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Chapter 13 Happiness From the Smallest

During the rest of the winter, the pack has been getting better and better. And with so many members in the pack, they had to make a plan as to seperate the pack in half. One living at one half of the valley, the other pack in the other half. The valley itself is the biggest it can get, so there's plenty of room for two packs to get along. It took a few arguements, but Dartz agreed to be the leader of the second pack.

At first the pack thought it should be Seto, but he made it sure that he's not interested. For once Yami was surprised of how much Seto hated being a leader. And so during the few days when the snow is starting to melt for the upcoming spring, Dartz lead half of the pack to uncharted territory. But everyone was happy that there's more room and less mouths to feed.

One night as it rained, the expecting mothers are becoming even more anxious to deliver the newborns. Especially the first time mothers. That includes Yami's mate, Yugi.

"Yami." Yugi growled as he looked up at the other.

"Yes, aibou?" Yami replied.

"Next time you're gonna be the one delivering." Yugi growled.

Yami chuckled. "I might as well, little one."

Yugi smiled. "And we'll enjoy makin' them I'll make sure of that."

Yami blushed as he rubbed Yugi's very swollen stomach. The leader doesn't know if his lover knows it, but he has more than at least three kits in him. Yami can't wait to see them. He hopes that one of them looks like Yugi. Both smiled when they felt the little ones kick in repsonse to Yami's hand.

"They love you." Yugi giggled.

"Not just me, but you too, my little tenshi." Yami whispered, nuzzling his mate's soft neck.

"Ashiteru, Yami-koi." Yugi whispered, his eyes drooping.

"Ashiteru, Yugi-tenshi." Yami said, kissing the other's lips. Yugi kissed back, moaning as he willingly gave his mate entrance. Both moaned as their tongues met, almost instantly they felt the kits kick in excitement. Yami pulled away, wrapping his arms around the smaller's body. Watching as Yugi fell asleep, Yami let his eyes drop and let sleep take over.


The next day neither Yugi nor did any of the expecting mothers left their dens. That day Ryou and Mahaado were busy helping any expecting mothers that are having trouble. Asa moved with Dartz, it was fair that the other half of the pack has a healer with them. As Yami hunted, he couldn't help but feel excited and yet worried. His head being filled with questions that aren't helping.

Will he be a good father? Will they love him? What if something bad happens? Can he keep his family and his pack happy? Every question that ran through his head didn't help, as he became more nervous. Seto noticed his leader's nervousness.

"Yami, take it easy. You'll be just fine, and so will Yugi." Seto snickered.

"But what if something bad happens? What if they hate me?" Yami asked.

"Yami, calm down." Seto said, stopping as Yami did as well.

"Do you think I made a mistake?" Yami asked, his voice faltered at the word 'mistake'.

Seto sighed, buying himself time to answer. "Yami, it wouldn't have worked out."

"I don't mean that you baka." Yami chuckled.

Seto smirked. "Then what do you mean?"

"About having kits."

"Yami, you love Yugi, he loves you. And besides, this whole pack is talking about what their leader's kits will look like." Seto pointed out.

"I guess you do make a point." Yami chuckled.

"Come on, let's go back. Joey takes the whole early morning for the pups." Seto said.

"And how do you know that?" Yami asked.

"Asa said that when a mother gives birth for the first time, then he or she will give birth during the same time as the first time." Seto answered.

When the two arrived at the dens, there were lots of excited fathers howling and wagging their tails as they got to look at their little ones. Yami and Seto peeked into Joey's den, seeing him with four newborn pups. Three of them are cute little girls, the biggest pup is a little boy. Seto gave his mate continuous licks of affection while Joey laughed.

Yami smiled at the two, sniffing each pup and left towards his own den. His nervousness coming back. As the leader got closer to his den, his nervousness showed in a very strong scent that almost all of the nearby dens can smell it. They didn't complain, for they know how a first timer father gets nervous.

The leader peeked into the den, hearing kits mewling as they suckled. There, snuggling against Yugi's white belly, are six, beautiful kits. Yugi smiled as he looked up at his mate, giggling when he was being covered with licks of affection and love. After the shower of licks, Yami sniffed each kit, keeping their different scent planted into his memory as he looked lovingly at the mewling kits.

All six kits were small and fragile, their eyes closed like any other newborn kit. Each one beautiful with its own different coat color, Yami's nervousness turns to happiness and to protect. Protect each and one of these kits, as well as his mate.

"They're beautiful, koi." Yami whispered.

"And look what my new power is with my new tail." Yugi announces, taking the said tail and slightly rubbing the tail over each kit, and each becoming human. Yami's eyes widened. Each kit looked like a combination of both parents. But two stand out, a girl who looks like Yugi with the same, amethyst eyes. Yami transformed to his human form, nuzzling the little girl's cheek as she squealed, drooling cutely.

Yugi giggled, he can tell that she's going to be dady's little girl.

"Looks like I got my wish, one of our kits looks like you." Yami chuckled.

"And so have I, look at this little one." Yugi said, pointing his nose at the little boy who looks like Yami. The child was starting to cry as tears formed under his closed eyes. Cooing soflty, Yami reached over and tickled the little one's nose. Crimson eyes opened, blinking at the finger, then giggled at the ticklish sensation. Yami noticed that his son's skin was bronze.

"Yami?" Yugi asked, noticing his love's look of surprise and sorrow.

"Atemu. His name is Atemu, after his honorable grandfather who died protecting his family and pack, murdered by Aknudin." Yami said, a tear falling from his cheek.

Yugi is surprised, this is the first time for Yami to say anything about his family other than his cousin, brother, and uncle.

"Yami...I'm so sorry." Yugi gulped.

Yami used one of his tails to rub over Yugi, turning his mate into his human form. Kissing his mate's loft lips, giving Yugi reassurance that everything will be all right.

"No more secrets. My father, my mother, everyone in my family are from the royal blood line of the kitsune(1) tribe. Our family joined with the wolf demon tribe to keep each other safe, a deal that made this pack that we know now." Yami said when he pulled away.

Yugi was too shocked to reply.

"I know I should've told you sooner but...I was afraid of how you'll respond. I'm so sorry, but I love you with all my heart and nothing will change that. Please forgive me." Yami pleaded, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Ssh, Yami, I forgive you. As long as you're being trutheful with me, I love you too." Yugi whispered, kissing away the tears from his mate.

"The ghosts, back when the three who saved you, were the two that stood by you your parents?" Yugi asked.

"Yes, and the one that stood by Seto, was Kisara. She was Seto's other cousin, and my distant cousin." Yami explained.

"That's why he was too shocked to help you." Yugi giggled.

Yami smiled. "Yea, we're not gonna let him forget now aren't we?"

"I don't think so." Yugi said, kissing his love with much passion and love. Yami kissed back with the same passion and love, letting Yugi push him on his back. Straddling his love's hips, Yugi chuckled as he looked down at a shocked Yami.

"Yugi-koi, the kits." Yami moaned.

"Yes I know, I just want a little fun for you. Payback for letting be the first to have kits." Yugi said, wiping his tail over the kits, turning them from human to foxes.

"Then what's the payback love?" Yami asked, almost too eager for the treatment.

"Where we left off back in autumn." Yugi whispered into Yami's ear before nipping it. Yami shivered as he moaned.

" kits...ah!" Yami managed to say.

Yugi growled as he got up and pushed the boulder to cover the den. He then gently moved the kits to the back, where its warmest in the den. Yami chuckled as he was being moved towards the boulder, shuddering as his body felt the coldness coming from the boulder.

"Yugi, its cold." Yami hissed, arching his back to help relieve his body from the cold. Yugi giggled, pushing Yami's back on the ground, nipping at his mate's neck.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure that you'll warm up, love." Yugi whispered, recieving a moan and a shudder.


Yugi kissed his love, silencing the scream of pleasure as he hit Yami's sweet spot. Just as he was about to pull away, Yami released, his body shuddering from the hard orgasm. Chuckling, Yugi pulled away.

"Yugi...ah!...don'" Yami begged.

Yugi chuckled. "Yami, I'm can't hold back...gods!"

Yami wrapped his legs around Yugi's waist, pulling him deeper as their lips met again. Both screaming into the kiss upon Yugi's release. The two pulled away from the kiss as Yugi pulled out of his love. Both gasping for air as Yami's head buzzed, his body numb.

"Gods...Yugi...I I came out...from a frozen ice burg..." Yami gasped out.

"I'm sorry love. I guess I was too hard on ya." Yugi said, kissing his mate's cheeks, forehead, then lips. Yami kissed back, suddenly feeling tired. Pulling back, Yami sighed as he closed his eyes.

"Yami, I can't carry you, come on, we don't want you to get sick now don't we?" Yugi whispered, Yami groaned as he allowed his mate to help him up and move closer to the sleeping kits.

Transforming to his demon form, Yugi gently pulled the kits and Yami to him. Before he fully closed his eyes, he transformed into his demon form, covering his mate and the kits with his tails. The leader made sure that there was enough air space for the kits to breath and not suffocate. With that, Yami fell asleep, a few minutes later, Yugi let sleep take over.

The two leaders lead a long and perfect life with the pack, and raised many loved kits. Both take turns to give birth to the kits. The two packs are happy, they come to the other's aid when they need back up on attacks, or of a sudden disease that suddenly broke out. Even after death of their lovable leaders, the two packs lived on as two loving families working together to keep the valley, and make everyone at peace and happy.

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1) Kitsune - "fox" in Japanese

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