The Killers in the Haunted House

A Bones fanfiction

by Silverluna.

Summary: As Halloween nears, Bones, Booth, and the "squints" would love to have a little fun. But a series of malicious pranks target the team one by one, and threaten to turn their Halloween into horror hell— especially when Booth disappears—involuntarily.

Disclaimers: Do not own Bones or its characters. This is a story for fun and not for profit. Song credit: Aqua, "Halloween" from their album Aquarius.

Pairings: Brennan/Booth; Jack Hodgins/ Angela.

Season Setting: After following Season Two's "The Killer in the Concrete", though much before Season Three's "The Mummy in the Maze." Zack is still a squint and not yet an accused serial killer, Jack and Angela are still together.

Author's note: Parts of this story have been kicking around in my head since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I never found the "right" way to tell the story.
Some areas might seem overly sensationalized, but I'm kind of taking some liberties. I am also not a forensic anthropologist and or a cop, just a fan of Bones. This is a Halloween story, though I am not sure when it will be finished. I enjoy Halloween at any time (though I don't celebrate it year round). I appreciate reviews and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have. Happy reading.




"(phone rings)


Remember me?

Who's there?

I got your number

No! Oh, no

I'm back to haunt you

No! Stay away!



"It's Friday night

So creepy outside

It's thundering and lightning

There's nobody home,'cause I'm alone

It's scary and it's frightening

The sound of shoes, a shadow that moves

Something odd is tick-tock-ticking

Someone's in here

I'm so full of fear

The telephone is ringing!


"Now I can see you

Oh, no, please no

Now I can touch you

Oh, god, please go

I'm right here now

Oh, please, tell me where


I'm in a nightmare!


"You better run—I'm back to hunt you down



In the death of the night hear me scream

I'm coming, I'm coming


Is the fear that I fight in my dreams


"Keep running, keep running

Just keep running, oh, keep on running, yeah

Just keep running

Just keep running, oh, keep on running, yeah

Just keep running"


Chapter One: Pranked

The pranks started as small things, creepy but minor annoyances, in the beginning of October. Dr. Cam Saroyan was targeted first— her car was egged while parked at the Jeffersonian parking garage. The culprits used what seemed like twenty cartons of eggs, making sure not to miss the windshield, back window, door handles or the bumpers.

"It looks like my car has been slimed," Cam told Dr. Temperance Brennan on her cell phone. She stood staring at it in dismay. "It's disgusting, Dr. Brennan. I don't know where to start cleaning it." She reached out with a coat sleeve pulled up over her fingers to wipe off her driver's side side mirror, but thought better of it.

"Should I come down? Should I bring a roll of paper towels?"

Cam huffed. "Bring an entire box of paper towels."

Cam walked around her car, examining it from each angle. Every single inch of was egged. Including the wheels, the hubcaps, the grill. She didn't know what to make of it. Underneath one of the rear wheel covers, she found a folded piece of paper. Taking a handkerchief from her purse, she fished the paper out from its eggy mess, and unfolded it. Single letters had been carefully cut from a magazine, and glued to the paper to spell one word. Cam felt chilled suddenly.

It read: Pranked.


The incident hadn't been caught on tape. The cameras in that area of the parking garage had been smashed; the only thing on the tapes were what looked like baseball bats flying at the lens, and then the frame was static.

They seemed perplexed, but they weren't scared. Not yet.

"Maybe it was a one shot deal? You know, like someone just wanted tick you off, just this once, right before Halloween." Jack Hodgins theorized. "Some old boyfriend you snubbed or something?"

Cam offered a half scowl as response.

Only a few days passed before another incident occurred. Angela Montenegro was on her way into work early that Tuesday. She was looking ahead of her, at the doors to the Jeffersonian lobby, and not on the sidewalk where she had just stepped. Her shoes slipped and her feet went out from underneath her and she fell onto her knees. Her teeth jarred together and a cold pain shot up her legs. The coffee cup she had been holding flew out of her hand and crashed onto the pavement, spilling everywhere. For a few seconds, Angela waited to catch her breath. She patted the sidewalk in front of her in an attempt to steady herself so she could climb back to her feet, but she drew her hand back quickly. It was wet and felt greasy. Angela turned her palm over and was startled to see an iridescent liquid on her fingers. The liquid gathered in a fat drop before sliding off. She made a face and tried to shift her weight, but the pain in her knees was too strong.

A little knot of fear welled up in her throat. She felt for her purse, which was still half on her arm, and shakily dug out her cell phone. She tried to swallow a few times before she had to speak while she listened to the phone ringing.

When Hodgins answered she said, "Jack, I'm hurt." She could picture his face tightening, and tried to shrug the pain out of her own. So he didn't panic when he saw her.

"Where are you?" She could tell he was already on the move.

"Outside. In front of the Jeffersonian. But don't just run out here— the sidewalk is slick. Just, just be careful." She took a deep swallow and then a deep breath and tried to ignore the pain.

"You parked in front?"

"Yeah. Um, I'm waiting for my new parking permit for the garage to clear." Her eyes were tearing up. Even though it hurt, she rocked back on her knees and steadied her crumpled body with a shaky arm balled up into a fist.

On the way outside, Hodgins stopped by Tempe's office. She looked up from writing notes when she heard his labored breathing.


"Angela's hurt. She's out front."

"What?" Brennan got up and followed him. "What do you mean, hurt?"

"I don't know," he said over his shoulder. "She just called me."

They headed out the doors into a chill autumn air and saw Angela in a bent position on the sidewalk. Horror washed over Hodgins' face. It was about twenty steps down the path to the sidewalk and halfway there Angela waved at them with the hand still clutching the cell phone. "Be careful! The walk is slick. You'll fall down before you know what's happening."

Hodgins went ahead, carefully as instructed. He did slip a little when he was almost to Angela, but regained his balance. Slowly, he sank to his knees. "I'm all right, I think," Angela said while Jack touched her cheek.

"Can you stand?"

"I'm not sure. I fell pretty hard on my knees. It's, it's painful."

Brennan knelt at the end of the pathway, rubbing her fingertips on the sidewalk. She looked intently at the stain before taking a little whiff. "It's motor oil," she called, a little mystified.

Hodgins took off his lab coat and put it in a patch of oil in front of Angela. He wrapped his arm around her waist and told her to put all her weight on him. From a squat, he pulled her forward while carefully lifting her knees from the pavement. Putting one foot on his coat, he gingerly eased her to feet so that she was standing directly on the coat. Angela hunched her shoulders against Hodgins, and kept her knees bent. She had bit her lip hard to not cry out while he helped her up.

"Jack," she whispered, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Dr. Brennan! Call an ambulance!"

Brennan stood and nodded with purpose. She went back inside. On the way to her office she passed by Angela's desk. An envelope caught her eye; it was small and gray, and she was sure she hadn't seen it there before. Bunching up her sleeve, she grabbed the envelope and retrieved her cell phone. After she'd told paramedics the specifics, she set the phone down and opened the envelope which had no name on it by using her sleeve cuffs. Inside was a note on white lined paper, with individually cut letters.

It read: Fallen Angel.