Allusion to Midnight
By Kreyana

Warnings: Slight cross-dressing…ish… thing in this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, obviously. If I did, I think we all know what sasunaru would have been doing very early on…

Summary:After six centuries, Uchiha Sasuke finds himself surrounded with friends, but without the one person he needs; until he finds sixteen year old Uzumaki Naruto. But things with this boy are never what they really appear. SasuNaru

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- - -
- - -


Absolute darkness.

No light, no wind, no water, no sound, no air.

Was he even breathing?

Yes. He could feel it, the long and shallow breaths his lungs absorbed.

Were his eyes open?

No, it could not be something to take one's sight, because what steals sight would not steal sound; not smell, not wind, not air, not everything.

Had something happened to him?

No, he was alive, wasn't broken, he was perfect.

But where was he?

He suddenly saw. Color bled crimson, air filled with iron, the sloshing of water reached his ears and hot liquid soaked his shoes, his pants; stained his flesh.

He looked around, turned in place, panic and something else rising up in him as the red liquid rose to his knees. His stomach churned, bile and fear crept up his esophagus, and the red liquid, that copper-scented wetness, continued to slosh higher and higher up his legs.

The bright red, coppery liquid was filling that room, contained by invisible walls that surrounded him.

Within minutes, it'd risen up to his chin, rising higher still, and he began to tread.

Treading water, but not water.

This stuff wasn't water, wasn't juice; it wasn't wine. No water, no juice, no wine, no liquid proper for consumption could have that scent. That copper scent, the salty-iron taste.

He gasped, and coughed, and sputtered as the liquid began to seep into his mouth and down his throat; it choked him and made his stomach lurch, made him feel so sick-

- - -

Naruto lurched upright, gasping for breath, coughing, and covered in a cold sweat. That dream... what the hell was with that dream? What was in that room?

Blood? He gagged, remembering how real it had seemed. Why would he suddenly be dreaming about blood?

He sat his arms on his knees, his head in his hands, and breathed. Lung-fulls of cool night air quickly settled the unhappy churning in his stomach, and drove the bile from his throat.

Whatever was going on... it was weird. He shook his head, and lay back with a sigh.

He couldn't smell it anymore, couldn't taste it. Maybe now he could sleep again?

Naruto turned to his side, pulling the covers to his chin, and drifted back to sleep, lulled by the low red glow of his electric clock's numbers.

- - -

He found himself in darkness.

But no, he couldn't be having that dream again... No, no, no, no. Had to be something else, it just had to be-

Music faded into existence, and with it came light. Not white light, it wasn't at all like a blinding, blank room. More like, someone had finally turned on a dim, yellow lamp. That dim light grew brighter, and Naruto suddenly saw that he was surrounded by color.

The music played, and people floated around him like colorful butterflies. Gowns of red, and blue, and yellow, and green... every color imaginable twirled around him in dance with their darker counterparts. Suits of black, and red, and blue, and white... And each wore a mask of gold, or black, silver, or white. Some covered every facial feature, some only around the eyes.

Naruto frowned. The gowns were fifteenth-century; he could tell that much. What kind of strange dream was this?

He caught sight of a young man before him, frowning in confusion. "My Lady?"

...huh? He stared at the other, incredulously.

"My Lady, is something wrong?"

Was this kid blind, or something? What the fu-

The far wall caught Naruto's attention, and he weaved through the dancers, that kid on his heels.

A wall of mirror, just like...

He gaped at his reflection, and again the young man uttered his confusion.

"My Lad-"

- - -

For the second time that night, Naruto was startled awake. He groaned, turning onto his back, and rubbed his hands over his face and through his hair. He stared blankly at the ceiling.

He was having some really fucked-up dreams.

Naruto glanced over at the alarm clock. 2:30 am, still four and a half hours until the alarm would go off. With a sigh, Naruto pulled the covers up once again and turned his back on the red numbers.

- - -

He was back in the dream again, but this time...

"My Lady?"

"I'm fine," his voice replied. It was his voice, but it was different. More... feminine. He was still facing the mirrored wall, and so he examined his strange reflection. It was him, but at the same time it wasn't.

His own familiar blue eyes gazed back at him, but from a face that was too thin, too female. His bright blond hair was long, and pulled into a high ponytail. Every lock of hair that fell from that ponytail looped in wide curls, and a portion of it lay over one shoulder. It sat, blond and bright against the deep burgundy of his gown.

Naruto glanced down, and felt a deep blush grow over his cheeks - his, but not the dream-body's. He'd never imagined himself with cleavage, before, never even thought about what he would look like as a woman. He also didn't really know the difference between sizes, but if he were to guess, he would say his female-self's chest had to be at least a double D - whatever that meant. His female-dream-self suddenly spoke to that same young man whom had followed him to the mirror wall earlier.

"Get me a drink."

The young man bowed and left Naruto at the wall. He watched as the young man crossed the room to a long table, filled with refreshments of many types.

With a glance around the hall to all of the dancers, Naruto's female-dream-self glided out of the ballroom and into a hallway. He passed through one hallway, and then two, round and around in a seemingly random turn of corners.

He gunted a surprised ah! as he was suddenly shoved against a wall, a firm body pressed up against him. Panic welled within him, but a greater feeling of aroused anticipation flooded his system and buried the fear.

He groaned as something pressed, hard, into his lower back, and hands gripped his feminine waist.

"My Lady," a voice whispered mockingly in his ear, and he heard himself moan in reply to the gruff arousal within that familiar voice. Familiar, but he couldn't think of who it was.

"You look so very... appealing, tonight," the voice husked. Something wet ran along the shell of his ear, while a hand moved up to grope that part of him that was never really his, and small moans were the only response Naruto could give. "Even as a woman, I want to fuck you so bad," his neck was kissed, and licked, and sucked on, and he moaned.

The hand on his hip slid down his thigh to hike up his skirt and slip under the folds. Naruto opened his mouth to emit a high groan as that hand grasped a part of him that he was familiar with - a part that was normal. The other man's hand pumped him at a torturous speed, his left hand still groping and tweaking the abnormal breasts, and his lips still sucked on the others' neck.

It was an odd combination, Naruto decided, to have another sucking on his neck, pumping his manhood, and groping unnatural breasts. Oddly pleasurable in the most unique of ways.

The lips against his neck smirked and puled back with a kiss. "Seems it's only made you to be half-and-half," the other gruffed. "Appearance is female, but you're still all man where it counts." He pressed his arousal tight against Naruto's backside, and Naruto nearly flush with the wall. "Tell me," hot breath ghosted over his ear with the words. "Tell me what it is you want."

"I want you," Naruto heard his feminine voice say. "Want you in me... Take me," he panted the words. "Take me so hard. Please."

- - -

An annoying buzz, so familiar that he, for once, welcomed it and despised it, roused Naruto from his third odd dream. He wrinkled his nose at the sticky, wet feeling of his sheets, and sat up with a displeased groan.

That, however, brought a gasp to his throat. Even after so obviously having a wet dream, and his pleasure fulfilled, Naruto was still incredibly aroused.

He squirmed in his bed. He'd never felt so... wanton before. Or ever. The memory of that feeling - of being filled so completely - made his insides pulse with an need he'd never felt in the past twelve years of his life.

Well, only one thing to do now.

It was time for a shower.

- - -

When the school bell rang that morning, the blond had been in his seat for at least fifteen minutes. He grinned at Kiba when the brunet gaped at him, and snickered as the other caused somewhat of a traffic accident in the doorway.

"God, Kiba, it's not the end of the world."

The brunet shook out of the shock and fell into his desk, beside Naruto. "Could have fooled me," he replied. "Man, Naruto. You're never early! What the Hell's up?"

A shrug replied. "I had a weird night."

"Weird, huh?" his friend eyed him for a moment. "Weird how?"

"Just weird." Naruto frowned and sank into his seat, fumbling around with a pen as he avoided his friend and looked out the window. He felt as Kiba frowned at him - the Inuzuka always did when Naruto kept things from him.

"Naruto, you're my best friend. You know you can tell me anything."

The blond turned with a sigh and, after a moment, nodded. "Yeah, I know. It's nothing, Kiba. Really. Just some weird dreams-"

And with that one word, he felt that painfully familiar gaze heat the back of his skull. It was the first time, since that first day of class, that the Uchiha had looked at Naruto, and it lasted for only a second.

"-I hardly remember them, anyway." It was a complete lie, of course, but before Kiba could decide to believe him or not, Kakashi sauntered in with a projector in hand.

"Today, we are watching a movie," he placed the machine on a random, center-ish desk, "because I don't feel like teaching."

A few giggles resounded around the class, but Naruto only rolled his eyes.

Kakashi began setting up the projector when Naruto noticed the orange and black laptop sitting on the man's desk. His eyebrow twitched.

"Oi!" he cried out, sitting suddenly at the edge of his seat. "That's my laptop!"

"I paid for it," Kakashi countered with a shrug.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Yeah, as a birthday gift for me! Kakashi-" he whined with a pout.

The silver-haired teacher ignored Naruto and stared blankly at the ends of the cables in his hands.

Naruto huffed. "Fine, but I'm setting it up!" and he pulled up out of his desk, limping slightly up to the front of the room. He ignored Kakashi to set up the computer, and when he finished, snatched the cables from his father-teacher. While he hooked them up, properly, to his laptop, Kakashi sat in his seat, kicking his feet up to the desktop and folding his hands behind his head.

"You'd better be able to press the fuckin' Play button," the blond muttered as he limped back to his desk. A mumbled, if you break it, you're buying me a better one, floated back to Kakashi as the blond sat. Some of his classmates giggled, and most of them looked confused.

"If Sakura sees you walking around without your crutches..." Kiba whispered as Kakashi started up the movie.

Groans resounded around the room; Kakashi was not in the mood to teach, no. He was in the mood to torture them with an educational film.

Naruto ignored the class. "I have them," and he nodded toward the back of the room, behind them, where the crutches lay against the wall. "I just don't need them so much."

Kiba smirked, "Don't want to get the shit beat out of you, huh. Smart idea."

Naruto rolled his eyes as the lights switched out, and settled back into his seat.

The movie was boring, which meant, unfortunately for the blond, it was the perfect opportunity for his mind to entertain itself. And, also unfortunately, his mind decided that those weird dreams were the perfect musing material.

Images from that last dream flashed through his memory, brought a light flush to his cheeks. When the feeling, that strange need, overcame him, a silent gasp parted his lips, and Naruto shifted uneasily in his seat.

He felt that gaze on him again - Sasuke's gaze - and it sent a shiver down his spine. Naruto heard a slight shift in the desk behind him, and stifled a gasp as hot breath passed over his neck.

"Something wrong, Naruto?" the Uchiha breathed in a whisper. Another shiver ran down Naruto's spine, and he closed his eyes, swallowing an unusual lump and shaking away the next mental reminder Sasuke's action caused.

"Nothing," he muttered. He felt the smirk Sasuke gave him, as the dark haired boy leaned away from him.

A shuddering breath passed Naruto's lips, and he glanced at the clock.

This would be a long class hour.

- - -

The blond swung, on his crutches, through the doors of a wide office building. It wasn't a large building, not compared to other big-city office buildings, but it worked well for his part-time job. He passed through the lobby, smiling a reply greeting to a thin brunette at the reception counter.

He paused near the stairs and elevator, pressed one of the small round buttons, and waited for the metal doors to slide open. On any usual day, he would have taken the stairs up to that fourth floor. But, seeing as he'd recently hurt his ankle, and someone was bound to tell Sakura that he'd walked up without the use of them, he decided that the elevator would have to work.

The metallic doors opened, and he swung in, hitting the fourth-floor button.

When the doors opened again, at the desired destination, Naruto swung out and paused.

"Good afternoon, Naruto!" Shizune shouted with a smile, though it was obviously strained.

Music resonated through the room, though a bit muffled, and Naruto arched a brow at the brunette. "Hi, Shizune."

Her eyebrow twitched. "Go on in, Tsunade-sama isn't doing anything... important," and her brow twitched again.

Naruto nodded, bitting his lip to keep from laughing at the poor woman. He had to wince when the door pushed open and the music became deafening.

He slammed the door closed behind him, catching the attention of the sadistically smirking blond, who glared at him for only a moment. Naruto arched a brow with a smirk of his own as Tsunade cut off the sound.

"Blond, American pop singer?" he guessed, setting his crutches against a door, and falling into seat across from her. "Shizuna piss you off again?"

Tsunade only shrugged carelessly before eying her young protege. "What happened to you?"

Naruto flushed, laughed nervously, and scratched the back of his head. "Uh... Gym class, Monday."

"Weren't you supposed to be good at gym?" she smirked.

"Shut up, baa-chan!" the blond huffed and ignored the scathing glare at his remark. "What did you want, anyway? I didn't come for a visit, you know."

"You really should," the woman frowned. "I have a new job in, but..." she trailed off, gazing pointedly in the direction of his injured ankle.

Naruto frowned. "This doesn't effect my ability to work! What's the job? I can do it!"

"Alright." Tsunade folded her fingers on top of the papers on her desk, leveling a stare on the blond. "What do you think of ballrooms?"

The question seemed kind of random, but quite effectively triggered the memory of that dream, for the second time that day. And with the flash of memory, a blush spread, unwillingly, along the bridge of his nose. Naruto cleared his throat quietly, willed the flush away, and shrugged.

Unfortunately for him, the reaction was not lost on Tsunade, who proved as much with the arch of a brow. "What is that all about?" she asked, unusually curious.

Naruto looked away. "Nothing. Is that the job?"

"If it is, I don't think you would be able to get the job done. Now tell me, what was that about?"

The younger blond sighed and gave in. He told her the story of his night, and slid down low in his chair with the embarrassment. At the 'I was a half-chick in a dress' bit, an eyebrow arched, and Tsunade placed a hand over her mouth to try and cover the amused snickers.

"Quite a night," she commented offhandedly. "Doesn't sound like anything to worry about. Just a really weird and kinky dream." The younger blond shot a glare across the desk, and Tsunade smiled. "So, the job."

Naruto straightened up and looked at his boss expectantly. That sadistic smile curled the corners of Tsunade's lips, and a feeling of doom curled around the blond's midsection.

"There's a carnival this weekend. Feel free to go with friends, but don't forget to take photographs." She smirked at the gaping blond, and waved him off, flipping on the CD player once again.

The music effectively covered up the blond's angered yells and curses.

- - -

Not long after the blond had stormed out of Tsunade's office, she flipped the music off once more, and sat back in her chair, staring blankly at a picture of said blond that she always kept on her desk. A small knocked preceeded the entrance of her assistant, Shizuka, who appeared quite confused.


The lack of reply made Shizune walked into the room, and lay a gentle hand on Tsunade's shoulder, repeating her question.

"It's starting, Shizune," Tsunade distantly replied, and she continued before the brunette could question her. "Call them. Set up a meeting this weekend."

The brunette nodded, and rushed from the room.

Tsunade sighed, closing her eyes as she rubbed at her temple. Uchiha was back, which meant the others were close behind. Naruto's dreams only confirmed her suspicions.

Things were going to get complicated.

- - -
ToBe Continued...
- - -

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