Hey all, I'm Allanasha. This story is just a strange little plot bunny that refused to leave me alone and let me work on other things, so here's the prologue.

Summary: Harry finds himself in a world completely different than his own. One where Albus Dumbledore has snapped, and Voldemort is headmaster. Lily and James are alive, and Harry is thrown for a loop. HP/DM

The World's Gone Crazy
By Allanasha ke kiri


Harry sighed, dragging himself into his room. He was exhausted. Between yard work and house work, there had not been much time for him to rest, add to that the lack of regular full meals, and he was beyond exhausted.

"Hey, Hedwig," he whispered, opening the cage door. The white bird obediently climbed onto his arm, and waited patiently as he made his way to the window. She took off without a sound, as if she knew that she would get him in trouble if she made any noise.

Harry watched the owl go with a look akin to longing. It would be wonderful, he thought, to have the freedom of the air, and have no one begrudge you for it.

He sighed wearily before moving to loosen the floorboard that hid his supplies. Carefully, he took them out and moved back to his bed. He still had those transfiguration and potions essays to do. Not that the potions essay would do him any good, if he didn't get the owl required to get into Snape's 6th year class.

He stretched once more before moving to tackle the harder essay, Transfiguration. Harry lost himself in the words he both read and wrote, and didn't notice the time until a tapping on the window drew him out of his self-imposed trance. Glancing up, he saw Hedwig calmly waiting to be let in. He opened it as silently as he could, smiling as the owl gave him an affectionate nip.

It was not until after he'd given her water that he glanced at the clock. It was after three.

"No wonder I'm tired," he muttered, putting away his supplies.

"You know, Hedwig," he whispered as he climbed into bed, "sometimes I wish. . . ." he trailed off, looking into the bird's expectant eyes. "I wish I could see what my life would be like if my parents had lived."

Shrugging, knowing it was a useless wish, he rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

Halfrec watched the sleeping boy with something quite like shock. That was his wish? The boy had the most dysfunctional family she'd seen in centuries and he wished he could just see what his life would be like? He didn't even wish it would happen?

She sighed unhappily before shrugging, a wish was a wish after all. Humming slightly, she pulled out the Big Book of Timelines, and began narrowing down her choices. It was not hard, most of the timelines were what ifs - what if the boy had taken the blond's hand, what if he had accepted Voldemort's offer?

Halfrec looked up, suddenly frowning. That boy had several interesting timelines he could be dropped into; unfortunately, none of them had his parents. Irritation growing, she continued to look. After a few more minutes of intense searching, she stopped, a grin beginning to form.

"Perfect," she chirped, suddenly very pleased with herself.

She closed the book with a satisfying 'thunk' and turned her attention back to the sleeping wizard.

"Harry," she whispered, "Have fun with your wish."

Hey, Hope you enjoyed the prologue. This story is seriously wacked out, if I do say so myself. And my mother likes it. Which is something, she doesn't usually enjoy my stories.

Also, I know that this is a very short installment, but the disk holding chapter 1 refuses to show that it has it, on this computer anyway. So, I will have chapter 1 up sometime tomorrow.