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Chapter 1 The New Pack

It was night in the forest, the perfect time to hunt, the perfect time for hunters to find their prey to eat. A lone fox demon stalked in he shadows of the night, sniffing for prey as he kept low in the bushes. Ears pricked, nose raised slightly to catch even the faintest hint of prey, crimson eyes on the look out for the slightest movement of any prey moving about in the darkness.

Catching the scent of a juvenille duck sitting far away from the flock of ducks on the lake, the fox demon licked his lips. The fox demon moved silently forward towards the source of the lonely duck. Paws stepping lightly as their owner stopped when the scent of the duck became stronger as the said prey sat unaware three fox tail lengths away. Putting most of his weight to his haunches, the fox demon prepared for the attack.

After making sure that nothing would interrupt him, the fox demon launched at the duck, biting around the neck for an instant kill. After killing the duck, the fox demon picked it up its prey and walked towards his den. There he came into his comfortable den and began plucking out the feathers. After plucking out the feathers, the happy fox demon ate up the duck, satisifying his hunger.

But as the black fox demon finished up its dinner, a demon catcher, a person who hunts demons and sells them for money, quietly came up from behind the fox and threw sleeping powder into the den. Even though the fox demon wasn't tired, it fell asleep.


When Yami woke up, he realized he wasn't in his den anymore, instead he was in something cold and dark, and he could smell other demons with him too. Realizing that he wasn't in his fox form, Yami sat up. As soon as his crimson eyes could see in the darkness, he saw wolf demons, cat demons, dog demons, and other fox demons.

"Hey there cousin." called a familiar voice, Yami whirled around to face a familiar brown and white wolf demon with blue eyes.

"Seto?" Yami wondered.

"Who else would I be?" Seto growled.

"I'm sorry, it's just that its been so many years." Yami said.

"Yes it has, and I'm surprised that the demon catcher caught you of all demons." Seto joked.

"Shut up." Yami hissed.

"Now how do we get out of here?" Yami wondered.

"We can't, not until we're sold." Seto answered.

"But everything has a weak spot, we just need to find on in this cage and get out." Yami said as he began looking around for a way out.

"We've already tried, so there's no hope of escaping." said another wolf demon.

"Maybe you haven't tried hard enough." Yami said, still sniffing around.

"Believe me, we've tried and tried but nothing has worked." said a cat demon.

"How old are all of you?" Yami asked the other demons.

"We're all young." everyone replied.

Yami smirked. "Then you'll get to experience a stronger demon who's older."

Yami transformed into the form where he looks human but with fox ears, claws, fangs, and a fox tail. Standing up and letting his hands feel for the roof, Yami then started to attack the roof with razor shart claws, making scratch openings after attacking a certain spot after many minutes of scratching.

"Seto, could you take care of the rest?" Yami said as he sat down, blood oozing from one of his claws.

Seto nodded, transforming into a human like demon but with wolf ears, big claws, fangs, and a wolf tail. Getting on his knees since he's much taller, Seto began raking his powerful claws against the roof, creating the hole to get bigger. Soon other wolf and fox demons joined in to help, and the only dog demon in the small space started to help as well, although he was a little clumsy.

"Hey, stay out of the way mutt." Seto growled at the dog demon.

"I'm only tryin' ter help here!" the dog demon snapped.

Then the opening got big enough for any demon to get through, and one by one the demons climbed through the hole. Silently, the demons scattered to go their own way. Yami came out last with a small white fox demon with amethyst eyes, ebony hair standing up tinged with violet and yellow bangs that frame the fox demon's cute face.

"Come on little one, you can come with me." Yami said, putting his arm around the smaller demon's waist, guiding him towards the mountains. As it turns out, Seto followed Yami and the small demon fox, tagging along was also a dog, two cats, two wolf demons followed Seto and Yami.

When the group reached the mountains, Yami stopped to look behind him to see that he had somehow became a leader of a small group of demons.

"To start off, what are your names?" Yami asked.

"I'm Joey." the dog demon who snapped at Seto earlier. Joey has dirty blonde hair with brown dog ears and a dog tail, his hands are replaced with paws.

"I'm Bakura." said a white grey wolf demon. Bakura has white hair as well as white furr, dark brown eyes, and strong shoulders and legs for good running and hunting big prey.

"I'm Malik." meowed a spiky sandy blonde haired/furred cat demon. Malik is tall for a cat demon, with tan skin and lilac eyes, and the freakiest smirks and smiles ever! His laugh is even wierder...

"I'm known as Marik!" mewled another cat demon, sandy blonde hair/fur and lavender eyes, tan skin, and his smiles aren't as melacing as Malik's.

"And I'm Ryou." introduced a white wolf demon, white hair like Bakura's but not as messy. Ryou is smaller than the other wolf demons, his tail fluffy for a wolf demon but still wolf like, his green eyes sparkle with innocence.

"And who would you be little one?" Yami asked the little white fox demon.

"Y-Yugi." the little fox demon mumbled.

Suddenly Yami's stomach growled in hunger, and soon the other demons stomachs growled for food.

"Looks like we need to hunt." Seto said.

"Then let's split up into groups and work with a partner." Yami suggested.

"But you have an injury, and not to mention you left a blood trail along the path we took in the mountains." Ryou pointed out.

Yami looked at his right claw, and indeed it's still bleeding. The fox demon didn't even notice that his claw was bleeding for so long, he didn't even know of the stinging pain until now.

"You'd better get that treated, I have a feeling it's already infected." Ryou informed.

"Right, I'll stay here and take care of my injury." Yami admitted, sitting by a huge rock, licking his claw to get rid some of the blood.

"I can heal it, I'm often good with herbs and healing." Yugi muttered in almost a whisper.

"Thank you little one, I'll need all the help that I can get for his claw." Yami smiled at the smaller fox demon.

"Right, as you two stay here we'll go and get some dinner." Malik said as his tail tapped Marik's shoulder to indicate that they're partners in hunting.

"And we'll each bring back something for you two." Seto explained as Bakura and Ryou left, leaving the blue eyed wolf demon to be with the dog.

"Come on, I'm starvin'!" Joey exclaimed.

"Will you just shut up? We can't scare off the prey from all of your barking." Seto complained.

Joey growled in response.

As the two left, Yugi brought some herbs and chewed them, mixing them together and rubbing the mixture on Yami's injury. It stung a little but anything was perfect as long it was Yugi who did the healing. Yami snapped out of his daze, wondering exactly what it was he was just thinking.

Soon the others returned, Malik and Marik brought back a goose, Bakura and Ryou brought back a mountain goat, Seto and Joey came back with a kid(a baby goat). Yugi nervously took the goose while Yami shared the two white wolf demons with the mountain goat. After eating dinner and much talking of each other's past, the new formed pack went into a peaceful sleep as the sun started to come up.

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