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"Damn, he's hot." Fuuko said, pointing to a man walking down the sidewalk.

Her companion looked at her, an eyebrow raised.



"Are you jealous?" She gave him a sly grin.

"No." He averted his gaze.

"Come on, Raiha." She let out an exasperated sigh. "I'm with you, aren't I?"

He didn't answer.

"You know, I'm confident enough about my feelings for you. I trust myself to remain faithful to you and I want you to trust me, too."

Still, there was no response. She took it as encouragement to go on.

"I know it's because I've been secretly pining after Tokiya before. I thought that he was the most wonderful guy on earth. He's so hot and bad-ass and... just perfect."

Raiha stiffened, his grip on his glass tightening. Fuuko, though, took no notice of it and continued.

"He met my ideals and he's the epitome of the dashing prince charming. I thought I'd get my perfect fairytale ending with him." She prodded her strawberry cheesecake. "But I was wrong."

Because perfection is a myth, fairytales are a fallacy and idealism is a form of suicide.

He looked up to meet her gaze and saw a myriad of emotions: happiness, content, passion, love. He'd been insecure about the intensity and honesty of her feelings for him that he'd forgotten to trust her.Trust. That's one of the foundations of a strong relationship and without it, theirs would only go downhill.

It's really unfair to her, though. And really stupid of him. How could he doubt her when she's given him everything: Her first kiss, her first time, her secret pasta recipe, her favorite scarf, her mother's locket, her heart, herself, her trust?

"Fuu—" He tried to cut her off.

"No, Raiha. I want you to hear me out." And so, she continued. "Love can't be forced. I've learned that the hard way."

"I kno—"

"Getting over him has been hard. It was a long process. Long and agonizing." She smiled a little. "Though, you made it a little less painful."

He didn't continue what he was trying to say, seeing as she wasn't going to let him.

"I still love Tokiya and I don't think that'll ever change."

He just sat there, staring at her. What she said had hurt, had stung.

"I love him. I love him like I love Recca and Domon. Like a brother. Like family." She paused. "I've learned to face facts, to accept reality. I've learned to let go. I know he'll never return my affections and I'm content with just being friends with him."


"I mean, if that wasn't the case, do you think I'd be dating you?"

"But then you'll never have your fairytale ending."

She sighed. "You know, not all stories are fairytales." Her lips were graced with a contemplative smile. "But that doesn't mean they won't have a happy ending."

"What do you mean?"

It was all Fuuko could do not to roll her eyes. How could he be this dense?

"Let's face it. You're not the perfect prince charming. You're not a broody, bad-ass hottie. And you're not my first love."

His expression darkened and his eyes lost their spark.

"But you're my knight in shining armor. You're my cheerful, passionate boyfriend."

She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. What she said next had been all he needed to hear.

"And you're the keeper of my heart."

You may not be the perfect man, but you're the right one for me.

This is for the awesome Cassandra's Destiny. I miss the canon. :)