Sky High and recognizable characters belong to Disney, etc. I lay claim to Melinda McKay and the plot twist. I also lay claim to the story after the end of the movie era.

And Then There Were Seven

Melinda McKay crept down the hallway, feeling ridiculous.

Can't imagine why…take a quick run to the restroom and suddenly here I am trying to sneak around my own high school in a formal gown and heels.

Still, all of the screaming from the gym made her nervous. What was going on?

And…do I hear…babies crying?

Another few feet and she could peer around the corner. Someone had lowered the gates to the gym – the gym that was now littered with babies. On one side of the gym, two costumed characters transferred the tots into high-tech car seats. Melinda pulled back.

Now what?

Given the total lack of devastation back there, odds were good that the Commander and Jetstream had been the first targets. Some of the teachers were "Hero" class, but they'd been out of the field for how long? She had no idea if anyone else had escaped, but she had to find some help.

As she headed for the entrance, she could hear a voice, a taunting, teasing voice. Moving a little faster, she came to a hallway juncture in time to see Speed playing "catch me if you can" with Warren Peace.

Let's see…brutish bully or brooding bad-boy?

With a flick of her wrist, a patch of ice coated the floor. Speed hit the patch and lost control. With the help of a well-aimed fireball, he barreled into the wall. Dark eyes met blue for a moment before the door to the boys' room opened. Out stepped a kid in vivid orange and glasses. He took in the scene before offering his hand to her.

"Ethan Fontaine – I melt."

She blinked and then grinned.

"Well, that would be one way to introduce yourself. I'm Melinda McKay – I do ice."

A smothered snort got their attention. Warren fought down a smirk before he turned to Ethan.

"Where's Lash?"

Ethan grinned and described the scene in the bathroom.

"Nice going, Popsicle. So, Snowflake, how'd you escape?"

She glared at him for a long moment.

"Is it pathologically impossible for you to refer to someone by name?"

He just lifted an eyebrow and waited.

She rolled her eyes.

"I stepped out of the gym to go to the ladies room. Next thing I know the entire place is echoing with screams. Also, the gym floor is covered with babies. What happened?"

"Gwen Grayson."

She lifted both eyebrows at that.

"Gwen? Miss 'I'm too perfect for you cretins' has suddenly decided she wants to open a daycare?"

A new voice interjected into the conversation.

"I doubt it."

Shifting, Melinda turned to see a girl in purple being helped to her feet by a tall boy in yellow. She'd seen these two and Ethan hanging out with a girl in green and the Stronghold guy.

Orange, purple, yellow, green…throw in Warren Peace and Will Stronghold…can we say rainbow?

The purple girl turned to her.

"Just to stay in scene, I'm Majenta Melisande – shapeshifter."

"Zach Halbert – I light it up."

Melinda bit her lip for a moment until she had the laugh firmly under control.

"The pleasure's mine."

Warren stepped up.

"Getting back to the point? Gwen is on a bit of a rampage?"

The shrill scream caught them all off guard. The three color-coded sidekicks fell back while Warren and Melinda powered up. The green girl came running down the hall, almost babbling about Penny and the school's anti-gravity unit. In no time, the four sidekicks were pouring over the blueprints of the school.

If green girl beat Penny, Boomer was off in Power Placement.

As it turned out, only Majenta could get small enough to reach the anti-gravity unit. Zach and Ethan would stay behind to help her, leaving the other three free to go to Will's assistance. The girls managed to introduce themselves as they ran to the gym.

"Layla Admon."

"Melinda McKay."

Upon reaching the gym, they saw that Will setting up for a punch. Layla called out.


He looked away from the villain who delivered an electrically charged punch that sent him flying out the window and off the side of the school's platform. Royal Pain stood and tossed her head.

It was totally out of place, but Melinda couldn't help the nasty little thought running through her head.

Doesn't work so well without her hair flying around.

"And there goes your last chance to stop me."

"We'll see about that."

More to keep her from rushing Royal Pain directly, Melinda moved forward with Layla. She noticed Warren had an arm blocking her as well. They seemed to be in sync anyway – the best offense would be from a distance. None of them could fly.

A figure appeared in the window behind Royal Pain.

"Surprised? I know I am."

The shock gave Will an opportunity that he took full advantage of. As the villain seemed defeated, he ran into Layla's arms. Melinda blew out her breath, and even Warren smiled. Suddenly, the bottoms dropped out of their stomachs. Royal Pain had managed to set-off her device, shutting down the school's anti-gravity unit.

Lesson number one – don't turn your back on the enemy until they have been completely neutralized. I think I'll remember that one at mid-terms.

Will flew out to try and slow things down while the other three prayed.

Breathe, girl, breathe. Breathe.

Melinda kept her eyes closed and focused on her breathing. Each of her hands were caught by the others – the one on her left by Layla's delicate hand and the one on her right by Warren's callused one.

Slowly, so slowly, they stopped falling. After a moment of rest, the school began to rise once more. When all movement had stopped, she opened her eyes. Warren stood immediately, releasing their hands, but the two girls took a few more moments just to catch their breath. Melinda blew a stand of white hair out of her eyes.

Good thing I'm blonde. I'm betting my streaks are wider than ever!

Will flew back in the window, and official introductions were made. They collected the sidekicks and, although it seemed a bit anticlimactic, they helped Ron Wilson round up the babies, got Mr. Medulla to his lab, and tossed the villains into detention with Principal Powers' keycard.

Though I'd like to know where sweet little Layla learned to pick a lock.

As people were being "de-pacified," Melinda stood with the others in the hallway, watching the confusion. Will talked to his parents, perfectly willing to take the blame, but they wouldn't let him. The Commander even acknowledged the sidekicks as heroes.

He's a bit dense – sweet though. Jetstream seems awfully nice too.

Bad guys beaten, everyone else back to normal, and the dance picked up. She stood in front of the crowd, shaking her head.

Like nothing had happened.

She glanced at Warren and saw him smirking back at her. With a quick smile, she powered up her left hand. His smirk changed into a real, if small, smile, and he powered up his right. They cancelled each other out. Walking away from the party, they found a secluded table to sit.

"Like to people-watch, Snowflake?"

"After running around all night? Beats trying to dance in these heels, Hothead."

Their eyes met, challenge and amusement vying in both sets. Turning back to the dance floor, Melinda nodded to Zach.

"If you can call that dancing."

The party lasted a few more hours and the two of them watched it all. Trading sarcastic comments about the crowd while throwing minor insults at each other, they managed to have a really good time. Will and Layla made it back in just before midnight and the foursome made vague arrangements to meet up the following afternoon. Vague on Warren's part anyway – the other three were more concrete. Melinda covered a smirk as she waved farewell to her new friends.

Brooding bad-boy, son of Barron Battle, at the Stronghold household. This out to be fun to watch.