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Fourth Year, Gryffindor Common room.

"Hey Ron, what you doing?" asked Harry.

"My Divination homework."

Harry looked at him stunned. Not only was Ron doing homework on his own free will (without Hermione making him do it in other words.) but he was doing his Divination homework.

"I'm about done want to see what I got so far?" asked Ron.

"Sure" said Harry, taking the seat next to Ron.

"Well you know how Professor Trelawney loves off the wall predictions?" asked Ron.

"Yea" said Harry.

"Well I made up a prediction on you, since she gives good grades when we predict stuff on you."

"You made it up?" asked Harry.

"Yes, you know full well I'm no seer. I can't see the future. Anyway, Trelawney was right all along, you are going to die."

Harry's eyes went wide.

"No, listen. But you don't really die you were only in limbo between life and death so you came back. And while you were in limbo you were at Kings Cross!"

"Okay?"said Harry laughing.

"Anyway you lived and came back and there was a big battle between you and you-know-who, and you beat him."

"Thanks Ron."

"Anyway, loads of Death eaters get killed, including Crabbe and Snape!"

Harry Grinned.

"Even my Mum gets to see some action, I have her bring down a death eater as well."

"Yea right Ron, like that's ever going to happen."

"I said it was off the wall didn't I?"

Harry could not argue with that.

"So back to my story, well you know Ginny has a crush on you? So the two of you get married and have three kids, one of which you name after Snape."

Harry rolled over in laughter.

"S..nape? HAHAHAHAHA. Me, name one of my kids after Snape? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ron that is too funny, there is no way any of that could ever happen!"

"I know isn't it great? Trelawney will give me top marks for sure. But I need to add one more thing."

He tapped his quill on his cheek as he was thinking.

"Wait I got it!" said Ron. "How about I say, me, you and Hermione drop out our last year, and go off to hunt down you-know-who!"

Harry rolled in laughter. "That's brilliant! Add that as well."

Thirty minutes later the two of them were laughing about Ron's "prediction." The more they read it the more they laughed.

"Ready for dinner mate?" said Ron finally.

"Yea" said Harry.

And the two of them left the common room, still laughing.

St. Mungo's waiting room, eleven years later

"It's a boy!" yelled, Harry as he came out in to the waiting room. "We've named him Albus Severus."

Ron looked straight at Harry, eyes wide."Can you answer a question for me?"

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"How in the hell did I fail divination?"

"Ronald don't swear." said Hermione, slapping his arm.

Ron: Hey I didn't do any of that!

armywife012205: Yea, you did.

Ron: Did not!

armywife012205: Did to!

Ron: Did not--wait where am I?

armywife012205: In my fic.

Ron: How the hell did I get here?

Hermione: Ronald don't swear.

Ron: Hermione! When did you get here?

Hermione: Just now, you?

Ron: I don't know, one minute I was with Harry and the next...I'm here.

armywife012205: Damn, I almost forgot about Harry.


Harry: Where am I?

armywife012205: In my fic.

Harry: How did I get here?

armywife012205: Magic, of course.

Ron: Wait a bloody minute, whats a fic?

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