A/N: One hundred words. Literally written in under one minute (yes, I do type that fast). All dialogue. For the well loved and oft inspiring Reyclou.


"Ow! Be careful, Colonel!"

"Me be careful? I'm being your crutch here, Rodney. If anyone needs to learn a lesson in the 'be careful' vein, it's most definitely you."

"You don't have to lord it over me, Sheppard! You would think you'd be a little more compassionate to someone who was virtually missing all the skin on their knees!"

"Rodney, it's just a friction burn--and furthermore, it's your own fault."

"My own fault. My own fault. It is most certainly NOT my own fault! I'm going to sue the company!"

"Rodney, you're supposed to put water on a slip'n slide!"