I am so, so sorry for the lateness of this chapter

I am so, so sorry for the lateness of this chapter. My mum banned me from the Internet at home; right now I'm uploading this from the town library computer.

Anywho it looks like our heroes have gotten themselves into a very sticky situation, and we still don't know where Danny is. What will happen now?


Aqua's eyes slowly opened, only to be welcomed by a mass of darkness and a splitting headache. "Hey, she's waking up," she suddenly heard Sam's voice echo in the darkness. As she began to come too she saw that her and her friends were chained to a wall in (what the guardians recognised as) Vlad's lab.

"Well, well, well, look what wandered into the hunters bag," came a voice that all of them recognised, but none of them wanted to hear. Suddenly Vlad Plasmius phased through the floor, looking smugly at all of them. "Five ghosts and three very annoying knats."

"What did you do with Danny Vlad?!" Tucker suddenly yelled while the rest of the group just looked viciously at Vlad.

"Don't worry, Daniel is safe for now. But I'm afraid I can't say the same about you eight."

"What are you gonna do?" Said Storm cockily. "There are eight of us and one of you, and we can break out of here anytime we want."

"That's what I'm counting on," said Vlad smiling evilly in her face. "For I won't be doing anything to you…" he said, causing the entire group to look suspiciously.

"He will," Vlad smirked as he pointed over to a dark corner of the lab. Out from the darkness came Cyber from earlier in the story.

"Now if you'll excuse me," said Vlad. "I have to make a call." And with that he phased into the other room cackling.

"Why didn't Vlad just stay in space and make everybody's lives a whole lot easier?" Shockwave moaned as she tried to free herself.

"Because he's Vlad," Phoenix answered as she tried to melt hers.

"I wouldn't even try to escape," said Cyber mockingly. "You may not realise this, but while I am in a technology filled area my powers increase to an amount that allows me to crush even you. Something my master told me."

"Master?" Jazz asked.

"A toon who was meant to be a clown but knew much and now knows more, he will be yours and Phantom's destruction."

"Not on our watch," said Permafrost fiercely. Just then she froze her shackles, broke them like glass and dropped into the soon to be battle arena.

"You little…" he started as the markings on his right arm began to glow. "You will pay for your impudence," he spat as he rushed towards her with inhuman speed. Quickly Permafrost jumped up, causing her opponent to crash into a large counsel. While she was in the air, she quickly froze the shackles of her friends so they could escape as well. The odds had definitely improved for our heroes, but it would take a miracle to stop Vlad and Cyber.


"So let me get this straight," said Danny as Kelsey stopped explaining. "You come from a different world where my life is seen only as a TV show!"

"Pretty much, but this isn't the time to be freaking out about it," said Kelsey before Danny started asking more questions. "We have to stop this guy (whoever he is) and get outta here."

"I'm afraid you won't be doing either," said our mystery bad guy as he came back into the room. "My minion has already arrived at Vlad as is busy making sure some annoying little knats never find you." As he said that a giant TV that was part of the back wall suddenly turned on. Showing the toon and real-worlder that the fight was going very badly indeed.

"Sam, Tucker, Jazz!!" Danny cried as he saw his best friend, girlfriend and sister slam against a wall. "Why are you doing this?!" He yelled angrily at the clocked figure.

"The same reason all villains do these things boy; power," he explained as he once again left the room. But this time he left something behind.

"We gotta stop him Danny," said Kelsey pointing to Cyber on the screen as he fired an ecto-ray at Permafrost whole just dodged it.

"But HOW?!" He yelled in fear for his friends and sister. "They're out there and we're stuck in here."

It was at that moment that Kelsey noticed that our mystery foe had left behind his staff, the one he was using to control Cyber.

"I've got an idea," she said suddenly remembering the first appearance of Freak Show. "Can you aim an ecto-blast at that staff?"

"Great idea," he smiled as he started aiming. Unfortunately the shot was spot on but the minute the blast hit the gap between the bars, a kind of force field absorbed it.

"Now what?" said Danny as Kelsey began to think.

"Got it," she smiled as she began rooting through her backpack. Suddenly she pulled out a chocolate bar. "This is no time to start snacking," Danny said angrily as he spotted the group get slammed against the wall and Cyber begin to close in on them.

"Who says I am," she replied as she unwrapped to shiny silver paper from it and stuck it through the gap.

"Now try aiming," she smiled as Danny tried it again. Only this time the mirror like paper block the force field and Danny's ray hit the staff dead on. Smashing the orb to bits.


Back in Vlad's lab Cyber was about to fire one last ecto-blast when the red and anger faded from his eyes (becoming a kind of cromish colour) and he sank to his knees grabbing his head. "My head," he moaned as the group began to edge towards him. "What just happened."

"Who…what are you?" Permafrost asked.

"I'm Curtis Marlin," he replied getting to his feet. "And from what I've heard you five," he said pointing to the guardians. "Are my kind."

"What does he mean by that?" Tucker asked Shockwave.

"We'll explain later," she answered.

"The master pulled me from my own world when he discovered that clockwork had chosen the six guardians to rescue Danny, I was supposed to be a kind of anti-guardian."

"Since your no longer 'anti'," Aqua asked. "Can you help us find Danny?"

"I can do more then that," he answered smiling. "I've seen him and know exactly where he is." This caused a lot of relief in the croud. "But first…" said Storm smiling evily.


"How much time does it take to destroy a group of kids," said Vlad now in human form, waiting for Cyber to report.

"Hi ya Vlad," came Cyber's voice as suddenly a spider like pile of metal sprang into the air and wrapped around the senior Halfa. The metal was ectosised so he couldn't phase out of it. Leaving only and now group of nine to laugh at their tormenter.

"So, where's Danny?" said Phoenix finally.

"Well he's not in this building," he said earning a few groans. "He's not even in this world, he's in some sort of 'world between worlds'".

"How do we get to 'a world between worlds'," Sam asked sceptically.

"Easy," Cyber answered taking out a kind of key and unlocking the air. As he did a glowing portal opened in mid-air, which the group vanished through.


Ok, Cyber's been saved and they now have a clear idea of where Danny is. The story's heating up and the end is closing in on us. And you'll never believe who our mystery villain is in the end.