked up his menu. "Hmmmm…"

Shego silently looked over hers as well, reading each item carefully. "Okay, I'm ready to order."

Drakken responded by flagging over a young waitress. She looked to be somewhere in her late teens or early twenties, with short, dark, spiked hair, and a piercing in her lower lip.

"What're you having?"

"I'll have a croissant, some grapes and a cup of coffee, black." Shego replied.

"And you, sir?"

"Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast…"

"Right." The waitress said while scribbling down his order.

"… blueberry pancakes, a grapefruit, a glass of milk and a large cup of coffee, also black."

The waitress finished his order, blinking a little at the absurd amount of food. "Is that all?"

"Yes. No, wait!" Drakken glanced over the menu again, quickly. "Okay, yes."

"Are you sure you'll be able to get all that food down?"

"Oh believe me," Shego answered. "He'll manage."

"Right." The young girl nodded. "Your food'll be here in just a sec."

The green skinned woman turned back to her boss as their waitress left. "That's an impressive amount of chow, Dr. D."

"I told you I was hungry."

"You're also a food lover."

Drakken frowned a little. "You're not saying I'm fat, are you?"

"Oh please. I just think it's weird how you can eat so much and still stay in shape. I'd put on at least three pounds."

"The female body is better at absorbing and retaining fatty tissues."

Shego raised one of her eyebrows.

"It's basic human biology."

"As long as you're not calling me fat now."

"No. No! It has to do with the body preparing itself for an eventual pregnancy, or something like that."

An awkward silence followed, lasting until the waitress came back with Shego's food and coffee, placing it down on the table before assuring Drakken that his meal was coming too. He just needed a little bit of patience. Something he didn't have much of, especially when his stomach was rumbling like it did.

"Anyway," Shego continued. "You're not fat. You actually have a pretty nice body compared to most science nerds."

"Really?" Drakken blushed a little.

"Sure. I've seen a couple of your old college buddies, remember? Ramesh's like a walking potato, and Possible…"

The villain gritted his teeth at the name.

"He looks about as much in shape as the Stoppable kid."


Shego groaned and took a bite out of her croissant. "Never mind."

"Well… Thank you?"

Shego shrugged and swallowed before helping herself to a few grapes. "So this plan of yours…"

"Huh? Oh, right, the plan."


"Yes, with the chemicals we outsourced…"

"Stole," Shego interrupted, as she put a grape in her mouth.

Drakken's eyes narrowed a little. "Liberated."


"With the chemicals we liberated from Orange Sunshine Chemical Plant I have concocted…"

"The Instant Nutrient Nullifier. Yeah, we've been over this already."

"Yes, but now comes the best part. There is an old air base just north of here where the Air Force have been testing a new form of hovering aircraft."

Just then the waiter came back, carrying a large tray with everything Drakken ordered. The mad scientist didn't waste any time as he gobbled down a syrup-covered pancake and two pieces of bacon.

"With the jamming device on board," he continued while chewing. "I will be able to block the signals of any communications satellite I choose, and use it to broadcast my demands to the entire nation."

"Uhuh." Shego responded. "And if the president decides to ignore you?"

"Then we'll travel up the mighty Mississippi until we come to its point of origin…"

"Lake Itasca."

"Yes, Shego, I know," Drakken grumbled before helping himself to some scrambled eggs. "Once there we will pour the INN into the water…"

"Turning it into slime?"

" … Turning it into… Nnnngghhnnn… Yes."

"And… What, that's it? It'll ruin a few crops before it gets washed out into the ocean?"

Drakken smirked. "Not exactly. The Instant Nutrient Nullifier is designed to spread like wildfire once it comes in contact with H2O. It will contaminate all the water in flowing into, and out of, the lake."

"It spreads upstream?" Shego asked, after a few seconds of silence.

The mad scientist nodded as he finished off his scrambled eggs and toast, washing it down with the last of his coffee.

"So the whole river system will be affected?"

Once again Drakken didn't say anything. He just showed her a cocky grin before biting into another pancake.

Shego nonchalantly grabbed a piece of bacon from Drakken's plate, eating it. "For how long?"

Drakken shrugged as his assistant helped herself to another of his bacon-strips. "Months, years, I don't know. It's not my problem."

The green skinned woman smirked herself, as she stole the last strip of smoked pork from her boss' plate. "Pretty evil, Doc. Hey, are you gonna eat that grapefruit?"

"I was planning to."

"Let me have a bite."

"No." Drakken threw his arms around the plate with the half citrus fruit in a protective manner. "Why?"

"Because I'm your girlfriend."

"I don't see how that has…""And I know your mom's phone number."

The right corner of Drakken's mouth twitched a little. "Fine, but just one bite."

Shego smirked again as she grabbed the plate with the grapefruit, and the spoon, closer. As she dug the eating utensil into the fruit's meaty pulp a small stream of bitter juice squirted into the air, flying in a perfect arc before hitting the mad scientist right in the eye.

The evil genius squeaked in pain as he almost instinctively covered the offended organ with his hands. He gritted his teeth and gave Shego a stern look with his good eye. She shrugged in response, giving him that same look of innocence she'd tried the time she lost his body, then quickly brought the spoon to her mouth and swallowed down the piece of fruit pulp she'd procured.

Drakken tried grabbing the spoon from her hand, a task which proved difficult to his lack of depth perception, not to mention the stinging sensation distracting him. After a few tries he got it. "Finished?"

"Yeah. Sure." Shego snickered, trying to stay serious after watching the blue skinned man fumble for the item in her hand.

"It's not funny!"

"It's a little funny."

The villain scowled at her as his eye fluttered open, looking a little red. "Give me the grapefruit."

"Oh c'mon," Shego sighed as she passed the citrus. "You're not gonna stay like this the rest of the day, are ya?"

"Of course not," Drakken replied, shoving the spoon into the fruit pulp himself. "I'll feel better once I've disposed of this… AAAAAAHHHH! AGAIN?!"

Shego couldn't help but giggle as she watched her employer place his hand back over his eye. "Try washing out with cold water."