In the cold depths of a world almost lost, with all of its inhabitants engrossed in an unreal darkness, amidst this silence nothing dares to penetrate with a glint of life. Yet, somewhere, a slight warmth appears, and slowly, starts to glow. A voice, so faint that anything around is unable to notice it, begins. It states, "Brother, art thou with me?", with such a whisper that the wind, if it existed in this forsaken place, would have overtaken it even with only a slight breeze.

Suddenly, a dim luster faded into view, if anyone were to be watching. With a stronger voice, it replied: "Yes, I have been forever with thee".

"As have I. Dost thou not have faith in us?" replies a third aurora, brighter than both the first two, but with a more soft and clear voice.

"Alas", speaks the first, "are we dead? Hath our powers been relieved of us?".

"No, I do not believe it is so", replies the third.

"Unmistakable not so, for we are still here, are we not?", asks the second.

The first, who was deep in thought, then spoke, "Yes, we still live, but how? Even our powers together could not have been enough."

"Because it was not our powers alone", exclaimed the third, "Tieg was on our side."

Realizing this statement to be true, the other two were reassured of their life. But as quickly as this comfort came, the second came to ponder. In a state of shock, he quickly responded, "Brothers, what hath become of Tieg?"

The first and third were in deep thought, and all at the same time a mournful feeling came over the three. "I suppose", murmured the third.

"I suppose he is gone," said the first with disdain, finishing off the third's sentence.

"If Tieg ceases to exist, then how are we still alive?", inquired the second. "It must have been one of Tieg's last miracles", he stated to himself.

As a few moments passed, the three looked at the world around them. Examining this desolate place, they all wonder what will happen. "Dark and cold are here", says the second, "but there is something worse and more ominous along with them: Emptiness."

"You're right", says the third "I wonder... I wonder if we will ever return home".

"We all wonder", states the first, "But I believe we will, somehow."