A/N: This is a remake of a really old story of mine. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing familiar to you.

Dean's Parents were sitting on the unconfortable chairs in the doctors office waiting as pationtly as they could for the doctor to get there.

Three year old Dean sat smiling proudly on the mettle bed. he rubbed his hands together glreefully.

Deans appointment was because he had shoved the monopoly car up his noise without any trouble at all, the problem was...now it was stuck...But that didn't matter to Dean because he thought that he was might clever for not letting his dad win.

Finally after waiting for what felt like forever the doctor came in. His white coat flaring as he entered the room closing the door behind himself.

"Dean Winchester?" the doctor asked looking down at his file then looking up.

"Thats me!" Dean exclaimed in his three year old voice smiling widely.

"So your parents say that you...WOW!" the doctor said looking up Deans noise with a little flashlight "How did you mannage to get it up so high" the doctor muddled he'd seen a lot of things in his day but he'd never seen something shoved up that fair.

The doctor took out a pare of tweezers then stuck them up Deans noise "This might hurt a little" he said before yanking down.

"I would think not to play Monopoly with him again." THe doctor said in a very serious voice. Although he pretty much thought that Dean would do it again.

"Oh my goodness Dean!" Mary exclaimed gapping at her grinning son.

John could not hold back his laughter any longer "Thats my boy!..." he was cut off by a glare from Mary. "But um...dont do it again okay Dean" he glanced over at her to see her give him a curt nod.

Two Days later...

Dean is once again in the doctors office but this time for a completely different reason.

He had eaten the monopoly hat. And was having a bit of trouble...and pain...

The doctor put on the gloves and shook his head at the boy. He gave them a snap for added affects. Mostly to scare the boy, although his eyes were about the size of baseballs already.

"Bend over Dean" the doctor said calmly, he bent over clamping his eyes shut.

"You'll feel a little pressure..."

And Dean screamed.

To this day he has never played monopoly or ate a monopoly peice again. Even Sam has no idea about Deans interesting doctors appointment.

So there it is a short and rather funny story re-wrote.