"So there was this really hot chick scrubbed in on my surgery today." Derek teased as they headed out of the hospital for the parking lot. "Oh really?" Meredith asked, raising an eyebrow. "Oh yeah.. I could barely concentrate on the brain laid out in front of me, I kept picturing what it would be like to have her laid out in fro…"

"You do realize I'm walking right behind you people don't you?" George called out.

Meredith and Derek turned, and laughed, Indeed George was walking right behind them. "I seriously don't need to know these things. I have to be there with you, learning medical things."

Meredith giggled, a lighthearted silvery laugh that made Derek's heart soar. "Are you coming back to the house George?"

"I was going too.. but if you guys are going there, I'm sensing a lot of loudness and headboards."

Derek chuckled. "You are loud Mer." "I am not!"

"But I like it," he said and he goosed her on the ass, causing her to yelp. "trailer?"

"We'll go to the trailer Georgie, you can go home."

"Poor wilderness…" George muttered. "Better than the neighbors though."

"I am not THAT loud."

Derek and George looked at each other and laughed. Meredith was very loud, and that was a fact. They called good night to George and Derek unlocked his car and opened the door for her, before heading around to the drivers side and getting in. The engine started with a purr and he pulled out. "Hungry?"

"I could eat a little.."


"Oh maybe a little steak, and salad, a tiny potato, you know, just a tiny bite to eat." Meredith giggled.


"it's your job as my boyfriend to keep me filled up."

Derek chuckled. "I fully intend on staying on top of that one."

"Ok, we still have to eat before you can ravish me, so quit the dirty talk, you're making me all hot and bothered Dr Shepherd."

He grinned at her and they headed for their favourite restaurant, a small place they had discovered near the water. Enjoying a nice dinner, they sat together and talked. The food was good and the wine was expensive and delicious. Sated, they finally scraped up the last bite of raspberry drizzled cheesecake and Derek paid the bill.

"Ok let's go you bottomless pit." He said, as he took her hand and led her back out to the car. She giggled, her appetite was very healthy for the size of her. It was dark outside, and the ferries were lit up, Meredith's favourite time for riding them. Derek and her stepped out of the car and walked over to the rail as they rode over. The wind whipped around them, blowing her hair in her face. Derek leaned in close, his arms wrapping around her frame.

"This is how I want the rest of my life to go," he murmured in her ear. She turned and smiled up at him. He brushed a strand of hair off of her face and they leaned in and kissed. "Me too." She told him, breathlessly when the kiss ended.

"What do you think about building a house?" he asked her. " On our land?"

"A house?"

"Yes. You and I could design it together. I've thought about it for a long time." He smiled at her.

"I'd like that, I really would Derek." She realized that she already thought of where he was as home. She could easily picture herself and him, living in a house. Waking up. Reading the paper. This happiness thing was getting easier. She never thought she would have been able to say that before. She looked off across the horizon, at the break of trees across the waterline. The stars cast a silvered shadow over the waves. And the man she loved had his arms wrapped around her, tight.