Title: um, the alcohol did it, not me!
Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura
Word Count: 430
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.



Your head spins slightly but not really.

You are a bit tipsy.

You blame Naruto (who is still your best friend) and Sakura (who moved on but not quite) for dragging you to that bar to get some drinks. Naruto is long gone but the two of you are now at her apartment with a bottle of something and Sakura pouring shots for the two of you every other god damn minute.

You use the alcohol as an excuse to show affection.

You drink and she drinks and you are both red in the face. You know for a fact that though Sakura has no problem drinking herself into oblivion (apparently she learned more from her master than most thought), the eighteen-year-old girl cannot hold her liquor for shit.

You are tipsy but she is plastered.

In a sense, you are taking advantage of her but what does it matter?

You are selfish and you only care about yourself.

How she is going to feel in the morning (hung over, dirty, sick, hopeful) means nothing to you.

You breathe in her flowery scent and nuzzle her sensitive neck. She mewls at the feel of you and closes her eyes in pleasure.

A content smile makes its way onto her drunken face and you briefly ponder if that smile is actually a drunken one but you know better because she is Sakura and just the thought of you being around her makes her smile. You feel a bit like a jerk because she is going to remember all of this in the morning and be hopeful.

Your lips trail up from her neck and onto her face and onto her cheek and onto her lips and you kiss her.

You taste remnants of whatever she was drinking only on her lips and feel intoxicated once again. She pushes her tongue into your mouth forcefully and you really pause but not to wonder how much she consumed earlier—

All thoughts leave your head when her hands trail down your chest and down to the waistband of your pants.

She is plastered but you are tipsy.

You still have some sense left.

"Mm, Sasuke-kun," she whispers with a slight slur, "I love you…"

Your head spins with slight shock but not really because she has said those words to you many times before—

Just years ago.

Apparently the truth comes out when one is drunk.

You want to answer her and tell her that you love her too but you do not because you are not drunk.

You are just a bit tipsy.