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19 Sept, 1979, Number 12, Grimmauld Place

Bellatrix Lestrange let out a murderous scream as she tried to push the baby out of her, the sound of the storm outside drowned her out, however.

"Breathe, Bella, breathe!" Narcissa said coaching her sister as she held her hand. Over a dozen other death eaters were around her bedside, all waiting on the glorious event that they had heard so much about.

"I! want! this! thing! out of me!" she screamed loudly, her wild black curls falling in her face.

"You're almost there, Bella, just one last push!" Capri Curtis, a death eater who was a Dr at St Mungos, said from the foot of her bed.

It had been a hard labor, going on twenty three hours now. But what would expect when she was carrying the heir to the darkest wizard in a century? Voldemort had came to her on a night just like this, nine long months ago. He had asked her to do one thing that she had dreamed of doing since she first met him, conceive and carry his heir. It was no secret she desired him over her own husband, and he was too busy with his own affairs to care about her one.

Now, it seemed however, she was regretting this decision.

"Where is he? Where is my lord?" she asked through her panting, looking around the crowd of eager awaiting death eaters.

"Don't think about it just push, Bella," Cissy said clutching her sisters hand tighter.

"No!" Bella yelled at her, "I want him here!" she screamed.

"He will be! You have to push though!" Capri urged her.

Bella took a deep breath, clutched her sisters hand tighter, screamed, and pushed. Moments later, a loud baby cry filled the sound of the large bedroom.

"It's a girl!" Capri announced happily, holding up the infant. There was a loud roar of cheer, but a loud clap of thunder interrupted them and lightning flashed in the dark sky, and the door to her bedroom slammed open. All grew silent as Voldemort walked in the room, silent. All except Bella bowed lowly as he walked over to the doctor who presented the screaming child to him.

"Your heir, my lord," Capri said softly holding her up as he continued to bow. Voldemort took the child and looked at it for a moment, as if deciding if it was worthy enough to be his heir, have his name. After what seemed like forever to the watching death eaters, Voldemort aimed his wand at her and a large, black blanket with a large silver 'S' sown on ts center came out of his wand and wrapped the baby up in it's warmth.

"I present to you," he said facing his followers who looked up at him eagerly. "The heir to the greatest wizard of our times." Another loud cheer ripped through the bedroom as Voldemort turned towards an eager looking Bella.

"You did wonderful, my dear."

"Thank you, my lord," she said bowing her head softly. Voldemort walked over to her and handed her the child. Bella looked at her with eyes that she had only once held for her Lord, filled with love.

"She shall be called Filia Vinco Black. What do you think, my lord?" Voldemort thought about it for a moment before he nodded.

"I like it." Voldemort took his wand and put it to Filia's arm. Bellatrix had tears of joy in her eyes, she had dreamed of this moment since she found out she was pregnant. Her daughter, the heir to the man she has pined for for so long, was getting something that she herself had been very proud to get what seemed like so long ago. Her daughter was about to get the Dark Mark.

He was about to administer it, before a loud crash came from somewhere in the house.

"Search everywhere!" a very familiar man's voice shouted. "I want the child alive and unharmed! Kill anyone who gets in the way!"

"Dumbledore," Voldemort whispered, forcing himself not to show fear. One death eater screamed in fear and then, with a quiet 'pop' she was gone. Many other followed her example and quickly apparated, only a small handful remained. Bellatrix eyes widened as she held her daughter closer to her. How had they known?, only the closest death eaters and her family had known that she was carrying her lords child.

"Voldemort turned to the few follower still there, most of them showed fear. They had not brought there masks, they would be recognized.

"Go! Keep them from finding them!" he ordered. Bellatrix couldn't help but notice he had said 'them' not 'us'.

"Tom," she began nervously after the remaining death eaters left the room, "you have to go."

"No, I won't leave you," he said hearing screams, blasts, and people running up the stairs to where they were.

"Go! it sounds like the entire order is here. You have to go!" He looked into her pleading eyes for a moment before he heard another loud crash, they seemed to be getting closer.

"What about you and Filia?"

"We'll be fine. Go!" Voldemort ran up to her

"Be careful, my love," he whispered softly, placing a small kiss on her lips before turning to his daughter and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

"I love you, Filia," he muttered softly before quickly disaparating.

Bellatrix got out of the bed and Filia began to cry.

"It's okay, it's okay," she whispered, gently rocking her. Infants were too young to side along apparate, and she was not about to leave her child. She heard the voices grow louder, and suddenly the door was blasted open. Dumbledore stood there, along with five other Order members. She quickly picked up her wand and pointed it at Dumbledore.

"Avadad ked-"

"Expelleomius!" Mad eye Moody shouted before she could finish the incantation. Her wand went flying from her hand and she struggled to put on her fearless face.

"Dumbledore, what a pleasant surprise. Can I ask what you're doing here?"

"Give us the baby, Bellatrix," Dumbledore said calmly.

She cackled loudly and put on her must cunning grin.

"Give you my baby? I would have thought that Minerva McGonagall would have fulfilled that need for you by now, Dumbledore," she said casting a nasty look to McGonagall. "Besides," she said looking down at her child, her cunning grin vanishing at once to show a smile filed with love. "This is my child, and a bunch of muggle lovers and half bloods are not going to take her from me."

"Give us the baby now, Lestrange!" Mad eye shouted at her. Bellatrix looked up from Filia and glared at him and held her child closer.

"Leave, now! The lot of you! Or I swear he'll come back!"

Dumbledore open his mouth to try to reason with her, but before he could, Mad eye pointed his wand at her .

"Imperio!" he shouted. Bellatrix closed her eyes and forced herself to remain where she was.

"Hand Dumbledore the baby!" a voice said, but she refused.

"Hand him the baby now!" it shouted again. She took a few steps forward, but again, forced herself not to relinquish her child.

"Give it to him now!" it yelled, louder then before.

"No!" she screamed to herself feeling herself walk towards them. She was shaking hard as she held out her hands, handing Dumbledore the one thing she has always wanted. He gently took it and she began screaming. Bellatrix broke out of the curse and then grabbed at her baby, but she was held back by the a member of the order.

"NO! She screamed loudly trying to get to Dumbledore who backed up. "Give me my baby!"

"You will never, " McGonnigall said sternly taking Filia from Dumbledore, "see this child again. It will never know the darkness of which it was conceived, and you will rot in Azkiban!."

"Give her to me!" she screamed again, her eyes livid.

A loud crash, a bright flash of lightning struck, and the roof to number 12 was ripped away. Everyone looked up to see Voldemort floating, looking angrier then anyone ever saw him.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!!" he screamed, aiming his wand at McGonnigall, but Dumbledore quickly blocked it. He held it there for a few moments before he pulled his wand away and quickly swooped down at her, but Dumbledore put up a shield curse so strong, not even he could penetrate it.

"Grab him!" Sirius screamed aiming his wand at him.

"Avada Kedavra!" Mad eye yelled but Voldemort put up a shield charm. The man who had grabbed Bella threw her down and raced towards Vodemort. Voldemort dropped the shield charm and ran over to Bellatrix and grabbed her arm and quickly apirated, leaving behind one of the two things he truly loved.

Dumbledore held his wand at the ready, in case they decided to come back.

"Come on," Mad Eye growled, clearly angry they had Voldemort right in front of them, but he had slipped through there fingers.

"Give her to me," Dumbledore said taking Filia from McGonnigall. He went over to the nearest window and opened it. He turned to the rest of the group.

"I shall meet you at the home. Accio flying motorcycle." A few moments later, a large flying bike came crashing through the window and parked itself in front of Dumbledore.

"Do you think I should do that Dumbledore?" Sirius asked, seeing Dumbledore look at the many gears and knobs in utter confusion.

"Yes, however," he warned sternly. "No matter what, you must get this girl to the safe house." Sirius nodded then got on the bike and it roared to life. He put Filia in the side car and flew off, a twinge of guilt in his heart. He had gotten word from his brother that Bella had become pregnant with Voldemorts child, and at once he ran to tell Dumbledore and the rest of the order. They had tracked her pregnancy, and tonight thy had been successful in taking her child away.

He should of been glad, but instead he felt horrible. He had seen his cousins eyes when she looked at her baby.. He had expected to see her classic cunning smile, a smile that said that this child would one day take over for her lord, and she was to commit heinous crimes. But she had looked at the baby with, what one could only classify as pure and unrelenting love. A love that any other mother showed there child.

But, he reminded himself, it had to be done. They could never let any child be raised by the two most evil wizards of there time, no matter how much Bellatrix truly loved it.

30 minutes later

He landed the bike in front of the house where the other order members were waiting.

"Here," he said handing her to Dumbledore. Dumbledore took her and looked at her with a mix of interest and pity.

"She must never know her true identity."

"But muggles, Albus?" Mcgonnigall questioned "she'll be shunned and hated by her own people."

"It's the only safe way. Too many wizards know of Voldemort's heir, theres too great a chance of Bellatrix or Voldemort finding her. Now I have been working on this for nine months. The wife had a spell put on her to have all the symptoms of pregnancy, and earlier tonight, she and her husband have been put under a Memory Charm that shows them giving birth hours earlier."

Dumbledore looked at the girl, who was now sleeping soundly. Her small tuft of curly black hair blowing slight y in the wind.

Dumbledore was about to enter the house but McGonnigall put a hand out to stop him.

"Wait," she aimed her wand at her. "Abeo," she said with a small flick of her wand. At once, her thin curly hair had turned brown and her skin had darkened a few shades, and Mcgonnigall knew that her closed dark eyes had turned chocolate brown.. "We can't take any chances." Dumbledore nodded in agreement before he quietly entered the house and walked softly up the stairs to the baby's new room. An empty crib stood in the corner and Dumbledore went over to it and gently laid the sleeping baby down. He flicked his wand and a birth certificate appeared in his hand. He quickly filled it out with his wand and then walked into the parents room. He looked down at the couple, who even in sleep, had large smiles on there faces over the 'birth' of there new daughter. Once Filia Vinco Black, pure blood heir of the two most evil wizards in the last century. Now muggle born wizard, Hermione Jean Granger.

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