Notice Me

I try to get you to notice

I may not be the nicest

And may not always be right

But I want you to know I'm here

I don't even know what you look like

But I know you're kind

You see me for me

You don't care that I'm blind

But you don't notice me

You don't know how I feel

Sure we're friends

But why isn't that enough for me

I want your attention

But you refuse to give

You give it to her

But still I try to get your attention

You take it as being mean

I try not to be

But I can't help it

I want you to notice me

Not her

It isn't fair

I gave up everything to teach you

And in the end

I sometimes wish I never had

At least then

I wouldn't try to get you to notice

But instead I'm here

In the dark

Hopelessly trying to get you to notice me

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this short poem, I can write more about Taang if y'all want me to continue this.